Person:Stephen Jackson (11)

Col. Stephen Jackson
m. 1807
  1. Henrietta Jackson1806 - 1890
  2. William JacksonBet 1807 & 1810 -
  3. Col. Stephen Jackson1808 - 1887
  4. Henry JacksonBet 1810 & 1820 -
  5. Susannah Jackson1812 - 1875
  6. Benjamin Alexander JacksonAbt 1820 - 1861
  1. Lieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson1839 - Aft 1900
  2. Henry Andrew JacksonAbt 1841 - 1864
  3. Henrietta Frances Jackson1843 - 1913
  4. Louisa Jane Blakeney JacksonAbt 1845 - 1886
  5. Susannah Harriet JacksonAbt 1847 - 1888
  6. Mary C. JacksonAbt 1852 -
  7. William Stephen Jackson1854 - 1916
Facts and Events
Name Col. Stephen Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 Feb 1808 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Marriage to Roxanna Timmons
Residence? 1880 Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Death[2] 16 Nov 1887 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Burial[12][11] May Family Graveyard, Chesterfield Co., South Carolina, United States

The Burch family book, pg 14, "He was one of South Carolina's most prominent men and a public man all his life. He was the Sheriff of Chesterfield county for 8 years, member of the S.C. Legislature for 10 years, member of the Secession Convention which met in Charleston and on Dec 20 1860 every member voted for secession. Stephen Jackson was Treasurer of the Republic of South Carolina which later became a state of the C.S.A. He was a big planter and slaveholder. When the Stars and Bars waved no more the copy of the Secession Ordinance among other papers which the state officials carried from the Capitol on the approach of Sherman's Army, remained in his hands, and is now in the home of his grandson, Henry A. Burch, Cheraw, S.C. There is a duplicate cut in the marble on the wall in the Capitol at Columbia."

Notes* by Bob Mitchell:

  • Deed Book 11 page 438 - Oct 18, 1844 - The heirs of William P. Jackson being Mary Jackson (wife of Henry A. Jackson), A. M. Lowery (husband of Henrietta Jackson, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Alex May (husband of Susannah, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Stephen Jackson (COL Stephen, son of Henry A. Jackson,) & Benjamin A. Jackson (son of Henry A. Jackson) to John Edwards - $1200 for 153 acres on Thompson Creek adjoining the State line.
  • Stephen Jackson had real estate holdings valued at $7,000.00 in 1850, by 1860 that value increased to $10,000.00 with $23,000.00 in personal property. The 1870 US Census has Stephen and family living in Mount Croghan district of Chesterfield County with some of the children and two free blacks, probably former slaves. The real estate holdings have diminished in value as well as the personal wealth, $4000.00 in real estate and only $1000.00 in personal property. The lesser value in personal property is more than likely due to the emancipation of the slaves. The 1870 census records show a large number of blacks with the surname "Jackson." It is highly probable that these individuals were former slaves of the Jacksons of Chesterfield Co., South Carolina. Stephen Jackson, wife Roxanna and two children, William and Mary are found in Dist 6, Chesterfield Co., South Carolina in 1880. Real Estate and Personal Property was not listed on the census records in 1880. Stephen Jackson was one of the most influential men of his era in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Very wealthy, he often signed security bonds for neighbors and was appointed guardian ad litum for many of the areas minor children and legal cases. He was a leader in the Chesterfield County Secession Movement in 1860, and was the speaker who called for a vote on leaving the Union November 19,1860. He was a delegate from Chesterfield County to the South Carolina Secession meeting in Columbia, South Carolina, and was signer for the Ordinance of Secession. Tradition states that General Sherman placed a reward for his arrest on him when the Union Army was present in the County in 1865. After the war, Jackson was a member of the State Legislator for ten years, was Sheriff of the County for eight years, and Chairman of the County Commission for ten years. He died November 16, 1887, and was buried in the family cemetery near the North Carolina line. Unfortunately, in recent years, that cemetery was destroyed being plowed under by a local farmer. Those buried there are now remembered by the placement of a granite marker at nearby Elizabeth Baptist Church in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

The 1870 Census Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co., SC has the family listed just by initials, but the following initials plus their ages tells me this is the family mentioned above by Bob Mitchell.
Jackson S. 62 m W (Stephen)
Jackson R. 56 f W (Roxanna)
Jackson M. 17 f W (Mary
Jackson W. S. 15 m W (William Stephen)
Jackson L. 14 f W (a dau not mentioned in the Burch book) She is either married or deceased by 1880 Census.
Jackson M. 17 f B
Jackson A. 1 m B

There is conflicting information posted online as to where Col. Stephen Jackson was buried so family members have posted some clarifying photos and statements here:

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    A Memorial Marker was placed at Elizabeth Baptist Church, Mt. Croghan, after the May Graveyard was bulldozed by the then current land owner. But the bodies previously buried at the May Family Graveyard were never moved.

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