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Descendants of Joseph Elliott and Gulielma Lamb
of Perquimans, North Carolina

Joseph Elliott married Gulielma Lamb, daughter of Restore Lamb, in 1815 and had four children. After his death about 1822, Gulielma married Davis White and they moved to Wayne County, Indiana. Gulielma died about 1836 at which time Davis White petitioned for guardianship of the minor children of Joseph Elliott. Since it was not explained who Davis White was or that Joseph Elliott had never set foot in Wayne County, I spent a few years in a state of confusion looking for Joseph in Indiana. Gulielma was never mentioned in the probate. The probate file is dated 1853, seventeen years after it was opened.
It is my goal to trace all of their descendant lines into the twentieth century.



Aaron Samuel Elliott

Aaron died before 1840 and never married.

Keziah Elliott

Keziah married Edwin Ogburn in 1837. They had four children before her death in 1848.
Samuel A Ogburn b.c. 1840 - (claims that he is the Allen W who died Gettysburg 1863) no known children
Gulia Elma Ogburn b.c. 1844 - m. Charles C Weyl; four known children, look for more
Minnie L Weyl b. 1863
John A Weyl b. 1871
Eva May Weyl b. 1875
Earnest E Weyl b 1878 d. 1907 m 1898 Minnie Cain; two children
Allen Weyl c 1898
Gerald Weyl c1902 d1933
Julie E. Ogburn b.c. 1842 - m. Samuel McCullough one unnamed infant (prob d in childbirth)
Mary Ogburn b.c. 1847 - m George Tingley; three known children
Clara B Tingley c1871
Edwin F Tingley c1873
Walley Tingley b1881

Lydia Elliott

Lydia married and then divorced Reuben Smith. She then married Jesse Sykes in 1849 and had two known children.
need documentation for all of these
James Walter Sykes b. 1850 married Mary Jane White (need doc) - one known child - need to trace
Frank Sykes b.c. 1874
Sarah Sykes b. 1851 - married William Wadman - two known children
Ulysses Grant Wadman b.c. 1870 eight children
Elizabeth Wadman b.c. 1872 two known children

Francis Elliott (my ancestor)

Francis married Lydia Ogburn, sister of Keziah's husband Edwin. The family moved several times and finally settled in Dallas County, Iowa. They had eleven children and 31 grandchildren.
Esther Elliott b. 1844 - three known children
Agnes Stayner b.c. 1871 - three children
Helen Sherwood b. 1897 unmarried?
Eva Sherwood b. 1900 unmarried?
Inez Sherwood b. 1902 - m Walter Hain - two known children (living?)
Carrie Stayner b.c. 1875 - unmarried, no offspring
Belle Stayner b.c. 1883 - two known children
Alfred Shain - infant death, no offspring
Virginia Shain - treated as living, not uploaded
Gulaelma Elliott b.c. 1846 (my ancestor) - four children
William Taylor b 1865 (my ancestor) four children
Emma Taylor b 1893 (probably adopted) - two children
Stella Taylor b. 1897 - two children
Julia Taylor (my ancestor) b 1898 - two children
Martin Taylor b 1900 - no known offspring
Paul Taylor b 1918 d 1919 - no offspring
Samuel Allan Taylor b.c. 1868 three marriages, no offspring
Mary Taylor b. 1869 - three children
Elma M Hulderson b. 1898
Flossie Myrl Hulderson b. 1901
Henry Allen Hulderson b. 1905
Charles S. Taylor b. 1872 - one child
Gladys Taylor b 1897
Keziah Elliott b. 1848 - unmarried, no offspring
Lydia Elliott b. 1850 m. 1871 William McLuen - nine children
Iva McLuen b. 1873
Freddie McLuen b. 1875 - no offspring
Harry McLuen b. 1877
Daisy McLuen b. 1879
Edgar McLuen b. 1880
Blanch McLuen b.c. 1886
Ward McLuen b.c. 1889
Hazel McLuen b.c. 1893
Malinda Jane Elliott b.c.1853 - two children
Clyde Rhodes b. 1888
Oscar Rhodes b. 1884
John Elliott b.c. 1854 - three children
Evalena Elliott
Grace Elliott b. 1885
William Carl Elliott b. 1886
Edwin Elliott b.c. 1856 - unmarried, no offspring
Mary Elliott b. 1858, d. 1862 - no offspring
Benjamin Francis Elliott b. 1861 - four children
Raymond Elliott b. 1893, d. 1894 - no offspring
Harold Elliott b.c. 1895
Ruth Elliott b.c. 1897
Helen Elliott b.c. 1898
Katherine May Elliott b. 1863 -Married George Wilcox - four children
Alfred Wilcox b. 1892 d. 1919 - no offspring
Roy Wilcox b. 1894 d. 1919 - no offspring
Levi Wilcox b. 1897 d. 1919 - no offspring
Bulah Wilcox b. 1906 - Married George Washington Blew - one child
Georgah Sue Blew b. 1944 d. 1997 - married twice - two children
William Elliott b. 1868 two children
John Elliott
Agnes Elliott

Silas White

Silas is the only known child of Gulielma Lamb and Davis White. I continue to search for other possibles as he was born about seven years after the marriage. Silas has five known children.
Laurance White b.1856 - died young, no offspring
Washington White b. 1858
Alvah Peter White b. 1860
Leanah White b. 1863
Guelma Debbey White b. 1866

Allied Families


Henry Howe Blew (1859-1935) m Ladora F Memfee (need cite for name)

  1. Glen V Blew
  2. Henry Blew
  3. Elva Blew
  4. Harry Blew
  5. George Washington Blew
  6. Beatrice Blew
  7. Bernie Blew


My Pet Theory

No records have been located for Joseph Elliott who married Gulielma Lamb. A review of all of the Joseph Elliotts appearing in the Perquimans County records and in the Quaker records did not turn up an obvious candidate (someone the right age) to be a contemporary of Gulielma Lamb. The next consideration is that Joseph may have been older and possibly had a first wife before marrying Gulielma.
In reviewing the Quaker records in Hinshaw for North Carolina, I was struck by the death date for Joseph Elliott, spouse of Jemimah Newby. The table below demonstrates that these two Joseph Elliotts could conceivably be one person. More records from North Carolina will be needed to make a determination.
Comparison of two Joseph Elliotts
Date Jemimah Newby's Family Gulielma Lamb's Family
1803 Jemima Newby (now Elliott) disowned
married contra discipline
1813 Death of Jemima Newby Elliott
wife of Joseph Elliott
1815 May 15   Marriage of Joseph Elliott and Julian Lamb
Perquimans County
1815 Jun 3   Gulielma Lamb (now Elliott) disowned
married contra discipline Perquimans MM
1816-1822   Birth of Gulielma Lamb Elliott's children
1822-1826 1824: Death of Joseph Elliott
widower of Jemima Newby
Death of Joseph Elliott
between birth of Francis & remarriage
1827 Feb 8   Marriage of Davice White and July Elliott
Perquimans Co

Work Needed

North Carolina
Search for Probate file for Joseph Elliott and Restore Lamb
Continuing Gedcom cleanup and page formatting
Transcribe and post new deeds
Upload Francis descendants from Ancestry tree
Children of Keziah - need to research
Children of Lydia - need to research
Obtain docs from Silas's descendant
Continue search for obits
Scan and post documents from files
Continue search for Davis White who is not found in Wayne County after the Joseph Elliott probate is opened.