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The main region of the Tapestry follows along the path of the Great Road from Old Chester County PA, westward to the Cumberland Valley, then southwest along the Valley of Virginia to Roanoke. At Roanoke the Tapestry follows two paths, reflecting early settlement history. One Branch flows due south into the "Carolina Cradle", while the other flows along and west side of the Blue Ridge into Southwest Virginia.

The discussion of the early settlement history of this area often requires information concerning settlers coming eastward from the Piedmont and Tidewater Virginia area. This portion of the Tapestry has not been extensively developed.

Also, since many of the early settlers of the Tapestry, or their children, moved westward out of the Tapestry proper, it is often necessary to gather information about the settlers of the "Transmontane" regions, including "Ole Kentucky", the "Smokey Mountains. and the Cumberland Plateau. Somewhat more work has been done in these areas, and more is expected.

The following table provides links to the various subcomponents of the Tapestry.

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