Transcript:Orange County Importations listed in Morton, 1920



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Intermediate Source:Source:Morton, 1920


Transcript:Orange County Importations listed in Scott, 1907


"IMPORTATION'S." 1739-1740

A list of Augusta settlers who "proved their importation from Great Britain at their own expense," in order to become entitled to enter public land. These proceedings were before the county court of Orange.

The name of the wife is not always explicitly stated. In such instances it is presumably the first female name in the household.

[Slight reformating to accomodate tabular presentation; Note:OCR problems abound in this extraction from Internet Archives]

DateSettlerOthers for whom the settler paid the cost of importation
February 28, 1739 Patrick McCaddan; for himself and Samuel Givens
William Ledgerwood ; for himself and Agnes. Martha, Jane, Elener, William, James.
Robert McDowell; for himself and Martha, Jane, Margaret, William.
Person:John McDowell (5) also for Magdalene (wife), Samuel (son), and John Rutter.
June 26, 1740Robert Young; for himself and Agada, Julia, Samuel, James.
John Smith;also for Margaret (wife) and .Abraham, Henry, Daniel, John, Joseph; and for Robert McDowell.
James Bell ; for himself and John, Margaret, and Elizabeth Bell, John Mulhollen. Jane McAlegant, Agnes Reed, William and Elizabeth McCanlos.
John Trimble; for himself and Ann, Margret, Mary.
person:John Hays (20); for himself and Rebecca, Charles, Andrew, Barbara, Jane, Robert.
Morris O'Friel ; for himself and Catharine (wife.)
Person:Patrick Hays (1); for himself and Frances, Jean, William, Margaret, Catharine, Ruth.
Person:Patrick Campbell (11)for himself and Elizabeth, Charles, William, Patrick, Jr., John. Marv, Elizabeth, Gennet.
Robert Patterson; also for Mary (wife), and Thomas. Mary, Elizabeth.
Logan: also for Mary (wife) and William.
Robert Poague; also for Elizabeth (wife) and Margret, John, Martha, Sarah, George, Mary Elizabeth, William, Robert.
John Anderion; for himself and Elizabeth (wife) and William, Margret, John, Frances.
July 24-25, 1740 John Wilson: for himself and Martha, Matthew, William, John, Sarah, Elizabeth.
Jame McClure; also for Agnes, John, Eleanor, Andrew, Jane, James, Jr.
John Davison; also for James. George, Thomas. William, Samuel.
William Hutcheson; also for John, Sr., John, Jr., Margret, Mary.
Moses Thompson; also for Jane, William, Robert, John, and for Jane Cox.
John Maxwell: for himself and Margaret, John. Jr., Thomas, Mary, Alexander.
James Davis; also for Mary, Henry, William, Samuel.
Patrick Crawford; also for Ann, James, George, Margaret, Mary.
Francis McCowen ; for himself and Mary (wife) and Markham and Elizabeth.
David Edmiston ; for himself and Isabella, Jesse, John, William, Rachael, David, Moses; and for Jesse and James Daley.
James Robinson ; for himself and Jean, William, George.
George Hutcheson ; for himself and Eleanor (wife) and Jennet; also for Joseph Carr.
William Johnston; also for Ann, Elizabeth, John; and for Samuel Brawford.
April 27, 1740. John Carr; also for Lucey (wife), and Margaret and Matthew Glaspey, her children.