Person:Samuel Scott (31)

Samuel Scott, of Cub Run and South Branch of the Shenandoah River, VA
b.Est 1710 Ireland
d.Bef 17 May 1749 Augusta County, Virginia
  • F.  Scott (add)
m. Bef 1707
  1. George Scott, of the North Branch, Shenandoah RiverBef 1710 -
  2. Samuel Scott, of Cub Run and South Branch of the Shenandoah River, VAEst 1710 - Bef 1749
  3. Jean Scott1712 - Abt 1802
  4. Capt. Robert Scott, of the South Branch, Shenandoah River, VABef 1715 -
  • HSamuel Scott, of Cub Run and South Branch of the Shenandoah River, VAEst 1710 - Bef 1749
  • WAnn OliverAbt 1718 -
m. Est 1737/38
  1. John ScottEst 1738/39 - Aft 1748
  2. Mary ScottAbt 1740 - 1793
  3. Jane 'Jean' ScottAbt 1743 -
  4. George ScottAbt 1747 - Bef 1759
  5. Samuel Scott, Jr.1749 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Scott, of Cub Run and South Branch of the Shenandoah River, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1710 Ireland
Marriage Est 1737/38 prob. Ireland or Scotlandto Ann Oliver
Death? Bef 17 May 1749 Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Scott was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - 1744-45, January 30th--Samuel Scott, 400 acres on north side North River, above Seawright's Mill road. (Note: this land is most likely the 400 acres "on Cub Run" listed in Samuel Scott's will, listed below).

Will of Samuel Scott

Will Book 1, Augusta County, VA (From Chalkley's):

  • Page 140 - - 16th March, 1748. Samuel Scott's will - wife, Ann; son, John, 400 acres on Cub Run, slave negroes; daughters, Mary and Jean (infants), slaves, negores; mother, Jean Scott; brother's son, Samuel Scott. Executors. Robert Scott, and Robert Hook. Teste: Robert McFerson, George Scott, George Scott. Presented 17th May, 1749, in court by executors and proved by all witnesses. Ann refuses by abide by the will.
  • Page 311.--17th May. 1759. Samuel Scott's estate settlement, by Robert Scott and Robert Hooks, executors. Paid Thos. Stevenson, Christopher Zimmerman, Robt. McFarson, David Nelson, Henry Downs, Saml. Wilkins, Wm. Craig, Wm. Snodon, Margaret Fowler, William Jordan, Jno. Vought, Patrick Cain, Doctor Harrison, Hugh Thompson, Jonathan Gibson, Jas. Beard; 1 coffin for Samuel Scott; 1 coffin for George Scott; keeping 3 negroes one year, nine months, bv R. Scott. Vendue to, viz: David Crighton, Jno. Paul Fought, David Logan, Jas. Underwood, James Berkley, widow McDonald, Patrick Quin. Joseph Kinkade, John Love, Bernard Man, Jacob Pence, John Wilkins, Ann Scott.

Record of Importation

"Samuel Scott proved his rights to land... May 22d 1740... Samuel Scott came into Court and made oath that he imported himself, Ann, Jane, & John Scott from Ireland to Philadelphia & from thence into this Colony & that this is the first time of his proving his & their rights in order to obtain Land which is ordered to be certified." [Orange County, Virginia Order Book 2 - 1739-1741, pp. 158-159]

Records of Samuel Scott

Records from ORANGE COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1734-1749, by Ann Brush Miller:

  • 23 November 1744, O.S. p. 229-A - Ordered that the Road Petitioned for by Henry Downs Gent and Viewed and Lay’d of by George Anderson Henry Dowley and Alexr. Thompson be allowed and that the same be Cleared and Kept in repair and its further ordered that the Male Labouring Tythables in this precinct (To Wit) From the road Below Samuell Guys to Capt John Smiths on the north mountain to Saml Scotts on the Peeked Mountain Do Clear the same under the instructions of Capt Robert Scott who is appointed Overseer of the same.

Record from Orange County, VA Will Book 2, 1744-1778:

  • Pages 306-07. John Lucas. Estate Account.
Purchasers of estate sold at publick vendue, July 1751, were John Hubbard, John Snell, John Haskew, Daniel Ramsey, William Ham, Thomas Jarman, Francis Smith, John Cleaveland, Edward Franklyn, Bradley Kimbrow, James Griffith, James Shepherd, Thomas Shakleford, thomas Overstreet, William Cave, John Coffee, Reuben Franklyn, John Cook, John Foster, David Watts, Saml. Ham, William Lucas Senr., Zachary Lucas, William Lucas Jur., John Hardwick, Thomas Warren.
Payments made to Robt. Scott (on account of Saml. Scott, dec.), Dr. Walker, Richard Vernon, Col. Taylor, Mr. Secretary Nelson, Hon. Wm. Byrd Esq., Wiliam Lucas Jur., John Wade.
Receipts from Mr. Hugh Miller, --- Green, John Wade (for 8 years' rent)
Signed by William Lucas, executor.
28 Aug. 1760. Returned.
[Orange County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 81].

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 97.--20th March, 1755. Daniel Harrison's bond as guardian (chosen) to John Scot, orphan of Saml. Scot, with sureties David Stewart, Robert McClenachan
  • Page 344. - 22nd November, 1759. Daniel Smith's bond (with Jno. Christian, Jno. Scott) as guardian (?) to Jane Scott, orphan of Samuel Scott.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1761. - Scot vs. Scot.--Jane Scot, an infant, by Daniel Smith, her guardian, daughter of Samuel Scot, of Augusta, deceased, in 1749. Jane had a sister and brother. The widow Scot intermarried with William Pickins. Jane's oldest sister was Mary.
  • Page 27.--18th August, 1767. Skidmore Monsey's bond (with Wm. Dunlap, Geo. Spears) as guardian to Saml. Scott, orphan of Samuel Scott. (Note: likely a younger son of Samuel that was still a minor. This Samuel was not named in his father's will, it appears the will was written prior to his birth).