Current Projects and Interests

Francis Elliott has been my obsession for the past ten years. It required cranking a lot of microfilm to discover him and I am now working on a project to trace all descendants of his father, Joseph Elliott, who died when Francis was an infant. I am also tracing all allied lines because I find the families so interesting. See The Elliott Project for more information. Francis is descended from the Quakers of North Carolina and his wife, Lydia Ogburn, is descended from the New Jersey Quakers. This was yet another culture that I have been introduced to.

Thomas Phelps is another ancestor who caught my fancy years ago. He was born in Pennsylvania, though I have never found any records for him there (though not for lack of trying.) He appeared in Zanesville, Ohio, in the early 1850s and moved his family to Louisiana in 1881. His two surviving sons moved on and so there are no longer any descendants of this family with the name Phelps in Louisiana.

My biggest "brick wall" involves the Taylor family. Common surnames are hard to trace in frontier areas. I have succeeded in getting back to John Taylor, who married Rosanna Powell, and who died in Woodford County, Kentucky, in 1822. There were only two Taylor families in early Woodford County: Gen. Zachary Taylor’s family and the family of the Rev. John Taylor who was a fiery Baptist preacher. If you have any information that either family has an undocumented nephew John, please let me know! Rev. John lived adjacent to the Powells for a while, and thus I am tracing his relatives hoping for a hit.

William Powell, father of Rosanna, is another interesting character. I have followed him back to the West Virginia area south of Pennsylvania in 1775 thanks to a clue provided by a mention in Rev. John Taylor’s book Baptists on the American Frontier.

Pedigrees of my Great-GrandParents

Pedigree of Henry Clay Lanoue
Henry Clay Lanoue Simon Lanoux Roman Lanoux Simon Lanoux
Felicite Mire
Marie Emalise Savoie Simon Peter Savoie
Rosalie Duhon
Delia Yarborough Joseph Yarborough James Smith Yarborough
Maria Antonia del Carmen Perez
Isabel Gonzales Joseph Gonzales
Andrea Masias

Pedigree of Alice Gautreau (not loaded yet)
Alice Gautreau (not loaded yet) Gille Gautreau Simon Eugene Gautreau Raphael Gautreau
Marie Constance Braud
Marie Braud Etienne Urbin Braud
Marie Rose Dupuy
Mary Amelia Elisar Simon P Ellisar Eberhart Eleazar
Emily Hollingshead
Francoise Louise Gautreau Raphael Gautreau
Marie Constance Braud

Pedigree of William M Taylor
William M Taylor John Dudley Taylor William S Taylor John Taylor
Rosanna Powell
Martha Darland Isaac Darland
Alsey Runnels
Gulaelma Elliott Francis Elliott Joseph Elliott
Gulielma Lamb
Lydia Ogburn Samuel Ogburn
Esther Andrews

Pedigree of Blanche Stevens
Blanche Stevens Cornelius Stevens William Stevens Uriah Stevens
Nancy Kevil
Nancy Vernon Daniel J Vernon
Melissa Bennett
Julia Lagroue Jules Lagroue Honore Lagroue
Jeanne Darensbourg
Marie Melicerte Lebouef Michel LeBouef
Marguerite Scholastique Guidry

Pedigree of Albert Joseph Aucoin
Albert Joseph Aucoin Joseph Francois Aucoin Augustin Aucoin Gregoire Aucoin
Marguerite Genevieve Aucoin
Henriette Gautreau Francois Gautreau
Felicite Hebert
Pamela Giroir Laurent Giroir Francois Giroir
Magdelaine Francoise LeBlanc
Anne Marguerite Hebert Pierre Michel Hebert
Elizabeth Mazerolle

Pedigree of Marie Templet
Marie Templet Hyppolite Templet Florentine Templet Servand Templet
Celeste Aucoin
Clarisse Blanchard Pierre Blanchard
Marguerite Genevieve Aucoin
Irma Bertaut Eugene Bertaut Auguste Bertaut
Marie Magdelena Duhon
Florine Melancon Alexander Melancon
Heloise Arcenaux

Pedigree of Theodore J Delaune
Theodore J Delaune Simon Oneil Delaune Joseph Delaune Jean Delaune
Marie Hebert
Azelie Boudreaux Basile Boudreau
Clemence Dugas
Leontine Bourgeois Magloire Bourgeois Valery Bourgeois
Rosalie Richard
Francoise Himmel Francois Himel
Francois Badeau

Pedigree of Mary Agnes Phelps
Mary Agnes Phelps Thomas R Phelps Stephen Phelps Stephen Phelps (unproven)
Ruth Root (unproven)
Lucinda Torrance Thomas Torrance
Eunice Lacy
Bridget Manning Unknown Unknown
Nora Kain Unknown

Pedigree of my Dutch Ancestors

Descendancy Projects

Descendants of Joseph Elliott and Gulielma Lamb From North Carolina to Indiana and beyond.

Descendants of Nora Ann Kain Phelps, McCall and Crowley lines

James Cary Descendants and Allied Families James Cary (d. 1694) of London has descendants in England and America

McLuen in America Descendants of the McLuens of Roscommon County, Ireland

User:Jlanoux/Descendants of Lammert Janse Dorland

User:Jlanoux/Descendants of Symon Jansen Van Arsdalen


Strother Family Descendants (disambiguation)

Family of William Alexander Shaffer, born 1796

Descendants of Thomas Parish and Cassandra Tarvin of Kentucky

MySource:Mksmith/Parish, James J. - Probate File, 1880 (formatting in progress)