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Early Settlers listed in alphabetical order, with Hildebrand map location (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map or Chalkley's reference) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and some include link to WeRelate family:


James Kerr/Carr, (Beverley Manor NE, 473 acres, 1739), who died in Augusta County, Virginia in 1770. His large house was used as an early meeting house and courthouse in Augusta County.

John Kerr (Beverley Manor NE, 275 acres, 1752), (b. abt. 1710, d. supposedly abt. 1763, Anson County, North Carolina), son of James Kerr, above, he married Lucy Pickens, daughter of William Pickens and Margaret Pike.

Thomas Kincaid (263 acres, adjoining John Preston, Robert Lockridge, Robert Gwin, 19 Nov. 1747 from Chalkley's), (b. 1704, prob. Ireland/Scotland, d. 1750, Augusta County, VA), married Margaret Lockhart on 21 June 1735 prob. in Pennsylvania. (Note: this land is most likely located on the "Calfpasture" area of Augusta County).

Robert King (Beverley Manor NE, 750 acres, 1742), (b. est. 1690-1710, d. abt. 1749, Augusta County, VA). Need additional information on his family.

William King (Beverley Manor NW, 251 acres in Beverley Manor, prob. 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. bef. 1729, d. bef. 25 Feb. 1811, Augusta County, Virginia). Need additional information on his family.

John Kirkpatrick (Beverley Manor NW, 200 acres, 20 May 1755), adjoining Thomas Kirkpatrick's 390-acre tract.

Thomas Kirkpatrick (Beverley Manor NW, 390 acres, beginning at a Spanish Oak & White Oak saplings by a path thence crossing said path N57 deg, W168 poles to McCleary's line thence with said line 8 poles to a locust his corner), adjoining (200 acres, for 5 schillings, on a head branch of the Middle River of Shandore in Beverley Manor, 24/25 March, 1741) of (unreadable) Kirkpatrick acquired in 1750)

Thomas Kirkpatrick (Beverley Manor NW, 282 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor, 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's )

Casper Koiner (Beverley Manor NE, 344 acres, 1806), (b. 25 Sept. 1764, Lacaster County, PA, d. 31 Oct. 1856, Augusta County, VA), son of Michael Koiner and Margaret Diller.

George Koiner (Beverley Manor NE, 100 acres, 1805, adjoining land of his brother Casper Koiner, listed above), (b. 7 Aug. 1753, Lancaster County, PA, d. 1820, Augusta County, VA).



William Ledgerwood (Beverley Manor SW, 381 acres in "Beverley Manor", 1739), (b. abt. 1701, Scotland, d. abt. 1791), he married Agnes Mitchell, daughter of James Mitchell.

William Ledgerwood, Jr. (from Wm. Beverley (by Lewis and Madison), 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek, formerly Nutt Creek; John Bigham line; John Buchanan land; James McCorkal's line; corner John Henderson; corner John Lynn, 1751, from Chalkley's), son of William Ledgerwood, above.

James Leeper (Beverley Manor SW, 536 acres), possibly related to John Leeper, who married a daughter of William Henderson and Susannah Logan. More research is necessary.

James Lessley, Sr. (Beverley Manor NE, 226 acres, 24 Feb. 1740 from Chalkley's) (b. bef. 1720, d. bef. 5 March 1767, Augusta County, married Sarah McCune, daughter of Francis McCune and Margaret).

James Lessley, Jr. (Beverley Manor NE, 160 acres, 1762), (b. abt. 1742, d. October 1775, Augusta County), married Mary McCune, daughter of Samuel McCune and Elizabeth Williams.

Andrew Lewis, (Beverley Manor NE, 185 acres, 1765), (b. 24 April 1720, County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland, d. abt. 1781/2), son of John Lewis, listed below.

John Lewis (Beverley Manor NE, 2071 acres, 1738), (b. 01 Feb 1677/78, County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland, d. 01 Feb 1762, Augusta County, VA), m. Margaret Lynn (1693-1773). This John Lewis is sometimes confused with another John Lewis, from Shenandoah County, Virginia.

William Lewis (Beverley Manor NM, 120 acres 1765, adjoining a 400-acre tract acquired from his father, John Lewis (listed above), in 1745), (b. 17 November 1724, County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland).

Jacob Lockhart (Beverley Manor NW, 436 acres, 1742), (b. 1715, d. 1785), son of James Lockhart, listed below.

