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McLuen in America

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An attempt to document the McLuen Families who came from Ireland to America in the nineteenth century. We begin by gathering the lore handed down by family members and hope to find documentation to solidify this lineage. Please contribute any little shred of evidence you have found. It may make all the difference. We need Bible inscriptions, obits, census transcripts, pictures and any other documents you may have.
If you do not see your McLuens here please leave a message on the talk page. We'll be happy to set another place at the table.
We will work in descendant outlines with links to the pages that have already been created for family members. Allied families who married into the McLuens will be listed alphabetically by surname.


Descendants of Richard McLuen and Susan Robertson

Richard McLuen and Susan Robertson lived in Roscommon County, Ireland. Their son William came to America. After the death of Susan, Richard was not able to care for the children due to his declining health. William sent money to bring four of the younger children to America.

William McLuen

William "Billy" McLuen lived in Perry, Iowa. He married twice.

  1. m. 1863 Sarah Elizabeth Long, d 1867
    1. Carlton R McLuen, b 1864, d 1953, m Elizabeth Ann Broadlick
      1. Ralph C McLuen (1898-1977) m Ellen Kenyon; two children
      2. Kenneth Roy McLuen (1900-1967) m Bertha Wilfon; five children
      3. Howard R McLuen (1902-1978) m Della Hechsel; one child
    2. Anna M McLuen, b 1867 m Charles H Francis; two children
      1. Bula G Francis m William Gilmore
      2. Anna Marguerite Francis m Stanley Herbert Hobson
  2. m. 1871 Lydia Elliott b. 1850 - eight children
    1. Iva McLuen b. 1873, m 1904 Elmer Rhinehart
      1. Maxine Rhinehart
    2. Freddie McLuen b. 1875 - no offspring
    3. Harry Clifford McLuen b. 1877; never married???
    4. Daisy McLuen b. 1879, m Robert (Bert) Gilchrist
      1. John Hubert Gilchrist
      2. Dorothy Lydia Gilchrist
      3. Lela Mary Gilchrist
      4. Madge C Gilchrist
      5. Richard Gilchrist
      6. Thomas Gilchrist
    5. Edgar McLuen b. 1880, m Mabelle Phinney. She then m2 Frank L Brewer.
      1. Bula McLuen (1906-1997) m Walter Myers (1895-?)
        1. Sara Myers
        2. Walter L Myers
      2. Edgar McLuen (1911-1982) m Helen Scott (1915-2005). She later married Daniel Farley (1913-bef2005)
        1. Jim McLuen; Children: Jill McLuen; Jodie McLuen; Jedd McLuen; Jay McLuen
        2. Susan McLuen; Children: Michael; Christine; Shelly
    6. Blanch McLuen b.c. 1886, m Clarence Lewellyn. No children found
    7. Ward McLuen b.c. 1889, m(1) Edna Vannest, m(2) Ada Antrim Pierce
      1. Vincent McLuen/Eckel changed name to Eckel about age 20 when Edna remarried
      2. Arthur M Pierce/McLuen. Stepson - changed name to McLuen
      3. Lyman W Pierce/McLuen. Stepson - changed name to McLuen
    8. Hazel McLuen b.c. 1893, m Clayton West
      1. William "Billy" West b.1917 m Bonnie Jones

Delia McLuen

Family:Thomas O'conner and Delia McLuen (1) Delia McLuen m Thomas O'Connor 8 June 1870 in Rock Island, Illinois

  1. Mamie O'Connor, b 1871
  2. John T O'Connor, b 1874, d 1933
  3. Stephen O'Connor, b 1875
  4. Margaret O'Connor, b 1876, d 1939 - one daughter
    1. Gertrude Donovan
  5. Susan O'Connors, b 1879, d 1939
  6. Alice O'Connors, b 1883

