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1694 - 1836

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Jacksons in Prince William County, Virginia from documents known as of 16 Nov 2009. References (in red) from the book "Descendants of Virginia Calverts" were added Feb 2012.
Dates used to indicate persons DO NOT indicate birth/death. The dates indicate the date of the document connected to that person.

* before the date means this doc is transcribed (or a print copy is available online) and is listed on the Document summary at google.docs.

1664 Stafford County formed

1694-1743 Quotes from the book "Prince William A Story of its People and Places, WPA, 1941, Pg 27: "Along the branches of Quantico Creek and the north branches of Chopawamsic, the following men took up patents between 1694 and 1743: William Bennett, Samuel Jackson, Abraham Farrow, Thomas Harrison, Robert Headges, William Halley, Henry Lucas, Henry Halley, Francis Jackson, Wansford Arrington, Philemon Waters, John Ashmore, John Farrow, John McMillan, William Spiller, Charles Green, and Bertrand Ewell."

1688 13 Feb Bill of Sale SAMUELL JACKSON giveath unto his Daughter ELIZABETH JACKSON one horse.
(Could a minor own a horse? If she's 21 and he was 25 when he married, Samuel could have been born by 1642. If he lived to age 80, he was prob deceased by 1722. Of course, he could have been a lot older when Elizabeth was born.)

(At one time this Samuel was being considered as a possible son of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Queens Co., New York. Robert Jackson of Hempstead left a will mentioning his son Samuel, but nothing beyond an estimated birth date of 1645-1647 is known about him. When three Jackson descendants that were all of the I2-M223 subgroup took the Big Y test [at FTDNA], the direct male descendant of Robert Jackson proved to be in a special haplogroup Y8945 and the direct male descendant of Samuel Jackson of Virginia was classified as Y7219. Thus indicating that their most recent common ancestor was not in the mid 1600s as required to be a son of Robert Jackson but earlier in the mid 1500s. So Samuel's parentage remains unknown.)

1694 25 Sep 200A was conveyed by said Andrew GIBSON to Samuel JACKSON There is no transcription of this deed but see description in the later 1766 deed which mentions these 200 acres being sold by "Samuel's grandson" Francis Jackson to Tebbs. On the 1766 deed this land is said to be in Dettingen Parish.

1694 15 Oct 450A From Margaret Lady Culpeper to Samuel Jackson on main run Quanticott Creek. See Transcript:Deed 1694 Culpeper to Samuel Jackson 450A. (1739 Feb 24 DB D:327-332 John Jackson, s/o Dec'd Sam'l Jax, sells 234 acres of the 450 acres his father bought in 1694.)

1710 25 Sep 111A From Maruritte Lady Fairfax to Samuel Jackson on the Main Run of Quanticott, adjoining his own land

1712 4 Apr 227A From Catherine Lady Fairfax to Francis Jackson on the sourth run of Quantico Creek (Northern Neck Proprietary Grants).

1715 14 Dec 676A granted to John Jackson noted in the Norther Neck Proprietary grant dated 24 August 1748 From Thos.Lord Fairfax to Capt. John Hooe Grant G. pg 112 (reel 292) 476 acres being 576 acres minus 100 acres sold to Peter Newport adj. James Withers wit 676 acres granted to John Jackson.

1715 21 Dec 242A From Catherine Lady Fairfax to Francis Jackson on both sides of a branch issuing out of the south or lower side of the main run of Occaquan river called Cabin branch about two miles below lands surveyed for Henry & Wm Halley and Henry Lucas on the said branch.

1723 9 April 840 A From Thos Lord Fairfax to Dennis Conyer Norther Neck Proprietary Grant Grants A pg 27 (reel 290) Not finished 840 acres on branches of Licking Run in Stafford and King George counties adj James Withers , Rice Hooe pt. corner marked spa oak coner Withers and land surveyed for Jackson dec'd.

