Person:John Jackson (282)

John Jackson
d.1661 Virginia
Facts and Events
Name John Jackson
Gender Male
Will? 22 Oct 1640 York, Virginia
Death? 1661 Virginia

Image:Wallbash red.gif The Wall bash icon indicates John's father is not yet known and he is listed among 'Jackson Brick Walls'.

It is possible that this deed when found could tell us just where John was living in 1657 or 1658:
"The Road" from A Place in Time by Darrett B. and Anita H. Rutman
pg 85
In the far southeastern section of the county, Stingray Point itself was subjected to such subdivision. The whole point - an estimated 800 acres but subsequently proving to be 1,100 - was patented by William Brocas in 1654, assigned by his heir, John Jackson, to Sir Henry Chichely in 1657, and by Cuthbert Potter, as Chichely's attorney, to William Bawdes in 1661, passing to Bawdes's daughter Mary at his death in 1665.

Although John inherited Capt. Brocas' Lancaster county land, he sold it soon after. It is possible he himself did not live in Lancaster and had no desire to keep the land. York county deeds should be searched to locate other possible Jackson deeds and possibly determine additional heirs. A transcript of his York County Will would be helpful.

  1.   Lancaster Co., Va., Deeds and Wills Book, 1654-1661.

    Lancaster Co., Va., Deeds and Wills Book, 1654-1661, p. 161. Order of a
    court held at James City, made August 1658: "Whereas it appears to this
    court by ye confession of Capt. Will Brocus in his life time that Jo.
    was his sister's son, & therefore is now ye next heir in this
    Country to ye lands which he said Capt. Brocus died seized of, It is
    therefore ordered that ye sheriff of Lancaster forthwith put ye sd Jackson
    in possession of ye sd Capt. Brocus, decd."