James Lockhart farmer (Beverley Manor SW, 624 acres on map, from Wm. Beverley, Beverley Manor tract surveyed for ye congregation; corner David Campbell, 17 June 1748 from Chalkley's), (b. 1693, d. 1767 in Augusta County, VA)

William Long (400 acres in Beverley Manor, patent line, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749) and (Beverley Patent SE, 433 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor on South River, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749)

Robert Looney, obtained a grant of 250 acres on James River and on Lunie's Mill Creek; also 400 acres on Luie's Mill (Looney's Mill) Creek on 30 July 1742. (b. 1692, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, d. 14 Sept. 1769, Augusta County, VA)

John Lowry (350 acres, referred to as "Tract 2") early survey as follows: (61) 9 ___ber ye 3, 1738, survey for John Lowrey, beginning ( ) William Allen. (b. abt. 1700, Ireland, d. 1759, Augusta County, VA).

Nathan Lusk (Beverley Manor at Borden Tract Line, # of acres not listed, acquired prior to 21 August 1746), tract is apparently mis-labeled on the J.R. Hildebrand Map as "James Lusk", but based upon other records of adjoining settlers, this was land granted to Nathan Lusk (b. abt. 1675, Ireland, d. bef. 16 Feb. 1748), father of James Lusk, listed above.

James Lynn (Beverley Manor SW, 538 acres, 1747), son of John Lynn, Sr., listed below.

John Lynn, Sr. (Beverley Manor NW, 320 acres, 1749), known as "Dr. John Lynn" (b. abt. 1695, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland, d. aft. 1752, poss. North Carolina), his sister Margaret Lynn married John Lewis, one of the first settlers of Augusta County, VA. [Note: John Lynn's death was apparently after 1752, as 1752 Augusta County court record states that "Dr. John Linn had left the County, 1752" [Chalkley's "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement", vol. I, p. 307]].

John Lynn, Jr. (Beverley Manor NW, 383 acres, 1749), son of John Lynn, Sr., listed above.



John Madison (Beverley Manor NE, 340 acres, before 1749), (b. 1720, King George County, VA, d. 1784, prob. Botetourt County, VA), was the Uncle of President James Madison.

Moses Mann (from Wm. Beverley, # of acres not listed, Beverley Manor patent line; Wm. McCutcheon's line; Grassy Lick Run, prob. 4 Feb. 1748 from Chalkley's)

Jacob Martin, farmer (141 acres on branch of "Little Calfpasture", called Hall's Branch, 26 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's)

Patrick Martin (Beverley Manor NW, 321 acres, 1740), (b. abt. 1720, d. bef. 21 June 1770, Augusta County, VA).

Sampson & George Matthews (Beverley Manor NE, 560 acres, 1765), brothers, both sons of John Matthews and Ann Archer.

John Maxwell (Beverley Manor NE, 439 acres, 1749), (abt. 1712, County Down, Ireland, d. 1786, Rockbridge County, VA)

Joseph Mayes (Mays) (Beverley Manor SW, 205 acres. 1766) (b. 1722, d. 1 April 1787, Augusta County, VA), was a son of James Mays, and early settler of the Cowpasture.

James Miller (44 acres in Beverley Manor, 17 Feb. 1749, and 300 acres nearby on 28 May, 1751, from Chalkley's), was the brother of John Miller (listed below), who immigrated from Ulster, Ireland in abt. 1737.

John Miller (Beverley Manor NE, from William Beverley, 210 acres on "Lewis Creek, a tributary of Christian Creek (in Beverley Manor), east of Staunton" for $35 , 13 August 1747 from Biography of John Miller, by Hunter F. Armentrout)

Joseph Mills (Beverley Manor SW, 660 acres, 1740), (b. bef. 1720), no info, more research needed.

David Mitchell (Beverley Manor SW, # of acres undetermined, date undetermined), (b. bef. 1707, son of David Mitchell (and wife Martha Mitchell listed below) who died abt. 1739, shortly after coming to Augusta County).

Eleanor Mitchell (Beverley Manor SW, 200 acres, 1747), widow of Thomas Mitchell, who had died in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania prior to their family's migration to Augusta County.

John Mitchell (Beverley Manor SW, 609 acres, 1747, nearby 219 acres of Martha Mitchell, acquired in 1739) (b. 1709, d. 20 Aug. 1771, Augusta County, VA), son of Thomas Mitchell, married Elizabeth Wilson.

Martha Mitchell (Beverley Manor SW, 219 acres, 1739, nearby 609 acres of John Mitchell, acquired in 1747 (relationship to John Mitchell is unknown)), appears to be Martha, wife of David Mitchell, who proved their Oath of Importation in Orange County, VA on 28 Feb. 1739 with children Sarah, Jane & Elizabeth. The patent to Martha on 1 October 1739 appears to indicate the death of her husband, David Mitchell prior to that deed conveyance to his widow Martha by William Beverley. More research is necessary on this family.

James Moffett (Beverley Manor, 540 acres, 28 Feb 1749),(1700-bef 26 Mar 1764), wife unknown, Augusta Will Book 3, page334, buried at North Mountain Cemetery. Land described as the corner of William Campbell's in James Moffett's line; Widow Mitchell's corner; James Patton's corner. Notes: This land record was originally published in the "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley. Remarks: It was delivered to neighbor James Mitchell on 18 May 1773, Book_Date: 3-300.

