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A Copy of P. A. Jackson’s Notes

Anno Domini 1887 Jackson Family John Jackson from Hertfordshire, England was one of the expedition of 1627 for the relief of the Huguenots of La Rochelle and believed to be the father of Robert Jackson, the first of the name known to have come to America.  Robert Jackson left England with John Winthrop 1630 - 31 but which John Winthrop is not known.  In with the Massachusetts Bay C, he doubtless was one of the 900 who sailed from Yarmouth on the 7th April 1630.  At any rate the Coat of Arms of his family was emblazoned with two greyhounds and a dolphin crested with a mailed arm raising from a m[issal?], in the hand a tilting spear.

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If we seek one reason for his coming to this country we may find many.  At that time, the industry of the people was oppressed by irregular and exorbitant taxation and untimely interferences not in accord with the general intelligence of that period.  Merchants found no protection from pirates or robbers.  Landowners were greatly annoyed by inquiries and examinations into their titles and even the greatest in the land were liable to be heavily fined and probably imprisoned for any malfeasance of thought or action differing from prevailing customs.  Charles I always wanted more money to gratify his selfish tastes and he tried to rule as autocratically as the king of France so between the demands of the King and the oppression of all who were not Roman Catholic, those of a different opinion had but little showing.  We may also imagine the enticement of immense

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fortune and the privilege of  worshipping God after the dictates of his own conscience held out to say nothing of personal entreaties from those of his friends who had made up their minds to go. We find Robert Jackson in 1644 one of the first settlers of Hempstead, which was the first English settlement made on the West end of Long Island, under the jurisdiction of and by permission of the Dutch government, and he was closely associated with Rev. Richard Denton a graduate of Cambridge and we find him leading in subscriptions to his support.  He must have been a man of means and high standing in the colony since his name frequently appears in the records of the town as magistrate referee etc. After the capture of New York by the English in 1664 he was one of the deputies from Hempstead to the convention which met in that place (Hempstead) early the following year.  This convention

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was called to meet at Hempstead for the purpose of framing a code of laws suitable to English people, and it is said Robert favored as the body of the new law what was known as the "Duke’s Laws" and that his views prevailed.  His will can be found recorded in Book A of Deeds in Queens County Clerk’s office and is the oldest there recorded being dated May 25th 1683.  This will was proved October 13, 1685 and he therein provides for Agnes, his sons John and Samuel, his daughter, Sarah who had married a Nathaniel Moore and provision  is also made for the child of Mrs. Martha Jackson Cole – she having died a few years previous.  The children of Robert and Agnes Jackson so far as known were:

  1. John married Hallet
  2. Martha married Cole
  3. Samuel married but supposed to have died without any issue.
  4. Sarah married Moore
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John Jackson according to the law of primogeniture inherited most of his father’s estate, and was one of the patentees of the town of Hempstead under the patent granted by Gov. Dongan in 1685 and the last surveyor of land included in this grant.  He was sheriff of Queens Co. from 1691 – 1695 and was one of the largest land owners in that county.  Was a member of the Assembly from 1693 – 1709 and also Col. of the Militia.  He was twice married – 1st to Elizabeth Hallet, a daughter of Samuel Hallet of Hallet’s Cove and grand daughter of William Hallet of Dorsetshire, England who moved to Greenwich, Conn.  He married second Elizabeth Seaman. [error; see Notes]  He made his will Aug. 26, 1724 and died in 1725.  He left the following children:

  1. John
  2. James
  3. Sarah
  4. Samuel
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Hannah
  7. Martha and Mary, twins
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James Jackson – son of Col. John Jackson – married Rebecca Hallet (born Aug 31, 1675) daughter of William & granddaughter of William Hallet from Dorsetshire England.  James Jackson seems to have been a useful citizen - for in addition to being the father of twenty children he was a man generally looked to for advice and was chosen together with Col. Isaac Hicks as referee in a dispute between Massachusetts & Rhode Island relative to the boundary line between them.  The Colony of Rhode Island was so well pleased with their conduct and endeavor to reconcile the people of the two governments that it voted each of them a Silver Tankard of L50 value with the arms of the Colony handsomely engraved thereon.   James and Rebecca Jackson had 20 children - 18 of whom were living at the time of their mother’s death.  His will bears

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date of Sept. 27, 1735 and he died early in October.   The will proven Oct 26, 1735 and can be found on record in New York City, in Surrogate’s Office Libr 12, p 362 - 366 of Wills.

The children were:

  1. Thomas Jackson Born Dec 4, 1694 whose son Thos. it is thought settled in Eastern Virginia.
  2. Mary Jackson (married Townsend) Born Nov. 20, 1695
  3. Sarah Jackson Born Dec. 11, 1697
  4. Rebecca Jackson (married Seamen) Born Feb. 20, 1699
  5. John Jackson Born March 9, 1701
  6. Charity  (married Dingly) Born Feb. 26, 1702
  7. Elizabeth Jackson (married Field) Born March 20, 1703
  8. James Jackson Born June 4, 1704
  9. William Jackson Born July 6, 1705  (died 10 months old)
  10. Hannah Jackson Born Aug. 5, 1706  (married Henry Hicks)
  11. William Jackson (2) Born Oct. 4, 1707
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12. Martha Jackson Born Jan 26, 1709
13. Joseph Jackson Born Feb 9, 1710  [see pg 9]
14. Richard Jackson Born March 20, 1711
15. Phebe Jackson   (married Randell) Born May 3, 1712
16. Robert Jackson Born May 15, 1713
17. Jemima Jackson  (married Hicks) Born Nov. 25, 1714
18. Samuel Jackson Born July 21, 1716
19. Stephen  Jackson Born Aug. 17, 1717
20. Benjamin Jackson Born July 26, 1719

[Below this list on page 8 is a drawing; repeated twice.  It looks like it may be the crest of Jackson family as described on the first page.]  

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Joseph Jackson  (No. 13 from James)     (born Feb 9, 1710)  Moved at an early day to Morris Co., N. J. – probably when about 21 years old and before the Indians had left.  Gentleman Wm. N____ds conveyed to Joseph Jackson on Sept 17, 1759, a tract of 162 6/10 acres of land lying on the West Bank of Rockaway River and near the village of Rockaway on which he lived until his death in 1769.  He acquired other property of great value.  Joseph & Ann Jackson had eleven children:

  1. James Jackson Died at 21 years.
  2. William Jackson finally settled in Tenn. prior to the Revolution & raised nineteen out of 26 children.
  3. Elizabeth Jackson  married James Tompkins and removed to Virginia
  4. Mary Jackson died about 16.
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5. Stephen Jackson  [1]         died in infancy
6. Capt. Stephen Jackson  (2)
7. Anna Jackson Born Aug. 9, 1746, married (1st) Robert Ayres (2) Josiah Beaman.
8. Edward Jackson Born 1741 married Martha Miller and removed with Stephen, Samuel and Jemima to Fayette Co. Pa. and thence to Harrison Co, Va.  [see pg 12]
9. Phebe Jackson died at Rockaway
10. Benjamin Jackson Born March 5, 1752 Removed to Ohio & died there in June 6, 1842.  Went to Ohio 1814.
11. Daniel Jackson who died in Ohio – aged 84. Ann Jackson, widow of Joseph Jackson, survived him and married (2) Deacon Garrigus & died about 1793.  She was sort of small stature but very bright and full of energy.

