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In the process of researching the descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, I often found the need to keep information about other Jacksons. Or maybe just ran onto some interesting information that just begged to be recorded for surely somebody will want to know this. So I've acquired lots of Bits and Pieces, some from other folks, and some I just dug out of old records myself. After a while, all these Bits became disorganized and I decided to put them on this page to make them easier for me to locate and also to make the info available to others. The goal will be to combine duplicate info and upload to WeRelate so the info is not lost.

So here is a list of Brick Wall Jacksons and/or immigrant Jacksons and/or just Jacksons with no earlier information yet found. Feel free to add a link to any 'Earliest Known' Jackson family you have uploaded.


Jackson Immigrants to United States

  1. Family:Alexander Jackson and Margaret-Margery Robinson (1) Ireland to VA to Greenbrier, WV.
  2. Person:Charles Jackson (82) born 1831 in England; he and his mother immigrated to SC; census detail posted but not the family info. (1 Apr 2011)
  3. Family:David Jackson and Mary Morrison (1) immigrant from Scotland to York, SC; from Leonardo Andrea's Jackson Research; this could use some research into their NINE sons mentioned in David's 1818 will. No dates for these sons! (20 Oct 2008)
  4. Person:Henry Jackson (58) England > Connecticut. By User:Jaques1724 began adding his desc in Dec 2016; will eventually connect to Benjamin Jackson of Rensselaer County, NY.
  5. Family:John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins (1) This is not Janie's upload but I want to keep track of this line pertaining to Stonewall Jackson.
    1. Person:Thomas Jackson (123) General Stonewall Jackson
  6. Person:John Jackson (243) of Brunswick, Virginia; father of Ambrose and Ralph. By User:Rkoelz
  7. Family:John Jackson and Jane Harvey (2) both born England; their dau born in 1851 NJ. (Nov 10, 2014) wall bash added 14 May 2016. (John G. Jax 348) (Also posted to wikitree.)
  8. Family:John Jackson and Catherine Marlowe (1) England to Providence, Rhode Island in 1887 (4/23/2017)
  9. Person:Joshua Jackson (24) born 1826 England to Portage Co., OH (9 Aug 2012)
  10. Person:Richard Jackson (49) born 1618 England to Massachusetts. (22 Jan 2012)
  11. Family:Robert Jackson and First Unknown (1) born abt 1620 England to Hempstead, Long Island, New York (Nov 2008 Janie's main db)
  12. Family:Robert Jackson and Mary Henthorn (1) Ireland to Fayette, PA (19 May 2018)
  13. Person:Thomas Jackson (112) born 1886 in England; through WV & AR to Missouri; census detail posted but not the family info. (3 Jan 2011)
  14. Person:Unknown Jackson (110) Scotish immigrant; son Benjamin Jackson m a Carrington. More research needed. (3/8/2018) no wall bash.

(See my talk pg Apr 2012 for an Alexander Jackson b 1823 Ireland; settled in Mississippi I have not researched this Alexander.) Here is link to 1850 Ohio County VA (now WV) Robert and Hannah Jackson, both from England: https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/8054/4206388_00127?pid=15407896&backurl=http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db%3D1850usfedcenancestry%26indiv%3Dtry%26h%3D15407896&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&usePUBJs=true. This couple has not been researched as far as I know.

Brick Wall Jacksons (earliest sourced)

