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Early Settlers listed in alphabetical order, with Hildebrand map location (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map or Chalkley's reference) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and some include link to WeRelate family: __________________________


William Palmer (Beverley Manor NE, 388 acres, for 11 British Pounds in Orange County, near the Tinkling Springs Meeting House (Old Stone Church), 25 July 1740). William Palmer (b. abt. 1718, d. 1797, Augusta County, VA)

Nathaniel Patterson (Beverley Manor SW, 201 acres, 1740), (b. abt. 1705, Scotland, d. 1752, Augusta County, Virginia), son of William Patterson and Janet Erwin.

Robert Patterson (Beverley Manor NE, 331 acres, 1740), (b. 28 May 1700, County Antrim, Ireland, d. Bet. Oct - Nov 1774, Augusta County, VA), m. 1st, Frances (unknown), Est. 1720-1723, Ireland, m. 2nd, Ann (unknown), bet. 1761-1767. Robert was the son of William Patterson and Janet Erwin, who had several children that migrated to Augusta County.

William Patterson (Beverley Manor SE, 247 acres on South River, 1749), (b. abt. 1715, prob. Ireland, d. aft 18 Apr. 1785), married Agnes Henderson, referred to as "William Patterson of South River".

James Patton (Beverley Manor SW, 474 acres, 1741) and (SE, 1356 acres) and (SW, 432 acres), (1692-1755), who married Mary Borden, who is most likely related to Benjamin Borden, the early land-holder of the "Borden Patent" of 92,100 acres. James Patton was killed 30 July 1755 by Shawnee Indians at "Draper's Meadow" in Augusta County, VA.

George Peery (Beverley Manor NW, 360 acres, 1749), (b. bef. 1720, d. bef. 26 Sept. 1803, Augusta County, VA), brother of James and Thomas Peery, listed below.

James Peery (Beverley Manor NW, 220 acres, 1749), was a planter and settled on a farm joining Thomas Perry's land (his brother, Thomas Peery, below), he married Katherine Jameson, daughter of William Jameson and Sarah Collins.

Thomas Peery (Beverley Manor NW, from William Beverley, 375 acres in the County of Augusta, Shenadore, part of the tract called and known as "Beverly Manor.", adjoining James Peery). Thomas Peery (b. abt. 1715, County Donegal, Northern Ireland, d. 1762, Augusta County, VA)

John Pickens (Beverley Manor NE, 764 acres, 1740), (b. abt. 1710, Ireland, d. 1769, Abbeville District, South Carolina), m. Eleanor Kerr (abt. 1720-abt. 1781), daughter of James Kerr (d. 1770, Augusta County, VA). John was a son of William Henry Pickens and Margaret Pike.

John Pickens (Beverley Patent NE, 300 acres, 1749), same as above.

Richard Pilson (From William Beverley, 330 acres, 22 March 1753, M.B.M. Bloodworth's line, from Chalkley's), b. bef. 1719, Northern Ireland, d. aft. 1776).

Robert Poage (Beverley Manor NE, 772 acres, 1739), (b. 1700, prob. Ireland, d. 1774, Augusta County, VA), who married Elizabeth Preston, daughter of Archibald Preston. in Ireland. Robert had a large family that intermarried with many early families in Augusta County.

Robert Poague (Poage) (Beverley Manor SW, 202 acres, 1740), same as above.

William Preston (Beverley Manor NE, 334 acres, 1749 & 365 acres (shown as 320 acres on Hildebrand Map), 1749), (b. 26 Dec. 1729, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 28 June 1783, Smithfield, Montgomery County, Virginia) , son of John Preston an early Augusta County settler, and his wife Elizabeth Patton.





James Ramsey James Ramsey and Margaret his wife settled to old Augusta County, VA abt. 1743, being indentured to Capt John Smith; by a deed of lease and release James Ramsey's tract of 80 acres on North River of Shanando was transferred to him by Daniel Smith 18 August, 1756; in 1778 this land was taken into the newly created county of Rockingham; James Ramsey's farmstead was part of Capt John Smith's original tract of 400 acres on Spring Creek which John Smith entered 30 Mar 1745 with two (head) rights (50 acres per right), represented by James and Margaret Ramsey; James Ramsey paid for his indentured lease for land 'in kind' as payments for rent of one part of Indian corn on Lady Day; Daniel Smith, son of Capt John Smith, obtained part of his father's land adjoining Charles Diver along with his father's two head rights; James Ramsey died intestate and his senior son, William Ramsey, inherited the father's land by the rule of primogeniture; William Ramsey married Agnes "Nancy" Boyd in Augusta County, VA abt 1767 and abt. 1769 they migrated with Nancy's brother, John Boyd, to the Long Creek settlement in Mecklenburg County, NC; the father of Nancy and John Boyd was Robert Boyd, a weaver from Ireland; from "Chalkley's"; Augusta County, VA land deed records; family history records; Mecklenburg County, NC land deed records; ( b. Ulster, IRE abt. 1717, d. Augusta County, Virginia, 1760).

