Old Augusta Walkers Creek Processioning Map for 1756 and 1760


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The following map shows the location of lands processioned on Borden's Grant in 1756 and 1760 in the Walker's Creek Watershed (plus a portion of the area around Goshen Pass.) The parcel locations are based on Hildebrand's map which shows land holdings as of the death of Benjamin Borden in 1743. Some of the lands processioned in 1756 and 1760 were not owned by persons shown on Hildebrands map, and as a consequence do not appear here. Note that some lands shown on Hildebrands map were not processioned in thee years. It is not known whether this is because a) the processioning data (taken from Chalkley's Chronicles) is incomplete, b) the processioners missed a number of land owners, c) some land owners choose not to have their lands processioned, or d) some of the lands originally taken up by 1743 were unoccupied in 1756. The later possibility is particlarly plausible since this was at the height of the French and Indian War, and some settlers had in fact left the area. A listing of those whose lands were processioned in 1756 is found at Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1756. A tabulation of those who appear on Hildebrands map of 1743, but were not processioned in 1756 or 1760, will be added.