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There are roughly eight clusters of Snoddy records that appear in colonial era records of the United States. The following summarizes these clusters, identifying the nominal "Heads of Families" for each cluster. Note that some HOF's appear in multiple clusters, reflecting migration from one area to another.

1. Chester County PA, c1750: John (7), Samuel (1), William
2. Lancaster County PA, c1734: John (9), Mathew (1)
3. Buckingham County, VA, c1745: John (4) and children
4. Washington County, VA, c1771-1784:John (1), John (4))
5. Iredell County, NC c1755:John (7), Samuel (1)
6. Spartanburg, SC: John
7. Jefferson County, TN: Thomas (1)
8. Madison County, KY: John (1)

Family Groups

After accounting for family movements, five family groupings are currently recognized:

Snoddy's of Lancaster County, PA: Sometime before 1734 John (9) settled in Hanover Township of then Lancaster County. He died there in 1735, leaving two minor sons.
Snoddy's of Chester County, PA: Person:John Snoddy (7), his brother Person:Samuel Snoddy (3), and an otherwise unconnected William Snoddy, settled in Chester County, PA by about 1750. Probate records for John (7) show that his wife's given name was "Agnes"; on this basis it seems likely that John and Agnes are the couple who are shown to have married in First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, in 1741. [1] John and Samuel dissappear from the records of Chester County PA after about 1750, reappearing in the general area of Iredell County, NC by 1754. William, whose relation, if any, to John and Samuel is unknown, appears in Chester County records by 17XX.
Snoddy's of Buckingham County, VA Person:John Snoddy (4) appears Albemarle County, VA by 1745. The area in which he settled on Willis's River, a tributary of the James, became successively Buckingham and Cumberland Counties. His wife is commonly identified as "Agnes Glasgow" but no supporting evidence for this has been found. In anycase, John (4) had a number of sons and daughters, some of whom remained in the Buckingham County area, and others moved on to settle on the Virginia Frontier. John himself relocated sometime before 1776 to southwest Virginia, where he became a prominent member of the community, serving as a "gentleman Justice" of Washington County from its formation in 1776, to about 1781. John is said to have died there in 1784, though some genealogists believe that he moved to Jefferson County, TN dying there in 1786. His wife is said to have died in Jefferson County by 1791.[2]
Snoddy's of Spartanburg SC person:John Snoddy (10) and wife Jane Coan arrived in Savannah on the ship James and Mary, in 1772. Sons Captain John Snoddy and his brother Samuel appear in the Spartanburg area of South Carolina during the Revolution.
Snoddy's of Castle Woods Person:John Snoddy (1) Settled in Castle's Woods in modern Russell County, VA. He played a prominent role in the local militia during the period of Indian Hostilities. He is believed to have married Margaret Walker, daughter of John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line about 1776. He went to Kentucky with Boone shortly after this, eventually settling near Boonesboro in modern Madison County. John is sometimes supposed to be related to person:John Snoddy (4) the Gentleman Justice of Washington County, but direct evidence showing their kinship has not been found.


Snoddy Family in Old Chester
Snoddy Family in Old Augusta
Snoddy Family in Southwest Virginia
Snoddy Family in East Tennessee


  1. This is somewhat controversial, as many cite this same marriage record for John Snoddy (4) and Agness Glasgow of Buckingham County, VA. Evidence for his wife being either an "Anges" or a Glasgow is lacking. Identification of primary records supporting or refuting these views would be appreciated.
  2. Evidence to show that John Snoddy the Gentleman Justice, is in fact John Snoddy (4) of Buckingham County, is needed. Direct evidnce to show this linkage has not been found. However, Person:Thomas Snoddy (1) of Jefferson County TN left a will identifying his father as John Snoddy deceased, and left instructions for the disposal of property in Buckingham County, Virginia. While this strongly suggests that Thomas' father was John (4) of Buckingham County, it is not necessarily evidence that John Snoddy the Gentleman Justice was John (4). Additonal work on this issue is needed.