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Benjamin Jackson b. 1752       [s/o Jos & Ann]    Bellville, Ohio (Richland County). He married Aug. 20, 1774 Abigail Mitchell.  Their Children:

  1. Zeba Jackson Born Feb. 2, 1777   Died in Ohio
  2. Isaac Jackson Born Jan. 15, 1779  Died in King County, O[hio?]
  3. Elizabeth Jackson Born Feb 14, 1782 & married Job Allen. One of Elizabeth Jackson’s sons, Isaac Allen, was minister to Hong Kong, China.
  4. Phebe Jackson Born June 23, 1784; died 1889 at the age of 104, 11 months, 26 days at Union Grove Township, Whiteside Co., Illinois. 1st married Isaac Lewis;  2nd married John Vennum
  5. David Jackson Born Sept 30, 1786 & was living in Columbia, Ind. a few years ago.
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Edward Jackson (No. 4) [s/o of Jos & Ann] married Martha Miller.  It is thought that not only his wife and three children accompanied him but that his cousins - John (and his sons Geo. W. and Edward) and probably his sister Elizabeth & brother William, all left New Jersey together.  They probably made the trip to New Castle, Del. together.  After that it seems Edward and family – John ( son of John 1701) & family traveled westward & William and family and Elizabeth Thompkins & family came South.  There is mention of land being transferred from _________ to Ed Jackson in 1791.  Children of Edward and Martha Miller Jackson:

  1. Jemina, Born 1762        married John Arnold. She died in Harrison Co 1828 [see pg 15]
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2. Stephen Jackson           Born July 31, 1764 married Elizabeth Pomeroy [see pg 18]
3. Samuel Jackson             Born                        married Smith [see pgs 21 & 27]
4. Benjamin Jackson         Got a fall early in life from which he died
5. Phebe Jackson               married Stout [see pg 22]
6. Mary (Polly) Jackson    twice married 1st Lewis Flint, after his death she married Geo [large question mark by his first name] Bush.  They lived on the waters of Freeman’s Creek above the Jackson Mill.  Went west started to Miami Valley.

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Edward Jackson’s wife died whilst on a visit to Mrs. Polly Bush & as there were no bridges at that early date and Hacker’s Creek and other streams were so much swollen by rain that they could not cross.  We have good reason to believe that part of the flyleaf in the Bible from which other names were gotten contained possibly the names of other children.  We think it possible there was a Lucy who married a Flesher and Sallie who may have married a Flesher or Hughes or she may have been twice married.  There is a family of Flesher’s who claim to trace to a Jackson woman related to Edward Jackson and they think a daughter of Edward.  There was possibly a William or Jacob but it requires better evidence to positively substantiate.

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1.  Jemima Jackson  [first d/o Edward & Martha] Born 1762 [in the original document, but someone later has changed it to 1767] married John Arnold Barbour Co., W. VA. Their Children – Ten Probably - John, George, James & Simon. [Jemima &] John Arnold’s Children:

1.  Benjamin Arnold  Born  ?     was twice married 1st a Miss Wamsley Married 2nd Jane Jackson, d/o Ben & granddaughter of Samuel, son of Edward Jackson  [see page 21 for correction] Married 3rd [time; had] Children 2 Margurite Arnold             Born            Married Dehew
4.  Mary Arnold  Born Aug. 10, 1810  d/o Jemima Jackson married Knotts; Res. Minora, Calhoun, W. Va.
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Their Children:

  1. Jemima Knotts             b. Sept 18, 1829  married Lynch Res[sidence] Altizer, Calhoun Co., W.V.
  2. Absalom Knotts           b Dec. 4, 1830; Res Grantsville, Calhoun Co, W.Va.
  3. Wm. Knotts                  b. Dec 19, 1833
  4. Rufus Knotts                b. April 11, 1836
  5. Elizabeth Jane Knotts  b Nov 11, 1838  Married Chenoweth


2.  Isaac [other handwriting lined through Isaac and inserted] James Arnold. Married Theresa Board.  They had five children:
  1. Benjamin Arnold
  2. John Arnold -- went to Texas
  3. Miranda Arnold -- (Married)
  4. Almeda Arnold -- married Price
  5. Kiturah  Arnold
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3.  Elizabeth Arnold married John Welch, Elizabeth Died 17, Oct. 1828. John Welch d. 8 March 1880
  1. Pamelia Welch  b. July 15, 1821  married Stump Res  Osbornes Mills, Roane Co., W.Va.
  1. Irwin C. Stump          b. Sept 25, 1840 Res. San Francisco, Calif.
  2. Melissa J. Stump       b. June 13, 1842
  3. Laverna C. Stump     b. June 27, 1844
  4. Charles E. Stump      b. July 29, 1845
  5. Mary E. Stump         b. Aug 20, 18??
  6. Louisa M. Stump      b. Dec 18, 1854
  7. Flora E. Stump         b April 5, 1862

  2. Stephen Jackson [s/o Edward & Martha]  b. July 31, 1764  Near Dover;  d. 1847   New Jersey,  Married Elizabeth Pomeroy.

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Stephen married Elizabeth Pomeroy on Feb. 14, 1787.  She died April 1852 at grandmother Hannah [Bailey] Jackson’s in Jane Lew.  She passed away without a long illness.  She and her husband are resting on a farm owned at present by cousin Ida Bassel Fleming and very near the home of Grandfather Benjamin Bassel.  Grandmother Elizabeth’s brother settled the city of Pomeroy, O[hio].  She was a kind, good woman and small in stature.  She was once captured by the Indians in New Jersey.  Stephen Jackson, shrewd & a fearless Indian fighter and at the early age of 17 was on his way to join his father with Washington’s forces.  He was present at the battle of Yorktown and wounded before he was 18 years old.  Edward Jackson and two sons, Stephen and Samuel were [pg torn] in the battle of Yorktown. [corner of pg torn] both Stephen and his father

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were wounded there.  Stephen Jackson was also in the War of 1812.   I heard this from the lips of Hon. Wm. Currence Carper, the husband of Aunt Martha Bassel White.  Steve saw service in this war along with an uncle of  Wm. C. Carper.   My grandfather Jackson remembers his Grandmother wanting Steve to apply for a pension but he said "dam it" he fought for his country. Children of Stephen and Elizabeth [Pomeroy] Jackson

  1. Martha (Aunt Patty) Jackson  b. Feb 19, 1788  married John Thompson
  2. Stephen Pomeroy Jackson     b. Jan 1789  married Hannah Bailey daughter of Minter and Nancy Norris Bailey
Page 20
3. Susan Jackson  b. Feb 14, 1790  married Benjamin Bassel. B. Bassel born Feb 16, 1785   died Mch. 14, 18??