1728/1729 Samuel Jackson owned or leased land in Stafford Co adjoining Philemon Walters "on a branch of Quantico" . (from rootsweb chart of Michael Marshall) I believe this same land is later described as being in PWC – PWC not formed until 1731

1731 Prince William formed.

Feb. 24, 1739 Prince William Co., Virginia Deeds: Liber D; 1738-1740; Pages 327-332.
John Jackson of Parish of Overwharton, Stafford, to Thomas Harrison Jr. of Hamilton Parish, Gent for 60 lbs. curr. money....230 a on s. side of Quantico Run which sd. land Jackson holds as legatee under will of his father Samuel Jackson, it being part of tract gr. unto Samuel JACKSON, father to sd. John for 450 a. by deed from proprietor Office dated Oct. 15, 1694 .on s. side of Quantico Run.
John (J) Jackson
This deed was sign'd sealed and delivered by John Jackson as his proper act and deed for the uses within mentioned in the presents of wits: M. Battaley, Thos. Young, Robt. Boggess.
Rec'd of Thosmas Harrison Jr. 60 lbs. curr. money Feb. 25, 1739.
At Court Feb. 25, 1739 John acknowledged this release with receit endorsed and Sarah Jackson his wife, she being first privately examined relinquished her right of dower in lands conveyed. (Copied from Mike Marshall's rootsweb site here: http://www.colonial-settlers-md-va.us/ provided by June Whitehurst Johnson)

1739 30 May JOHN McMILLAN, of Prince William County, "did obtain a Promise of a Deed for a certain Tract of Land in said County from Colonel CARTER late Agent as appears by a Warrant and Survey thereupon ... lodg'd in the Office ... the said Agents Death ... the said JOHN McMILLAN renewing his Request to have a Deed issued for the said Land ... bounded by the said Survey"

SURVEY by JOHN WARNER: Area: 400 acres in PRINCE WILLIAM Co VA, on the branches of Quantico, adjoining PHILEMON WATERS and FRANCIS JACKSON. Land Grant 30 May 1739. VA Northern Neck Grants E, p. 85 [Plat p. 82]. Not necessary to transcribe as it is available here:
http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.counties.princewilliam/1324/mb.ashx This Francis old enough to own/lease land in 1739.

*1741 March Ludovick Jackson was dec'd, Admin bond posted (#1) by Porter Rust, Nimrod Hot (#1)

1741 Fairfax County formed from part of Prince William County

1742 Nov 24 PHILEMON WATERS Jr., of Prince William County "inform'd that there were about Two hundred acres of Surplus land within the Bounds of a certain tract given him by his Father PHILEMON WATERS the Elder, And having obtain'd a warrant to survey the same whereby there was found Two hundred Seventy four acres of Surplus Land which the said PHILEMON WATERS the Younger desiring to have included with his other said tract in one Deed". SURVEY by GEORGE BYRN. Area: 396 acres in PRINCE WILLIAM Co VA, on the south run of Quantico, adjoining SAMUEL and/or FRANCIS JACKSON, and JOHN OVERHALL. Land Grant 24 Nov 1742. VA Northern Neck Grants F, p. 24. Not necessary to transcribe as it is available here: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.counties.princewilliam/1324/mb.ashx

*1744 Mar 6 Samuel Jackson & George Harper sign Bond for Rachel Gibbins to be administrix for (Husband) John Gibbons. Turner Bond Book, Page 59 (C-454)

1745 July 15 340A Thomas Lord Fairfax to Francis Jackson 340 acres including 227 acres by deed to his father dated 4 Apr 1712 plus 113 acres surplus land adjacent John Bennet, Jackson, Philemon Waters, Hodges. Transcript:1745 Deed. 227 plus 113A Fairfax to Francis-3 Jackson

1755 May 26 Walter Seales dec.; Francis Jackson Adm.; Francis Jackson & Benjamin Bridges bound. May 26th 1755 (1-15) PWC Bond Book by Turner, Page 73. Also Prince William Co. VA Bond Book, Aug 1753-1782, Abstracted by June Whitehurst Johnson.

*1758 Mar 27 Bond Edward Gwatkins, William Moore, Wm Ellzey & William Car bound for Edward Gwatkins and William More Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Gabriel Moffett deceased, Page 173 PWC Bond Book by Turner (2-31) (William & Mary Moore rec'd inheritance in May 1804 from Isaac Farrow's Estate Settlement. May not be same Wm. Moore.) (See 1771, 1773 & 1801 for more relationship of Gwatkins family to Jackson family.)

1758 Mar 20 or 27 George Mason is dec'd. Bonded Benjamin Mason, Francis Jackson & William Ellzey. PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 174 (2-32).

1759 There was a marriage in Fauquier Co of a Francis Jackson and Susan Glasscock. This Francis b abt 1736 in Fauquier. From rootsweb msg bd.

*1760 Sep 23 Rachel Jackson is deceased; John Jackson & William Ellzey bonded, John Jackson Administrator PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 95 (1-59)

1760 & 1763 Probably birth dates of Francis Jackson, s/o Francis Jackson & Sarah Ridley. Dates based on wording of Francis Sr's will, ages of children.

