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Roanoke River

From Wikipedia.com (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roanoke_River)

The Roanoke River is a river in southern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina in the United States, 410 mi (660 km) long. A major river of the southeastern United States, it drains a largely rural area of the coastal plain from the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains southeast across the Piedmont to Albemarle Sound. An important river throughout the history of the United States, it was the site of early settlement in the Virginia Colony and the Carolina Colony. Part of its upper course in Virginia between the City of Roanoke and Clarksville is also known as the Staunton River. It is impounded along much of its middle course to form a chain of reservoirs.




From Chalkley's (listed in alphabetical order, based upon grantee/acquiree):

  • Page 85 - James Barnett, 54 acres, Roanoke. December 8, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 31].
  • Page 88.--28th November, 1751. Same (from Col. James Patton) to James Bean (Bane), 190 acres by patent as above. Branch of Peters Creek. All these deeds witnessed by the same. Flood and Preston.
  • John Bowen acquired at least 230 acres "Glade Creek of Roanoke" prior to 15 November 1762 (when his widow Lillie sold it to their son Reece), possibly as early as 15 April 1748, when John received a bond, likely for the land, from Col. James Patton, who had acquired vast sums of land in the early Augusta County area).
  • Page 319.--18th May, 1753. James Burk to James Bean (Bane), 117 acres, part of tract patented to Burk, 20th September, 1748, on Goose Creek. Teste: George McSwine, George Robinson.
  • 1772 - William Carleton- Survey inclusive, 360 acres on Mason's Creek. [Kegley's Virginia Frontier, pg 572]
  • Page 520.--22d April, 1748. £14.10.6. Finla (Finley) McClure to William Bewes, 400 acres; a Spanish oak; on north side of Goose Creek; corner to George Home. Teste: Jno. Buchanan, Gent; John Buchanan, Francis Beaty. Proved by all, 19th May, 1748.
  • Page 230.--18th February, 1761. William Thompson, of Spring Hill, to Alexander Boyd, gentleman, paymaster to the Virginia Regiment. Whereas, Mathias Yoackum, of Bedford County, yeoman, on November, 1760, constituted William his attorney to convey to Alexander 267 acres, £100, 267 acres on the river. Delivered: Alex. Love, October, 1762.
  • * Page 73.--Ditto. Same (From James Patton) to Tobias Bright, 590 acres part of patent above (North Fork of Goose Creek); Goose Creek; corner James Gorrell; corner George Paris.
  • Page 139.—1th January, 1754. Same (from Col. James Patton) to John Brinnegar, 80 acres, part of a tract patented to Patton 3d November, 1750. Cor. Thomas Luttenton, crossing West Fork of Roanoke, crossing Roanoke River. Cor. Henry Lidford.
  • Page 370.--15th August, 1753. Charles Campbell, gent., to David Bryan, 400 acres on Goose Creek, patented 24th October, 1752. Teste: Alex Wright, Wm. Lusk, John Buchanan.
  • Page 271.--14th March, 1768. William. Bryan to James Bryan, £100, 267 acres on Roanoke, alias Goose Creek; corner William Bryans, Jr., James Burk's line. Teste: William Ingles, William Tutt, Samuel Woods, William Preston. Delivered: Mr. Samuel Lewis, 16th January, 1772.
  • Page 153.—14th February, 1748. Wm. Bewes (Bews) to Wm. Bryan. Delivered: Ro. Breckinridge, May, 1765. On Goose Creek. Corner Joseph Love.
  • Page 313.--11th October, 1765. William. Bryan, Sr., to William Bryan, Jr., son of William, Sr., £5.5, 133 acres on Roanoke River adjoining Joseph Love. Delivered: Thos. Madison, January, 1771.
  • James Burk received a patent (# of acres not specified, more than 117 acres) on 20th September, 1748 on Goose Creek
  • Page 238.--21st November, 1759. John Smith, Gent., to Malcom Campbell, £__, 400 acres on Goose Creek of Roanoke, including the Great Lick, on side Smith's Creek, near mouth of Lick Branch. Sent to Wm. Campbell, the heir-at-law, by his order October, 1773.
  • Page 287.--6th January, 1767. Robert Neelley (Neally, Neilly, Nealy) (and Anna), of Halifax County, to William Christian, £78, 350 acres on a branch of Roan Oak, adjoining Robert Breckenridge and Archibald Graham. Teste: Isaac Christian, Stephen Trigg, Arthur Campbell, James McCorkle, John Crocket.