  1. Person:Ambrose Jackson (4) born abt 1685; died 1745 Brunswick, VA. Perhaps he was an immigrant, but that is not documented.
  2. Family:Asa Jackson and Nancy Webber (1) born 1792, from Prince Edward, VA and settled in Wilson Co., Tennessee. (Not Hempstead; from Bible records; uploaded 26 Jul 2013 to tree Jacksons in Tenn. Has brick wall icon.)
  3. Family:Abel Jackson and Nancy Cobbs (1) This is posted by User:Delijim. Abel died in Bath, VA; has a son Person:Hezekiah Jackson (5) born Lunenburg Co., VA; died Shelby Co., Ohio. (I have input this family into PAF file 'Augusta\Samuel s_o David_Augusta' RIN 285 but not yet uploaded.)
  4. Family:Benjamin Jackson and Elizabeth L (1) Benjamin b abt 1805 Rensselaer Co., New York; d Otsego Co., NY. This no longer has a brick wall as he is connected to line to line of immigrant Henry Jackson in Connecticut. This is Norman's ancestor. (12 Aug 2015)
  5. Family:Benjamin Jackson and Sarah Unknown (1) last info abt Benjamin is 1860 in Parkersburg, Wood, WV. Has Brick Wall icon (30 Aug 2014)
  6. Family:Charles Jackson and Comfort Coonrod (1) Connection has been conjectured and is now uploaded to WR. Further research from the book ... would be reassuring, but I don't have access to a copy. Charles Jackson and Comfort Coonrod/Conrad 23308 of Morris Co., NJ uploaded WR 94 Charles was connected 10 Feb 2013!! This caused Eleazer* Lampson RIN 26385 to be an earliest ancestor with no parent. (17 May 2012)
  7. Family:Charles Jackson and Ann Robinson (1) married in Wood, WV in 1820. Has Brick Wall icon (30 Aug 2014)
  8. Family:Daniel Jackson and Maria Unknown (1) in Ohio in 1841; m in Kanawha, WV. Has Brick Wall icon (30 Aug 2014)
  9. Person:Elias Jackson (9) m Elizabeth Swetnam & Francis Tackett. Elias b in VA; died Bath Co., KY. Has Brick Wall icon (27 Mar 2017)
  10. Family:Ethelbert Jones and Sabina Jackson (1) Sabina NY to Clinton, OH. Sabina's pg has Brick Wall icon; Clinton PAF (15 Jun 2015)
  11. Person:Francis Jackson (12) died 1834 Clinton, OH; son Wm. Knox Jackson below: (9 Aug 2012)
    1. Family:William Jackson and Rhoda Shephard (1) research started with a desc in CA? or MI? and worked back to Clinton Co., Ohio and bogged down in Clinton. Need land records. Problem with at least 2 dif Rhoda Shephards. Connections need double checking. (9 Aug 2012)
  12. Family:Francis Jackson and Martha Madera (1) Court Order Records Amelia Co., VA by Jack McAnally (30 Sep 2014) posted just to keep this Amelia Co info. Brick Wall icon on person pg.
  13. Family:George Jackson and Lucinda Haughton (1) Caldwell, KY to Arkansas; uploaded Aug 2012; updated May 2018; an early Virginia line. (RIN 28288 Hempst PAF)
  14. Family:George Jackson and Unknown (2) George had 2 daughters b in Prince William, VA.(9 Aug 2012)
    1. Family:Stephen Howison and Mary Jackson (1) (9 Aug 2012)
  15. Family:George Jackson and Martha Monds (1) Cumberland and Harnett Counties, NC. (9 Aug 2012)
  16. Family:Giles Jackson and Sophronia Dennis (1) Giles Tillet Jax of Loudoun Co., Virginia (VA Proj. 10 Jun 2016)
  17. Dr. Isaac Jackson Sr. & Mary Jane Campbell. Isaac was son of Robert Jackson of PA who probably connects to Robert Jackson and Mary Henthorn but I don't that the connection sourced. (17 Jun 2013 Jax_Henthorn GED, RIN 25545 Jax paf)
  18. Family:Jacob Jackson and Nancy Rogers (1) from MD to OH; not Hempstead; has Brick Wall icon.(15 Jun 2012)
  19. Family:James Jackson and Helen Kellam (1) b 1885 Maryland.(9 Aug 2012)
  20. Family:James Jackson and Marcy Thames (1) both died in Cumberland Co., NC; 9 known children, Brick Wall icon on James' pg. Person:James Jackson (182) 1730-1810 info from Bible records. (I need a descendancy chart of this family for indexing.)(3 May 2011)
  21. Family:James Jackson and Margaret Francis (1) fr PA in Wood Co Study. Brick Wall icon. (30 Aug 2014)
  22. Family:James Jackson and Rebecca Baker (1) James b abt 1832 TN, d bef 1870 Lamar, TX
  23. Family:Jesse Jackson and Emily Elwell (1) descended from James Jackson & Marcy Thames.(3 May 2011)(9 Aug 2012)
  24. Person:Jesse Jackson (50) b 1825, Madison Co., Tennessee migrated to Texas. Has brick wall icon (Jun 2013)
