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Hackers Creek.com, Norman Mailer Descendants of Robert Looney
Leroy W. Tilton; “The Robert and Elizabeth Looney Family”
Baylor's Book of Surveys in Frederick County Courthouse


From:Hackers Creek.com, Norman Mailer Descendants of Robert Looney

Baylor's Book of Surveys in Frederick County Courthouse, shows that Robert Looney had a survey on Lunie's Mill Creek in April 1740. The Looney family probably moved south through the Shenandoah Valley about 1739 or 1740. Robert Looney obtained a grant of 250 acres on James River and on Lunie's Mill Creek on 30 July 1742. These lands are not far from Natural Bridge in what had become Augusta County in 1738 (but not organized as such until 1745) and in 1769 became a part of Botetourt County.

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Mill Creek runs through present-day Bath County, Virginia.

Early Settlers

From Chalkley's (listed in alphabetical order, based upon grantee/acquiree):

  • Page 204.--4th February, 1763. John Sloan, of Roan County, North Carolina, to John Adams, £35, 300 acres on Loonie's Mill Creek. Teste: John Buchanan, David Luney, Benj. Davis, Abraham McClelan, George Adams, Hugh ( ) McNelle.
  • Page 66.--6th July, 1768. John Mills and Mary to James Alcorn, £60, 143 acres patented to John Mills. 4th June, 1764, on waters of James River, a branch of Looney's Creek; corner land in possession of Adam Looney.
  • Page 323.--15th October, 1765. Nathaniel Evins and Mary to John Alcorn, £30, 120 acres on a branch of Looney's Creek. Delivered: Robert Doage, October Court, 1769.
  • Page 277.--6th May, 1761. Charles Milliken (Mellegan, Millegan), of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Buchanan, gent., power of attorney to convey 297 acres patented to Patrick Hays, 30th June, 1743, and since conveyed to Charles by said Hay. Teste: Jno. Smith, David Robinson, David Luney, John Luney.
From: Patent LVA Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
Hays, Patrick. grantee.
Land grant 30 June 1743.
Location: Orange County.
Description: 297 acres on the branches of James River on the west side the Blue Ridge beginning on the east side of Luneys Mill Creek.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 21, 1742-1743 (v.1 & 2 p.1-674), p. 282 (Reel 19).
  • Hugh Carothers acquired a tract of at least 544 acres (most likely from James Patton) on James River at Looney's Mill Creek, prior to 1760.
  • Page 376.—17th August, 1753. James Patton to Nathaniel Evans, 120 acres, Branch of Looney's Creek by patent 3d November, 1750. Teste: Margret Preston, Wm. Thompson, Geo. Robinson.
  • John Harrison received a patent for 366 acres on "Luney's Mill Creek" on 12th February, 1742.
  • Page 287.—1749. John Harrison, yeoman, to James Letherdal, blacksmith. Luney's Mill Creek. 366 acres. Patented to John, 12th February, 1742. Teste: William Harbeson, James Magill, William Preston. See infra, p. 871.
  • Page 279.--5th May, 1761. Charles Milligan, of Orange County, North Carolina, to John McClalan (McClellan), of Bedford County, Virginia, £65, 60 acres by patent 3d November, 1750, and conveyed to Charles by James Patton, 18th November, 1752, on head of Lunie's Creek. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767.
  • Page 523.--19th August, 1761. Charles Millican, of Orange County, North Carolina, by John Buchanan, to John McClellon, £__, 297 acres on a branch of James River, on Looney's Mill Creek. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767.
  • Page 357.--20th August, 1747. Patrick Hay to Charles Mullican (Milican). £22 current money Virginia; 297 acres granted to Patrick by patent, 30th June, 1743; on James River on east side Looney's Mill Creek. Teste: William Lusk, John Wilson, Charles Hays. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1747.
  • Page 37.--2 September, 1751. James Patton to John Ralston, 435 acres by patent 3d November, 1750, Looney's Mill Creek; corner James Moore. Teste: Wm. Ralston, John Flood, James Moor.
  • Page 53.--17th June, 1767. John Adams and Elizabeth ( ) to Andrew Woods, £70, 300 acres on a branch of Looney's Mill Creek. Teste: Robert Finley, Stephen Trigg.
  • Page 447.--5th November, 1767. Robert Sloan, of Rowan County, N. C., weaver, to Andrew Woods, £40, on Looney's Mill Creek next above, Hugh Carother's land containing 264 acres. Teste: James Young, Samuel ( ) Lindsey, Walter Lindsey, George Gillespie. Delivered: Thos. Madison.


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