  • Page 355.--24th January, 1769. Israel Christian to his son William Christian, £1,000, five tracts, 1095 acres, on Buffalo Creek, a branch of Roanoak, commonly called the Stone House Lands, A 300 acres whereon Locust in Little Hell; B containing 117 acres; C 200 acres, corner William Graham; D, 400 acres, Mill's Mountain; E, 78 acres on Dry Run; also two surveys adjoining said Stone House Lands, Tinker Mountain. Rosanna Christian's land, Creely's Gap.
  • Hugh Crockett, 87 acres, South Fork of the Roanoke River, adjoining John Madison. June 4, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 29].
  • Page 483.--26th May, 1767. William ( ) McCurry, of Roan County, North Carolina, to Samuel Crockett, £130, 248 acres on south branch of Rone Oak. Teste: Walter and Joseph Crocket, Andrew Boyd.
  • Page 521.--11th July, 1751. Daniel Evans to Peter Evans, 400 acres on Waters of Roanoke called Cedar Springs, at a place called Naked Farm. Teste: James Neelly, Robt. Breckinridge, James Porteus. Delivered: Wm. Preston.
  • Page 525.--11th July, 1751. Same to same (Daniel Evans to Peter Evans), 400 acres same, by house of Mark Evans. Proved as to James Porteus, deceased, by the other witnesses,. 26th November, 1751.
  • Page 529.--Same to same, 11 July 1751, (Daniel Evans to Peter Evans), 400 acres; same, Carravins Creek, Clearland or Barrens.
  • 22 November 1753 - James Gatlive received "350 acres by deed from James Patton, 22d November, 1753, on a branch of Roanoke; corner Archibald Graham".
  • Page 487.--26th May, 1767. Same ( William ( ) McCurry, of Roan County, North Carolina) to Thomas Goodson, £50, 80 acres on south branch of Roan Oak.
  • Page 259.--1st May, 1747. James Rentfroe, of Lunenburg County, to Archibald Graem (Gream), of Augusta, £_____ current money Virginia; 148 acres patented to _____, 28th September, 1745; near Buffalo Creek.-- James Rentfro, Esther Rentfro. Teste: Robert Mountgomery, Patrick Shirkey, James Mountgomery. Proved by first two witnesses, 21st May, 1747, and by last 18th May, 1749.
  • Page 229.--12th November, 1755. Same (From David Robinson) to William Graham, £122, 100 acres, part of 400 above (part of 400 conveyed to David by George Robinson, 29th November, 1769 (1749?), on Buffalo Creek of Roan Oak), adjoining above. Teste: Robt. Martin, James Neelly.
  • Page 531.--17th March, 1758. John Mills to William Graham, £__, 600 acres, part of a tract deeded to John by James Patton, 17th December, 1752, on Buffelo Creek, a branch of Roanoke; cor. David Robinson, Carravan's Creek.
  • Page 79.-(21st March 1753)-Ditto. Same (From James Patton) to Thomas Hill, 70 acres as above (North Fork of Goose Creek). As above, corner to above (corner John Robinson, Jr.); corner Benjamin Ogle.
  • Page 448.--6th October, 1747. £30. John Nealands, of Frederick County, to John Hite, of Frederick, 330 acres on a branch of Goose Creek.-- John ( ) Nealands. Teste: James Rutledge, W. Cocks, Robert Calvert, Gab. Jones. Proved, 19th November, 1747, by Rutledge and Jones.
  • Page 5.--16th November, 1752. James Neely to Alexander Ingram, 245 acres; corner Francis Beatey. Delivered 1797 to Wm. Ingram, attorney-in-fact for John Ingram, to whom the land was devised. (Note: this 245-acre tract was located on Goose Creek, a tributary of the Roanoke River; James Neely purchased this tract from Ephraim Vause on 1 March 1749).
  • Page 76.-(18th February, 1753)-Ditto. Same (From James Patton) to Elijah Isaac, 378 acres as above (part of large tract patented 10th April, 1751. North Fork of Goose Creek). As above (North Fork of Goose Creek), corner Errick Bright; corner Thomas Hill.
  • 1747 - Peter Kinder acquired land on Goose Creek (near Roanoke VA).
  • Page 324.—27th November, 1749. John Stephenson to Henry Kirkham, Buffalo Creek. Teste: Andrew Cowan, William Hall.
