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This page collects links to articles about specific families (or surnames) present in the area covered by The Tapestry prior to the Revolution. Originally, this page was intended to house links to family lines of Southwest Virginia. Since many of these families came to Southwest Virginia from Old Augusta and Old Chester. With the expansion of the Tapestry, coverage has been expanded to include the entire range of areas under consideration. See Also: Surname Distribution in 1841 Census of England and Scotland


Adair Adams Alderson Alexander Allen Allison Arbuckle Armentrout Armstrong Aylor
Buchanan Bell
Campbell Carlock Carter Cooper Cowan Cyphers
Doak Donnally Dryden
Edmondson Elliott Ewing
Finlay Fraley
Gass George Gillespie Givens Gregg Gregory
Hanna Hammer Harroll Hays Heth Hoge Houston
Inman Jackson
Kesler Key Kilgore
Linn Long
McCormick McCutchen McSpadden McPheeters Martin Maxwell Meek Mitchell Montgomery



Paul Pence Tapestry Porter Patterson
Sifers Snoddy Starnes Stuart Stockton
Teater Townsend Tapestry
Wallace Wallen Walker Willis Woods

Color code:

thistlemore or less properly formated; some older formating conventions may remain.
khakisignificant departures from standard format, needs to be re-examined.
greyRedirect to a variant surname form


The above family surnames have at least "starter" pages within the Tapestry system. Some are more complete than others, and all would benefit from having more "hands" working them. One of the important opportunities that the WeRelate system provides is the identification of the supporting evidence for each personal fact such as a DOB. If you know a solid (primary or secondary) source that supports (or refutes for that matter) any of the facts given here, WeRelate would appreciate either adding that source to the appropriate page, or perhaps just bringing that to someone's attention. This is intended to be a community system.


The Tapestry Project is narrowly focused on the the settlement of the "Western Frontier" along the Great Road from Philadelphia, west through Lancaster and the "Path Valley" of Pennsylvania, south into the Valley of Virginia, and further southward into the Carolinas and into Southwest Virginia. The "focus" of the project is fairly narrow in terms of time (roughly 1700 to 1800), but broad geographically. While the nominal objective is to have articles for ALL of the settlers who passed into this area during this time period, realistically, for those of us working on this project, we can individually expect to add detailed biographies/studies for only a few of them. Hopefully, as more people begin to work within the Tapestry, more lines will be examined in detail.

Periodically we focus on a specific surname present within the Tapestry project area and timeframe, for detailed examination. Typically, detailed examination includes:

Capturing lineages for that surname, present in the area, as a series of person articles. Initially, these are simply "sketched in", with more detail and any needed corrections developed as we go along
Capturing data and information for that surname within the three main components of the Tapestry (Old Chester, Old Augusta Southwest Virginia)
Examination of YDNA results (primarily FTDNA projects)
Sorting out confusions in the existing literature as best can be done.

Currently, the "Campbell" surname is being examined. Most surnames selected for detailed examination because they broadly interconnect with surnames that have been previously examined. In this way the most insight into family relations can be gained. The following represents a list of surnames which are being considered for future detailed examination.