By Names for early settlers of Old Augusta, recorded in Estate Settlements, Debtors



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Intermediate SourceChalkley's Chronicles 3:167


By names for early settlers of Old Augusta, recorded in the County Fee Books



D=Descriptive (Big John, ....)
L=Locational (Borden's Land, Staunton...)
O=Occupational (Pedlar, blacksmith...)
R=Relational (wife of, son of....)
T=Titular (Captain, Rev....)


First, LastBy NameType
Eleanor Dunn at Elijah McClenachans L
James McManis Amherst L
Wm. Rogers. B.M. [presumably Beverley Manor] L
Gasper Carner Black's Gap L
Wm. Russell Buchanan's Mill L
Daniel Meek Calfpasture L
Wm. Collen Carolina L
James Cooper Forks of James L
John Adkins going to Carolina L
Betsey Hughes Greenbrier L
James Berry Holst. son to Francis R, L
Andrew Cowen Holstein L
James Armstrong Holstein L
John Anderson Long Glead, Holstein L
John Woods M. River L
James Anderson M. River L
Joseph Right M. River L
Eleanor Craig M. River L
Evan Griffith M. River son of Abel R, L
James Anderson M. River son of John R, L
Mary Blackwood married to McCrosky R
James Long Mid. River L
Joseph Love Montgomery[County] L
John Brown N. Mtn. son to Widow R, L
Wm. McNab No. Mountain L
Jacob Kile No. Mountain L
Robert Patterson No. Mountain L
Hugh Divier No. River L
John Campbell No. River L
Jacob Meckghew Pr. Edward L
Robt. Jameson Prince Edward L
Alex. Reed Rockfish L
Wm. Jordan So. River L
John Henderson So. River son to David dead R, L, D
Andrew Campbell So. River son to John R, L
Wm. Long Warm Springs L
Thos. Jones at the Office O*
Chas. Syms attorney at law O
Jno. Todd attorney at law O
Amos Perkins Blacksmith O
Jno. Ehrhard laborer O
Thos. Bird labourer O
Jno. Hughson Mason O
James Kelly Mason O
Andrew Wilson reedmaker O
Sally McGraw servant to Dr. Watkins O, R
David Steel Tailor O
John Welsh Tailor O
James Bowyer Taylor O
Wm. Scott Taylor O
James Edmonson taylor O
Geo. Berry son to Francis R
Major Scott Dead D
James Brown Dead D
Henry Black Dutchman D
John Smith son of Daniel dead R, D
Andrew Anderson son to John R
Jenny Lewis Thomas' daughter R
Jenny Lewis Miss T
Adam Smith Rev T


Page 334.--29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North--Molly Mathews, Michael Diveyer, John Pans, Taylor, Edward Brayton, Mary Dillon, Wm. Collen, Carolina; Rev. Adam Smith, Margaret Mountfield, Hannah Sires, Robt. Jameson, Prince Edward; Andrew Cowen, Holstein; John Adkins, going to Carolina; William Loveley, Sally McGraw, servant to Dr. Watkins; James Bowyer (Taylor), John Anderson, Long Glead, Holstein; Joseph Love, Montgomery; Geo. Berry (son to Francis), James Anderson, son of John, M. River; John Henderson, son to David, So. River, dead; John Brown, son to Widow, N. Mtn.; David Steel (tailor), Wm. Jordan, So. River; Wm. Scott (taylor), John Welsh (tailor), Amos Perkins (blacksmith), Michael McEntosh, James Cooper, Forks of James; Mary Blackwood, married to McCrosky; _____ Crawford, brother to Patrick; Wm. Russell, Buchanan's Mill; Charles Philips, Adam Cribb, Eleanor Craig, M. River; Eleanor Dunn at Elijah McClenachans, Robert Patterson, No. Mountain; Nelly Keenan, James Berry, son to Francis, Holst.; John Woods, M. River; Andrew Anderson, son to John; Andrew Jenkins; Major Scott (dead), Mark Hatton, Andrew Campbell, son to John, So. River; Andrew Wilson, reedmaker; James Anderson, M. River; James Kelly (mason), John Cypher, James Brown (dead), John Votaw, Wm. McNab, No. Mountain; Joseph Right, M. River; James Armstrong, Holstein; Wm. Long, Warm Springs; Jean Rush, Evan Griffith, son of Abel, M. River; James Bott, Alex. Reed, Rockfish; Miss Betsey Hughes, Greenbrier; Henry Black, Dutchman; Hugh Divier. No. River; John Smith, son of Daniel, dead; Gasper Carner, Black's Gap; Daniel Meek, Calfpasture; Mary Cawfield, Jacob Kile, No. Mountain; Wm. Rogers. B. M.; John Campbell, No. River; James Edmonson, taylor; Chas. Syms, attorney at law; Nath. Bell Magruder, James Long, Mid. River; Richard Aldeman, Jno. Ehrhard, laberer; James McManis, Amherst; Jno. Todd, attorney at law; Thos. Bird, labourer; Abraham Savage, Thos. Jones, at the Office; Jacob Meckghew, Pr. Edward; Jno. Heany, Miss Jenny Lewis, Thomas' daughter, Jno. Hughson, Mason.