Talk:Jackson in Isle of Wight, Virginia


Beth, Thank you so much for posting this! How could you have known I've just been told I should study these folks! There are Jacksons in Stafford and Prince William, Virginia that John (Jack) McAnally and I have worked on steady for about a year now. Their descendants' DNA indicates some relationship to Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Queens, New York. So we began studying deeds and wills trying to find where the connection was. But the trail may not go to Robert himself but to relatives of his who immigrated to Isle of Wight earlier than even Robert came over. We're just now beginning to look into this so this information you have posted will certainly give us a jump start!! Because I think there is a connection, do you have any pointers on information on the Separatist movement in England that caused these folks to want to immigrate? --Janiejac 23:59, 20 January 2010 (EST)

Hi Janie, I didn't know but do remember your request for information on the mapping program. By the way how does your assistant like the Deedmapper program? I don't know any specifics about the Separatists. The movement was concerned with disagreements with the Church of England and some of the Separatists lived for a time in Holland.

I think this family may have been in Bertie County in North Carolina also. If you are interested I can type up that information later. How are you handling the entries for the same families but in different counties or even states? --Beth 18:50, 21 January 2010 (EST)

I'm not sure that Jack has worked very much with the Deedmapper program yet. We've spent months acquiring and transcribing deeds and wills. Some were already online but a whole lot were NOT and had to be ordered from the Library of Virginia and/or the Circuit Court's office. Jack posted scans of the copies he received on and we took turns transcribing and proof-reading them. Not an easy job. Prince William is a 'lost records' county so a lot of records we would normally expect to find are just not available. Major civil war battles were fought in the area and the court house and churches were burned.
Jack was just given a book that motivated him to want to look at the Isle of Wight Jacksons, thinking these folks or their descendants may have migrated to the Stafford/Prince William area. We haven't even got a good start yet, so I was so pleased at the jump start you have given us. Jack says the Y-DNA info does indicate the Stafford/Prince William county early Jacksons were all related in some way to the immigrant Robert Jackson of Hempstead. We started this study because we assumed they were descendants of Robert that we hadn't known about. But now we face the real possibility that they are not descendants of Robert, but instead may be relatives who immigrated at a different time. Thanks for your offer of Bertie County info but we're not far enough along to know yet where this is going, so hold on this for awhile. I'm not sure how much more time we want to put into this. --Janiejac 21:54, 21 January 2010 (EST)