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Old Augusta is primarily drained by tributar4ies of two river systems: the north flowing Shenandoah, and the southflowing James. A number of individual tributaries for both systems arise in Old Augusta, including Rockingham, Augusta, and Rockbridge Counties, as well as several counties lying further to the west (Bath and Allegheny).

The names of the tributaries in these two systems are sometimes confused with each other. In part this is because they've gone by different names at different times, and in part because they have similar names to begin with. For example, both systems have tributaries that were at one time called "the North River"; and both systems have a tributary with the name "South River" even today.

Tributaries of the James

The main stem of the James River passes eastward from Old Augusta, cutting through the Blue Ridge, to discharge into the Chesapeake near Norfolk, Virginia. It is formed from two main branches just south of Lexington in Rockbridge County, in the area known as "the Forks of the James". The eastern branch is known today as the "The South River", though in colonial times it was referred to as "St. Mary's River". [1] The Maury Riverjoins with the South River near Lexington. During the colonial period it was known as "The North River"

Its northern branch is composed of the modern Maury River which passes westward through Goshen pass.  Its main tributaries are the Little Calf Pasture, and Calf Pasture.