:4. Mary Jackson  b. 1792  married a Tyson.  They lived on Elk – near Fairfield but from there moved to Ohio.  It seems that Mr. Tyson was a peddler – with only his one horse wagon and effects and Mary was told if she married Tyson she would be cut off as one of the heirs of the family.  Owing to this circumstance Mary & her descendants are today unknown to the relatives.

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3. Samuel Jackson, Son of Edward & Martha Jackson   born        married

1st   a Smith
2nd    Lane
Their children:
  1. Edward Jackson ) went to Red River
  2. George Jackson ) & west. Nothing more known of Edward & George
  3. Hezekiah Jackson married & left no children
  4. Sallie (Sarah) Jackson  1827 married Wm. Woodford, left children
  5. Benjamin Jackson married Isabelle Stallman
  6. Daniel Jackson  Big Sandy, Left children
  7. Ellen Jackson            [note on side adds] Elenor married Read, Barbour County   1831  Jefferson Read
  8. Jane Jackson married Benjamin Arnold a cousin
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  4. Mary “Polly” Jackson Daughter of Edward & Martha Jackson married 1st Lewis Flint of English birth 2nd time Geo ? Bush.  They lived on the head waters of Freeman’s Creek above Jackson’s Mill. They went West starting for the Miami Valley. It is believed Edward Jackson had other children as follows: Sallie married  Flesher and/or Hughes, Lucy married Flesher, possibly a William & Jacob.

5. Phebe Jackson – Daughter of Edward & Martha Miller married James Stout.  Phebe Jackson – Died April 10, 1827.  Their children:

Page 23
  1. Mortimer Stout
  2. Nathan J. Stout
  3. Edward J. Stout
  4. Irene Stout married McDonald
  5. Daniel Stout married Emaline Booth – Daughter of  Hustin [Booth] & Ingaby Thompson & grand daughter of John & Martha Jackson Thompson

Martha Jackson (Aunt Patty) [d/o Stephen & Elizabeth] Born Feb 19, 1788 Married John Thompson (1807) Their Children:

  1. Ingaby Thompson Born 1808 married Hustin Booth
  2. Stephen Jackson Thompson Born 1810 Residence St. John, Putnam County State of Ohio
Page 24

3. William W. Thompson Born July 1812 he married 1st Susan Tomlin of Fauquier Co., Va – daughter of Stephen and Sarah Norris Tomlin. This Sarah Norris a sister of [my] great grandmother Hannah [Bailey] Jackson’s mother who was Nancy Norris of Fauquier Co. Va. Wm. W. Thompson twice married; [had] children [Note at side] See page 82

  1. Dr. Brown Thompson, Spencer, W. Va.
  2. Mattie Sue Thompson married a Addison Smith, Spencer, W. Va.
  3. Dr. Blackmore Thompson, Winfield, W. Va.

Stephen Black - See letter to father from Telle Thompson Allebach

Elizabeth Cummings Jackson Born 1721 -- Died 1825

Page 25

4. Thos. Albert Thompson; Born June 20, 1815 Married Sarah Ann Stout Born Sept 20, 1820 Residence near Philippi, W. Va. They have one daughter Rebecca Jane Thompson b 24 April 1839 Married George L. Stalnaker; They live 1890 with Thomas Thompson. Their Children:

  1. Albert A. Stalnaker Born July 10, 1867
  2. Sarah Ann Stalnaker Born July 23, 1868
  3. Narretta Stalnaker Born April 20, 1870
  4. Rosetta Stalnaker Born June 9, 1878
Page 26
5. Hannah Stalnaker Born April 2, 1882

5. Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Martha Jackson Thompson, Married Garrett Johnson. They lived near Philippi, W. Va. and left children

  1. Rev. Napoleon Johnson

(1 above) Ingaby Thompson Married Hustin Booth See Loyd Stout about their children

Page 27

Children of Samuel Jackson This was a son of Edward & Martha Miller.

  1. Sallie Jackson – Married Wm. Woodford. Their Children: John Wesley Woodford, Philippi, W. Va.
  2. Benjamin Jackson who made his home for several years with his cousin Stephen P. Jackson. Married Isabelle [Elizabeth] Stallman. Their children:
  1. . Edward Jackson Born July 25, 1840 Married Susan Johnson. They reside Big Springs, Calhoun Co., W. Va. Their children:
  1. Wm. Hamilton Jackson Born 26, Feb. 1867
  2. Thomas Jefferson Born 18 Sept. 1868
Page 28
3. John Jackson b. 4 Nov. 1871 Died 13 Nov. 1871
4. Albert H. Jackson Born 10 Nov. 1873
5. Lilly May Jackson Born 9 Jan. 1877
6. Granville Roy Jackson

Children of Ben Jackson [cont’d]

2. Samuel Jackson, Married Margaret Marshall, White Pine, W. Va.
3. Ellen Jackson, Died young
4. Spencer Blatchley Drowned
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Susan Jackson, Daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Jackson Born 14 Feb 1790 Died Feb.1838 Married Benjamin Bassel; B Feb 16, 1785 D March 14, 1856 Their children:

1. Byron Jackson Bassel; Born 1812; Died 17 June 189? Married Susan Stout; Their children:

  1. William
  2. John – dead
  3. David
  4. Susan
  5. Rebecca Belton, Bell Co, Texas Son Jackson – Pendleton, Bell Co.

2. Benjamin Bassel Born Dec 30, 18??; [probably 1815], Married 11, Nov. 1841

Page 30

to Elizabeth Ann Gusman; children:

1. Joseph H. Bassel born 28 Nov 1842 married Sarah Moyers, born 6 Feb 1846; their children:
  1. Maggie Bassel born 23 Oct 1868 married James Davis, son of William & Ellen Jackson Davis
  2. James M. Bassel born 29 June 1872
  3. John G. Bassel born 29 June 1874
  4. Clifton R. Bassel born 25 July 1879
Page 31
2. Mary A. Bassel Born 28 Feb., 1845
3. Montgomery [Bassel] Born 25 January 1847
4. Julia Bassel Born 28 November 1848; Died in infancy
5. Wilmer Bassel Born Aug 1, 1850; Died in infancy
6. Charles Bassel Born 21 Feb. 1852; Died in Infancy
7. Clifton Bassel Born 2 Aug 1853; Died 2 April 1881
8. Rome Bassel Born 21 March 1856; Died 11 May 1875
9. Ada Bird Bassel Born 31 March 1858; Died April 1888
10. Benjamin Bassel Born 24 May 1866
Page 32