  • Page 141.—4th January, 1754. Same (from Col. James Patton) to Henry Ledford, 75 acres, part of a tract patented to Patton 3d November, 1750, on West Fork of Roanoke. Cor. John Brinnegar.
  • Page 144.—3d January, 1753. Same (from Col. James Patton) to William Ledford, 90 acres patented 3d November, 1750, on West Fork of Roanoke, crossing Bradshaw's Creek.
  • Page 136.—1th January, 1754. Patton to Thomas Luttenton (Littleton), 120 acres, part of tract patented to Patton 3d November, 1750, on South Fork of Roanoke, also West Fork. Cor. to John Brunegar. Teste: Theodosia and Ephraim Vause.
  • Page 408.—28th February, 1749. Ephraim Vause to Joseph Love, 200 acres on Goose Creek. Corner William Bewes. Teste: Francis Beaty, William Dunlapp, George Anderson.
  • March 6, 1753 - John McAdoo, 250 acres joining Monahan's land (on Roanoke). [Source: "Kegley's Virginia Frontier", by Frederick Bittle Kegley, pg. 101].
  • Page 483.--9th October, 1754. Erick Bright to Joseph McDonald, £45, 207 acres by deed from Col. Patton, 20th March, 1753, on North Fork of Goose Creek; corner George Pearis; corner Elijah Isaac. Signed Earick Bright.
  • Page 425.--87th August, 1751. Joseph Love and Margaret, to Baptist McNabb, 171 acres on Rentfroe's br. of Goose Creek, Rentfrow's line; corner George Robinson. Also 137 acres on Robinson's Br. of Roanoke; corner Bryan Cuff; corner Stephen Rentfroe.
  • Gilbert Marshall acquired land "on a branch of Back Creek, a branch of Roanoak", prior to 30 Dec. 1767, which was adjoining land of William Preston, whose land also adjoined that of James Alexander. Gilbert was involved in a transaction of 160 acres of this land on 5 July, 1774.
  • Page 71.--11th September, 1769. James Neelly and Jane to William McClenachan (McClanahan), 400 acres on Roanoke; Griffith's line; Evans' line. Teste: John Neelly, Peter ( ) Ginder, John Reaburn. (Note: James Neely was the father-in-law of William McClanahan).
  • Page 41.—22d March, 1755. George Robinson to Joseph McDonald, £245 acres, part of 2 tracts belonging to George, on a branch of Buffalo Creek, a branch of Roanoak; Renfroe's lines; Tobias Smith's line.
  • John McFall acquired a patent on 10 March 1756 for at least 361 acres "on Glade Creek, branch of Roanoke [River], corner to John Bowen's land"
  • Page 275.--26th May, 1747. Robert Renick, of Augusta, yeoman, to James Miles, farmer, £10; 201 acres on Buffalo's branch, part of the land Robert now lives on. Teste: James Sayers, Francis ( ) Gardner, James Trimble. Acknowleged, 17th June, 1747, by Robert, and dower released by Elizabeth.
  • Page 402.--4th March, 1763. Thomas Hill, of Roan County, North Carolina, to David Miller, £20, 70 acres conveyed to Thomas by Col. James Patton, 21st March, 1753, on Goose Creek, or North Branch of Roanoke; corner Elijah Isaac; corner Benj. Ogle's land, now the property of said David Miller. Teste: David Mitchell, Daniel ( ) McCormick. Delivered: Andrew Miller, son of David, 2d April, 1789.
  • Page 444.—Joseph Lane to John Mountgomerie, mortgage, £30, 200 acres on Roanoke whereon he now dwells, for term of 500 years for one peffer corn on feast of St. Michael, dated 5th July, 1754.
  • Page 599.--1st March, 1749. Ephraim Vause (Vance) to James Nealy, 245 acres. Corner Francis Beaty. (Note: this land, per Ephraim Vance's deed was on Goose Creek).
  • Page 425.—22d August, 1754. James Gatlive to James Nealy, 350 acres by deed from James Patton, 22d November, 1753, on a branch of Roanoke; corner Archibald Graham.
  • Page 84 - James Neely, 200 acres, Roanoke. Mentioned Huffs Path. December 10, 1767.[Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 31].
  • Page 111.--21st March, 1753. Same (From James Patton) to George Peoris (Parris), 271 acres part of large patent 10th April, 1750. Goose Creek, corner Tobias Bright and Errick Bright.
