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The following table provides links to various maps, and articles, dealing with the geography of Borden's Grant and Beverley's Manor. Many of the depictions shown here are based on JR Hildebrands maps of Borden's Grant and Beverley's Manor. Copies of these maps, in addition to Hildebrand's tract map of Roanoke, Virginia, are available at:
History Museum and Historical Society of Western Virginia
1 Market Square S.E.
Roanoke, VA 24011
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Old Augusta

ThumbLink to MapNotes
Map by Jed. Hotchkiss, T.E. Staunton, Va., 1886
Based on Source:Waddell, 1902
Counties that make up Old AugustaModern day counties that were formed from the original Augusta, and are included in the Old Augusta Project
Boundaries of Old Augusta County, 1761Map showing what's included in "Old Augusta" as defined for this project
Panoramic View 1861Old Augusta is shown in the distance with added place names.
Map of Augusta County, Virginia - 1886 (Shows location of North River, Middle River, Beverley Manor, South River and Riverheads)
Meeting Houses of Beverley Manor and Borden GrantEarly Map of Beverley Manor and Borden Grant Showing Meeting Houses
Waterways of Old Augusta

Beverley's Manor

Location Map of Beverley's ManorOutline map of Beverley's Manor overlaid on USGS topographic map
Land Owners of Beverley's Manor J.R. Hildebrand Tract Map of "Beverley Manor"
Colorized version of Hildebrand's Map of Beverley ManorColorized version of above to aid in distinguishing property boundaries with other features, areas outside of Beverley's Manor excluded, waterways depicted in blue
Northeast Section Quadrant Maps of Beverley Patent, 1736, as compiled and painstakinly drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, the reknowned cartographer, in 1954, which shows the plots to the original grantees
Northwest Section
Southeast Section
Southwest Section
Streams of Beverley's ManorDepicts major streams and rivers of Beverley's Manor as shown by Hildebrand
Watersheds of Beverley's ManorDepicts major watershed boundaries of Beverley's Manor
Alphabetical Listing of GranteesOriginal Grantees with Hildebrand Map Coordinates, painstakingly compiled by James D. Small, of Surgoinsville, Tennessee, (Rootsweb link) Note: there are some errors in dates on the Hildebrand Map and the Alphabetical listing of James Small that are in conflict with the dates listed in Chalkley's. In those circumstances these data defer to Chalkley's.

Borden's Grant

ThumbLink to MapNotes
Map of Borden's GrantThe J.R. Hildebrand Tract Map of "The Borden Grant":
RootswebMap of Borden Tract, based upon J.R. Hildebrand Map
List of SettlersAlphabetical Listing of Borden Grant Settlers (Rootsweb link)
Waterways of Borden's GrantDepiction of waterways of Borden's Grant as shown on Hildebrands map. [Text needed, also needs improved labeling]
Unclaimed Land of Borden's Grant, 1743Land that had not be taken up at Borden's death in 1743


Stovers Mill Creek area in Rockingham County
Augusta Stone Meeting House in Augusta County