3. Elizabeth Ann Bassel Born 14 Oct., 1819 Died 26 Feb, 1886 Married 8 Dec. 1836 Perry Hoffman Wolfe, son of David Wolfe of Norfolk, Va. Perry Hoffman Wolfe died 16 Feb 1868. Their children:

1. Melcenia Wolfe Born 2 December 1838 Married John Webb.
2. Sarah A. Wolfe Born 22 April 1840 Married John Bussey
3. David Wolfe Born 18 May 1842 Died 15 Feb 1843
4. Newton J. Wolfe Born 2 Feb 1844; Married Elizabeth Dill
5. Bassel Wolfe Born 9 July 1846 Died Dec. 3, 1890 Married Elizabeth Talbott
Page 33
6. Celia Wolfe Born 3 May 1848 Died 22 May 1876 Married Andrew J. Smith
7. Perry J. Wolfe Born 18 May 1850 Died 13 Oct. 1854
8. Alpha Wolfe Born 14 April 1852
9. Benjamin Jackson Wolfe Born 12 July 1854 Married 1884 May C. Holden; Two Sons:
Benjamin Bassel [Wolfe] Born August 24, 1885
Wm. Smith [Wolfe] Born 11 Feb 1889
10. Elizabeth Ann Wolfe Born 15 Nov 1856 Married Zinn
11. Susan A. Wolfe B 26 July 1859; Married 1st A. S. [or L.] Easter. After his death Dr. Gaston of Clarksburg
Page 34
12. Wm Wirt Wolfe Born 28 Feb 1862 Married Highland Lawson

4. Celia Bassel Married James Stout

5. Susan Bassel Died young

6. Mary Bassel Born 1823 Married Geo. Bastable son of George & Lucy Bastable Children:

Sarah Bastable Married Col. P. L. Burwell
Alvin Bastable (Dead)
George Bastable
Page 35

[7] Henry Bassel Born 1 Jan 1828 Died Feb 15 1887 Married Mary Anne Davis, Daughter of John Jefferson Davis & Mary Magdalene Cooper. Henry Bassel’s Children:

1. Clara Esther Born May 12, 1853 Married M. L. [or S.] Patterson May 18, 1871
2. Martha Jane Bassel & Mary Columbia Bassel Born Jan 18, 1856 J. G. Jackson & Martha Bassel married 15 Dec 1880
3. Flora Bassel 23 – 7 – 1858
4. Jefferson Davis Bassel Born 4 April 1862
5. Stephen Lafayette Bassel Born 23 Dec 1863 Married Georgia Norris 15 of October 1891
6. Henry Bassel B. 28 – 9 - 1868
7. Ori Ella Bassel B. 19 Nov 1875
Page 36

[8] David Bassel Born 15 May 1825 Married 31 May 1850 Margaret Burnside Children:

1. Mary Elizabeth B. 6 April 1851 D. 31 May 1856
2. Lucinda Bird B. 15- May 1853 D. 22 May 1856
3. Ella Bassel B. 23 Jan 1856 Married 18 May 1879 Abram Carper
4. Wm. Bassel B. 5 May 1858 D. 11 Nov 1862
5. Augustus Lee Bassel B. 29 Jan 1861 D. 1? July 1866
6. Ida Bassel B 1 Dec 1863 Married Walter E. Fleming 14 July 1887
7. Alvin Bassel B. July 15, 1866 D. Nov 26, 1943 M. Minnie E. B May 9, 1864 D. Sept. 13, 1900
Page 37

[9] Daniel Bassel B. 24 March 1830 Married Louisa M. Burr. Their Children:

1. Burr B. 25 Sept 1858
3. Mary Maude B. 8 March 1870
2. Gary Bassel B. 21 July 1867
4. Louisa Blanche B. 25 Sept 1876
5. Amy Gertrude B. 9 Aug 1879
6. Nellie B. 5 May 1883

[10] Stephen Bassel Married Catherine Young

Page 38

[11] Martha Bassel B. 1833; Married 1st White; 2nd Married in 1863 Hon. Wm. Currence Carper, son of Adam Carper. Children:

1. Wm. Bassel Carper B. July 12, 1864 Married Ella Jackson a great great grand daughter of John Jackson who came from New Jersey. This statement in Hon. Wm. C. Carper’s handwrite helps to establish the fact that S. A. Jackson is right in the connection.
2. Adam Carper B. Aug 1866
3. Alvin Bastable B. Aug 1868
Page 39

Mary Jackson (Sister to Stephen P. Jackson, Mrs. Martha [Jackson] Thompson & Susan [Jackson] Bassel) married a Tyson.

Jackson Family

The Brothers who came to America so far as known were:

A. Edward
B. John
C. Thomas
D. James, Gen’t, Born 1757
E. Elihu and possibly
F. Samuel
G. Cavil
H. Spencer
I. Richard
J. Daniel

[Alongside of all these names is written "Yorkshire & Devonshire England"]

Edward & John Jackson had a nephew – John Jackson who went to Kentucky. See Wm. H. Jackson, Lyndon, Kentucky

Page 40

A. Edward Jackson married Martha Miller. He is buried at the Henry Bassel or as it is now cousin Ida [Bassel] Fleming place. I have heard it said he was buried on Sycamore Creek James H. Jackson, notwithstanding the fact that his name is on a tombstone at the Fleming place. Martha his wife went to visit her daughter Mrs. Mary (Polly) J. Bush and died and was buried there. Her remains would have been taken and placed in the "Jackson Grounds" but at the time of her death the streams were much swollen by heavy rains and there were no bridges over West Fork and Hacker’s Creek then.

Little is known of Edward’s education—any more than that he attended a school before leaving New Jersey

Page 41

could read & write and was good in figures. The bible containing & known to contain correct data – back to the line of his grandfather is well remembered by some of his grandchildren; but it seems that either Mrs. Bush or her brothers who went West fell heirs to it, but most probably Mrs. Bush who nursed her mother in her last sickness.

Children of Edward & Martha Jackson:

  1. Stephen Born July 31, 1764
  2. Jemima Born 1767, married Arnold
  3. William
  4. Samuel
  5. Phebe Born 1794
  6. Mary
  7. Jacob
  8. Sallie
  9. Benjamin got a fall early in life from which he died. Never married.
Page 42

[transcriber believes this page is in error. Following list is Stonewall Jackson's line; author thought there was a connection.]

