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Early Settlers listed in alphabetical order, with Hildebrand map location (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map or Chalkley's reference) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and some include link to WeRelate family:


Enoch Fenton (Beverley Manor NW, 324 acres, 1809) (b. abt. 1760 in Frederick County, Virginia, d. 26 July 1839 in Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia).

Robert Finley (Beverley Manor NW, 155 acres, 1754), (b. bef. 1733, d, bef. 16 Nov. 1763, prob. Augusta County, VA), migraged from Cumberland County, PA with his brother James Finley, who inherited Robert's land after his death in 1763. More information needed on this family.

William Fleming (Beverley Manor NW, 120 & 440 acres (mis-labeled as 420 acres on Hildebrand Map), 1765), (b. 7 Feb. 1726, Edinburgh, Scotland, d. Bef. 19 August 1779, Virginia or Kentucky).

James Frame (Beverley Manor SW, 220 acres in Beverley Manor, 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1687, Scotland, d. 1754, Augusta County, VA)

John Frazier (Beverley Manor NE, 472 acres in "head of Long Meadow Run, Beverley Manor", 22 Feb. 1749, from Chalkley's) (b. bef. 1714, Ireland, d. bet. 1753-1758), prob. Augusta County, VA), married Isabella Moody, sister of James and Robert Moody.

James Fulton (Beverley Manor SW, 637 1/2 acres, from William Beverley for 19 pounds, 25 March 1742, from "South Mountain Branch, James Fulton, Augusta County, Virginia" compiled by Norma Jennings), (b. abt. 1690, Northern Ireland, d. 18 July, 1752, Augusta County, VA), son of Hugh Fulton and Elinor Johnson.

Ulrich Fulwider (Beverley Manor SW, # of acres not listed, date of acquisition not specified), (b. 5 December 1723, Kappel, Switzerland, d. bef. November 1809, Augusta County, VA)



Robert Gamble (conveyed from Robert Poage, farmer to Robert Gamble, weaver, £15 current money Virginia; 306 acres on west side Blue Ridge; corner to Alexander Blair; John Young's line. Witnesses, John Nuckens Pickens), James Trimble, Silas Hart. Acknowledged, and dower released by Elizabeth, wife of Robert, 15th April, 1746, from Chalkley's. (b. abt. 1710, Ireland, d. abt. 1770, Augusta County, VA).

Henry Gay (acquired 694 acres, known as "Tract #7" on the Great Calfpasture, purchased for £33.39, in abt. 1744/5. In 1769, he sold 100 acres were sold to his son-in-law, James Frazier, for £33.33 in 1769). (b. abt. 1704, Ulster, Ireland, d. 1779, Rockbridge County, VA), was not directly related to the five Gay brothers that also migrated to Augusta County, VA. This family migrated from Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, PA.

James Gay (149 acres from William Beverley, in the Little Calfpasture, corner John Gray, corner William Elliot by deed dated, Nov. 27, 1747 (Chalkley, II, 162), was one of the five Gay brothers in early Augusta County.

Robert Gay (acquired 519 acres, known as "Tract #9" on the Great Calfpasture, purchased for $57.89, in abt. 1744/5), was one of the five Gay brothers in early Augusta County, Virginia.

Capt. Samuel Gay (Beverley Manor NE, 323 acres from William Beverley, on the branches of the Shanando (Shenandoah) River (Orange Deeds 3:232), and of an adjoining parcel of 567 acres, also in Beverley Manor, by grant of Thomas Chew, July 26, 1745. (Chalkley, II, 41), 1739), may have been related to the five Gay brothers in Augusta County, more research is necessary. There were two different Samuel Gays in Augusta County that have been confused by some researchers.

William Gay of Calfpasture (490 acres in Col. Beverley's part of Calfpasture, Little Calfpasture, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749), (b. abt. 1720, d. 1755, Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA), married Margaret 'Mary' Walkup, daughter of Samuel Walkup and Nancy Agnes Alexander, was one of the five Gay brothers in early Augusta County, Virginia.

William Gay (410 Acres from William Beverley in Calf Pasture on both sides of Little River; cor. Wm. Gay's land; line of Rev. Mr. Hindman's land (Augusta Deeds 6:279)). This William Gay has been identified as a different William Gay than the above, and not one of the five Gay brothers in Augusta County; he is related to Henry Gay, from Pennsylvania, another early settler in Augusta County.

