Person:John Trimble (14)

John Trimble
b.Abt 1715
  • HJohn TrimbleAbt 1715 - 1763
  • WMary ChristianAbt 1704 - Aft 1764
m. Bet 1743 and 1752
  1. Robert TrimbleEst 1745 to 1759 -
  2. Capt. James TrimbleAbt 1753 - 1804
Facts and Events
Name John Trimble
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1715
Marriage Bet 1743 and 1752 Virginiato Mary Christian
Alt Marriage 1755 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Christian
Death? 17 Jul 1763 Augusta County, VirginiaKilled In The Last Indian Raid In Augusta, Virginia
Alt Death[1] 1764 Augusta County, VirginiaKilled In The Last Indian Raid In Augusta, Virginia

John Trimble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on John Trimble

There are two early John Trimble's that settled in Augusta County. The other John Trimble settled in Beverley Manor and was referred to as "John Trimble of North Mountain" or "John Trimble of North Mountain and Brown's Settlement", who married Ann (Unknown). This John Trimble acquired land the Borden Tract, married Mary Christian (after her first husband John Moffett died in 1742) and was killed in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre in 1763.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • John Trimble acquired a 400-acre tract on Stony Lick Branch on the North River of the Shenandoah, prior to the disposition in 1762, listed below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 362.--19th May, 1762. John Trimble and Mary ( ) to Henry Criswell, 400 acres on southemost branch of North River of Shanando, on Stony Lick Branch. Acknowledged and privy examination of Mary.

About John Trimble

John TRIMBLE was born in 1715.(28) He died in 1764.(28) He had an estate probated on 20 Nov 1764 in Augusta County, Virginia.(21) Those heads of household listed on both the Orange Co., Virginia head rights and on Rev. Craigs Tinkling Springs Parish Register include: Geo Anderson, John Anderson,William Anderson, Geo. Breckenridge, James Bell, Wm. Brown, Robert Brown John Campbell, Charles Campbell. Wm. McCanless, John King, Robert Crockett, John Trimble, Charles Hayes, Andrew Hayes , Patrick Hayes, Wm. King, Robt Patterson, Robt Poage, Robert Hook, Samuel, Robert and Geo Scott, David Neilson, John Calwell, John Stephenson, James, John and Andrew McClure. These families were the early settlers of both Orange Co., Virginia and the same families moved into Kentucky beginning at a time predating the Revolution.

Estate Records of John Trimble

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1756 (B). - Trimble vs. Gardner.--John Trimble and Mary, his wife, complain of Alexander Gardner and Benjamin Copland. Bond dated 12th September, 1749. Made to Mary Moffett, who married Trimble. Suit begun 1755, 30th November.
  • Page 364.--20th November, 1764. James and Mary Trimble's bond (with James Gilmore, Ben. Estill, Geo. Moffett, David Trimble), as administrators of John Trimble.
  • WILL BOOK 4: Page 195.--22d March, 1769. Settlement recorded of John Trimble's estate, by Mary and James Trimble, administrators--By John Prise' (Price?) weges and bounty, ú12.0.0. Cash of John Bigham on Geo. Bighams. By Henry Criswell's bond. Paid Andw. Baskin, Alex. McKinsey, John Boswell, Saml. Davison, Thos. Garden on Bigham's account.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (335) (Court of Claims and Grievances) - Wm. Elliott, provisions. John Finley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict of John Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and provisions. Wm. Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson, provisions and horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage, provisions. Ralph Laverty, provisions. Thos. Beard, provisions. John Trimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "flower". John McClary, provisions.
  • MAY, 1765 (A). Estil vs. Skilleren.--Augusta Sc____ This day Benjamin Estil came before me and made oath that about the year 1761, or 1762, William Skilleren gave him a note of hand due said Skilleren from one Henry Long, to endeavor to collect of Long for said Skilleren, and if not collected to return the note of hand to said Skilleren, and that the said note was destroyed by the Indians on the 13th day of September last at the dwelling house of John Trimble, deceased, but that there was no credit on said note nor doth he know that ever he received any part or party of said note, but if ever it shall or can be made to appear, or by any means found out, that any part was received by him, he is willing at any time to discount the same with said Skilleren. Given under my hand this 20th day of March, 1765. John Dickinson.

Killed by Indians

John Trimble was killed in the last indian raid in Augusta County, Virginia Parents: Robert TRIMBLE and Hannah TRIMBLE?. He was married to Mrs. Mary CHRISTIAN .(28) AUGUSTA COUNTY VIRGINIA -CHALKLEY'S CHORNICLES; pge 364. - 20th November 1764, James and Mary Trimble's bond ( with James Gilmore, Ben estill, George Moffet, David Trimble) as Administers of John Trimble. Children were: James TRIMBLE.

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