B John Jackson Son of John (born 1701) Married Elizabeth Cummings [sic] Their children:

  1. George W.
  2. Edward
  3. Johnathan [sic]
  4. Samuel (this name added by S. G. Jackson (see letter in D.A.R. Virginia)
  5. [original line is blank]
  6. Henry
Page 43

William Jackson, son of Edward & Martha, married [..] Their children 26

  1. Mary
  2. Elias & Others.

Very little is known of Wm. Jackson and his children except that they lived on Sycamore in Harrison County until they determined to go West. They started to the Little Miami Valley, Ohio—Early in 1800 but since that nothing has been learned. Recent investigation at Winchester, Ky finds a Romulus & W. D. Jackson who trace to their father Elias & grandfather William which is the nearest trace yet obtained.

Jacob Jackson (son of Edward) married, then went West-possibly settled in Ohio and raised a family.

Page 44

Stephen Jackson [s/o Edward & Martha] Born July 31, 1764 Married Elizabeth Pomeroy & the site of Pomeroy, Ohio should have descended to her heirs. Stephen was a Captain of a company –although never commissioned [not commissioned until 1807: here is his commission] – and was wounded at the battle of Yorktown & so was his father Edward. He did valuable service under Washington as a scout – making several trips to the Ohio River. He only had a plain education but was noted for his power of deciding quickly and filling to the letter all his promises.

He had many encounters with and killed several Indians. Several of the encounters are still spoken of by relatives in the different branches of the family. He generally wore a hunting shirt – which was about the same as the

Page 45

Norfolk Blouse of the present day except they were made by the house-wife from goods now called lindsey.

Capt Stephen Jackson married Feb 14, 1787

Stephen Pomroy Jackson Born 1789 Died Dec 17, 1847/49. He married 1820 Hannah Bailey, Daughter of Minter and Nancy Norris Bailey. Hannah Bailey Jackson Born Nov 7, 1793 Died Feb. 25, 1854. They both lived useful lives and were most highly esteemed by all who knew them. They lived in the town of Jane Lew and more to keep from being imposed upon than as a source of profit they kept hotel.

Page 46

He was Major of Militia. An office not of his own seeking and expressed himself when asked to run for the legislature as opposed to accepting any office that would take him out of his county.

The Children of S. P. [Stephen Pomeroy] & Hannah Jackson:

  1. Joseph Blackwell [see pg 48-49]
  2. Minter [see pg 51 & following]
  3. Isaac Theoderic [see pg 59]
  4. Nancy Dr. Prickett [see pg 74]
  5. Celia Dr. Silas Hall [see pg 76]
  6. Elizabeth Ann Hawks [see pg 63]
  7. Mary Virginia Atkins [see pg 77]
  8. Ellen Davis [see p61]
  9. James William B Feb 1, 1833 D. March 13, 1910 ? [see pg 78]
  10. Stephen Edward Jackson B. July 1st 1836 He went to Texas just before the war of the Confederacy began and had bought up a large number of horses
Page 47

and cattle in partnership with Byron Bassel – but owned the larger portion of them. He enlisted in the Confederate Army – was captured at Fort Donaldson and sent a prisoner to Camp. Had he have lived he would have been married to Lucy Goodloe a sister to Grandma. After the war he returned to Texas and had just gotten his affairs in good shape and went on with a party of friends & citizens to watch [for] a party of Indians who had been killing their and stealing their horses – and getting in a skirmish he was killed by the ball from the gun of an Indian -- April 21, 1868.

11. Susan Jackson married John Columbus Jackson [see pg 63]

Page 48

1. Hon. Joseph Blackwell Jackson [son of S. P. & Hannah] born Sept 2nd 1822 at the "Crook Place" Died Sept 11, 1878. He married Emily Bird Lorentz, daughter of George & Bettie Cookman Lorentz who lived in a large brick house which_____ built at Lorentz but the house has been torn down. Emily Bird Lorentz Born 15 March 1827 Married 8 April 1845 [original re-ordered to make more sense] Their children:

1. Lloyd Lorentz Jackson Born Oct 22, 1845 Feb _____[ see pg 49]
2. Narsissa Grant Born October 22, 1849 1847 [see pg 50]
3. Aladine Norris B. 27 Sept 1849 D. 11 Feb 1873 Married 13 Jan 1868 Frank Norris son of John & Jemima Stallman Norris of Fauquier Co, Va
4. (Mollie) Mary Elizabeth Jackson B. 17 Aug 1851 D. April 3, 1921
5. George S. B. 14 Oct 1853
Page 49
6. Marcellus B. ____1855 Died 14 April 1882
7. Charles
8. Winfield Scott Born 1857
9. Ella Roberta Died quite young
10. Joseph Blackwell, Jr. Born 11 Nov. 1871 Died Nov 23, 1930
Loyd L. Jackson was of the Hurst Purnell & Co. and later President of the Loyd Jackson Com. & was a member of Gov. Lowndes’ staff. 1st lived 403 Mad. Ave.; 2nd 1210 North Charles. He married Annie Lester, daughter of J. M. Lester, Baltimore Md. Their children:
  1. Loyd L. Jackson, Jr.
  2. Annie
  3. Ensie
  4. Edith
  5. Emma
Page 50
Narsissa Jackson, [d/o Joseph & Emily Jackson] Born Oct 22, 1849 Married Sept 20, 186?, James Arthur Grant
Anna Lester Grant Born March 3, 1874
James Grant Jr. Born March 20, 1887
Aladine Jackson Married 1869 Frank Norris
Page 51

2. Hon. Minter Jackson, [son of S. P. & Hannah] Marion, Va. Born September 20, 1824 at the Crook on Jackson place Harrison Co. Va. He attended a country school at Jane Lew and two terms at Old Rector College, Pruntytown in Taylor Co. [(W)VA] He began merchandising for a living and succeeded. He married Mary Kathrine Fell. Born Aug 28, 1830 near Webster, Pa. [She] Died March 4, 1856 26 years, 4 months & 2 days in Glenville, Va. By this marriage were born two children:

1. Stephen Alonzo Born Sept 22, 1851 or 1852
2. Mary Scott Born September 25, 1855 [see p54]
Page 52

After being a widower about nine years he married August 10, 1864 Isabella Holt Beattie, Town House Smythe Co. Va. She was a daughter of Robert & Paulina Beattie. Aunt Bell was born Nov. 8, 1830 died July 21, 1880. By this marriage:

Walter Beattie Jackson Born June 13, 1865 [see p57]
Hannahbell Jackson Born March 2, 1870 [see p57]

Minter Jackson married third time Oct 1894 Mrs. Mary Bailey. Gave J. L. Young short sketch for Dr. Brooks Va. & Virginians.