  25. Person:John Jackson (282) d 1661 prob in Virginia, perhaps York or Lancaster Co. Has brick wall icon (by Jlanoux)
  26. Person:John Jackson (272) 1770 Will written in Albemarle, Sussex, Virginia names 8 children who have no dates! NEEDS WORK! (1 Jun 2009)
  27. Person:John Jackson (366) born 1804 in Maryland.(9 August 2012 Small bits)
  28. Person:John Jackson (243) in Virginia, father of Ambrose and Ralph, children have NO sources, needs work & brick wall icon, not Janie's research.
  29. Family:John Jackson and Bethany Reagan (1) South Carolina to Clinton, Ohio; has brick wall icon.(9 Aug 2012)
  30. Family:John Jackson and Martha Dunbar (1) John is WR 245; Augusta, VA; in Old Augusta Tapestry, no known desc; Janie's small bits file.(Delijim)
  31. Family:John Jackson and Rebecca Rushing (1) Union, Anson & Chesterfield Co, NC; has brick wall icon. (Sep 2013)
  32. Person:John Jackson (369) died in Fairfax, VA, no date.(9 Aug 2012)(updated 13 Apr 2016 "Capt John of Drainsville/Great Falls, VA)
    1. Family:John Jackson and Ann Wigginton (1)]] born, died Fairfax, VA; (9 Aug 2012)(updated 13 Apr 2016)
      1. Family:Spencer Jackson and Penelope Ratcliff (1)](9 Aug 2012)(updated 13 Apr 2016)
  33. Family:Jonah Jackson and Eve Hoopengarner (1) PA to Darke, OH(14 Jul 2012)
    1. Family:Abram Jackson and Eliza Coudding (1) PA to Darke, OH (14 Jul 2012)
  34. Person:Laura Jackson (28) 1869-1964; prob could use census work; married in NM, prob died in TX.(29 Mar 2012)
  35. Person:Levi Jackson (5) 1814-1887 Virginia to Columbiana, Ohio; by Jonjay; has brick wall icon.
  36. Family:Peter Jackson and Cynthia Mullock (1) (11807-1862 Orange Co., NY to PA; has brick wall icon. DNA not Hempstead(Jan 2017)
  37. Family:Robert Jackson and Ann Thornton (1) of Fredericksburg, VA (RIN 23101; May 2013 by Janet; updated + added brick wall Jun 2016)
  38. Family:Robert Jackson and Phebe Coon (1) Harrison, WV to Marion, WV has brick wall icon RIN 29087 (30 Sep 2017)
  39. Family:Samuel Jackson and Nancy Miller (1) Pennsylvania to Marion, WV RIN 29265(30 Sep 2017) wall bash & Will added 4 Oct 2017.
  40. Person:Samuel Jackson (59) of Prince William, VA Janie & Jack's VA Project; brick wall added 6/10/16; NEEDS WORK!
  41. Family:Samuel Jackson and Experience Atwood (1) of Massachusetts (RIN 711 in Wood, WV PAF file; not Hempstead; parents named but not posted.
  42. Family:Samuel Jackson and Margaretha Drollinger (1) Samuel of NJ to Allegheny Co., MD per Pat Walker; Will, Brick Wall icon. (no PAF 7 May 2015)
  43. Family:Samuel Jackson and Mary Unknown (2) parents of
    1. Tredwell Jackson b 1847 in Hempstead. (22 Jul 2012; unconnected RIN 21949)
  44. Family:Samuel Jackson and Mary Hanks (1); Person:Samuel Jackson (96) born 1777 Loudoun, VA, died 1834 Bedford Co., PA. A brick wall icon has been placed on his page.(14 July 2012 Small bits)
  45. Family:Samuel Jackson and Nancy King (1) Oldham and Trimble, KY (6 May 2012)
  46. Family:Samuel_Jackson_and_Rachel Doty_(1) Samuel of Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau), NY Samuel's page has brick wall icon. DNA proved not related to the Hempstead line.(26 Oct 2009)
  47. Capt. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC, father of Henry Andrew Jackson. Pg has brick wall icon. DNA proved not related to the Hempstead line. (6 Sep 2011, RIN 6901)
    1. Henry Andrew Jackson who m Mary Blakeney
      1. See also Disambiguation. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
  48. Tabitha Jackson and Benjamin Denton of Rockingham, VA (9 Aug 2012)
  49. Family:Vachel Jackson and Martitia May (1) Virginia to Trimble, KY; has wall bash (17 Mar 2009)
  50. Family:William Jackson and Mary Bagwell (1) SC to Mississippi; from Leonardo Andrea's Jackson Research; in Janie's small bits file (23 Dec 2011)
  51. Family:William Jackson and Josephine Marshall (1) b 1869 AL; d prob OR or CA(9 Aug 2012)
  52. Family:William Jackson and Mathena Wilson (1) b abt 1780 VA; d abt 1862 Knox, TN (added Will and linked ch 20 Jul 2013; RIN 12773. Some unsourced sites say his father was Henry, born in Augusta Co., VA.)

