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Early Settlers listed in alphabetical order, with Hildebrand map location (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map or Chalkley's reference) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and some include link to WeRelate family:





James Vance (Beverley Manor NW, 305 acres, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749), (b. abt. 1709, Ireland, d. abt. 1751, Frederick County, VA), brother of William Vance, listed below.

William Vance (Beverley Manor NW, 400 acres, 1740 from Hildebrand Map), (b. abt. 1710, Ireland), brother of James Vance, listed above. This tract was later sold to Andrew Pickens in 1744.



John David Welppert (Wilpper) (Beverley Manor NE, from Beverley (by Lewis and Madison), 467 acres; part of 1550 acres Mill Tract in Beverley Manor; corner John Coningham (Cunningham); also lots 2, 10 and 11 in Staunton; lease 99 years (1751), 1 June 1751 from Chalkley's) (Note: this land is shown on one of Mr. Hidebrand's "working maps" between John Lewis' and George & Sampson Matthews' tracts.)

Isaac White (Beverley Manor NE, 150 acres, 1775), very near or possibly adjoining a 265-acre tract acquired from William Skillern, Jr. in 1770. Isaac d. bef. 17 April 1782 in Augusta County, he married Jane Campbell, daughter of James Campbell, Sr..

Ephraim Wilson (Beverley Manor NE, 200 acres, 1765), he married Isabella Hutchinson, daughter of early Beverley Manor settler [[Person:John_Hutcheson_(2)|John Hutchinson].

James Wilson (Beverley Manor SW, 101 acres, 1751, near land of Robert Wilson (his probable brother) acquired in 1754 (SW, 130 acres))

John Wilson (Beverley Manor SW, 260 acres, 1738, nearby 348 acres acquired in 1739), same as below:

John Wilson (Beverley Manor SW, 348 acres, 1739, nearby 260 acres acquired in 1738), same as below:

John Wilson, Gent. (Beverley Manor SW, 306 1/2 acres, 1749), Col. John Wilson (b. 1702, County Armaugh, Ireland, d. 1773, Doe Hill, Augusta County, Virginia), member of the House of Burgesses representing Augusta County from 1749-1773.

Robert Wilson (Beverley Manor SW, 130 acres, 1754, near land of James Wilson (his probable brother) acquired in 1751 (SW, 101 acres)

Alexander Wright (Lots 8 and 9 in Staunton; also 50 acre woodland lots No. 6 and 7, from Chalkley's, 22 Feb. 1749)

Alexander Wright (£10 for 4 lots in Staunton numbered 14, 15, 20, 21, from Thomas Lewis and John Madison for Beverley, 20 March, 1755 from Chalkley's)

William Wright (Beverley Manor NE, from William Beverley, 155 acres, 270 acres - 425 acres (total) - in "Beverley Manor", 1 March 1749, from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1707, Ireland, d. 1776, Augusta County, Virginia), married Margaret Malcolm (may have also had a second wife, also named Margaret).



Hugh Young (Beverley Manor NW, 586 acres, abt. 1746), (son of John Young and Anne Houston), also adjoining land acquired in 1749 (200 acres), (b. bef. 1707, County Antrim, Ireland, d. aft. 1765, Augusta County, VA), married Agnes Sittlington.

  • Note: this transaction is listed as occuring in 1749 on some lists, but this citation in Chalkley's seems to indicate the earlier date of 1746 is more likely:

Page 547.--28th February, 1749. Same to Hugh Young, farmer, 200 acres in Beverley Manor, joining his former survey. Pat Martin's line. Corner Pickin's old place; William McClintock's line. Teste: John Brown.

James Young, (Beverley Manor NW, 436 acres, 1749), same James Young as in transaction above.

Robert Young (Beverley Manor NW, 234 acres, 1749, near another transaction NW, 530 acres, 1749), (b. 1711, County Antrim, Ireland, d. 1762, Augusta County, VA), son of John Young and Anne Houston, who married Agnes Crockett and was the brother of Hugh and James Young, listed above.




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