John Moffett (Beverley Manor NE, 491 acres, 1739), (1699-1742), who married Mary Christian, daughter of Gilbert Christian. He died shortly after migrating to Augusta County, in 1742. His widow Mary later married John Trimble (1715-1764), who also acquired land in 1738.

Robert Moffett (Beverley Manor SW, 490 acres, 1752), (b. bef. 1722), may be related to John Moffett, listed above, more research necessary.

Daniel Monahan (Beverley Manor SE, 900 acres of "County Augusta", 21 Feb. 1738 from Chalkley's), (b. bef. 1718, d. bef. 23 August 1745, Augusta County, Virginia), need additional information on this family.

James Montgomery (from Zeruiah Borden, widow of Benj. Borden, £20 current money Virginia; 654 acres, part of 3,553 acres patented to Benjamin, Sr. on 9th March, 1740, dated 19th June, 1746, from Chalkley's). (b.1690, Donegal, Ulster, Ireland, d. 1756, Ameila or Augusta County, VA).

John Montgomery (Beverley Manor SW, 247 1/2 acres, 1747, adjoining 150 acres acquired in 1754), (b. 1719, Ireland, d. poss. in North Carolina), married Esther Houston.

James Moody (Beverley Manor SW, 510 acres, 1740), prob. James Moody (b. bet. 1700-1710), father of Rebecca Moody, who married William Ledgerwood, Jr., son of William Ledgerwood, Sr., who came to Orange County, Virginia in 1738/9.

Robert Moody (473 acres in Beverley Manor, head of Long Meadow, from Chalkley's, 22 Feb. 1749) (b. est. 1700-1715, prob. Ireland, d. Dec. 1786), brother of James Moody, listed above.

David Moore (Beverley Manor SW, 189 acres, 1747), (d. bef. 15 Feb. 1748 in Augusta County, VA).

Adam Murray (Beverley Manor SE, 200 acres, 1754), (d. bef. 25 January 1786, poss. in Augusta County, VA).



Robert McClanahan (Beverley Manor NW, 331 acres from Wm. Beverley, 27 May 1741, on record in Orange County, VA from "The McClanahans", by H.M. White, Stone Printing & Mfg., 1894)

Robert McClanahan (Beverley Manor, from Wm. Beverley, 340 acres in Beverley Manor; Lewis Creek, Brackenridge, crossing Ramsey's Branch, 17 June 1748 from Chalkley's) and (Beverley Patent NE, 216 acres)

Robert McClanahan, Gent. (acres not listed, on Christie's Creek, Beverley Manor, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749) and (1/2 acre lot in Staunton, Lot No. 5, Corner Preston's land. "Livery by turf and twig", from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749)

John McCleary (420 acres, 4 February, 1748) (b. est. 1695-1700, d. 1773, Augusta County, Virginia)

William McClintock (Beverley Manor NW, 316 acres, 1749) (b. abt. 1727, prob. Ireland, d. bef. 17 May 1785, Augusta County, VA), married Martha Scott, daughter of Robert Scott.

(unreadable) McClure (Beverley Manor NE/SE, # of acres unreadable, 1739)

Andrew McClure, Sr. (Beverley Manor SE, 370 acres, 1738), (abt. 1720, Northern Ireland, d. 1789, Augusta County, Virginia), m. Eleanor Wright (abt. 1720-aft. Feb. 1789). Andrew McClure was a son of James McClure, the progenitor of most of the early McClure family in Augusta County.

Andrew McClure, Sr. (Beverley Manor NW, from William Beverley, 300 acres in "Beverley Manor", 28 Feb. 1749/50 from Chalkley's), same as above.

David McClure (Beverley Manor SW 189 acres, 1740)

Finley McClure (Beverley Manor SW, 444 acres, west of Pine Run in Beverly Manor, 29 Feb. 1739 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1699, Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland), m. Mary Morrison abt. 1723, additional information needed on this family.

James McClure (Beverley Manor SE, 408 acres, 1739), (b. Abt. 1690, Prob. County Down, Ireland, d. 1761, Augusta County, VA), adjoining land of his son Andrew McClure, listed above.

John McClure (Beverley Manor SE, 359 acres), (b. abt. 1717, Northern Ireland, d. 1798, Augusta County, Virginia), son of James McClure, listed above. He married Elizabeth Steele.

John McClure (205 acres of 92100 on No. Branch James, 25 Aug. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1725, Raphoe Parish, County Donegal, Northern Ireland, d. 1777, Botetourt County, Virginia), son of Halbert McClure and Agnes McTavish, married Mary Allen.