1761 Jun 23 Dixey Ward is dec'd; Rebecca Ward, John Jackson and Thomas Reno are bound for Rebecca, Executrix. June 23rd 1761 (2-49) PWC Bond Book by Turner, Page 180.

1761 May 25 PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, DETTINGEN PARISH INDENTURES (1749 – 1782), page 28. Benjamin Thomas, Orphan of William Thomas, deceased, age 11 bound until age 21 to Benjamin Rush. To be taught the art, mystery and occupation of cooper, and to read and write. Wit: Benj. Mason, Francis Reno, Francis Jackson & James Gregsby.

1763 John Calvert was a witness to a sale-lease between JOHN JACKSON and Allen Macree of town of Dumfries. (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part II, pg 80)

1766 6 Oct Prince William County, VA - Deed Book Q, 1763-1768, pages 394-395. Indenture… for 20 pounds current money of Virginia said Francis Jackson hath sold unto Foushee TEBBS and his heirs all that parcel of land containing 200 acres in County of Prince William being part of a Patent for 6,710 acres lying upon Quantiquot Creek and Powells Run in County of Prince William… In witness whereof Francis Jackson hath set his hand and Seal in presence of Thomas Lawson, William Carr and Wm. Tebbs Signed Francis Jackson. (#?) According to 1788 doc, this Francis is NOT the same Francis who had land adjoining Samuel 1694. The Francis selling this land is Samuel 1694's grandson. (see next 1766)

*1766 Mar 4 Francis Jackson leases 300 acres in Dettingen Parish PWC. This 300 adjoins land he already has there and also adjoins land of John Farrow (NOT John Farrow Jackson!) and Swan Jones. (Transcription is an abstract only. Janie rec'd from Jack.)

*1771 4 Feb Jane Jackson (RIN 299), James Gwatkins and John Lynn put up bond for Jane Jackson, Administrix of Charles Jackson (RIN110) deceased. (See 1758, 1760, 1773 & 1801 for more relationship of Gwatkins family to Jackson family.)

*1773 Feb 1 James Carberry dec'd. James Gwatkins, Executor is bonded along with Francis Jackson & Hugh Brent. PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 203. (2-105) (To doublecheck original - I have a note that this is 1770, not 1773 ???)

1775 Beginning of the Revolutionary War

*1775 Nov 6 Francis Jackson leases tract of land to William Fielder Deed Book U, pgs 36 & 37.

1778 May 26 In the same company with Reuben Calvert were George Calvert, who also died, and Zeal Calvert who later settled in Mason County, Kentucky. The Inventory and Appraisement of Reuben Calvert can be found in Wills G. p. 7. Dated May 26, 1778. In obedience to the order of Prince William Court we, FRANCIS JACKSON, Charles Cornwell, and Chas. Stewart Being Duly Sworn to Appraise & Value the Estate of Reuben Calvert, Decd. so appraise the following articles..... (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part II, pg 87)

*1778 Nov 2 Francis JACKSON makes a gift deed to 'my son Samuel. . . 242 acres I believe this is the land Samuel (Will 1815) leaves to his wife Mary saying it is land his father gave to him, of land in County of Prince William on a branch of Occoquan River called the Cabin Branch' . . . and follows is the legal description of the land which includes all houses, buildings and tenements and says that Samuel was currently living on the land. Francis' wife Sarah was examined privetly and consented to the deed. Sarah signed or made her mark as Sarah C. Jackson. (By 1781 Sarah is not mentioned in Francis' will.) (this deed is #7 on Scott's list but we didn't order it. I found it online here:
http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=princewmcounty&id=I05779 )

See 1799 deed wherein Francis Jackson, s/o Francis and Sarah Ridley sells land he has inherited from his mother Sarah Ridley who received it from her father, William Ridley. This deed spells out the relationships. The 1799 deed mentions that his parents Francis Jackson and Sarah Ridley are deceased but does not say when they died.

1779 Feb 1 Frances Jackson leases to Joshua Carney 90A more or less for 20 years. If there was a release to go with this, we don't have it.

1779 14 October The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol., 30, No 3, pgs 180, 181 and 182 gives a list of petitioners of Prince William County, County, Virginia. I have culled the names of all Jacksons who signed the petition as of 14, October 1779.
Saml Jackson pg 180 son of Francis who died 1781/2
Francis Jackson, Jr. pg 180 could be s/o Samuel 1694
Francis Jackson pg 180 Will 1781/2
Francis Jackson, Younger pg 180 son of Francis who died 1781/2
George Jackson pg 181 s/o Sam 1785
John Jackson pg 181 s/o Sam 1785
Samll Jackson pg 181 wrote his will in 1785
Samll Jackson, Junr pg 181 s/o Sam 1785
There are no Jacksons on page 182. So there were 3 men named Samuel, 3 men named Francis, 1 George and 1 John. Dates are my attempt to tie these names to document dates in this list.

