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See Also:Register of Early Settlers in Old Augusta, which is an early started page that contains useful information, but which either needs to be completed, or folded into this page.


The focus of the Old Augusta Tapestry is the history of the early settlers who entered the area beginning about 1730. Eventually, the goal is to have something about each and every one of them. That may be an impossible to achieve, but it is the goal. To accomplish that, we first need to identify who those settlers were. Currently, we are drawing on whatever information is available to identify these early settlers. The following is a compilation of settlers identified in each of the sources used. In many cases persons identified in one source, are also identified in other sources. Eventually, there will be a need to condense these results into a formal index of early settlers, but that will need to wait until we've exhausted our current sources.

First Families

Waddell, in his Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871 provides a list of the first few families that made up the first influx of settlers seeking in early Orange and Augusta County, Virginia.

Waddell's First Families of Early Augusta County
Scott's List of Orange County Importations
Orange County Importations listed in Morton, 1920 (Mostly early settlers claiming land in Old Augusta)

Beverley Manor

Note: Links to Early Landowners that received original land patents from William Beverley (Beverley Patent), listed in alphabetical order with Hildebrand map quadrant (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map, Orange County or Augusta County Deed Books) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and many include links to WeRelate families (note: some Borden Tract settlers are also included):

Surnames A-E
Surnames F-J
Surnames K-O

Surnames P-T
Surnames U-Z

Borden's Grant

Land Owners in the Borden Grant (Original Patents)
Arrivals to the Borden Grant

Beyond Goshen Pass:

The Calfpasture
The Cowpasture
The Bullpasture (formerly called "Clover Creek")

The Shenandoah

The James

Settlers of the James River

Outlying Areas:

Settlers of the Upper Potomac (Included three major watershed: The Cacapon River (a portion of which was known as the "Lost River of Calaphon"), The South Branch of the Potomac, and the North Branch of the Potomac)

Settlers of the Upper Roanoke

  • There were two streams known as "Buffalo Creek" and and two streams known as "Goose Creek" in Old Augusta. In the case of "Buffalo Creek" one was in the James River Watershed, and the other in the Roanoke watershed, and survive as currently named. There were also two Goose Creeks, one in the James and the other in the Roanoke watershed, but only the one in the James River watershed continues to be known as "Goose Creek. The one in the Roanoke watershed is now known as the North Fork of the Roanoke.

Settlers of the New River

Settlers of the Upper Tennessee

Settlers of the District of West Augusta

Processioning Data

Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1756
Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1748
Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1748, Borden's Grant

By Names

By names for early settlers of Old Augusta, recorded in the County Fee Books