Other family lines Janie has uploaded

Most of these lines were uploaded because someone in those families have some connection to the 'Robert Jackson of Hempstead' line. Those without a known connection to Robert's line are marked with *.

  1. Family:Adam Carper and Jemima Currence (1) (2 May 2013 Jax PAF, updated 7/16 RIN 537)
  2. Family:John Ernest and Amanda Byars (1) (2 May 2013 Jax PAF RIN 161)
  3. Family:Benjamin Ferrell and Elizabeth Stallman (1)
  4. Family:Meshach Frost and Catherine Magers (1) (by Janet, included in Jax PAF 25525)
  5. Family:Henry Hall and Rebecca Covert (1)* (part of Janie's Family Finder file.)
  6. Family:Samuel Harah and Jane Steele (1) (22 May 2013 by Janet, included in Jax PAF 25545)
  7. Family:John Hoff and Ruth Fields (1)* NJ to OH (25 Sep 2009)
  8. Person:Elizabeth Lynn (10)* add census, cat (12 Aug 2012)
  9. Family:Jeptha Nightser and Abigail Guest (1) (27 May 2013 Jax PAF 27182)
  10. Family:James Norman and Mary Nedley (1) (14 Dec 2013 part of Janie's Family Finder file.)
  11. Family:Daniel McHenry and Mary Stephens (1) (19 Jan 2014 connects to Hempstead Jacksons. Dau Jane RIN 2477 m Silas Jackson Columbia Co., PA.)
  12. Family:Thomas Power and Rachel Hutchison (1) Sis Power Jackson's ancestors (uploaded 15 Jan 2018 Hemp & FF file)
  13. Person:Henry Wood (35) born 1854 in GA; m Lewis, Eddy and Rushing in Alabama (29 Apr 2014; RIN 23729)

Earliest Known Jackson lines believed to NOT relate to Robert Jackson of Hempstead, NY

The following are UNCONNECTED to the Hempstead line but are in my regular PAF file; to ck which ones might have been uploaded to WR:

Thomas Jackson and Jane Maskelyne, immigrants are in my Augusta\Samuel s_o David_Augusta.paf file which has not yet been uploaded. Take note of this couple when it is uploaded. This file also has Abel Jackson and Hannah Hancock who died in Bath Co., VA. Abel is an Early Settler in Delijim SW Virginia Project. Also the Morris family in Bath.

Andrew Henry Jackson 21220 w/father Jacob* Jackson RIN 21266 from Maryland; uploaded to WR
Andrew Johnson Jackson 27076 wife Martha Hammack. an ancestry.com tree traces him back to Vincent Jackson in Culpeper/Fairfax
Benjamin* Jackson 10373 and Temperance Unknown of NC

Jesse* Jackson 10544 and Louisa Ponder (TN > TX)
Richard* Jackson 23829, father of John Jackson 9135 who m Martha B. Jackson of Long Island
Richard Jackson and Isabella Maltby RIN 1926
Robert* Jackson & Ann Thornton 23101; should eventually connect to Wm 23255
Roland* Jackson and wife Lillie RIN 19721

▼ Logan Co Jackson will [3 July 2012] Proven in March 1819. TODO! So I transcribed it. Where did I put it?
Thanks Beth!! I transcribed it. I don't currently know Logan County Jacksons, but you never know when this will just fit the bill so I've saved it! Thanks for looking out for me. --Janiejac 01:56, 3 July 2012 (EDT)