Person:Henry Jackson (51)

Henry Andrew Jackson
  1. Henry Andrew Jackson1756 - 1819
  • HHenry Andrew Jackson1756 - 1819
  • WMary Blakeney1789 - 1882
m. 1807
  1. Henrietta Jackson1806 - 1890
  2. William Jacksonbet 1807 and 1810 -
  3. Col. Stephen Jackson1808 - 1887
  4. Henry Jacksonbet 1810-1820 -
  5. Susannah Jackson1812 - 1875
  6. Benjamin Alexander Jacksonabt 1820 - 1861
  • HHenry Andrew Jackson1756 - 1819
  • W.  First (add)
Facts and Events
Name Henry Andrew Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[3] 1756/1764 Anson Co., North Carolina
Marriage 1807 to Mary Blakeney
Death[4] 1819 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina

The Burch family book states that he was a school teacher. The book also states that Henry is a son of Capt. Stephen Jackson. This statement is examined in detail by a study made by Bob Mitchell which is posted at Disambiguation. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina.

A descendant of Henry Andrew Jackson has participated in DNA testing at FTDNA and results indicate Henry is Haplogroup R1b1a2 and the first 12 markers of this Group are considered to have a unique haplotype signature of [13,23,14,11,11,14,12,12,12,13,13,29]. This differentiates this Jackson line from the descendants of brothers Stephen and Benjamin Jackson of Anson County, North Carolina and Chesterfield County, South Carolina mentioned in the above study.

Notes* below by Bob Mitchell:

  • Henry was born between 1756-1764. He was shown between 26-44 on both the 1800 and 1810 Census Records. In 1800 he could have been born between 1756 and 1774. In 1810 he could have been born between 1766-1784. The first land transaction was in 1785. He would have had to have been at least 21 at that time, making his birth year 1764 or earlier. He may have been older than 21 but would not have been younger, so 1756-1764 fits. He would have been contemporaries with the two Stephens (Capt. & Pvt.) and therefore could not have been a son of either.
  • Anson Co., NC Deed Book H, Page 200, 10 Mar 1785. William Smith and Mary, his wife, to Henry Jackson, all of Anson Co. for L60, 150 acres granted to William Smith 8 Oct 1783 adjoining William Rushing and William Love.
  • Henry Jackson receives Land Grant, No. 4933, 20 Dec 1791.
  • Henry Jackson is in Chesterfield Co., SC on the 1810 US Census. He is Head of Family and is between 26 and 44 years old, he has 2 male children under 10, 1 female child under 10 and his wife is between 16 and 25 years old. Henry Jackson had 4 slaves.
  • Deed Book 11 page 438 - Oct 18, 1844 - The heirs of William P. Jackson being Mary Jackson (wife of Henry A. Jackson), A. M. Lowery (husband of Henrietta Jackson, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Alex May (husband of Susannah, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Stephen Jackson (COL Stephen, son of Henry A. Jackson,) & Benjamin A. Jackson (son of Henry A. Jackson) to John Edwards - $1200 for 153 acres on Thompson Creek adjoining the State line.

Janie: I find interesting that though Mary, the wife of Henry A., was one of the heirs, the daughters of Henry A. Jackson did not inherit from their uncle William P. Jackson in the 1844 deed above, but that their husbands were considered the heirs.

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