John Ramsey, Jr. (Beverley Manor NE, 110 acres, 22 Aug. 1771), This is probably John Ramsey, Jr. (b. abt. 1747, Augusta County, VA, d. 1790, Kentucky), son of Capt. John Ramsey and Mary Black Note: the date is difficult to read on map, but the following Chalkley's information verifies this date: Page 324.--22d August, 1771. Robert Beverley to John Ramsey, Jr., £13.10, 110 acres in Beverley Manor., Hugh McClure's corner, Samuel McCunes line. Delivered: William Ramsey, 5th October, 1772.

Robert Ramsey (Beverley Manor SW, 340 acres in Beverley Manor, 17 Oct. 1747 from Chalkley's), known as "Robert Ramsey of Beverley Manor" , (adjoins Sarah Ramsey, Robert's Mother, who acquired land in 1742)

Sarah Ramsey, widow (Beverley Manor SW, 309 acres in "Beverley Manor", 1742), refered to as "Widow Sarah Ramsey" in early Augusta records. Sarah was supposedly the widow of Robert Ramsey, who died abt. 1738-1742. Her son, Robert Ramsey, known as "Robert Ramsey of Beverley Manor" acquired land adjoining hers in 1747.

Robert Ramsey (lived in the Great River of Cow Pasture), known as "Robert Ramsey of the Great River of Cowpasture", who was killed in the Indian Raid of "Kerr's Creek" on October 10, 1759. More information is needed on his family. May possibly be a brother of James Ramsey, listed above, who also lived in the Cow Pasture area.

William Ramsey (From William Beverley, 582 acres in Calf Pasture on Little River. Cor. Alex Dunlap, 14th May, 1754 from "Chalkley's") (b. est. 1712-1725, d. 1789, Augusta County, VA)

George Rankin (known as "George Rankin of Middle River") received a land patent August 20, 1747, on the north side of Middle River and north of Beverly Manor but south of the present boundary between Augusta and Rockingham Counties (acreage and location not shown on Hildebrand Map). (b. abt. 1720, d. 26 Jan. 1760, Augusta County, VA) It is not known how George is related to the other Rankin families in Augusta County, more research is needed to establish his parentage.

Joseph Reed (Beverley Manor SW, 454 acres, 1740, adjoining 100 acres acquired in 1741) Possibly related to Elizabeth Reed that married Andrew Pickens, Margaret Reed that married Robert McCorkle or Martha Reed that married Samuel Givens, but more research is needed.

Joseph Reed (Beverley Manor SW, 100 acres, 1741, adjoining 459 acres acquired in 1740), same as listed above.

John Risk (Beverley Manor SW, 300/306 acres, 1740), (b. abt. 1715, Northern Ireland, d. 1776, Augusta County, VA).

James Robertson (b. bef. 1701, d. unknown), additional research needed on this family..

William Robertson (Beverley Manor NE, 473 acres acquired from his father-in-law James Kerr in 1764), (b. 6 Feb. 1718, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, d. 1812, Augusta County, Virginia), married Letitia Kerr, daughter of James Kerr. William was a son of James Robertson, listed above.

George Robinson (Beverley Manor NE, 892 acres, 20 Feb. 1738, from History of Augusta County, Virginia, by John Lewis Peyton)

Robert Robinson (Beverley Manor SW, 82 acres, 2 March 1749 from Chalkley's) (b. 1726-1729, prob. Pennsylvania), son of George Robinson and Mary McKay.

William Robinson (Beverley Patent SW, 403 acres, 1741) and (SW, 380 acres in "Beverley Manor", 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's)

George Rogers (Beverley Manor NE, from William Beverley, 540 acres in "Beverley Manor", 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's) (b. bef. 1722, d. February 1768 in Augusta County, VA), need additional information on this family.

George Rogers (Beverley Manor SW, from Beverley "by Lewis and Madison" on 21st March, 1754), same George Rogers as above. (Note: this tract is un-identified on the Hildebrand Map, but can be easily identified through the listing of the neighboring tracts in the Chalkley's deed record).

