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The following two sets of processioning data seem to cover the area between the Forks of the James north to the southern boundary of Beverley's Manor. (see also, Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1748 for a complete set of the 1748 processioning data). These data were collected in the Spring of 1747/48, a date within 5 years of the death of Benjamin Borden. As a result, the list of land owners whose property was processioned should correspond well to those depicted on Hildebrands map. In point of fact relatively few of these owners of processioned land appear on this map, and more importantly, relatively few of those depicted on Hildebrands map, also appear on this list of processioned land owners. This suggests that the list of processioned land owners is incomplete. More critically, the fact that we have so many landowners in the area but not appearing on Hildebrands map, suggests that additional work here would be fruitful. (ie, are this land owners really present on Borden's grant, or does the processioned area encompass a much larger area? Even so, why were so few of land holdings of the Borden's Grant actually processioned?


From Chalkley Vol 2 Processioning data for 1756

Page 169.--1756: Processioned by Thos. McFarrin and Robert Montgomery, in Cap. John McFarrin's Company, on Catawbo Creek,
Saml. McRoberts
Wm. Snotgrass
John Neeley
Pat. Shurkey
Saml. Thompson
Thos. Hadley
Jno. McFerrin
Thos. Ramsey
Pat Scott can't show his lines
Jno. McClenachan can't show his lines
Francis Ryley can't show his lines
Wm. Preston can't show his lines
Wm. Hutchison
James Hutchison
David Mitchell
Robt. Mountgomery
Jno. Marchel
Joshua Hadley
Wm. Richey
Thos. McFarrin
Page 171.--1756: Processioned by Henry Kirkum and William Hall, viz:
Samuel Gipson
Paul Whitley
John Mitchell
Michael Daugherty
Henry Kirkum
Joseph Long
James Gilmore
John and Alex. Walker
John Batty.
Page 172.--1756: Processioned by Lofty Pullan and Richard Botkin, on Cowpasture and Bullpasture, viz:
Thomas Feemster Present Alex Black
John Jackson
Alex. Black Present James Knox
Wallis Estill
George Lewis
Richard Boatkin Present Adam Jurden
John McCreery.
Page 173.--1756: Processioned by James Allen, viz:
Mathew and William Robertson
James Henderson
Wm. Dunlap
Robt. Craig
Jno. Stevenson
David Stevenson
Thos. Stevenson
James, Jr. Allen
Robert Kenny
Wm. Johnston
John King
Wm. Erwin
Hugh Ross
James Allen
Jno. Carr.
Page 174.--1756: Processioned from Fairfax's line to North River, by John Harrison and Danl. Smith, viz:
John McClure
Richd. Dear
Pat. Quen (Owen)
Danl. Love
Mathew Black
Arter Johnson
Thomas Harrison
John Wright
David Walston
William Logan
John Davis
Thomas Lokey
Jacob Wooly
Valentine Sevier
John Phillips
Andw. Bird
Thos. Millsaps
John Obryan
Michael Wearen
John Fawler
David Logan
Randolph McDonald
John Cravens
Joseph Cravens
Robert Cravens
John Shelpman
Alex. Herring
Jeremiah Harrison
Reuben Harrison
John, Sr. Harrison
John, Jr. Harrison
Zebulon Harrison
Thomas Moore
Moses Bird
Wm. McGee
Robert Harrison. Col. Wood's Plains
Naiad Creek Patten part not processioned because Cap. Daniel Harrison and John Edwrds objected because there was no patent nor courses to know the lines. Niles Run tract not processioned by reason none to show the lines. Capn. Harrison's not processioned, none to show the lines.
Page 175.--1756: Processioned by Robt. Rennick and John Mathews, Jr., viz:
Henry Fuller
George Adam Saling
Alex. Baggs
John, Jr. Mathews,
Robt. Renick.
Page 176.--1756: Processioned by John Tate and Samuel Doak, in Cap. James Mitchell's Company, viz:
Widow Mitchell
Wm. Thompson
James Robinson
Charles Campbell
Saml. Brawford
John Mitchell
Saml. Doak
Widow Fulton
Robt. Alexander
Nathl. and Robt. Steele
David Hays
Helen Mitchell and Jno. Tate
David Doak
James Cowan
Robert Sayers
John Campbell
Pat. Campbell
John Ward
Widow McTyre
John and Alex. Brownlee
Saml. Steele
Patrick Hays
John Fulton
Thomas Tate
Robert Willson.
Page 177.--1756: Processioned by Robert Hook and Pat. Frazier, viz:
Edward Beard
Margt. Laburn
James Craig
Gasper Vought
James Craig (same as above)
Henry Pirkey
Mathew Thompson
Andrew Leeper
Henry Leaburn
John Bell Vought
John Stevenson
Wm. Beard
Archibald Huston.
Page 178.--1756: Processioned by Andrew Hays and Jacob Anderson, See Old Augusta Walkers Creek Processioning Map for 1756 and 1760 viz:
Capt. Joseph Culton
John Stuart
Robert Stuart
Alex. McCroskey
Alex. Miller
James Moor
James Robson
Wm. Reach Reagh
Robert Roech Reagh
James Ritherfoard Rutherford
Jno. Bounton Buntin
Wm. Givin
Robert Culton
Wm. Porter
John McCroskey
Wm. Buchanan
Charles Hays
Alex. Jr. Walker
Alex. Sr. Walker
James Walker
John Walker
John Wallis Wallace
Andrew Hays
Jacob Anderson.
Page 179.--1756: Processioned in Capt. Israel Christian's Company by John Henderson and Wm. Baskins, viz:
Rev. John Craig
Daniel Denniston
James Wallace
David Bell
Robert Poage
John Anderson
Andrew Russell
John Hutcheson
Patrick McCollum
James Coyle
Geo. Anderson
Robert Patterson
Mathew Armstrong
William Lewis
James Lesley
Archibald Hamilton
John Poage
Mr. Shodder
Wm. Bell
Wm. Wallace
Robert McClenachan
Alex. Wright
Samuel Wilson
John Cunningham
Alex. McNite
John Black
Nathan Gililand
John Bigham
John Coulter
John Buchanan
Elijah McClenachan
Robert Breckinridge
Wm. Baskins
Widow Crawford
Joans Henderson
Andrew Scott
John Henderson.