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Gayle Garnet Varner
  1. Garrett Ford VARNER1912 - 1978
  2. Gayle Garnet Varner1916 - 1988
  3. Evelyn Severn VARNER1919 - 2008
Facts and Events
Name[1] Gayle Garnet Varner
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 Jan 1916 Clay, Indiana, United States
Death[6] 27 Feb 1988 Kennewick, Benton, Washington, United States
Cause of Death? Lymphatic Cancer
Occupation? Mechanical Engineer
Reference Number? 2
Religion? Baha’i
Soc Sec No? 538-34-1088
Burial? Pasco, Franklin, Washington, United States


Gayle Varner
Gayle Varner

Gayle Garnet Varner was the son of Clyde Varner and Minnie Louise Hadley. He was born 13 Jan 1916 in Clay County, Indiana.[1] Gayle had two siblings, an older brother, Garrett, and a younger sister, Evelyn. Gayle lived as a child in Jasonville in Greene County, and later attended Bloomington High School in Bloomington, Monroe County. He graduated in 1933 and went into the Indiana National Guard with an underage enlistment. He was transfered from the Guard to the U.S. Navy in 1934. He served in the Navy for over 20 years, including service during WWII and the Korean War. He rose to the rank of Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Structures (AMS)[7], and retired from the Navy on 1 Jul 1954. After retirement he later received a Warrant, becoming a Chief Warrant Officer W-2 in Apr 1963 for 30 year retirement.[8]

On retiring from the Navy in 1954, Gayle went on to work as an engineer for various companies making aircraft and propulsion systems for rockets. He participated in projects for the Air Force and NASA including the X-20 Dyna-Soar project, the Apollo project, and Skylab. In 1971, Gayle and his wife became members of the Bahá'í Faith, and he remained an active Bahá'í for the remainder of his life.

Gayle passed away on 27 Feb 1988 in Kennewick, Washington, and was buried in Pasco.


Employment record for Gayle Varner [2]
From To Place Employer Position Notes
1933 1934 Indiana Indiana National Guard   underage enlistment
1934 1 Jul 1954   U.S. Navy Non-commissioned Final rate: Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Structures (AMS)
Mar 1958 Jan 1962 Sunnyvale, CA Lockheed Missile & Space Corp. Experimental Missile Mechanic and Liaison Engineer Polaris missile (SLBM)
Jan 1962 May 1962 records, Santa Barbara, CA American Machine and Foundry Hydraulics test engineer Titan I missile [probably silos]
May 1962 Nov 1962 Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, CA Lockheed Missile & Space Corp. Liaison Engineer  
Nov 1962 Feb 1963   unemployed    
Feb 1963 Feb 1966 Sunnyvale, CA and Kennedy Space Center, FL United Technology Center, United Aircraft Corp. Assistant Production Engineer; Design Engineer and Maintenance Foreman Titan IIIC launch vehicle
Feb 1966 Oct 1967 Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, CA Federal Electric Corporation (ITT) Branch supervisor - shops  
Oct 1967 Jun 1970 Kennedy Space Center, FL Bendix Corp. - Bendix Launch Support Division Engineering specialist Apollo program, Saturn V
Jun 1970 Aug 1970   unemployed    
Aug 1970 Dec 1972 Livermore, CA City of Livermore Maintenance Mechanic  
Dec 1972 Dec 1972 Orlando, FL Unifac Corporation Metalsmith  
Jan 1973 Jul 1973 Kennedy Space Center, FL Boeing Corporation Temporary classification Skylab
Jul 1973 Aug 1973   unemployed   En route to California, with a visit to Indiana; vacation
Aug 1973 1975 San Jose, CA FMC Corporation Engineering observer XM800T Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle; XM 723 MICV