James Rosebrough/Roseboro (Beverley Patent, From William Beverley, 240 acres in "Beverley Manor", patent line of Beverley Manor, 28 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), b. abt. 1717, d. 10 November 1777, Statesville, Rowan County, NC.

Andrew Russell (Beverley Manor NE, 496 acres, 24 Sept. 1741), as listed in the following Chalkley's citation:

p. 384 - May. 18, 1762 (pg. 335) Andrew Russell and Florence, to Joshua Russell their son, 5 pounds; 150 acres on Christians Creek in Beverley Manor, part of 496 acres conveyed by Beverley to Andrew Sept. 24, 1741. John Henderson's line. Delivered: Joshua Russell, Mar. 1767.

Edward Rutledge, acquired a 250-acre tract from William Kerr in 1753, which was situated just outside of the Beverley Manor boundaries. (b. abt. 1725, prob. Ireland, d. 18 Feb. 1787, Augusta County, VA), was apparently not related to another Rutledge family, of which George Rutledge, listed below, was a member.

George Rutledge (Beverley Manor NE, from William Beverley, 440 acres in "Beverley Manor", 3 April, 1750 from Chalkley's (not shown on Hildebrand Map)), was the brother of James, John, William, Catherine and Thomas Rutledge, early Virginia settlers. Note: this tract (391-acres of it) was originally granted to Thomas Henderson in 1738, but was sold back to William Beverley on 31 March 1750 and Beverley patented it again to Rutledge four days later.



William Scott (Beverley Manor SE, 125 acres, 1754), (b. abt. 1721, d. bef. 20 Jan. 1795, Augusta County, VA)

George Seawright, (56) 8 ___ber 20, 1738, survey for George Seawright, beginning on West side South Fork of Shenandore below ye mouth of a Spring branch and runneth thence S. 15 E. 44 to 3 Pines, S. 30 W. 150 to 2 Pines, thence S. 52 W. 100, 20 ye river, thence crossing ye same to below to White Oaks; N. 30 W. 20, N. 10 W. 120 to 1 White Oak, thence N. 30 E. 180 to 2 pines, thence N. 60 E. 60 to a pine; S. 65 E. 68 to ye river, thence up ye said river, S. 6 W. to ye beginning, thence came to ye corner between 2 White Oaks and run; S. 58 E. 78 to a Sycamore on ye river and down ye river ( ), N. 60 E. 40 P. and N., 18 W. 4 pole.

John Seawright (Beverley Manor NE, 413 acres, 1740), early survey as follows; 74) ( ) _____br ye 16, 1738, survey for Jno. Seawright, beginning at said Seawright's a White Oak, corner ye Beever Run, corner George Hutchison, 819 acres. This survey returned for Jno. Preston surveyed April ye 23, 1739. Another early survey as follows: 75) 9 ___ber ye 16, 1738, survey for Dr. Seawright, beginning on No. side Carthrie's River.

John Shields (Beverley Manor SW, 225 acres, 13 Oct. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. 1709, Lancaster County, PA, d. bef. 16 Nov. 1773, Augusta County, VA), also acquired land in the Borden Tract; brother of Thomas Shields, listed below.

John Shields (Beverley Manor, # of acres not listed, 22 March 1786), grandson of John Shields, listed above.

Thomas Shields (Beverley Manor SW, 202 acres, 4 April, 1749 from Chalkley's) (b. 1699, Lancaster County, PA, d. 1765 (?), Harrisonburg, Augusta County), brother of John Shields, listed above.

William Skillern (Beverley Manor NE, 635 acres, 1741), (b. abt. 1710, Ulster, Ireland, d. abt. 1744, Augusta County, VA), m. Elizabeth Perkins (b. 1719), supposedly a daughter of Elisha Perkins and Margaret Sherrill. After William Skillern died in abt. 1744, his widow Elizabeth married James "Ute" Anderson, abt. 1747, in Augusta County, VA. There is a very colorful story, detailed in early Augusta County Court records regarding Elizabeth and her second husband, James Anderson, alias "Ute Perkins" .

William Smith (Beverley Patent NE, 135 acres, 5 June 1739)

Nathaniel Steele (2 Tracts: 1) Beverley Manor SW, 285 acres, 17 June 1748; 2) Beverley Manor SW (just to the west of previously acquired tract), 180 acres, 1766 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1722, d. 1796, Augusta County, VA), son of David Steele, brother of Robert Steele, listed below.

