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Thanks! [3 January 2010]

Thanks for fixing Place:Prince William, Virginia, United States!! I knew something went terribly wrong but even looking at the history, I couldn't figure out how or when. Looks like I put the category in the wrong place. Sigh . . .--Janiejac 11:45, 3 January 2010 (EST)

Cleaning up place fields? [19 January 2010]

Morning! I see that you cleaned up a place description on Person:Anna Unknown (193). Thanks. The GEDCOMs I've contributed were initially created with FTM software which-- at least at the time-- did not have DESC fields for each fact. Therefore I used the PLACE field for both place and description, when necessary. I have a lot of clean-up to do. Are you working on an overall PLACE cleanup? If so, I'm happy to help by working on my own pages. Let me know. Jillaine 10:13, 18 January 2010 (EST)

(BTW..) I've been cleaning up Categories in a similar manner, by reviewing Special:Categories. I thought there might be a similar special page for Places, but I don't see one. How are you cleaning up Place names? Thanks. -- Jillaine 10:19, 18 January 2010 (EST)

Hi there! I'm just going through Special:Categories randomly and picking ones that jump out at me! If they say something like Surname in and a description after it (like 1st cousin, or an occupation, etc) that will catch my eye. Words after the Surname part are an indication that text appears in a place field that doesn't belong. There are soooooo many that any effort feels like a tiny drop in the bucket. I'm also going through Special:Wantedcategories which lists the top 1000 wanted categories (refreshed daily). I'll do the top 10 or so. By looking at the Special categories, can you even imagine Dallan creating these "wanted" pages automatically? Whew! What a mess!--Jennifer (JBS66) 10:29, 18 January 2010 (EST)

What are "wanted categories"? In the meantime, I've placed a question on Help_talk:Place_pages about how to obtain a list of places. Thanks. Jillaine 12:58, 18 January 2010 (EST)
I always seem to think of something else after I click "Save page"... I've also been going through Special:Categories looking for badly formatted Surname fields. I got through quite a bit, but lost heart when I came across the INSANELY high number of (MarriedName) surname e.g., (Smith) in California. Seems like THOUSANDS of records use this format instead of UNKNOWN or "--?--" or whatever. Anyway, I don't know that I have the heart to clean all those up. Jillaine 13:01, 18 January 2010 (EST)

Thanks for cleaning up my "place" and "descr" errors. As someone has already mentioned, FamilyTreeMaker didn't have a distinction between the two--the latest version does. I appreciate your editing!--SemlakGirl 12:51, 19 January 2010 (EST)

category project [20 January 2010]

Jennifer, I've been 'bold' and added Goals and Purpose to the category project page. Feel free to remove or edit if you want. I won't object. I woke up thinking of these things!

I notice that there are NO watchers listed on this page. But the menu gives me an option to 'unwatch' the page. Is that because of the type of page it is? Hopefully, not because there are no interested users. Why is there no list?

I expect there are other 'Project' pages also but I didn't see them listed in the brief scan I did of categories. So I found them by searching for special projects. But I still don't know the parent category of these special projects. --Janiejac 09:03, 20 January 2010 (EST)

I think it's wonderful that you've been so bold! You have brought up some great points, and your questions help us all to refine our ideas. You made a comment on that page, "I'm not an administrator but I keep throwing my two cents"... well, you don't need to be an admin to participate. We can all contribute our ideas, questions, expertise - just like you are doing.

There are actually a few people watching the category project page. Watchers don't appear anywhere on any of the pages in our WeRelate namespace. To find them, you need to search for the page and look at the list of watchers in the results. You can do that search by clicking here. 7 Users are watching the page right now.

There are other projects pages.. I went searching for them too, right before I made the category one. They don't seem to have any categories attached to them, so they are harder to find than a needle in a haystack! I found a few with this search--Jennifer (JBS66) 09:13, 20 January 2010 (EST)

frustrationeeming to be to complicated for me , much more complicated thn ancestry .com, set In ( time to delete )Complications not my bag) [30 January 2010]

appr 18 or more messages review ged ,when i try it says cant, i get mssgs from dall, jillean, an others ,cant, review ,to many just sittin ,not a good picture from this end , I try an always keep my life an associated things ,issues SImple < this is way to complicated , > could be me ! But Maybe i try later ,interested now only in deleting, so i can start new later ,months from now maybe ! Help--Mikekib 11:17, 30 January 2010 (EST)

Left a message on user's talk page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:46, 30 January 2010 (EST)

Duplicates [3 February 2010]

Hi. A lot of Dutch names are appearing on the duplicate list. I think they are from your gedcom imports. I wasn't sure if you were aware of these. --Judy (jlanoux) 01:08, 3 February 2010 (EST)

Hello Judy, Yes, I am aware of the massive numbers of duplicates on that list. I'm working on a project to document all of the marriages for two gemeente (counties) in Friesland. Due to the manner in which I gathered the data, quite a number of duplicates resulted. Merging daily... so if you see a Dutch name on there, you can skip over them. Thanks --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:08, 3 February 2010 (EST)

I, too, noticed a lot of dutch names while deduping the other day. After doing one, I realized, holy moley, I do not know a THING about these, and I better not touch them. So I skipped them. Nice to know who they belong to and that you're taking care of them. Jillaine 08:33, 3 February 2010 (EST)
Great, thanks. I'll definitely skip them. If you got all those done, you must have worked all night.--Judy (jlanoux) 09:14, 3 February 2010 (EST)
Oh... she is no where near done.... right now it looks like all but a very few Family Duplicates are hers and there are a LOT of 'em... This makes me absolutely paranoid about my own database that I'm working. It's over 10k people, all from a small German town with a limited number of surnames and where they recycled a limited number of given names over and over again. It's going to be a nightmare, I fear... Jillaine 15:44, 3 February 2010 (EST)

No Merge Template [26 February 2010]

Hi Jennifer, got your message on the updated No-Merge Template. Thanks, will use on future person pages.

