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From: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871 By Joseph Addison Waddell. (Source:Waddell, 1886). These were the first few families that made up the first influx of primarily Irish settlers seeking prosperity in early Orange and Augusta County, Virginia.

22 Feb. 1739

Patrick Campbell (b. 1696, Ireland, d. 17 Mar. 1767, Augusta County, VA), m. 1) Elizabeth Taylor, bef. 1716 prob. in Ireland, m. 2) Eleanor (unknown) abt. 1754.

George Hudson, no information.

John Lewis (b. 01 Feb 1677/78, County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland, d. 01 Feb 1762, Augusta County, VA), m. Margaret Lynn (1693-1773). This John Lewis is sometimes confused with another John Lewis, from Shenandoah County, Virginia.

George Robertson, no information.

28 Feb. 1739

John McDowell his wife Magdalene, is refered to as Capt. John McDowell (b. 1714, Ireland, d. 14 Dec 1742, where he was killed by Indians in Augusta County). He married Magdelena Woods (1712-1810), a daughter of Samuel Woods and Elizabeth Campbell. His wife Magdalena married 2nd, Benjamin Borden, Jr. in 1744, and 3rd, Gen. John Bowyer bef. Nov. 1754.

Samuel McDowell, his son and servant John Rutter

John Campbell, Elizabeth, Esther, Mary, Rachel & Jane Campble (from Ireland).

22 May, 1740

George Anderson , his wife, Elizabeth, and his children, William, Margaret, John and Frances. This was George Anderson, (b. abt. 1710, Ireland, d. 1788, Augusta County, VA), m. Elizabeth Crawford (abt. 1710-1788). George was a son of John Anderson and Margaret (unknown), and brother of John, William and James Anderson, who also migrated to Augusta County.

John Anderson his wife, Jane, and his children, Esther, Mary and Margaret. This was John Anderson, (b. abt. 1712, Ireland, d. 1787, Augusta County, VA), married Jane (unknown). He was the son of John Anderson, Sr. and Margaret (unknown) and brother of George, William and James Anderson, who also migrated to Augusta County.

James Bell and his children, John, Margaret and Elizabeth. These were the "Long Glade Bells". This was James Bell (b. 1710, Ireland, d. May 1751, Augusta County, VA), m. Rachel McCune. Owned several tracts of land in Augusta County, mentioned in his will, written in 1749.

Alexander Breckenridge and (unreadable), John, George, Robert, (unreadable), Smith, (unreadable), and Letitia Breckenridge from Ireland to Philadelphia. Note: In a deed from Wm. Null to John Coalter, Nov. 28, 1750, for 210 acres of land on Mill Creek, mention is made of Robert McClanahan's lines and the corner "to the grave-yard of John Breckinridge who was murdered by Indians." This is Alexander Breckenridge (b. 1670, d. 1743, Augusta County, VA) that married Jane Preston and brought a large family to Augusta County.

William Brown and his children, Mary, Robert, Hugh and Margaret. More information needed on this family.

James Caldwell and his children, Mary, Jean, Agnes, John, Sarah and Samuel. This was James Caldwell, (b. bef 1714, prob. Ireland), purchased 600 acres in Augusta County 20 Feb. 1738 on Christian's Creek. Appointed Constable in 1743. Wife Mary, Children: Jean, Agnes, John, Mary, Sarah and Samuel.

John Hays and his children Rebecca, Charles, Andrew, Barbara, Joan and Robert. John Hays (b. est. 1685-1694, prob. Ireland, d. Dec. 1750, Augusta County, VA) was probably the brother of Patrick Hays, listed below.

Patrick Hays and his (wife) Frances and children, Joan, William, Margaret, Catharine and Ruth. Patrick Hays (b. est. 1700-1710, d. abt. 1761 in Orange County, VA) married Frances (some say McNitt), and was probably the brother of John Hays, listed above.

David Logan his wife, Jane, and his children, Mary and William. David Logan (b. 1706, d. abt. 1757, Augusta County, VA) married Jane McKinley and were the parents of Gen. Benjamin Logan (1742-1802), who was born shortly after their migration to Augusta County, VA.

Robert Patterson , his wife Grace, and his children, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth. Robert Patterson (b. 28 May 1700, d. bet. Oct-Nov. 1774, Augusta County, VA) was a son of William Patterson and Janet Erwin.

Robert Poage his wife, Elizabeth, and his children, Margaret, John, Martha, Sarah, George, Mary, Elizabeth, William and Robert.

John Preston came in with Breckinridge and others, but postponed proving his importation till 1746, when he appeared before the court of Augusta, "to partake of his Majesty's bounty for taking uplands."

Samuel Scott,his wife, Jane, and son, John. Samuel Scott (b. bef. 1710, d. 1749 in Augusta County, VA) married 1st, Jane (Unknown) bef. 1730 and 2nd, Ann Oliver bet. 1746-1746, probably in Augusta County, VA.

Robert Scott, his wife, Ann, and his children, Mary, George and Esther. Robert was the brother of Samuel Scott, listed above.

John Stephenson and his (wife) Sarah and (daughter) Mary. John Stephenson (b. abt. 1700, d. abt. 1778, Rockingham County, VA) married Sarah Waite. Their daughter Mary married Archibald Houston (1730-1774). One account has John Stevenson being imported with "daughters" Sarah and Mary, but that appears to be in error according to other accounts. There is no mention of a daughter Sarah in his will, only his wife Sarah was mentioned.

John Trimble and his children, Ann, Margaret and Mary. This is probably John Trimble (b. abt. 1715, d. 1764) who married Mary Christian, more research is necessary on this family.

David Wilson, his wife, Charity, and son, James.

26 June, 1740

Hugh Campbell and his children, Esther and Sarah. (b. 1714, Ireland, d. Dec. 1774, Augusta County VA), married Esther McGill, daughter of William McGill/Magill and Mary Eakin.

John Smith, his wife, Margaret, his children, Abraham, Henry, Daniel, John and Joseph, and Robert McDowell. This was Captain (later Col.) John Smith of Augusta, who became prominent during the Indian wars, as did his sons, Abraham, Daniel and John.

Robert Young and his children, Agnes, John, Samuel and James, (b. 1711, County Antrim, Ireland, d. 1762 in Augusta County, VA), m. Agnes Crockett abt. 1730 in Ireland. Robert was a son of John Young (d. 1747, Augusta County) and Annie Houston.