Employment record for Gayle Varner
From To Place Employer Position Notes
1933 1934 Indiana Indiana National Guard   underage enlistment
1934 1 Jul 1954   U.S. Navy Non-commissioned Final rate: Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Structures (AMS)
Mar 1958 Jan 1962 Sunnyvale, CA Lockheed Missile & Space Corp. Experimental Missile Mechanic and Liaison Engineer Polaris missile (SLBM)
Jan 1962 May 1962 records, Santa Barbara, CA American Machine and Foundry Hydraulics test engineer Titan I missile [probably silos]
May 1962 Nov 1962 Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, CA Lockheed Missile & Space Corp. Liaison Engineer  
Nov 1962 Feb 1963   unemployed    
Feb 1963 Feb 1966 Sunnyvale, CA and Kennedy Space Center, FL United Technology Center, United Aircraft Corp. Assistant Production Engineer; Design Engineer and Maintenance Foreman Titan IIIC launch vehicle
Feb 1966 Oct 1967 Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, CA Federal Electric Corporation (ITT) Branch supervisor - shops  
Oct 1967 Jun 1970 Kennedy Space Center, FL Bendix Corp. - Bendix Launch Support Division Engineering specialist Apollo project, Saturn V
Jun 1970 Aug 1970   unemployed    
Aug 1970 Dec 1972 Livermore, CA City of Livermore Maintenance Mechanic  
Dec 1972 Dec 1972 Orlando, FL Unifac Corporation Metalsmith  
Jan 1973 Jul 1973 Kennedy Space Center, FL Boeing Corporation Temporary classification Skylab
Jul 1973 Aug 1973   unemployed   En route to California, with a visit to Indiana; vacation
Aug 1973 1975 San Jose, CA FMC Corporation Engineering observer XM800 Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle; XM 723 MICV


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Pedigree of Gayle Varner (1)
Gayle Varner (1) Clyde Varner (1) Erastus Varner (1) Alexander Varner (1)
Eunice Johnson (5)
Margaret Loudermilk (1) Ananias Loudermilk (1)
Frances Wheeler (2)
Minnie Hadley (1) John Hadley (20)  
Georgia Stroub (1) Uncertain


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Pedigree of Gayle G. Varner
Gayle G. Varner Clyde Varner Erastus Perry Varner Alexander Varner
Eunice Magnolia Johnson
Margaret Ann Loudermilk Ananias Wesley Loudermilk
Frances Wheeler
Minnie Louise Hadley John William Hadley Uncertain
Georgia Ann Stroub Uncertain

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