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I'm fairly new at genealogy. My paternal line is Jackson which includes relations to Owens, Seago/Seego, Rains, Middleton, and Müeller. My maternal line is Morgan, Walker, Blanchard, Berwick, and Childs. My paternal lineage came from Virginia, to Georgia, Florida, and settled in Texas where we are currently located. Tennessee is mixed into the Jackson line as well. Family lore is that we are Scotch-Irish. The Jacksons were farmers for many generations. The Morgan line came from Illinois and east from there making it down to Texas during the oil boom. The Berwick lineage comes from French Acadians that were sent away from Acadia on ships. My ancestors luckily made it by ship from Maryland to Louisiana. That family eventually moved into Orange County, Texas where many still reside. I have brick walls on the Jackson line that I would love to break down.