*1781 Sep 6 Samuel Jackson Jr. buys slaves Eve, James & Addam in 3 sep Bills of Sale. (I have marked on #7, 7A & #8)

*1781 December 10, WB G, Page 142 Will of Francis Jackson, Prince William County, probated 7 January, 1782. (#3)
To grandson Billy Jackson, son and heir to my son Charles Jackson, decd.; prob over 21 by Dec 1781
my son Samuel Jackson; Saml to care for Francis and Ann Sam is s/o Sarah Tyler
my son Francis Jackson; is under 21 & over 18 b betw 1760 & 1763. Sam to care for Francis & Ann Francis is proved s/o Sarah Ridley; see 1799 doc
my daughter Ann Jackson; is under 21 & over 18 Saml to care for Francis and Ann
my daughter Janney Fielder and her husband William Fielder to care for Susannah, Constant & Elizabeth Janney is d/o Sarah Tyler
to Jane Marlow; relationship unknown
to daughter Susannah Jackson when she arrives at 18 years; Janney and Wm Fielder to care for Susannah, Constant & Elizabeth
to daughter Constant Jackson when she arrives at the same; Janney and Wm Fielder to care for Susannah, Constant & Elizabeth
to daughter Elizabeth Jackson when she arrives at the same. Janney and Wm Fielder to care for Susannah, Constant & Elizabeth
Executors, son Samuel Jackson and son-in-law William Fielder. Witnesses: John Thorn, Thomas Smith and Nathaniel Russell.
Interesting terms concerning Nathaniel Russell and Nathaniel's mother. Note Nathaniel witnessed the will also.

1782 Jan 7 Zacharias Jackson is dec'd. Bond is posted; Sam'l Jackson JR, and Wm Fielder are executors. (#4)

*1782 Jan 7 Francis Jackson (RIN 105) is dec'd; Bond Samuel Jr (RIN 77) & Wm Fielder (RIN 117) Executors, Stephen Howison and John McMillion join in bond. Page 220 PWC Bond Book by Turner (2-149) Note that a Stephen L. Howison is later in 1836 appointed guardian of the children of George Washington Jackson, grandson of Francis. It is unlikely that it is the same Stephen but is likely related someway.

1782 Dec 2 (2-154) Page 220 PWC Bond Book by Turner
George Jackson signed bond for Benjamin Mattison executor of will of Truman Higgs:

1782 Land Tax Record PWC but I don't have source: There is no Jackson listed but I do see Isaac & Wm Farrow, Wm Lynn & Estate of Lewis Reno among others. But note 1783 Jacksons are on Personal Property Tax Records.

1783 Quotes from the book "Prince William A Story of its People and Places, WPA, 1941
Appendix A: A list of Taxpayers in Prince William County in 1783 Compiled from Personal Property Tax Records: page 205
"Francis Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Jackson Jr., Samuel Jackson." These are the only Jacksons listed for that tax year.

1784 Apr 9 A Samuel Jackson witnessed a deed for John Wright Vickers PWC 80A to Jas Webster. Said land was Willed by Richard Wright, dec'd to two eldest sons of John Vickers and adjoins lands of James Webster, John Murray dec'd, Joseph Wright and Isaac Farrow. (Neither Richard nor Joseph Wright are in my PAF file as related to Reuben Wright who m Kessiah Jackson.)

1784 Tax List There are two listing at ancestry.com for a Ruth Jackson hoh, both in 1784; no township listed.

*1785 Jan 29 Samuel Jackson wrote his will. He names the following heirs. Note he puts Jr after both Samuel and George!

