Person:Stephen Jackson (12)

Capt. Stephen Jackson
b.est 1730
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Stephen Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1730
Residence[1] abt 1756 or 1764 Anson Co., North Carolina

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From page 14 of the Burch book: "STEPHEN JACKSON, Capt. in Revolutionary War, Scotch-Irish and from Ireland, The writer does not know his wife’s name, and knows only one child’s (name), Henry." By the time he wrote Page 18 he mentions that Henry's wife's name was Mary Blakeney.

Burch Book pg 12 : Gregg’s History says; “Stephen Jackson was a Captain under Colonels Kolb, and Benton in 1780; served under Gen. Marion” the “Swamp Fox” this is the father of Henry A. Jackson and grandfather of Col. Stephen Jackson of Civil War. (see Jackson)

So Burch/Greg believed (Burch book, pg 12):
Capt. Stephen Jackson, served
under Col. Kolb and
under Col. Benton in 1780 and
under Gen. Marion "Swamp Fox" and
had a son Henry A. Jackson and that
Henry had a son Col. Stephen Jackson of Civil War fame.

Capt. Stephen Jackson is listed in:

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