By names for early settlers of Old Augusta, recorded in the County Fee Books



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Fee Books in Source:Chalkley's Chronicles (selected years)


By Names for early settlers of Old Augusta, recorded in Estate Settlements, Debtors



D=Descriptive (Big John, ....)
L=Locational (Borden's Land, Staunton, Of Cathey's River...)
O=Occupational (Pedlar, blacksmith...)
R=Relational (wife of, son of, Jr., ...)
T=Titular (Captain, Rev., Gentleman, ...)


YearFirstLastTitleBy NameTypeWeRelateNotes
1774 William Allen mason O
1774 John Allison Bordens Land L
1774 John Allison Middle River L
1774 James Anderson Johns son R
1774 John Anderson Middle River L
1774 William Anderson son of George R
1774 William Armstrong Christians Creek L
1759 Wm. Armstrong son of Thomas R
1774 Thomas Black weaver O
1764 Alex. Boyd Hampshire L
1774 James Bratton blacksmith O
1774 James Brown near Staunton L
1774 James Buchanan Forks L
1774 John Caldwell South River L
1764 Charles Campbell North River L
1759 Margaret Clark Wife of Robert Clark R
1764 Thomas Coulson Fredericksburg L
1764 John Craig Vanses L?
1774 John Craig Cub Run L
1764 Edward Cunningham Frederick L
1764 John Davis hunter O
1759 John Davis Borden's Land L
1759 John Davis pedler O
1774 John Davis hunter O
1774 Ephraim Dunlop Fincastle L
1764 William Dunlop L. Creek L
1759 William Edmondson mason O
1764 Peter Elphinson Frederick L
1774 John Finley Middle River L
1774 David Frame Cow Pasture L
1764 James Gallant Frederick L
1759 John Givens Merchant O
1759 William Givens pedler O
1759 John Graham hoper O
1774 John Graham Christians Creek L
1774 Christopher Harris Albemarle L
1759 James Henderson son of William R
1764 John Henderson shoemaker O
1759 John Henderson son of William R
1774 John Henderson Dry River L
1774 John Henderson Dry River L
1764 Sarah Horse [Hoose] married Rob. Davis R
1764 Archibald Huston none
1764 Robert Jackson Frederick L
1774 Andrew Johnston South Branch L
1774 John Gabriel Jones Botetourt L
1774 James Kerr blacksmith O
1774 James Kerr blacksmith O
1764 John King Naked Creek L
1759 John King Naked Creek L
1774 John King Naked Creek L
1764 David Lewis Jr Albemarle. L
1764 Sarah Lewis Fredericksburg L
1764 John Long James River L
1759 Wm. Long Staunton L
1774 Jacob Lorton Fincastle L
1764 Thomas McCarty Hampshire L
1774 John McCoy Bull Pasture L
1764 Alex. McDonall Frederick L
1759 William McMullen near Waterson's L
1759 Cate Miller Shenando,
Wife of Henry Miller
L, R
1774 Moses Moore Greenbrier L
1759 Thomas Parson Hampshire L
1774 James Patterson Naked Creek L
1774 James Patterson Middle River L
1759 Agnes Patton None
1764 Gabriel Penn Amherst L
1764 Jacob Peters South B. L
1774 Joseph Pindexter Bedford L
1774 Samuel Pritchard Hamp. L
1764 John Ramsey South River L
1764 John Ramsey Pastures L
1759 John Ramsey South River L
1759 John Ramsey Capt. T
1774 John Ramsey Pastures L
1774 John Ramsey, Sr South River L
1764 Robert Reed Stone Meeting House L
1764 Robert Reed Staunton L
1774 Robert Reed Staunton L
1764 David Robinson lower end County L
1764 William Robinson Roanoke L
1764 William Robinson Long Meadow L
1774 Andrew Russell Long Meadow L
1764 David Scot Hamp. L
1764 John Scot Ro. Oak L
1759 John Scot Peaked Mountain. L
1774 John Sevior Fincastle L
1764 John Sharp Bedford L
1774 John Shelby Fincastle L
1764 Joseph Smith Amherst L
1774 Thomas Smith Staunton L
1774 John Stead Dunmore ?
1759 James Stevenson pedler O
1759 John Stevenson Peaked Mountain L
1774 John Stewart taylor O
1774 John Stewart taylor O
1764 John Stuart Merchant O
1764 John Stuart Frederick L
1764 John Stuart taylor O
1764 John Stuart Borden's Land L
1759 John Stuart pedler O
1764 John Thompson Ro. Oak L
1774 John Thompson Carrs Creek L
1774 Robert Thompson Bordens Land L
1764 William Thompson S. Hill L
1774 William Thompson Mill Creek L
1774 John Williams Big John D
1774 George Wilson Pastures L
1774 George Wilson Pastures L
1774 John Wilson Jacksons River L
1759 Samuel Wilson sadler O
1764 William Wilson lower end County L
1759 Barbara Wingard Peaked Mountain L
1759 James Young son of John R
1759 Robert Young son of John R
1774 Isaac Younghusband Henrico. L