James McCorkle (Beverley Manor NW, 370 acres, 1747) (1694, Scotland, d. 1759-60, Augusta County, VA) married Jane Steele, father of Robert and Samuel McCorkle, listed below.

Robert McCorkle (Beverley Manor SW, 269 acres in Beverley Manor "Branch of Christy's Creek known as Nutt's Mill Creek, 13 Oct. 1749 from Chalkley's, near land acquired by Samuel McCorkle, undated, no acres listed), (b. est. 1726-1729, prob. Scotland, d. Anson/Mecklenburg County, NC), son of James McCorkle, listed above, married Margaret Reed.

Samuel McCorkle (Beverley Manor SW, abt. 500 acres, bef. Feb. 1749 (no date or acres listed on Hildebrand Map), (b. abt. 1729, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1788, Augusta County, VA), son of James McCorkle and brother of Robert McCorkle, listed above.

Isaac McCullough (Beverley Manor SW, 230 acres, 1741) (b. abt. 1717, Prob. Scotland/Ireland, d. 1780, Waxhaws, South Carolina)

Francis McCune, farmer of Orange County, VA (Beverley Manor NE, 196 1/2 acres in "Beverley Manor", from William Beverley, Gent., 5&6 June, 1739 from Chalkley's (shows incorrectly as "1799" on alphabetical list)), (b. bef. 1700, Scotland, d. 1761, Augusta County, Virginia), married Margaret Patterson).

John McCune (Beverley Manor NE, 2 small tracts, no acres or date listed on Hildebrand Map). (b. Bef. 1721, Prob. Ireland, d. 1766), owned land adjoining Samuel McCune (listed below), probable (but not proven) brother of Francis. Additional research needed on this family.

Samuel McCune (Beverley Manor NE, 230 acres, 1742), (b. abt. 1720, Armagh, Ireland, d. 26 Apr. 1802, Staunton, Augusta County, VA), son of Francis McCune, listed above.

Samuel McCune (Beverley Manor NE, 176 acres from Chalkley's, 23 Feb. 1749), same as above.

Samuel McCune (Beverley Manor NE, 104 acres, 1754), same as above.

William McCune (Beverley Manor SW, 100 acres, 1753)

John McCutcheon (Beverley Manor SW, 920 acres, 1741, nearby land of Samuel McCutcheon acquired in 1742), (b. abt. 1710, prob. Ireland, d. aft. 18 March 1788), brother of James, Robert, William and Samuel McCutcheon, who all migrated to Augusta and neighboring counties.

Samuel McCutcheon (Beverley Manor SW, 600 acres, 1742, nearby land of John McCutcheon, acquired in 1741), brother of John McCutcheon, listed above.

William McCutcheon (Beverley Manor SW, 100 acres, 1753, shows as "Wm. McC-" on Hildebrand Map, adjoining land of John McCutcheon), thought to possibly be a younger brother of John and Samuel McCutcheon, listed above. He may be the same William McCutcheon that married the widow of Andrew Duncan in 1763 (he may have had a previous marriage), more research needed on his family.

Randall McDonald (Beverley Manor NE, 141 acres "more or less", indenture from William Beverley, Gent., of the County of Essex, for 4 pounds 7 shillings 4 pence in the County of Orange and is part of Beverley Manor adjoining land of Andrew Russell on branches of Christies Creek- Maxwells Branch, 24 July 1740 from Chalkley's) Randall McDonald (b. abt. 1710, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, d. abt. 24 May 1744, Augusta County), m. Jennet "Jane" Stark (b. abt. 1718, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania). Jennet McDonald later married Joseph McClanahan.

John McDowell (Beverley Manor NE, acres not readable, 1749)

John McLeary, planter (from William Beverley, # of acres not listed, 4 Feb. 1748 from Chalkley's), see John McCleary, listed above.

William McNabb (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres, 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. 1702, prob. Scotland, 1789, Watauga, North Carolina)

William McNutt/Nutt (Beverley Manor NW, 650 acres, 1747), (b. 1694, Ireland), m. Jane Colbreath. More information needed on this family.

Alexander McPheeters (Beverley Manor NW/SW, 303 acres, 1747), referred to as a "cousin" of William McPheeters, another early settler of Augusta County, VA.



John Nickell (acquired 400 acres on Moffett's Branch, Middle River of the Shenandoah, 1749), (b. bef. 1719, Ulster, County Tyrone, Ireland, d, 24 Aug. 1774, Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia)

William Nutt, (Beverley Patent NW, 650 acres, 1747), (b. abt. 1700, d. 1758 in Anson County, North Carolina].



Morris O'Friel/Offriel (Beverley Manor NW, 40 acres on Middle River from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749), (b. bef. 1725, d. abt. 1778, Augusta County, VA), left will in 1778 in Augusta County.


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