Stephen Alonzo Jackson Born Sept 22, 1851 or 1852 in Glenville, Gilmer Co. Va. attended Liberty Academy, Smythe Co, Va 1867-8.
Page 53
Entered Emory & Henry College 1869. Went to Norwood High School October 1870 until Feb.‘71 - when he returned to Emory & Henry & remained until the close of that session in June. Went to the University of Va. Sept. 28, 1871 – and left the last of May 1874. Went to Abingdon, Va. to take charge of stock of goods Dec. 20, 1874. Married Mary Cloyd Ernest Sept 5, 1876 and started for Philadelphia, Pa that night accompanied by Misses Wampler, [Georgie or] Georgia Featherstone, Bettie Ernest & Wm. B. Ernest.

Mary Cloyd Ernest Jackson Born Jan 7, 1851, Daughter of Col. John Henry & Amanda J. Ernest. Their children:

1. Ernest Alonzo Jackson Born Aug. 13, 1877 at Brook Hall [see p58]
Page 54
2. Minter Jackson Jr. Born Dec 25, 1880 at Terrace Heights [see p58]
Stephen A. Jackson died March 4, 1892 buried at Abingdon, Washington Co. Va
Mary Scott Jackson Married Samuel B. R. Dunn June 15, 1875. They were married at Exchange Hotel, Marion, Va. Mary J[ackson] Dunn Born Sept 25, 1855 Samuel B. R. Dunn Born March 21, 1851 Died Aug 13, 1907 Their children:
1. Mary Edith; Born April 4, 1876
2. Willie infant; 1877
3. Samuel Minter Alonzo Born Feb. 22, 1878
4. Stewart Vanneman; Born March 30, 1879
Page 55
5. Jeanie Belle Born June 28, 1880 Died Oct. 11, 1880
6. Walter Edmondson Dunn Born April 3, 1884 Portsmouth, Ohio
7. Cloydine Ernest Dunn Born June 11, 1887
8. Leenora Beattie Born Sept. 16, 1896 Died Oct 23, 1896
9. Norma Sullivan Born Feb 25, 1889 Died July 4, 1889
10. Sallie Byars Born May 19, 1893
11. Florence Virginia Sept 17, 1896
Page 56
Mary Scott Jackson [Dunn] Died May 13, 1908 Glade Spring, Washington Co. Va. Only living children:
Sallie Byars Dunn [#10 above] – married to D. C. Yates in Portsmouth, Ohio July 1911 – Residence Columbus, Ohio
Walter Dunn [#6 above], Portsmouth, Ohio
Minter Dunn [#3 above], druggist, Glade Spring
Cloydine Ernest Dunn [#7 above],– Glade Spring
Florence Virginia [#11 above]– Glade Spring
Mary Edith Love [#1 above], Portland, Oregon
Page 57
Walter Beattie Jackson [son of Minter Jackson & Isabella Holt Beattie] Born June 13, 1865 at Town House, Smythe Co. Va. [at] the home of his maternal grandfather. Married October 6, 1894 at Nyack on Hudson New York Josephine Lillian Belden daughter of Dr. & Mrs. James Belden of New Orleans, La.
Hannabelle Jackson Miller [see pg 52] only sister of W. B. Jackson Born March 2, 1870 Married Phipps Miller, son of Judge Miller of Marion, Va. Dec 23, 1893 Present residence Memphis, Tenn. One child Isabella Born June 1894 Died Nov. 1895
Walter Beattie Jackson Born June 13, 1865 Died August 1912 in Baltimore, Md.
Page 58
Walter Jackson left one child: Walter Jackson Born Nov. 13, 1901 Residence Marion, Va.
Minter Jackson [p54] son of S. A. Jackson Born in Abingden, Va. Dec. 25, 1880 Married Martha Elizabeth Morgan of Lee Co, Va. Jan 4, 1911.
Son: Fell Jackson [error: should be dau: Lois Fell Jackson] Born Dec. 8, 1911 at Abingden, Va.
Ernest Alonzo Jackson [p53] Born Aug 13, 1877 Married Janette Beasley [Beazley is correct spelling] at Dunbrook, Essex Co, Va. Dec. 31, 1902 and have been living in Brazil ever
Page 59
since, both doing mission work under Southern Baptist Board of Va. Their 1st children were twins, born Nov. 1903, died in Jan. 1904.
Elizabeth Byars Jackson was Born Dec. 25, 1904 in Brazil. Dates not exact.
James Ernest Born April 8, 1905 in Brazil
Judson Gordon Jan 31, 1906 in Brazil
Then, Francis Virginia Born May 13, 1908 in Abingdon, Va.
Stephen Pomeroy Jackson Born in Brazil 1910 Feb.

3. Isaac Theoderic Jackson, [s/o S. P. & Hannah, p46] Born Nov 5, 1825 Died Nov. 2, 1910 Married 21 Jan. 1847 Hepzibah Stoets Born Jan 6, 1827 [see page 70] Daughter of Eunice Bailey & George Stoets.

Page 60
Their children
1. Elliot Jackson Born Dec 4, 1847 Died Feb 14, 1848
2. Dora Pomeroy Born 25 Nov. 1848 Married Wm. Washington Watson of Va. 15 Oct. 1869. [see pg 64]
3. Alvinza J. Jackson Born 4 March 1852 Died 13 Feb 1854
4. Sallie Goodloe Jackson Born 20 Nov. 1855 Married John Carr of Roanoke, Va.
5. Hepzibah Stoets Jackson Born 4 May 1857 [see pg 64]
Page 61
6. Isaac Minter Jackson Born 19 Aug. 1860 Died Nov. 11, 1930 [see pg 64]
Sallie Stoetts [d/o Eunice Bailey & Geo Steorts] Born 29 Sept 1828 [see pg 71] Married James McDonald. Children:
1. Evaline McDonald, Married James Robinson
2. Nancy Cathrine McDonald, Married Clark Cather

9. Ellen Jackson [p46] Born 23 Jan 1834, daughter of S. P. Jackson married 24 April 1854 William Davis Born 24 Feb 1828 [she] Died Feb 6, 1924 Their children:

1. Mary Bird [Davis], b 28 Feb 1855, married Wm. Judson Ward Oct 23, 1873. He was b. 1848 – 1911. Children:
1. Wm. Walter Ward b. 4 Oct 1874
Page 62
2. Ebert Shobe Ward April 10, 1877; D Oct 30, 1895
3. James Goodloe Ward
4. Judson Cletus [Ward]
5. Stephen Pomeroy [Ward]
6. Martin Carr [Ward]
7. John Troxell [Ward]
2. Christine Eglentine Davis [d/o Ellen Jackson & Wm. Davis] Born 23, Nov. 1856
3. James Minter Davis Born 31 Oct 1858 Married 24 March 1887 Maggie Bassel, daughter of Jos. H. & Susan Moyer Bassel 1 child: James Joseph Davis
4. Susan Goodloe Davis Born 13 Oct 1860 Married 29 Dec 1881 James Freeman [she] Died 26 June 1887. 2 children:
Edward F. Freeman B 1882
Cecil Lee Freeman 14 Feb. 1886
Page 63
5. Willie Ellie Davis B 31 May 1862 died Feb ?? Married Wm. H. Ferris
6. Isaac Jackson Davis Born 15 March 1869
7. Havilton Flora Belle Davis Born 15 May 1871