  • Page 497.--9th June, 1761. Same (From John ( ) McFall, of Bedford),to George Paris, £39, 220 acres on Roanoke on Glade Creek, by patent, 10th March, 1756; John Boens line. Delivered: Robert Paris, 27th August, 1787.
  • Page 84.- 21st March, 1753) -Ditto. Same (From Col. James Patton) to William Pepper, 580 acres as above (North Fork of Goose Creek). As above, corner Francis Cyphers.
  • Page 73 - Benjamin Paulson, 66 acres, North Fork of Roanoke River. June 8, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 28].
  • Page 84 - Benjamin Paulson, 135 acres, North Fork of Roanoke River. June 7, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 31].
  • Page 123.—15th March, 1767. Robert Poage to Robert Poage, his son, £20. 150 acres on Back Creek, a branch of Roanoke, at a place called the Forks, patented to Robert 20th June, 1749. Teste: John Buchanan, William ( ) Hall, Robert Bellshe. Delivered: Robert Poage, May, 1770.
  • Page 364.--13th May, 1760. Tobias Smith to Wm. Preston, £60, 330 acres on waters of Roanoke. (Note: this is most likely the land that Tobias Smith acquired "on a branch of Buffalo Creek").
  • Page 429.--14th May, 1753. John Robinson, Sr., to William Robinson, 200 acres, part of two tracts. Patented to John, 25th July, 1746. South Fork Goose Creek. Cor. Joseph Robinson. Teste: Charles Brookin, John, Thomas, Joseph and Esther Robinson.
  • Page 432.--7th August, 1753. John Robinson and Mary to James Robinson, son and heir of James Robinson, deceased, 150 acres same as above (part of two tracts. Patented to John, 25th July, 1746. South Fork Goose Creek. Cor. Joseph Robinson.) Teste: James Gorrell, Wm. McCrab, Jacob Brown, Elizabeth Robinson.
  • Virginia Patent Book 28, page 385: 20 Sep 1748, Joseph Snodgrass was granted 364 acres on the waters of Ronoak, adj. James Coates Land.
  • Page 427.—13th February, 1754. Jacob Stover, Jr., of Lunenburg County, son and heir of Jacob Stover, late of Orange County, deceased, to William Russell of Culpeper, Gent., £85, 4,000 acres, the reversion of a patent granted to Jacob, Sr., for 5,000 acres on west side of Blue Ridge of mountains on the waters of the Sherondoe, then Spottsylvania County, now Augusta, dated 15th December, 1733, which descended to Jacob, Jr., son and heir of Jacob, Sr. Teste: Thomas West.
  • Frederic Smith acquired land on the North Branch of the Roanoke River adjoining William Preston, prior to March, 1768, and possibly as early as 1752, when records of Frederic show up in Augusta County.
  • Land Grants, Bk. 34, 127 - John Smith, 400 acres on a branch of Roanoke River called Goose Creek including the Great Lick. [Kegley's Virginia Frontier, pg. 107, 109].
  • Tobias Smith acquired land "on a branch of Buffalo Creek, a branch of Roanoak", adjoining land of George Robinson prior to March 1755. Tobias was the brother of Frederic Smith, listed above.
  • Page 183.--24th January, 1755. Robert Ewing and Mary, of Lunenburg County, to Benj. Starrat, £38, 10, 160 acres on Glade Creek, of Roanoke, patented to Robert, 15th December, 1749. Teste: James Callhoun, Hugh and Pat. Callhoun, Jos. Long, Wm. Sayers.
  • Page 456.--29th September, 1747. £30. James Wood, of Frederick, to Ephraim (Wood?), of Augusta, 245 acres on Goose Creek patented to James Wood, 12th January, 1746, adjoining Francis Betty. Teste: James Patton, Jno. Buchanan, Charles Campbell. Proved, 19th November, 1747, by James Patton and Chas. Camell.
  • Page 439.--5th October, 1765. Patton's executors to Andrew Woods, of Albemarle County, £100, 275 acres on North Fork of Roanoke, part of large tract patented to James Patton, 3d November, 1750, on Goose Creek, now called the Nort Fork of Roanoke, line of Pepper's land, David Miller's land. Teste: Wm. Christian, Edward Carvin, John Neelley, Dr.
  • Page 465.—18th November, 1754. Col. James Patton to Alexander Wright, merchant, £5, 35 acres by patent 3d November, 1750; corner Peter Kinder on west side Roanoke.


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