Robert Steele (Beverley Manor SW, 309 acres, 1749, adjoining 590 acres acquired by Samuel Steele in 1747), (b. abt. 1725, d. 1800, Augusta County, VA), son of David Steele, brother of Nathaniel Steele, listed above.

Samuel Steele (Beverley Manor SW, 590 acres in Beverley Manor, 17 Oct. 1747 from Chalkley's(shows as "1749" on Hildebrand Map), adjoining 309 acres acquired by Robert Steele in 1749), (b. 1709, Ireland, d. 20 Jan. 1790, Augusta County, VA), married 1st, Margaret Fulton and 2nd, Sarah Campbell.

Archibald Stuart (Beverley Manor SE, 500 acres, 1751), (b. 1697, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1761, Waynesboro, Augusta County, VA), married Janet Brown.

Thomas Stuart (Beverley Manor SE, 353 acres, 1749), (b. 1722, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1789, Augusta County, VA), married Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Thomas. This tract adjoins a tract acquired from Samuel Davidson in 1744, later conveyed to William Beverley in 1749.

Thomas Stuart, (Beverley Manor SE, 100 acres, 1750), adjoining his 353-acre tract to the north, listed above.

Thomas Stuart, (Beverley Manor SE, 105 acres, 1773), adjoining his 100-acre tract to the north, listed above. Conveyed to his son Robert in 1801 (as listed in Chalkleys). Listed as "105 AC Stuart R" on Hildebrand Map.

David Summers (Beverley Manor NW, 170-180 acres, 1806), (b. abt. 1782 Augusta County, d. 1857 Augusta County, VA), grandson of Johann George Summers, an early settler in Shenandoah County, VA



John Tate (Teat) (Beverley Manor SW, 344 acres in Beverley Manor, 4 April 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. 1710, Ulster, Ireland, d. March 1801, Augusta County, VA.

Thomas Tate (Beverley Patent SW, 170 acres, 1753)

Joseph Teas (Beverley Manor SE, 465 acres, 1739), (b. abt. 1700, Pennsylvania, d. abt. 1756, Augusta County, VA), m. Jane UNKNOWN. Joseph was possibly a son of Matthias Teas and related via DNA evidence, but relationship unknown to John Teas (abt. 1700-abt. 1750), who married Martha Steele, daughter of David Steele and Janet (unknown).

Adam Thompson (Beverley Manor NW, 287 acres, 1749) (b. bef. 1725, d. bef. 22 March, 1769, Augusta County, Virginia), possibly the brother of Moses Thompson, listed below, more information needed on this family.

Moses Thompson (Beverley Manor NE, 410 acres, appears to be 1739 and 1040 acres on Christian's Creek, between 1738-1744. The 410 acre parcel was subsequently sold to James Patton pm 25 July 1744 from Chalkley's.)

Moses Thompson (Beverley Manor NE, date appears as 1740 or 1744 on some lists, but as this land was sold by Moses Thompson in 1744 to James Patton, the earlier date is more probable.) To wit, the following transaction from Chalkley's:

Page 13.--13th September, 1750. James Patton, Gent., to James Coyl, 410 acres sold to Patton by Moses Thompson, 25th July, 1744, on Christian's Creek where Coyl now lives; Moses Thompson; corner Wm. Palmer; corner George Robinson (now Wm. Henderson's land), Wm. Russell's survey. Teste: Mathew Campbell, Edward Hall. Teste: Pat. McCullom, Christopher Phinney.

William Thompson (Beverley Manor NE, 947 acres, 22 November 1744) (b. Est. Abt. 1680 in Scotland or Ireland, d. aft. 1749, supposedly married to Jean Stuart).

John Trimble, (b. 1715, Scotland, d. 13 Sept. 1764, killed in the last Indian Raid in Augusta County, VA), m. Mary Christian (abt. 1704-1770), daughter of Gilbert Christian and Margaret Richardson.

John Trimble, (Beverley Manor NW, 449 acres, 1739), was a contemporary of John Trimble, who was killed in the last Indian Raid in Augusta County on 13 Sept. 1764, but the relationship between the two is unknown. This John Trimble (b. est. 1712-1723, d. abt. 1789, Augusta County, VA) was known as "John Trimble of North Mountain".

Robert Turk (Beverley Manor NE, 1313 acres, 1739)(b. abt. 1690, Ireland, d.17 Nov 1772), who married Margaret Kerr (according to some sources). He took the Oath of Importation on 28 Feb. 1739 with wife Margaret, and children, Jane, Ann, Thomas, James and William.


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