  • son Francis (gets slaves Jacob, Jan, Leana) Sure would like to have his will. I wonder if the distribution of Samuel's est is available?
  • grandson George
  • grand son Samuel
  • granddau Susaner
  • gramddau Margret
  • granddau Nancy
  • son Samuel Jr. (gets slaves Easter, Cate, Billey, James, Fancy)
  • grandson Charles (see 1792 lease) Samuel sells Cate in 1790!
  • son George Jr., executor
  • grandson Samuel
  • son John, executor
  • dau Nancy Jackson Roch (gets slaves Milley, Sue, Sharderick) married James Roach - see 1790

*1786 Mar 6 Above Samuel Jackson 1785 is dec'd. John Jackson, George Jackson, John Calvert, John Redmon and James Greenstad are bonded; John and George Jackson are executors (Scott's #6; we already have) Will is recorded WB G 1778-1791. The will was witnessed by Isaac Murphy, Benjamin Mattison and Thomas Mattison. Will provided by Donald Wilson , Virginiana Librarian, at RELIC, Prince William Public Library System, Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA. Cindy McC Posted the inventory recorded *4 April 1786, recorded WB G, pp. 340-342 PWC. In this inventory Samuel is called Samuel Jackson Senior. The appraisers were John Calvert, Redman & Benjamin Mattison/ The inventory is found here:
http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.counties.princewilliam/2841/mb.ashx See 1790 where Samul executor is selling ? to John Calvert. I'm wondering if John Calvert is husband of one of the granddaughters???

1788 Feb 18 Indenture, Willoughby TEBBS and Samuel TEBBS of the town of Dumfries, Prince William Co., VA, surviving executors of Foushee TEBBS...................... which 200 acres of land hereby intended to be sold by an Indenture of Feoffment 25 Sep 1694 was conveyed by said Andrew GIBSON to Samuel JACKSON & either by devise or descent the same devolved upon Francis JACKSON the grandson of said Samuel which said Francis JACKSON made a conveyance thereof to sell to Foushee TEBBS by deeds of lease & release 6 Oct 1766. (# look this up) Samuel recd 200A from Gibson 1694
1766 Francis sold 200A to Tebbs We don't know how old Francis was in 1788, but he was over 18 & under 21 in 1781
Note copied from 1792 doc below: "1766 there are deeds of lease and release of a tract of land between Francis Jackson and Thomas Borston, that could very well have been this tract or near it."

1788 John Calvert died before Jun 9, 1788, on which date his Inventory was taken by William Alexander, Benjamin Materson, Scarlet Madden and James Gwatkins. The inventory was recorded September 1, 1788. (For account of John Calvert estate, see No. 32. Part I.) From this account it will be noted that the three sons-in-law and Francis Calvert received the same amount as per their accounts. From this sameness it is inferred that Francis Calvert was also a son-in-law instead of a son.
JOHN REDMAN was the administrator and Elizabeth Calvert, the widow, was administrix. (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part II, pgs 80, 81)

*1790 April 2 Samuel Jackson (Bill of Sale) buys 204A from Charles Gray, Edward Higs & Francis Reno. On the waters of Occoquan & the waters of Powell's Run. (#5) (Scott's #11)

*1790 Oct 1 Samuel Jackson gives Bill of Sale to John Jackson et al (#6) Samuel sells slaves Cate, Will & Cave, 12 head catter, 3 horse, FIVE feather beds & furniture, & crops to John & George Jackson, John Calvert & James Roach. Jas Roach is prob husband of Samuel's dau Nancy Roach in their father's 1785 will. Who is John Calvert? See 1786 where John Calvert appraises Samuel's estate.

I'm thinking that Samuel is recording their share of Samuel Sr. estate and that John et all is Samuel's brother John and sister Nancy Jackson Roach but don't know John Calvert's connection. This last sentence seems logical but is conjecture. Could John Calvert be the husband of one of Samuel's granddaughters mentioned in his 1786 Will?? [Later, found that John Calvert is prob John, son of the John Calvert who died before 1788 and is in the next paragraph as his son. John Jackson had married Chloe Calvert and was John Calvert Sr's son-in-law. The John Calvert who appraised Samuel's estate could have been John Sr.]

4 Jan 1791 The following men bought slaves from the estate of John Calvert.
JOHN JACKSON bought slave named Daniel
John Davis bought slave named Spencer.
Francis Calvert bought slave named Keziah
JOHN REDMAN bought slave named George
John Calvert bought slave named Constance.
See page 80 & 81 which indicates that the above are sons or sons-in-law of John Calvert. (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part I, pg 39)

*1793-1811 John Jackson & David Renoe & others were tenants living on "Bristow's Tract' and paying rents to Commissioners of Escheated Property. They brought an injunction protesting the proposed sale which injunction was issued to stay the sale until their rights were determined. John was still living on the property in 1811.