John McLuen

John McLuen m1)1868 Ellen Williams, m2)1881 Amelia Mason, b1855

  1. Fay McLuen (1869-1958), m 1887 Lauretta Lockmiller (1866-1950)
    1. Edwin McLuen, c1890. m. Alice Wilson
      1. Bert McLuen, d. infant
      2. Percy McLuen (1911-1950)
      3. Ferne McLuen (1913-2008)
      4. Helen McLuen (1915-2003)
      5. Juanita McLuen (1918-1990)
    2. Charles McLuen (1892-1887) m Elsie Clouse
      1. Kenneth (1913-1963)
      2. Darlene
      3. Wilbur m Peggy Hamilton
    3. Guy McLuen, c1893, m Rena Patterson
    4. Beulah McLuen, c1897
  2. Ellen May McLuen, b1871, m1890 Eugene Ellsberry Arrasmith, b1861
    1. Harry Arrasmith, c1890
    2. Grace Arrasmith, c1892
    3. Ethel Arrasmith, c1893
    4. Minnie Arrasmith, c1898
    5. Fern Arrasmith, c1908
  3. Carl McLuen, b1877 - unmarried
  4. John Albert McLuen, b1886, m1) 1907 Maude Miller, m2) Bessie Dupuy
    1. Edgar Wayne McLuen, (1908-1969) m Mildred Shaefer (1913-2006)
    2. Donald Richard McLuen, b1912 m Darlene Thompson
    3. Mona McLuen
    4. Helen Ruth McLuen, d1991
  5. William Richard McLuen, b1894, m(1)1917 Muriel Turner, m2 Ralphea
    1. Richard McLuen
    2. Carl Turner McLuen m/div Melba Long Bailey
      1. Constance McLuen
      2. Ronald McLuen

Sarah McLuen

Family:John Reddig and Sarah McLuen (1) Sarah McLuen m 1873 John Reddig in Rock Island, Illinois

  1. Mary Alice Redding m William Ellsworth Franklin
  2. Irving Walter Reddig, b. 1877, d. 1953
  3. Margaret Sarah Reddig, m George Parr
    1. Maria Parr (1904- )
    2. Raymond L Parr (1909-1980)
  4. Ransom Redmon Reddig, m Julia Mabel Thomas
  5. Joseph Dennis Reddig, m Ellen E
  6. Tracy Daniel Reddig, m Malinda Ola Brokaw
  7. Lucy Louella Reddig, m Irvin Hause Clevenger
  8. Paul Francis Reddig, d 1967, unmarried

Susan McLuen

Family:Nicholas Imhoff and Susan McLuen (1) Susan McLuen m Nicholas Imhoff

  1. Frederick Roger Imhoff m Marcelle Coreene
  2. Benjamin Imhoff m Nellie Twombly
    1. Foster B Imhoff m Lily Matzen; Two known children
  3. Charles Guilford Imhoff
  4. George Imhoff

Descendants of William James McLuen and Bedelia Neary

Family:James McLuen and Bedelia Neary (1)
William James McLuen, Sr m Bedelia Neary

William James McLuen, Jr

Family:William McLuen and Ellen Merry (1)

William James McLuen, Jr, b1831, m 1855 Mary Ellen Merry - thirteen children per his obit
  1. Maria A. McLuen b. 10/17/1855, m. 10/17/1878, d. 5/5/1936 m. William M. Ashton
  2. James Rufus McLuen b. 12/22/1857, m. 8/10/1883, d. 7/27/1937 m. Clarissa Louise Hartz
  3. George A. McLuen, 3d Child B. 1859, m. 6/6/1895, d. 1944, m. Mary Ellen Farrell
  4. Laura Bell McLuen, 4th child b. 9/19/1861, m. 12/6/1880, d. 1/12/1946 UT, M. Lafayette Hiram Jones
  5. Carrie L. McLuen, 5th child, twin of Emma, b. 2/17/1865, m. 1/7/1885, d. 12/22/1906, m. Robert Chalmers Fullenwider
  6. Emmaline "Emma" McLuen b, 2/17/1865, m. 11/30/1885/d. 3/30/1933 m. Isaac Everett Hogelin Emma was the 6th child and was a twin
  7. Bedelia "Beatrice" McLuen 7th child, b. 1867, m. 8/5/1891, d. 1/11/1946, m. James E. Cook
  8. Nora McLuen 8th child, b. 11/17/1869, m. 1/11/1893, d. 1/11/1951 m. Udo H. Rummell
  9. Otis Leotis McLuen, 9th child, b. 4/22/1873, m. 11/19/1896 (2) 1904, d. 7/27/1937 m. Ethel Brumbaugh and (2) Minnie Jane Grove
  10. Charles A, 10th child b. 3/28/1877, m. 3/1/1903, d. 4/11/1958, m. Artie Moore
  11. Hattie McLuen, 11th child, b. 3/28/1879 Casey, IA, no record of a marriage or death