Robert Gibson (Beverley Manor SE, from Beverley, 370 acres in Beverley Manor, corner George Caldwell; corner Wm. Henderson, 15 May 1754 from Chalkley's) (b. 1710, Ireland, d. 20 May, 1760, Augusta County, VA)

Felix Gilbert (Beverley Manor NE/NM, 480 acres, 1765), more information needed on this family.

James Gillespie (Beverley Manor NE, 208 acres (190 on Hildebrand map), 1740, adjoining 210 acres acquired in 1749 and 200 acres acquired in 1753), (b. 1702, prob. Ireland, d. abt. 1769), m. Jennett (unknown), proved his importation to Orange County, Virginia in 1740, with his wife Jennett and children Agnes, John, James and William. Also on map acquiring land in 1745 and 1753.

James Gillespie (Beverley Manor NE, # of acres not listed, 1745) (adjoining land acquired in 1740), probably the same as above.

James Gillespie (210 acres in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), probably the same as above, (since it was not unusual for settlers to acquire multiple parcels of land for their families).

James Gilmer (Gilmore) (Beverley Manor SW, 204 acres, 1747), b. abt. 1722, Northern Ireland, d. 1785, Augusta County, VA, married Ann ____.

James Givens, early survey in Orange County, VA as follows: (27) May 11th, 1738, survey for Ja(mes) Givins, beginning at (John, see 29). Young, beginning at Tumble's Cor., Back Kreek. Sam. Walker's Cor., McAnaar's line. James was a brother of Samuel Givens, listed below.

Samuel Givens, early survey as follows: Orange County, VA Deed Book III, p. 13, is the following order: "Deed (or release) dated Sept. 28, 1738, William Beverly of Essex county, Virginia, Gentleman of the first part, and Samuel Givens, of Orange County, farmer, of the other part, - for and in consideration of seven pounds, ten shillings, and six pence, - deeds 311 acres of land known as Beverly Manor." This was duly signed by William Beverly. This deed was recorded Sept. 28, 1738. Samuel Givens was a brother of James Givens, listed above.

John Glass (Beverley Manor SW, 236 acres, 1749), b. abt. 1711, Banbridge, County Down, Ireland, d. bef. 21 May 1755, Augusta County, VA., son of Samuel Glass and Mary Gamble, early Frederick County, VA settlers.

Robert Graham, planter (from Wm. Beverley, # of acres not listed, on Little Calfpasture, Beverley Manor Patent Line, prob. 4 Feb. 1748, delivered: Humphrey Madison, 1753, from Chalkley's), b. 1702, Ireland, d. 1763, Augusta County, VA., son of Christopher Graham and Margaret Rusk.



Edward Hall (Beverley Manor SE, 220 acres, 1747), (b. est. 1715-1725, Ireland, d. 1796, Augusta County, VA), married Eleanor Stuart, daughter of Archibald Stuart and Janet Brown.

Edward Hall (Beverley Manor SE, 125 acres, 1754), same as above, adjoining 100-acres tract, below.

Edward Hall (Beverley Manor SE 100 acres, 1771), same as above, adjoining 125-acre tract.

Archibald Hamilton (1741), no information. (b. 1699, Bliss Hill, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1794, Staunton, Augusta County, VA)

Archibald Hamilton (Beverley Patent NE, 302 acres, 1747), same as above.

Arthur Hamilton (Beverley Manor SW, 515 acres, 1741, adjoining 270 acres acquired by Arthur Hamilton in 1749), (b. abt. 1719, Londonderry, Ireland, d. bef. 23 June 1806, Augusta County, VA)

Arthur Hamilton (Beverley Manor SW, 270 acres, 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's, adjoining 515 acres acquired by Arthur Hamilton in 1741), same as above.

James Hamilton (Beverley Manor NE, # of acres not listed, 1749)

James Hamilton (Beverley Manor NE, 200 acres, 1754)

William Hamilton, farmer (678 acres in Calfpasture, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's)

John Hart (Beverley Patent SE, 400 acres, 1740), (b. 1709, Warmister, Bucks County, PA, d. 11 June 1743, Augusta County, VA), older brother of Silas Hart, another early settler of Augusta County.