*1792 Jun 4 Samuel & Vashti (Grinnin) and their son Charles lease land from Martin Cockburn. Indicates Charles is oldest son and probably not minor. (#9, 9A) Samuel leases Lot #4, Francis has adjoining Lot (# n/g), Anthony Buchner has Lot #2. Witnessed by Francis Jackson, James Muschett, Mungo Hancock & Charles Tyler. (There is mentioned in WPA Historical Inventory a history of Jackson's Mill Site on Lot #10 but I don't have plot of any of these lots.) "There does not seem to be any information as to who this Jackson family was or from whence it came, but some old records at the Court House at Manassas have yielded what may be a clue, as in 1766 there are deeds of lease and release of a tract of land between Francis Jackson and Thomas Borston, that could very well have been this tract or near it." NOTE: Borston "Boyd Stone" our docs!

1794 John Calvert of county of Prince William sold to Richard Scott Blackburn and Burr Peyton, slaves William and Fanny and her child, to relieve the bond [on the estate of John Calvert, Sr.] with the said John Calvert, JOHN JACKSON AND JAMES ROACH. (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part II, pgs 104.)

*1795 Oct 5 Deed from John Fairfax et al to Samuel Jackson for 250 acres on head draines of Crooked Branch of Occoquan. Samuel Jackson received deed for 250A from John & William Fairfax. DB Y: pps 674-677 witnessed by James Muschett, Mungo Hancock & Charles Tyler Jun. This is #10.

  1. Samuel 1694 --need to put here for ready reference why I thought this Sam was same Sam who wrote 1785 will-- ah, see doc 1766 & 1788.
  2. Samuel who wrote will in 1785 - he is obviously not the Sam who married Vashti
  3. Samuel Jr. son of #2 who by now is not using the term Jr. So this is Samuel who in 1815 wills this to his son George Washington Jackson with wording that may indicate he had deeded it to George before writing the will. But putting it in the will covers all the bases.

*1796 Jun 18 Samuel Jackson leased to Andrew Foster (#11) 202 acres of land exempting 3 acres around the meeting house.

1798 May 2 Deed from Rodham Blancett to Samuel Jackson for what? (#13 & #14)

*1796 & 1798 Samuel JACKSON & wife Mary (Farrow) gave land for church (#12)

*1799 Dec 2 Francis Jackson, s/o Francis deeds to Margaret Evans and Stafford Matthews mentions Sarah [nee Ridley] wife of Francis. (#15) Deeds 143 acres previously granted to William Ridley by Proprietor of NN and bequeathed to Sarah Ridley. Quote from Joanne Pezzullio: "The land Sarah Ridgley inherited is not mentioned in Francis' will because it was not his to bequeath. Under primogeniture, still in effect in 1781, the land would descend directly to Sarah's eldest son (though her widowed husband would have a curtesy interest in it as long as he lived." So this confirms to us the division of Francis' children between mothers.

*1801 Jan 26 Deed John Lynn sells to Reuben Calvert 42A in PWC. This Reuben Calvert may have Jackson connections. (YES!) Info from Barb Shave printed. This land adjoins William Lynn and James Gwtkins and Peter Cornwell's land. In this deed it is spelled Gawtkins.

1801, July 31. Enoch Calvert, William Roach for value received, JOHN REDMAN acting Executor for the estate of John Colbert, deceased, do relinquish to the said Redman his heirs, etcs. all right to small tract of 100 acres. Witnesses were JOHN JACKSON, Wm. Shaw and Solomon Ewell.
(JOHN JACKSON also released the above.)
Issue of John and Susanna (.......) Calvert:
i. John Calvert b abt 1759: m ......
ii. Enoch Calvert. Went to Frederick Co., Va.
iii Chloe Calvert b. ....; m JOHN JACKSON. (this John is the line I'm following)
iv. daughter Calvert b....; m Francis Calvert. See No. 128.
v. Charlotte Calvert b....; m John Davis.
vi. Elizabeth Calvert b....; m. JOHN REDMAN.
(Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book 1, Part II, pgs 104.)

*1803 Dec 2 Will of Isaac Farrow. In it he mentions his daughter Mary Jackson. See 1815 below. He also mentions four granddaughters, Nancy Strother, Susannah Botts, Sibby Davis and Elizabeth Carney without mentioning their Mother, but they are listed after Mary and are probably her daughters.

