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Source:Strother, Edward L. Strother Family : 300 Years from Virginia to Louisiana published 2002, appears to be the most recent and thus most accurate attempt to reconstruct the Strother family line from the immigrant William Strother.

There are still some mysteries to be solved to properly place all Strother lines in the tree and there are many incorrect pedigrees circulating on the internet. Any contributions are welcome.

William1 Strother, the Immigrant m Dorothy [perhaps Savage, dau of Anthony Savage]


Descendants of William Strother, the Immigrant

William Strother (-1732)

  1. William2 Strother d. King George 1732 m. Margaret Thornton
    Source:Watson, Annah Walker Robinson. Some Notable Families of America for this family
    1. William3 Strother (d 1732 King George) m. Margaret Watts
      1. Agatha4 Strother m John Madison
      2. Jane4 Strother (1732-1820) m Thomas Lewis (Col John Lewis and Margaret Syme)
      3. Elizabeth4 Strother m 1738 John Frogg
      4. Margaret4 Strother m 1749 Gabriel Jones
      5. Ann4 Strother m 1744 Francis Tyler
    2. Francis3 Strother (d 1752 Culpeper) m. Susanna Dabney
    3. Margaret3 Strother (d 7 Apr 1726)
    4. Benjamin3 Strother m. Mary Mason m.Elizabeth Rowzee
    5. Anthony3 Strother (1710-1766 Stafford Co.) m1 Betheland Storke m2 Mary James
      1. Benjamin4 Strother m 1778 Catherine "Kitty" Price
      2. John4 Strother m Elizabeth Pendleton Hunter
        1. Gen. David Hunter5 Strother "Porte Crayon"
    6. George3 Strother

    James Strother

  2. James2 Strother (d 1716, never married)

    Jeremiah Strother

  3. Jeremiah2 Strother (d 1741 Orange County) m. Eleanor
    1. James3 Strother (d 1761 Culpeper) m. Margaret French
      1. French4 Strother (d bef 1801) m. Lucy ____
      2. Mary4 Strother m George Gray
      3. James4 Strother d 1764 Stafford County, Virginia
    2. William3 Strother (d 1751 SC) m 1729 Mildred Taliaferro
      1. Charles4 Strother b abt 1730, d 1773 m 1759 Mary Cross b 1730; Mary later married Thomas Singleton as his 2nd wife
        Source:Boddie, John Bennett. Historical Southern Families (261921) for this family
        1. William5 Strother Revolution, m1 Dorothy Singleton; m2 Lucy Rogers; m3 Lucy Hicks. He had issue by each wife
          1. Charles6 Strother
          2. Thomas Singleton6 Strother
        2. George5 Strother, b 1763 Charleston SC, d. 1812 Cheraw District SC; Rev War; m 1782 Jane Ellerbee
          1. Charles6 Strother
          2. Thomas6 Strother
          3. Mary6 Strother
          4. Obedience6 Strother
          5. James6 Strother
          6. Rebecca6 Strother
          7. Sarah6 Strother
          8. William6 Strother
        3. Sarah5 Strother
      2. George4 Strother will 1772 "of Congarees"
      3. William4 Strother will 1779 Camden District, SC names wife Catherine and four children m Catherine Dargan
        1. William5 Strother m Sallie Woodward (This family from Ederington)
          1. Dargan6 Strother(1810-1882) m1. Harriet Pope (-1841), m2. Catherine Dunovant(1823-1917)
            1. Sarah7 Strother (1836- )
            2. Mary7 Strother (1838- )
            3. William7 Strother (1840-)
            4. Harriet7 Strother (1841-)
        2. Kemp Taliaferro5 Strother
        3. Catherine5 Strother
        4. John Dargan5 Strother
      4. Lucy Kennerly4 Strother
      5. Benjamin4 Strother
      6. Samuel4 Strother
    3. Francis3 Strother m Elizabeth Fossaker
    4. Jeremiah3 Strother m Catherine Kennerly
    5. Lawrence3 Strother m Elizabeth
    6. Catherine3 Strother possibly wife of Daniel Underwood
    7. Elizabeth3 Strother possibly wife of George Underwood
    8. Christopher3 Strother (d 1795 Franklin County, NC) m Ann 12 children

    Robert Strother

  4. Robert2 Strother (d 1735 King George, Virginia) m Elizabeth Berry
    1. John3 Strother
    2. Robert3 Strother
    3. Enoch3 Strother
    4. Elizabeth3 Strother

    Benjamin Strother

  5. Benjamin2 Strother (d1752 King George, Virginia) m Mary Woffendale
    1. Richard3 Strother (d 1761 King George)
    2. George3 Strother (d 1761 King George)
    3. Benjamin3 Strother
    4. John3 Strother
    5. Samuel3 Strother
    6. Francis3 Strother

    Joseph Strother

  6. Joseph2 Strother (d 1766) m Margaret Berry
    1. Mary3 Strother
    2. Margaret3 Strother
    3. Dorothy3 Strother
    4. Thomas3 Strother (d 1798 Bourbon, Ky)
    5. Nicholas3 Strother (d 1779 King George, Va.)
    6. Joseph3 Strother (d b1763 King George, Va.)

Other Strothers

William Strother Died Feb 1749/1750 in Westmoreland, Virginia. m Sarah Gray (dau of Nathaniel Gray and widow of George Weedon)
William and Sarah have three daughters named in 1756 by their half-brother George Weedon:
.....Margaret Strother
.....Sarah Strother
.....Patty Strother
+ two sons who were sometimes referred to as "brothers" of George Weedon:
.....William Strother d 1795 m Winifred Baker
.....James Strother d 1773
...29 Jul 1746: Acquired 50 acres in Westmoreland from Lovell White
...02 Feb 1749/50 died Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia. George Gray, Richard Strother and James Strother
Executor is presumed to be Sarah's brother George Gray who married Mary Strother (daughter of James Strother and Margaret French). Sources to pursue:
... "Descendants of George Weedon"
... "Descendants of Francis Gray"

William Strother m 1765 Stafford County Winifred Baker of Westmoreland County
They sold the above 50 acres land in 1765 noting it was acquired by law from William Strother, deceased. He died in 1795 and was very poor.

James Mason Strother b. 1752, d 1858 Fauquier, Va. m1 Jane Gibson, m2 Mary Fishback
"Descendants of Francis Gray" linked above shows a Strother-French-Mason connection. See pages 269-271.
Find A Grave shows him as the son of the above #14 James Strother and Martha French.

Richard Strother (HistSouFam V13 includes him in the family of #43 (above) William Strother and Catherine Dargan, without source. A careful reading of William's 1779 will indicates that Richard is not named as a son, but that a piece of land "granted" to Richard Strother and another piece which Richard and William (the testator) bought in common are left by William to his sons. Richard is probably some relation of William.)