George Washington McLuen

Family:George McLuen and Hannah Reed (1)

George Washington McLuen, b. 12/23/1835, m. 7/12/1860, d. 10/9/1906, m. Hannah Louisa Reed
  1. Francis Marion "Frank" McLuen (1861-1931) m Nora E Downing (1871-1890)
    1. Carl O McLuen (1889-1918) [Iowa WPA Graves shows husband of Margaret per Guthrian]
    2. Anna M McLuen ( -1890)
  2. Fannie F McLuen (1863-?)
  3. Benjamin Franklin McLuen (1865-?) m Anna Elizabeth Lemon
    1. Ray McLuen, b 1888 m Cora Shaw, b1887
      1. Wilbert D McLuen b 1910 m Dorothy Arlene McLuen, b. 1912, d. 2004
        1. Michael McLuen - living in Boulder
      2. Connie Lee McLuen b1911, d1918
    2. Rex McLuen (1888- )
    3. Dare McLuen m Jessie Robertson
      1. Myrle McLuen (1912-bef 1960) m Frances Flynn
        1. Charlene McLuen (1937-1991) m Barton Eugene Perrigo (1931-Living); 2 children
      2. Bonita McLuen (1921-?) m 1939, Guthrie, Iowa James Woodman Bosier (1914-1962)
        1. Myrle James Bosier (1941-1986) m Cheryl Carpenter; 1 child
    4. Lyle McLuen m Dallas Nelson m (2) Clyde Lester Coe
    5. Lake McLuen m Ernest Trimble Sellman
    6. Bonnie McLuen m Oswald Carr
  4. Annie M McLuen (1871-?)

Mary McLuen

Family:Robert Malloy and Mary McLuen (1)

Mary McLuen, c1837, m. 4/23/1860, Robert C Malloy lv. Carroll IA

James Fleming McLuen

Family:James McLuen and Hester Rogers (1)

James Fleming McLuen, b. 3/19/1839, m. 3/19/1873, d. 4/8/1919, m. Hester Ann Rogers
Three adopted children:
  1. Charles McLuen, c1875
  2. Harold McLuen, c1895
  3. Inez McLuen, c1896

Susan McLuen

Family:Charles Frizell and Susan McLuen (1)

Susan McLuen, c1841-2,  m. 9/12/1862, d. 3/14/1932, m. Charles E. Frizell
  1. John Frizell, c1865
  2. Charles Frizell, c1870
  3. Gorden Frizell, (1873-?) m Melinda A Brown (1873- ) dau of Sylvester F Brown (1823- )
    1. Gerald Frizell (1899-1960)
    2. Ruth Frizell (1901- )
  4. Joseph Frizell, c1877

Richard F. McLuen

Family:Richard McLuen and Rebecca Marshman (1)

Richard F. McLuen,  b.8/27/1845, m. 1/12/1868, d. 1921, m. Rebecca Jane Marshman, bur. Valley Twp. Guthrie Co. IA
  1. John E McLuen m Estella Rose=dau of James W Rose and Susannah Tracy
    1. Clare William McLuen, (1890- ) m. Alma _____ (1895- )
    2. Gail McLuen, (1891- ) m Vera _____ b1900
      1. Doris R McLuen c1927 (living?)
    3. Ila L McLuen (c1893-?) m c1918 Rudolph Howard; div abt 1926
      1. Robert J Howard, c1919 (living?)
    4. Gladys M McLuen, c1895, m Joseph Killingsworth, b1886
      1. Gretchen Killingsworth, b1923 (living?)
  2. Mae Elizabeth McLuen (1870-1936) George D. Atkinson ( -1900)
    1. Vincent Atkinson (1890-1918)
    2. Ursula Atkinson
  3. Edward G McLuen m Zada Badger
    1. Maxwell D McLuen
    2. Genevieve E McLuen

Albert McLuen

Family:Albert McLuen and Amanda Reed (1)

Albert McLuen, c1845-6, b. 1846, m. 11/3/1872, d. 3/ 27/1875, m. Amanda M. Reed, bur. Valley Twp.
  1. Allie Dell McLuen 1872-1900
  2. Abby May McLuen, b1873, d 1876-77
  3. Abby McLuen ,b Dec 1874 (??)

