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I have been researching my family for over 35 years, since 1972. I descend from William Wright, 1707-1776. He was born in Ireland and died in Augusta Co, VA. Here is my webpage with a detailed account of what is known about him:

Included in the family surnames I am researching are: Babcock, Baurhyte, Bissell, Black (VA, KY, OH), Black (PA, OH), Blackburn, Bogardus, Brownell, Browning, Bush (NY), Carnright, Cornell (NJ, PA, OH, IN, IA), Coulter, Cross, Custer, Eggleston, Fees, Gardner, Gay, Gernreich, Goudy, Greene (RI,NY), Guffey, Harader, Harry, Hazard, Helme, Hopping, Hoxsie, Kenyon, Kessler, Knowles, Larkin, Lewis (RI), Malcolm, Mallow, Mathews, McClure, McKittrick, Miller (NY), Mitchell, Morton, Mosshart, Muller, Osborn, Perry, Quinn, Rathbun, Sheffer, Snyder, Taylor (VA), Taylor (RI), Tefft/Tifft, Thom(p)son (VA, KY, OH), Tschappelaer, Weyer, Wilcox (RI), Wilson (VA), Wright (VA, KY, OH, IL).