Person:John Anderson (177)

John Anderson
b.Abt 1712 Ulster, Ireland
m. Abt 1710
  1. George AndersonAbt 1710 - 1788
  2. John AndersonAbt 1712 - 1787
  3. William AndersonAbt 1718 - Abt 1794
  4. James AndersonAbt 1720 - 1779
  • HJohn AndersonAbt 1712 - 1787
  • WJane UnknownAbt 1720 -
m. Abt 1733
  1. Margaret 'Peggy' AndersonAbt 1735 - 1810
  2. Mary AndersonBef 1736 -
  3. Esther AndersonEst 1736 to 1739 - Bef 1779
  4. John AndersonAbt 1740 -
  5. Gen. Robert Anderson1741 - 1812
  6. William AndersonAbt 1742 - 1817
  7. Jane AndersonAbt 1744 - 1811
  8. Rebecca AndersonAbt 1746 -
  9. James Anderson1746 - 1813
  10. Col. Andrew Anderson1748 - Bet 1821 & 1823
  11. Daughter AndersonAbt 1750 -
Facts and Events
Name John Anderson
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1712 Ulster, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1733 Irelandto Jane Unknown
Other? 22 May 1740 Arrived in Orange (later Augusta) County, Virginia with Jane, his wife, Esther, Mary and Margaret Anderson, O. Book II, pg. 158.Land Transaction
Death? 1787 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Death[1] 1787 in Battle of Point Pleasant

John Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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John Anderson's land (Beverley Manor NE, 747 acres) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. The land of John Anderson's brother, George Anderson is located nearby just to the southeast.

Acquisition of Land from History of Augusta County, Virginia, by John Lewis Peyton:

  • 5 June, 1738, Grant from William Beverley, 747 acres in "Beverley Manor", believed to be on a farm on Middle River, where the Valley turnpike crosses.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, VA Records:

  • Pages 227-232. 5-6 June 1739. William Beverley, Gent. of Essex County to John Anderson of Orange County, farmer. Lease and Release; for ₤10 current money, 747 acres supposed to be in the bounds of Beverley Manner ("Beverley Manor") at a bunch of elms on the south side of Cathey's River which divides this and the land of Robt. Patterson... down the river... John Henderson... W. Beverley. Wit: James Porteus, Thos. Wood, John Latham. 28 June, 1739. Proved by James Porteus, Thos. Wood and John Latham. [Relinquishment of dower as above, Beverley to (William) Smith]. [Orange County Will Book 3, Pg. 16].

Acquisition of Land from Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, by Joseph Addison Waddell, pg. 22:

Outside the large land grants to Beverley, Borden and others, patents were issued from time to time for small tracts to various persons. One of the earliest of this class, which we have seen, is dated September 1, 1740, and is signed in the name of King George II by James Blair, acting Governor. It was granted to James Anderson 270 acres "lying in that part of Orange county called Augusta, on a branch of Cathry's river, called Anderson's branch," &c., in consideration of the importation of five persons to dwell within this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia, whose names are: John Anderson, Jane Anderson, Esther Anderson, Mary Anderson, and Margaret Anderson," and the further consideration of five shillings—provided the "fee rent" of one shilling for every fifty acres be paid annually, and three acres in fifty be cultivated and improved within three years. The tract is probably the same now owned by Thomas S. Hogshead, near Stribling Springs. But no stream in that neighborhood is known at this day as Anderson's branch.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 305.--19th August, 1747. John Anderson to John Hogshead, £9 current money Virginia; 270 acres patented, 1st December, 1740, to Jno. Anderson. Teste: Thos. Lewis, John Maxwell, James Hogshead. Acknowledged by John, and dower released by Jane, his wife, 19th Auagust 1747.
  • November 8, 1786. James Anderson and Ann (Agness),part of 747 acres, conveyed by Beverly to John Anderson, March 15, 1739, also part of 135 acres, patented to John, and conveyed to James by John, May 15, 1781.
  • Page 73.--8th November, 1786. James Anderson and Ann (Agness) to Nathaniel Birkett (delivered: Andrew Moody, 25th October, 1788), part of 747 acres conveyed to John Anderson by Beverley, 16th March, 1739; also part of 135 acres patented to said John and since conveyed to James by said John, 15th May, 1781.
  • Page 47.--19th October, 1790. Andrew Anderson and Martha and James Allen and Margaret to John Griner, part of tract patented to John Anderson, deceased, and by him conveyed in his lifetime to Andrew and James.

Will of John Anderson

Page 550 - - 4th March, 1779. John Anderson's will - - To wife, Jane, the mare called the Carolina mard; to son, Robert; to son, William, in case he return from his journey; to son, James; to son, Andrew, tract adjoining John Patterson; to son William's son, John, infant; to son-in-law, James Allen; to son-in-law, Wm. Craig. Executors, sons James and Andrew. Teste: James Anderson, James Blair, George Anderson. Codicil, 17th May, 1786, transfers slave from son James to son Andrew. Teste: James and George Anderson. Proved, 20th February, 1787, by James and George Anderson. Andrew qualifies.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List (as of 1742): No. 1 - Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
  • MARCH, 1771 (C). - William Robertson vs. James Anderson (Long Meadow).--Trespass, James killed Robertson's fowls and hogs with ratsbane in 1767. James Meek's deposition, November 1, 1768. He was at James Anderson's house on Long Meadow. James wife was Elizabeth, and they had a daughter Jean. William Robertson's wife was Lettice. Elizabeth was sister of William Skillem and George Skillem(?). Verdict for plaintiff. (Note: shows James Anderson, son of John, as living on "Long Meadow").
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