  • Named are two sons-in-law, Samuel Jackson & Enoch Reno.
  • dau Sibby Farrow m Enoch Reno (named s-i-l) (rec'd slaves Patience, David, Jane, Sarah & Charles + 400 pounds cash)
  • grandson George Reno
  • grandson William Reno (rec'd a slave named Lawson)
  • granddau Susannah (Reno) Botts (rec'd slave Lewis already in her possession)
  • son John Farrow (rec'd slaves Lucy, Frank, Jesse, Samuel & Jacob and NO $ mentioned)
  • grandson Isaac Farrow (rec'd slave Alse + 200 pounds cash)
  • dau Mary (Farrow) Jackson (rec'd slaves Nell, Robert, David, Tom & Mason + 400 pounds cash to be invested) and leaves another 200 lbs to be divided among her heirs at her death.
  • "Mary's son, John Farrow Jackson" (gets 1/2 his mother's invested principal at her death; also 200 pounds now + slave Robert)
  • granddau Nancy Strother (rec'd slave Lawson already in her possession) (Luis Strother per Isaac's 1804-5 Estate acct.)
  • granddau Sibby Davis (John P. per 1804-5 Estate acct) (gets slave girl Agg.)
  • granddau Elizabeth Carney (George Carney per estate acct.) (gets slave Patients + 100 pounds cash and no more)

Land, negroes, stock of all kinds, household & kitchen furniture & all property of all kinds to be sold & bonds on hand except above to be divided equally except no more $ for Elizabeth Carney. Names two sons-in-law Samuel Jackson & Enoch Reno sole executors. (notice he cut out John Farrow from being executor. Sibby & Mary get cash and grandchildren divide up proceeds of sale, but John gets only half money until his mother dies!)

Isaac's Will was witnessed by George W. Jackson, John Cornwell, William B. Webster and William Norman

1804 & 1805 Some items from Isaac Farrow's Estate Account:
Francis Jackson was paid for chain carrying for surveyor for lot of land for Isaac's estate.
There were a LOT of folks paid their debts to Isaac's estate in 1804 & 1805. Isaac must have collected rent or bond interest from a LOT of folks.
Paid George Carney & wife in full 100 pounds
Paid George W. Jackson for John Jackson 200 pounds (This had to be John Farrow Jackson)
Paid Sibby Renno 400 pounds deposited in the hands of Jeremiah Moore at her request.
Paid Luis Strother in part for wife (prob Nancy but Sarah (below) also m a Strother)

2 Jul 1810. "Peyton Harriss and Talioferro X Harriss appoint SAMUEL JACKSON attorney to receive money due from estate of Thomas Faulkner, deceased." (Deeds 4, p. 180.)
Issue of Burr and Mary (Haynie) Harriss:
i. Maximillian Harriss.
ii. Peyton Harris.
iii. Taliaferro Harris
Perhaps others." (Descendants of Virginia Calverts Book II, pgs 524.)

*1815 Feb 28 Samuel JACKSON will written in Prince William Co., Virginia, probated 1 May 1815; Will Book K; 388-90.
Samuel' Will mentions 4 or maybe 5 tracts of land that he either purchased or received from his father.
1. to Mary "land which my father gave me by deed of gift" which he purchased of the Boyd Stones or Boydstones. (We didn't get this from RELIC but I found it online.) (Note another doc says Thomas Boiden.) See Francis 1778 wherein Francis gifts to Samuel.
2. to Mary tract of "land I purchased of Billey Jackson". This may be Billey, s/o Charles, s/o Francis, see Will 1781. don't have
3. to George Will mentions that George was already provided for by receiving earlier (when??) "by deed of gift" land George's father Samuel had purchased from John Fairfax! This ties George's father Samuel to the Samuel in 1795. We do not have this deed of gift to George W.
4A Samuel's father (assumed Francis) purchased from Col. George Mason. we don't have deed
4B Samuel's father (assumed Francis) Willed to Samuel the George Mason land where is that mentioned?
4C Samuel gave deed of gift of the Mason land to John we don't have that deed.
4D Samuel's 1815 Will mentions this deed of gift previously given to John "all that tract of land my Father gave me by Will which he purchased by Col. George Mason" adjoining the land I (Samuel) gave him (John Farrow Jackson) by deed of Gift. Something wrong with this logic.
John Farrow is also to get tract 1 & 2 above after his mother Mary dies. She died in 1817. (1839 John Jackson accrued his portion of his wife's inheritance, 126 acres in Fauquier County.
Dec 1839 John sold his land in Prince William County and moved to the 126 acres of his deceased father-in-law.