6. Elizabeth Ann Jackson [p46] Born 10 May 1828 Daughter of S. P. Jackson Married Bolivar Hawks

11. Hannah Susan Jackson, [p47] daughter of S. P. & Hannah [Bailey] Jackson was Born 1838 Married John Columbus Jackson

Page 64
Children of Wm. Washington Watson and Dora Pomeroy Jackson [pg 60]
1. Robert E. Born 7 Feb 1871
2. Isaac Allen Born 26 Aug 1872
3. Inez Maude 12 Sept 1877
4. Blanche L. 17 Nov 1880
5. Hephzibah E. [Watson] 12 Nov 1882
Hephzibah S. Jackson [p60] B 4 May 1857 Married Dr. Judson W[hite] Bailey Born 30 Sept 1853 son of Mandeville & Rachel White Bailey. Children:
1. Vieva Bailey B 26 March 1884
2. Jason Jackson Bailey B 15 Feb 1886
[Isaac] Minter Jackson B 19 Aug 1860 [see pg. 61] Married Maude Stout, Born 12 June 1864, [m] 9 Sept 188?
Page 65

[Bailey Family:]

1. Samuel Bailey

2. Minter Bailey Born 12 June 1763 D 1789 Married Nancy Norris [page 66 says he died in 1833; someone added this 1789 later.]

3. James Bailey

4. William Bailey B. 28 Nov 1766 D. 28 May 1846

5. Hannah Bailey Married Jacob Minter

6. Elizabeth Bailey Born 10 May 1771 Died 11 Aug 1838

7. John Bailey B. 1768 D. 1848 Married Fran Jones

Page 66

2. Minter [Sr.] & Nancy Norris Bailey They [sic] children: Joseph, James, William, Minter, John, Hannah, Eunice, Ellen, Mary, was there an Elizabeth. Minter Bailey Sr. Born 1763 D. 12 Nov. Died 1833 Married Nancy Norris B 1767 Died 27 Sept 1827

1. Joseph Bailey B 17 March 1792 Died 11 Dec. 1875 Married Margaret Hickman on 29 Dec 1814. They had following children:
1. Mary Bailey [Note on side says (Is this correct?)] Married Smith
2. Ann Bailey B. 16 Dec 1819 Married [see next page]
Page 67
Clements They had children, Central Station
3. Ellen Bailey B 29 Aug 1822. Married David Core. They had five children:
1. [blank]
2. Anna Core, Married Kennedy
3. Core, Married King
4. [blank]
5. [blank]
4. Mercy Bailey B 29 Jan 1825 Married Wm. J. Carpenter Res. Bridgeport, W. Va. They had five children:
1.  ?, Married, Chicago, Ill.
2.  ?
Page 68
3. David H. Carpenter, Married & has children Res Catlesburg, W. Va. Ky
4. Charles Carpenter Married Laura _____, Res. Mt. Sterling, Ky.
5. [blank]
5. Penelope Bailey [d/o Joseph & Margaret] Born 19 Nov 1831 Married Wagner. They had seven children.
6. Elizabeth Bailey [d/o Joseph & Margaret] Born 19 Nov 1815, Married 1st Criss 2nd Hartley, 3rd Rogers. No children. She died in the "Long House" owned by James W. Jackson. Gave Annie Bryan a lovely white crape shawl. She must have been the oldest of her father’s family.
Page 69
7. Eliza Bailey Born 18 April 1833 Married Hezakiah Stuck [sp??] Clarksburg, W. Va.
8. George Washington Bailey Born 6 July 1827, Married One child Adelaide Bailey, Married Williams They had children
9. Hannah Bailey Born 3 Sept 1828 Married Oscar H. Tate
2. Eunice Bailey [d/o Minter & Nancy] Born 30 Sept 1790 Died 7 July 1852/54 Married 1st John Stalnaker Born Died Sept 17, 1821 Their children:
1. Octavia Stalnaker B. 26 May 1812 married James Cummings; one of their daughters married Minter J. Jackson of Buckhannon and a
Page 70
son [unnamed] married Sallie Bailey, daughter of John & Sallie [Kitty?] Bastable Bailey [see pg 73]
2. Nancy Stalnaker Born 6 Jan 1816 Married Hezekiah Spoar
3. Minter Stalnaker Born 10 Aug 1817
4. Bailey Stalnaker Born 23 Nov. 1818 Married Mary Peterson
5. John Stalnaker Born 17 Feb 1822
Eunice Bailey Married 2nd George Stoets Born in Hagerstown Md & a son of Frederick & Ann Stoets Stoets, Storts, Stoetts, [Steorts] Their children:
1. Mrs. Isaac Jackson [Hepzibah Steorts] [see page 59 & 60]
Page 71
2. Sallie Stoets B 29 Sept 1828 Mar James McDonald [see pg. 61]
3. James Wm. B. Storts Born 20 Apr 1831 Died 18??
4. Rulissa Stoets Born 24 July 1832 Married John Bott Res Ellenburg, Washington
1. Newton Bott
2. James Franklin Bott Born Feb 1865 Died 26 Feb 1889
3. John Bott
5. Geo W. Stoets Born 24 Feb 1834 Married Amanda Cookman, Res Big Otter, W. Va.
Page 72
[6] Perry C. Storts, Born 24 March 1836 Married Annie Garrett, Res Slater, Mo
3. Hannah Bailey [d/o Minter Sr & Nancy] Born 7 November 1793 Married Stephen P. Jackson
4. William Bailey B. 4 Oct 1797
5. Minter Bailey, Born 16 March 1799, Married Sallie [Sarah] Bastable Their children:
1. Douglass Moxley Bailey
2. Irving Bailey
3. Lucy Stean Bailey Married E. M. Tunstill
Page 73
4. Pamelia Matilda Bailey Married E. R. Ralston
6. Mary Bailey [d/o Minter Sr & Nancy] Born 19 March 1801 Died 11 Aug 1884 Married 2 March 1828 Wm. Pennington Minter I have heard that she went to Tenn.
7. Ellen Bailey [d/o Minter & Nancy] Born 7 April 1803 Married Silas Bailey
8. John Bailey [s/o Minter & Nancy] Married Kitty Bastable
1. Mrs. Eva Ames
2. Mrs. Adelaide Lorentz
3. Mrs. Lucy Arnold
4. Mrs. Flora Beattie
5. Mrs. Carey Edmiston
6. Mrs. Sallie Cummings [see pg. 70]
Page 74
7. Dr. Arthur Bailey
8. Clay Bailey

