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Steven Clyde Varner, Parsa on WeRelate


Genealogy is just one of my many non-vocational interests. I became interested in family history at a fairly young age when my older cousin Maurine provided a pedigree to my younger sister for a school project. Since that time I've added quite a bit of detail to the basic names and dates, and have extended the tree considerably. Most of my family lines are about as American as you can get. The majority of my ancestors migrated to American in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some ancestors were founders of colonial towns and cities, many served in wars dating back before the Revolution... and there are some interesting characters in the tree. There's a judge in the witch trials, and a recipient of the Medal of Honor, for example.

My web sites

My web site: Parsa's Page. It primarily hosts my American Roads pages.

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Currently Working On

Ebenezer Chandler, my 5G grandfather.
Research and organization for Ebenezer Chandler: User:Parsa/Ebenezer Chandler.
George Lovell Banks, my 2G grandfather.
Research and organization for George Banks: User:Parsa/George Banks
Capt. James Philbrick, my 9G grandfather.
William Samborne, my 9G grandfather.


GG grandparent surnames Additional paternal surnames Additional maternal surnames
Varner Graves Stormont
Johnson Thompson Nisbet
Loudermilk (Lowdermilk) Cox Woodmance
Wheeler Elliott Teeter (Teuter)
Hadley Myers Reinoehl
(unknown) Bosley McClure
Stroub Maris Frew
Summers Dickey Darling
Brown Lindley Sargent
Brown Littler French
Fannin Wierman Pitkin
Brown   Kilbourne
Banks   Zimmerman

My Pedigree

For a complete pedigree, see my Pedigree subpage.

Pedigree of Steven Clyde Varner
Steven Clyde Varner Gayle Garnet Varner Clyde Varner Erastus Perry Varner
Margaret Ann Loudermilk
Minnie Louise Hadley John William Hadley
Georgia Ann Stroub
Martha Della Brown Ira Scott Brown William Henry Brown
Martha Ann Fannin
Mildred Maurine Banks Charles Bolser Banks
Daisy Della Beam

DNA Project

Main article: Parsa's DNA Page

I'm a member of the Family Tree DNA Varner Surname Project. My DNA results are on my DNA page. The Y-DNA tests indicate that I am related to a group of people who descend from the immigrant Johannes "Hans" Adam Werner of Massenbach, a Barony of the Holy Roman Empire. Today Massenbach is an adminstrative district (Stadtteile) of the town of Schwaigern in the District of Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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