Jackson in Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States

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Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States
Henry, Tennessee, United States
Sumner, Tennessee, United States

At the creation of this page certain Jacksons were listed as later migrating to Tennessee so for continuity, the census records listing them are also included in this page.


1790 Census Pasquotank, NC

Free white males of 16 yrs and upward, including heads of families
Free white males under 16 years
Free white females, including head of families
All other free persons

Asa Jackson 1-4-1-0-0
Bailey Jackson 3-0-4-0-0
Courtney Jackson 0-1-1-0-0
Daniel Jackson 1-0-0-0-0
David Jackson 1-4-3-0-0
Demsey Jackson 3-3-4-0-1
Jehu Jackson 1-1-1-0-0
Jesse Jackson 1-3-2-0-0
Joab Jackson 1-1-2-0-1
Joshua Jackson 2-1-3-0-14
LEMUEL Jackson 1-2-2-0-0
Lewis Jackson 1-0-2-0-0
MILES Jackson 1-0-5-0-0
Mordica Jackson 1-7-4-0-0
Moses Jackson 1-1-1-0-0
Sarah Jackson 2-1-3-0-0
Samuel Jackson 1-3-2-0-0-
Zachariah Jackson 4-8-5-0-1
Zachariah Jackson 1-1-5-0-0

Source: Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 North Carolina page 28.

1800 Census Pasquotank, NC

Miles Jackson
Lemuel Jackson
and other Jacksons

1810 Census Pasquotank, NC

Miles Jackson
Lemuel Jackson
Bailey Jackson (2)
Benj. Jackson
Hezekiah Jackson
Malachi Jackson (3)
Mary Jackson
Mordica Jackson (2)
Rue (Rueben) Jackson
Sabara Jackson
Sally (Mary) Jackson
William Jackson

1820 census Pasquotank, NC

Bailey Jackson
Benj. M. Jackson
Corben (this probably should be Collins) Jackson
Hezekiah Jackson
Malachi Jackson (2)
Mary Jackson (2)
Reube Jackson, Sr.
Sarah Jackson
William Jackson
Zachariah Jackson
Zabra Jackson (this was probably the Sabara Jackson listed on the 1810 census)

1830 Census Henry, TN

Jackson, Miles
Jackson, Bins (would this be the same as Benj.?)
Jackson, Clollins
Jackson, John
Jackson, Henry P.
Jackson, Matthew
Jackson, Josiah

Lemuel Jackson was not listed in the 1830 Census for Henry Co., TN., is found in Sumner, TN

1830 Census Sumner, TN

Lemuel Jackson
John Jackson
Mary Jackson
William Jackson
and other Jacksons

1840 Census Henry, TN

Jackson, Beans and Beans, Jr. (Could Beans have been the same person as Benj., and Bins??*)
Jackson, Sally
Jackson, William (2)
Jackson, Miles (definitely my Gr-gr-gr-grandfather)
and other Jacksons

1840 census Sumner, TN

Jackson, John
Jackson, John F.
Jackson, John N.
No Lemuel is found here.

Miles Jackson, b. ca. 1798-1800 in (according to census) Virginia, named one of of his sons Lemuel. The Miles and Lemuel listed in the above censuses were probably brothers. Since Bins (Benj., Beans), and Collins and John Jackson and Miles Jackson were all in the 1820 Pasquotank Co., NC, and from there were found on the 1830 census for Henry County, TN, I feel these Jacksons were somehow related. Some moved from Henry, Tennessee to Arkansas. It is hoped other will comment or add to this information.

This first info on this page was contributed by Betty who says 'my Gr-gr-gr-grandfather was Miles (Myles) Jackson'. She will be watching this page.