4. Nancy Jackson, [p46] daughter of Capt. Stephen P. Jackson & Hannah Bailey Jackson, Born May 13, 1826, Died Sept 15, 1879 at Marion, Va. Married Dr. Wm. Benj. F. Prickett, Spencer, W. Va. Blue Sulpher Springs; Dr. Pickett died at Blue Sulphur in 1874. Their children:

1. Lelia Kathrine Born Oct 5, 1853, Carbondale, Ill.
2. Mary Alice Born 1855, Died
3. Minter Jackson Born Dec 3, 1857
4. James Tennyson Born Nov 14 or 15, 1859
Page 75
5. Mattie Eleanor Born Oct 27, 1865, [bottom of pg says 1860]
Minter Jackson Prickett [#3 above], Born Dec. 3, 1857 Rural Retreat, Va., Married Laura Belle McConnell 1879 Their children:
1. Glades Born April 12, 1880
2. Pauline Born Aug 31, 1881
3. James Minter Born Nov 23, 1882
4. Thos. Nela Born April 1884, Died
5. Robt.
6. [no name on this line]
Mattie Eleanor ‘Nellie’ [Prickett] [#5 above] Born Oct 27, 1860. Married by Rev. J. O. Sullivan at Rural Retreat, Va. 1891 to Wm. Fickle [top of pg says she was born 1865.]
Page 76
William Jackson Fickle is of Abingdon, Va.

5. Celia Bassel Jackson, [d/o S. P. & Hannah] [see p46] Born at the Jackson Farm in Harrison Co, (Va) W. Va. Feb. 2, 1827, Died Aug 21, 1866, Married Dr. Silas W. Hall. Their children:

1. William
2. Stephen Alonzo (Dead), Died Jan 4, 1861
Page 77

7. Mary Virginia [Jackson] Atkins [see p46], Born 24 Dec. 1831, Died May 28, 1886 Married James Atkins. Their children:

1. Byron J. Atkins, Born Oct. 5, 1851
2. Hannah Bird Atkins, Born 23 Feb. 1853
3. Louisa O. Atkins, Born Feb 12, 1855
4. James Blackwell Atkins, Born Oct 13, 1857
5. Hansford Atkins, Born March 7, 1860
6. Geo. M. W. Atkins, Born 12 Jan, 1862, Died Feb 8, 1889
7. Edward M. Atkins, Born 13 May 1864, Glade Springs, Va.
8. Chas. P. Atkins, Born Dec 12, 1866
9. Gay Atkins, Born Dec 15, 1869, Married J. P. Freeman
Page 78
10. Susan Atkins, Born 12 Jan 1872
11. Maggie
12. Minter

8. James Wm. Jackson [s/o S. P. Jackson & Hannah, see pg 46], Born 1st Feb 1833 Married 3 Jan 1856 Sallie Ann Goodloe of Albemarle Co, Va. [Author’s] Grandmother Born Oct 7, 1832 Died Dec 24, 1918 Their children:

1. John Goodloe, Born 7 March 1857 [see pg 79]
2. Spotswood Pomeroy, Born 29 March 1858, Died 8 Feb 1863
3. Robert Edward, Born 25 October 1863
Page 79
4. Wm. Addison, Born 14 April, 1865
5. Annie Maria, Born 15 May 1867
6. Minter Earl Jackson, Born 15 Aug. 1870

John Goodloe Jackson [Greek Sign here] [see pg 78], Born 7 March 1857 Married his cousin Martha Jane Bassel, [Author’s] Mother, Born 18 Jan 1856 Died 15 March 1908, Married 15 Dec. 1880. Their children:
James Henry, Born 1 Nov 1881
Stephen Goodloe, Born March 6, 1884, d. Jan 3, 1922

Stonewall Branch See Page 42 [transcriber believes this section in is error-see notes]

John Jackson Born 1701, father of

John, Born 1729, father of
1. Geo. Jackson went to Zanesville, Ohio Died there.
Page 80
2. Edward Jackson
3. Samuel Jackson, Terre Haute, Ind. 4 miles
4. John Jackson, Buckhannon, Married Rebecca Holden Hadden
5. Henry Jackson
All five sons had two wives & raised two families
Henry Jackson
1. [no name on this line] Children
2 .[no name on this line]
3. [no name on this line]
4. Stephen Dexter Jackson
Page 81

Geo. Bastable from Cork Ireland Died 18 Nov. 1845

Lucy Bastable his wife, Born 14 June 1780, Died 18 Sept 1832


Children of [James; orig line left blank] Bailey  ? See Ed Bailey

1. Newton
2. Louisa Bailey, Married Granville Highland, 4 children
3. Waters Floyd
4. Ann Elizabeth
5. Ellen Virginia, Married Dexter Norman
6. Edward Darlington, Born 25 Aug 1846
7. T. Taylor, Died in infancy
8. Arthur Green, Died 1887, one child
Page 82

Minter Jackson, Born in Abingdon, Va. Dec. 25, 1880 Married Martha Elizabeth Morgan of Lee Co. Va. Jan 4 1911. Son Fell Jackson, Born Dec 8, 1911, Abingdon, Va.

Wm Thompson (see Page 24) married 2nd Miss Morrow who died May 1883 Children:

Bird married Goff, Spencer, W. Va.
Belle – Cunningham, Spencer, W. Va.

Page 83
See D.A.R. Records
John Jackson (1715-1801) married Elizabeth Cummins in 1755.
George Jackson (1756-1831) commanded Co. under Col. George Rogers Clark married Elizabeth Brake 1777.
D.A.R. No. 42012 (Brother of Edward) Capt. Stephen Jackson (1744-1812) married Nancy Burwell (1753-1809). Capt. of Cavalry in 1780 in N. J. Born and died in Rockaway, Morris Co. N. J.
William Jackson (1788) Susan Halsey (1794-1863) married in 1811 Abraham Halsey Jackson
Hon. Samuel Beach Halsey b July 23, 1796 married Sep 15, 1821 Sarah Du Bois Jackson dau of Col. Joseph Jackson and his wife Elizabeth Platt Ogden, Dau of Robert Ogden bro Col. Aaron Ogden Gov. of N. J. 1812.
Col Joseph Jackson [1773-74] was son Joseph Jackson and grandson of
Page 84
James Jackson and Mary Hallet of Jamaica L. I.
( * sketch of Col. Joseph Jackson [1773-74] of Rockaway, N. J. by his grandson Edmund D. Halsey 1833.)
Col. Joseph Jackson [1773-74] known as the great iron King of Morris Co., N. J. See sketch of Mildred Jackson Morton: Virginia Genealogies, Hayden page 35.
Lloyd Stouts family came from Hopewell, New Jersey.

Page 85
Page 86
Page 87

Cumberland Co., Va. John Jackson (1755 – 1829)