Mentions what he gave to Baptist Soc (this is docs #11 & #12 1796 & 1798)
Wife Mary rec'd London, Robin & David & woman Sila – all slaves
Wife Mary rec'd 2 tracts of land #1 & #2 above

  1. dau Sarah Strother (strange that Isaac Farrow doesn't list her among Mary's daughters) gets slave Matilda, 50# cash and = personal prop.
  2. Sybil/Sibby Davis per Isaac Farrow's 1803 will (m John P. Davis) gets slave Jacob + equal portion personal prop.
  3. dau Susanna Langfit m Philip Langfit per father, Samuel's 1815 will gets slave Philip, 50# + equal portion of personal prop.
  4. dau Jane Jackson (no married name given; still single) (also not listed as dau of Mary in Isaac's will!) gets slave Hester, stock, house & kitchen furniture, + 50# + an equal portion of personal prop
  5. dau Elizabeth/Betsey Jackson ** (no married name given - George Carney per Isaac Farrows's Estate account) gets slave Charlott, stock, house and kitchen furniture, + 50# + equal portion of personal prop.

George Washington (not listed in Isaac's will as a grandson but he was witness to Isaac's will!)

  • Nancy m unkn Strother per grandfather, Isaac Farrow's 1803 will. Nancy Strother per this 1815 will is already provided for but will get = portion of personal property after Mary's death.
  • Capt John Farrow (mentioned as grandson of Isaac Farrow in his 1803 Will above; this proves Samuel's wife was Mary Farrow)

Slave Moses to be sold
Executors of Samuel's 1815 Will are "my sons George W. Jackson, John F. Jackson and my son-in-law Philip Langfit."

  • Daughters marked with * were mentioned in Isaac Farrow's 1803 Will as his granddaughters! The others are married so were born in 1803 and it causes one to wonder why they weren't also mentioned.
  • Daughters marked with # were listed in Samuel's 1815 Will as his daughters.
    • If she was married to George Carney in 1803, why is she called Betsey Jackson in 1815?

1819 June 7 Mary (Farrow) Jackson, wife of Samuel Jackson 1815 is dec'd; Oldest son, George Jackson is administrator and bonded with Wm. R. Chapman (3-24) PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 239. I think I saw somewhere that Bernard Botts appraised her estate; need to find.

*1819 Jun 7 William Jackson dec'd. Benjamin Jackson, Benjamin Dean and Walter Warder bonded for Benjamin Jackson, executor. PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 289. (4-31)

1829 Dec 22 Info from Cindy: George W Jackson was appointed trustee with John Jackson to sell land devised to the church by Samuel Jackson on 22 Dec 1829 in Occoquan, Prince William Co, VA.

1831 May 2 James S. Jackson is dec'd. John B. Davis, administrator is bonded with James P. Carter and Peyton Mills. PWC Bond Book by Turner, pg 344. (5-52)

1833 December Court: On the motion of George W. Jackson who made oath and together with John Williams his security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $1000 conditioned as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of Nancy Jackson deceased in due form. Nancy was Nancy Strother my RIN #97 - MARDA'S LEE SPENCER JACKSON DESCENDS FROM THIS GEORGE W AND NANCY JACKSON.

1834 October Court: On the motion of John C. Weedon his securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $1000 conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted the said Jno. C. Weedon for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of George W. Jackson deceased in due form. Ordered that Jesse E. Weems, George Weedon, William H. Barbee & John F. Jackson (or any three of them being first sworn do inventory & appraise the estate of George W. Jackson deceased according to law.

1836 Apr 5 George Washington Jackson's orphans: Samuel H. Janney plaintiff against Stephen L. Howison & others defendants (In Chancery) The plaintiff by his counsel filed his bill and the defendants Stephen L. Howison & Mary Jane his wife, Fanny Ann Jackson, John S. Jackson, Lucetta Jackson, Eliva Jackson, George Jackson & Nancy Maria Jackson not having entered their appearance and given security according to the act of assembly and the rules of this Court & it appearing by satisfactory evidence that they are not Inhabitants of this Commonwealth.

Pass on entering any more on George Washing Jackson. It is in my db.

1836 Oct 22 Deed from Samuel Jackson, agent for Gracy Jackson, to William D. Dowell conveying real estate was received on the 23rd may 1837 with a certificate of acknowledgment annexed and admitted to record. From pg 245 of "Prince William County Virginia Court Minutes 1833-1838" by Ronald Ray Turner, 2006 found here:
http://www.pwcvabooks.com/pwcvabookspublishedworks.htm . I haven't yet figured who this Samuel & Gracy are.

1866 Florence Jackson born - unknown parents: Quotes from the book "Prince William A Story of its People and Places, WPA, 1941, Page 150: "Florence Jackson Ellicott (1866-1882) Buried at White Hall Presbyterian Church."