Patrick Hays (Beverley Manor SW, 600 acres, 1741), (b. est. 1700-1710, Ireland, d. abt. 1761, Orange County, VA), married Francis McNitt (?).

Patrick Hays (Beverley Manor SW, 254 acres, 1742, adjoining 600 acres acquired by Patrick Hays in 1741), same as above.

David Henderson (Beverley Patent SE, 580 acres, 1749)

James Henderson (Beverley Patent NE, 187 acres, 1749)

John Henderson (Beverley Manor NW, 520 acres from Chalkley's, 1747), (b. abt. 1710, d. bef. 16 August 1785, Botetourt County, VA, married Jean).

John Henderson (b. 9 February 1705/6, prob. Scotland, d. 1 May 1766, Augusta County, married Rose Finley). John was a brother of Thomas Henderson, and half-brother of William Henderson, both listed below.

Thomas Henderson, planter "of Albemarle County" (Beverley Manor SE, 391 acres, 1738) listed as "corner John Davison (Davidson), Christie's Creek, Thos. Black Line, adjoining William Henderson", was the son of William Henderson and Margaret Bruce, brother of John Henderson who married Rose Finley, who migrated to Augusta County, and half-brother of William Henderson, listed below.

William Henderson (Beverley Manor SE, 1415 acres, 1747), (b. 1693, Ireland, d. bef. Sept. 1770, Augusta County, Virginia), married Susannah Logan.

James Houston (Beverley Manor SW, 300 acres according to some sources, 1747), prob. James Houston (b. 1719), son of John Houston and Margaret Cunningham.

Samuel Hughes (Beverley Manor NE, 440 acres, 1742), additional information needed on his family.

George Hume (Beverley Manor NE, 375 acres, 1739), possibly related to John Hume (b. 1752, Augusta County, VA, d. 24 May, 1824), who married Esther Patton (1769-1856), daughter of Matthew Patton and Esther Dyer. More research is necessary.

George Hutchison (Beverley Manor NW, 380 acres, 1738), (b. Apr. 1707, d. 1766), married Eleanor (unknown).

George Hutchison (Beverley Manor NE, 530 acres, 1738, nearby 667 acres), same as above.

John Hutchinson (Beverley Manor NE, 292 acres, 1740), (b. Mar 1686/87, d. 1775), who married Margaret (unknown) and had a large family in Virginia. More research is necessary on this family.

William Hutchinson (Beverley Manor NE, 572 acres, 1741), (b. Jan. 1717/18, d. 1778), who married Ann (unknown) and brother of George Hutchinson, who acquired land in 1738.





John Jameson (Beverley Manor NW, 104 acres on "Back Creek" in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), this is probably John Jamieson (b.c. 1715, d. March 1776, Augusta County, VA), possible son or brother of William Jamieson/Jameson and Margaret Martin? who also settled in the county; he married Jean Erwin, daughter of Matthew Erwin and Elizabeth Hobson?. This John is not the son of William Jameson and Sarah. Their son John (b.c. 1723) married Mary ______, not a Jean/Jane. William (m. Sarah) left land along Jackson River to his "eldest son" John, and when John and his wife Mary sold that land in 1765, they left the county (Annals of Bath Co., VA). He died sometime after 1774, likely in Virginia or Kentucky. John that married Jean/Jane remained in Augusta County, dying there in 1776. There is some atDNA results that seem to link those from William (m. Sarah) to John (m. Jean/Jane) though, possibly indicating that this older William could be an uncle or great uncle to John. If a male Jameson descendant of this John (m. Jean/Jane) would YDNA test, then the relationship could be more conclusive in whether he belongs in some way to the William (m. Sarah) bunch.

Gibbons Jennings (Beverley Manor NW, 650 acres, granted by William Beverley in 1738, but not fully conveyed to Jennings. This tract was later patented to William Nutt (McNutt) in 1747) (b. Est. 1705-1715, apparently migrated from the Pennsylvania-Maryland border area to Augusta County, then left to parts unknown before abt. 1752. Need more information on his family).

William Johnson (Johnston) (Beverley Manor NE, 269 and 156 acres (adjoining), 23 Feb. 1749) (b. abt. 1712, prob. Ireland, d. bef. 12 Aug. 1756, Augusta County, VA)

William Johnstone (Johnston), (Beverley Manor NE, 100 acres in Beverley Manor on Cathey's River, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), same as above.


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