Alice McLuen

Family:William Stover and Alice McLuen (1)

Alice McLuen, b. 1847, m.  5/6/1889, d. 1936 m. William B. Stover (quite prominent Guthrie Center residents) 
  1. Murray Collins Stover, b 10 Oct 1880 unmarried through 1930 [Find a Grave has a Murray Stover 1882-13 Sep 1940]
  2. William Ward Stover 5 Jun 1883, d 1918

Samuel McLuen

Samuel McLuen,   this Samuel was born in Nobles Co, OH, but no other information.  child death?

James Samuel McLuen

Family:James McLuen and Jennie VanCleef (1)

James Samuel McLuen, b. 8/24/1850, m. 11/18/1878, d. 3/30/1933 m. Jennie VanCleef, bur. Valley Twp.
  1. Minnie Bird McLuen b1879, d1882
  2. Powderly McLuen b1887, d1976 Harris, TX m(1) Maybelle Roberts b1884 d1975(?) m(2) Lena Garton, b1894. m(3) Taiwania _____
    1. Cozette McLuen, b.1908, d. 1995 San Diego. m(1) Robert L Klauer m(2) Paul V Snyder

Eleanor "Ellen" McLuen

Family:James Ashton and Eleanor McLuen (1)

Eleanor R "Ellen" McLuen, b. 5/26/1852, m. 4/16/1885, d. 3/25/1902, m. James Haverfield Ashton

Jonathan A. "Jack" McLuen

Family:Jonathan McLuen and Nellie Hiatt (1)

"Jack" A. McLuen, c1854-5, m Nellie E. Hiatt

Mystery McLuens

This section is for people found in records who we have been unable to place in a family.

  1. Leona Pearl McLuen, b. 1896, d. 1989; Mother: Mount; Father: Thompson [California Death Index]

...Double entry, also listed as Leona Pearl Schroeder, same dates, same parents ...2 Family trees have Leona Pearl Thompson dau of Henry Thompson and Ida Mount. In 1910 they are in Jackson, Guthrie, Iowa.

McLuen Graves

See McLuen in Iowa WPA Graves Site for an accounting of burials listed on the Iowa WPA Grave Registration Site.

Allied Families


see Descendants of Joseph Elliott


  1. Samuel Francis c1805 m? Nancy 1816-1849
    1. James Francis c1827
    2. Elisha b1829
    3. Jonathan Charles Francis b1835, m 1856 Catherine Flynn bc 1842
      1. Mary J Francis c1859
      2. Samuel Francis c1861
      3. Charles H Francis c1864
      4. Caroline A Francis c1867 m 1895 Lewis E Wells c1869
        1. Genevieve Wells b1897
      5. Emma Gertrude Francis c1871, m(1) 1892 Chester Arthur McFarland, b1846; m(2) 1935 Milton O Naramore
      6. Willie Francis c1873
      7. Arthur Francis c1876
    4. Ellen b1839


Nicholas Imhoff m Madeline Bleuer

  1. Lena Imhoff
  2. Ann Eliza Imhoff
  3. Nicholas Imhoff m Susan McLuen
  4. Rosa Imhoff
  5. John Imhoff
  6. Mary Imhoff
  7. Jacob Imhoff
  8. Minna Imhoff
  9. Willie Imhoff
  10. Rachel Imhoff


David Long m Ann Long

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Long m William McLuen



Duke Morton m Amelia Mason

  1. Edith Morton m Grant Miller


We know that the following are siblings. The names of the parents are unknown.

  1. Bedelia Neary married William James McLuen, Sr
  2. Maria L Neary
  3. brother's name?