Residences of Gayle Varner and family between 1958 and 1975 [2]
From To Address
Nov 1958 Mar 1961 12350 Goleta Ave., Saratoga, CA [Map]
Mar 1961 Jan 1962 118 Walnut St., Sunnyvale, CA [Map]
Jan 1962 Apr 1962 trailer park on Capitol Blvd., Boise, ID
Apr 1962 Nov 1962 Loudens Trailer Court, Oceano[9] (probably on Cienaga St., CA Hwy 1)
Nov 1962 Jul 1964 Fairoaks Trailer Park, Sunnyvale, CA
Jul 1964 Nov 1964 2 Forrell, Titusville, FL [Map]
Nov 1964 Feb 1966 2350 Middlecoff Ct., Titusville, FL [Map]
Feb 1966 Aug 1966 925 Anthony Way, Lompoc, CA [Map]
Aug 1966 Oct 1967 912 Loquat Ct., Lompoc, CA [Map]
Oct 1967 Apr 1969 4441 Longbow Dr., Titusville, FL [Map]
Apr 1969 Sep 1969 283 Briarwood Lane, Titusville, FL[10] [Map]
Sep 1969 Jun 1970 3015 Rosemarie Dr., Titusville, FL [Map]
Jun 1970 Aug 1970 512 Maple St., Santa Cruz, CA [Map]
Aug 1970 Apr 1971 2652 Kennedy St., Livermore, CA [Map]
Apr 1971 Dec 1972 637 Oriole Ave. Livermore, CA [Map]
Dec 1972 Jan 1973 1255 Overlook Terrace, Titusville, FL [Map]
Jan 1973 Jul 1973 Lake Louise Estates, Route 6, Box 989-DC, Bithlo, FL
Jul 1973 Aug 1973 Moving from Florida to California. Vacation with a visit to Indiana.
Aug 1973 Nov 1973 3326 Cashdan Ct., Santa Clara, CA [Map]
Nov 1973 1975 2907 Suttergate Way, San Jose, CA [Map]

Later residences

The Varner family moved to Bloomington, Indiana to be with Gayle's elderly mother from 1975 to 1977. In the winter of 1977, they moved to Douglas, Arizona on the Mexican border for two years. From 1979 to the summer of 1980, they lived in Tucson, Arizona. After their last children graduated from high school, Mr. and Mrs. Varner moved to Grover City (now Grover Beach), California and to the coast of Oregon. For several years they served as caretakers of the Baha'i Center in San Diego, CA. Gayle's last residence was in Kennewick, Washington.


Pedigree of Gayle G. Varner
Gayle G. Varner Clyde Varner Erastus Perry Varner Alexander Varner
Eunice Magnolia Johnson
Margaret Ann Loudermilk Ananias Wesley Loudermilk
Frances Wheeler
Minnie Louise Hadley John William Hadley  
Georgia Ann Stroub  



1920 Federal Census, Greene County, Indiana (Jasonville City Ward 1) [3]

Sheet 7A
Line 38, 509 (N.) Meridian St., Dwelling: 126, Family: 136
Varner, Clyde, Head, Male, White, 29, Married, Read: Y, Write: Y, Born: Indiana, Father: North Carolina, Mother: Indiana, Occupation: Miner, Industry: Coal Mine, wage worker.
Minnie F(?), Wife, Female, White, 25, Married, Read: Y, Write: Y, Born: Indiana, Father: Indiana, Mother: Kentucky
Garret, Son, Male, White, 7, Single, Attended school: Y, Read: Y, Write: Y, Born: Indiana, Father: Indiana, Mother: Indiana
Gale (could be Gayle), Son, Male, White, 3-11/12 (?), Born: Indiana, Father: Indiana, Mother: Indiana
Evelyn, Daughter, Female, White, 6/12 (?), Born: Indiana, Father: Indiana, Mother: Indiana

1920 Census detail
1920 Census detail


1930 Federal Census, Monroe County, Indiana (Perry Twp) [4]

Sheet 9B
Line 70, _ (S.) Broadview Drive, Dwelling: 193, Family: 214
Varner, Clyde, Head, Renting, $20/mo., Male, White, 40, Married, Age at first marriage: 20, attended school this year: N, Read/Write: Y, [all birth locations suspect as all listed as "Indiana"], Occupation: laborer, Industry: quarry, Code: 78V9, wage worker
Minnie, Wife-Head, Female, White, 36, Married, Age at first marriage: 16, attended school this year: N, Read/Write: Y
Gayle, Son, Male, White, 14, Single, attended school this year: Y, Read/Write: Y
Evelyn, Daughter, Female, White, 10, Single, attended school this year: Y, Read/Write: Y
Garrett, Son, Male, White, 17, Married, Age at first marriage: 17, attended school this year: N, Read/Write: Y, Occupation: laborer, Industry: Stone Mill, Code: 7804, wage worker
Mary, Daughter-in-law, Female, White, 16, Married, Age at first marriage: 16, attended school this year: N, Read/Write: Y

1930 Census detail
1930 Census detail


1940 Federal Census, Norfolk County, Virginia [5]

Sheet 26A
Line 8
Varner, Gayle G. ENLISTED, Male, White, 24, No college since 1 Mar 1940, Highest grade: H-4, Born: Indiana, Residence 1 Apr 1935: At Sea, On Farm: No, Working: Yes, Number of hours worked in week: 44, Occupation: metalsmith, Industry: U.S. Navy, Class: government work, Number of weeks worked 1939: 52, 1939 wages: $1232, Other income: No

1940 Census page
1940 Census page


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