Best regards,

Jim:) (Volunteer Administrator on WeRelate)--Delijim 12:49, 26 February 2010 (EST)

Irish placenames [25 March 2010]


The Irish address should be: Townland, Parish, County, Republic of Ireland

The Barony is not used any more. sometimes the county has parishes that have the same name and then they use the Barony. The townlands are sometimes duplicated so they use the parish. The Irish changed the spelling in all of the areas. They were anglicized in many different ways and you will see different spellings on maps and documents. Also Townlands the basic unit and smallest division of land in Ireland also had local names. Some townlands may have had a number of descriptive names that the locals used. Miltown Malbay is the largest town in the area and is used in the mailing address. It is also used for a Parish name but Kilfarboy is the real parish name. Kilmurry-Ibrickane is also the Parish but Mullagh is used as it is the largest town in the parish.

Now for your questions These are the correct names

1. Doonogan, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland same name many different spellings 2. Ilaunbawn,Kilfarboy,Clare, Republic of Ireland many different spellings 3. Friegh Castle, Kilfarboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland Friegh Castle is near Miltown Malbay 4. Lackamore, Kilfarboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland 5. Leana, Killinaboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland 6. Annagh, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland They are all the same 7. Ballyvaskin North, Kilfarboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland There are two twonlands North and South 8. Knockanalban, Kilmurry-Ibrickan, Clare, Republic of Ireland This is one of the townlands with about 5 local names like Mount Scott, Frehane, Knocknageragh, Quartermire etc. I will include the local name in my text. 9. Killnaboy Graveyard, Killnaboy, Killnaboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland The graveyards are in the townlands they are named after 10. Killernan Graveyard, Killernan, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland

I corrected the rest of the haven't figured out yet.

Haven't figured out yet

   * Place:Toureen, Kilfarboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Kildimo, Kilfarboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Dunsallagh Kilmurry-Ibrickane,Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Ballymakea, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Shanaway, Kilmurry-Ibrickan, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Shanaway Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Knockanalban, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Carhuligane, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Dromoher, Killnaboy, Clare, Republic of Ireland
   * Place:Clare, Kilmurry, Cork, Republic of Ireland    (Delete this one)
   * Place:Coore, Kilmurry-Ibrickane, Republic of Ireland 

I hope this helps Remember some townlands are have other names as East West, North, south, Upper, Lower, Middle,etc.

Thanks for your help I would like to get this in the townland, parish, county, Ireland format. Kevin J O'Brien--O'Brien 18:27, 24 March 2010 (EDT)


This is my first time on a wiki. I haven't figured how to navigate through the program yet. I watched most of the tutorials. Thanks for your help. Kevin--O'Brien 17:22, 25 March 2010 (EDT)

Gedcom for User:Fostoria1964 [1 April 2010]

Hi Jennifer, I was looking at the gedcom uploaded by User:Fostoria1964. It has several error messages and many very obvious errors (children born several years before marriage date, etc). You should probably delete it and have the user work to correct the errors before it is uploaded. I see that you were going to delete it on March 30th. Just wanted you to know.

Best regards,

Jim:)--Delijim 13:26, 1 April 2010 (EDT)

Source Naming Conventions [5 April 2010]


Thanks for the correction on:

(Source:DeKalb, Alabama, United States. 1930 U.S. Census renamed to Source:DeKalb, Alabama, United States. 1930 U.S. Census Population Schedule: Following naming convention)

This is our first week and trying not to spin out on the learning curve!

Jay--Jayharris 12:30, 4 April 2010 (EDT)

You're welcome Jay, renaming that was no problem at all. Yes, I admit there is a bit of a learning curve here... don't hesitate to ask questions. The best place to get questions answered is at our Support page. Have fun, --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:42, 5 April 2010 (EDT)

Duplicates [6 apr 2010]

Hi Jennifer, I discovered that there are still a lot of duplicates in WeRelate, caused by the different languagenames I think. I just uploaded a new gedcom with known duplicates but the gedcom tool did not discover these duplicates. I will merge all afterwards. --Regards, salutations, Grüssen, groeten, Fred Bergman 03:31, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

Thank You [6 April 2010]

Hello Jennifer,

Thank You for your computer editing and grammar skills on the Welcome1 Template page. I appreciate it. Hope you are having a good day. Debbie Freeman --DFree 10:56, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

Places [7 April 2010]

Look here for the usual country and dutch province name codes--Regards, Fred Bergman 17:16, 7 April 2010 (EDT)

Thank you Fred. I added abbreviations for the countries on that page under Landen. If you have a country that I did not add that you have a lot of in your gedcom, feel free to add that abbreviation, or let me know the country name. --Jennifer (JBS66) 19:53, 7 April 2010 (EDT)

Editing Pages [5 May 2010]

I was wondering about editing pages: Is it better to add ancestor stories/sources on the person page rather than the family page with the sources there? I've been putting them on the family page, but I noticed (John Richey (9) and John Richey and Martha unknown (1) (that there is a source box after the name on the person page and not on the family page.

On my grandfather Paul Richey (1) I but bits of the story on all three b/c he had two marriages, but I've been thinking that might begin to take up a lot of space in the computer if you did it everywhere.

Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 11:09, 4 May 2010 (EDT)

Hello Pam, what I would recommend is that information pertaining to a person appear on their person page, and information about a marriage appear on the family page. For example, the information you have on both Family:Paul Richey and Irene Campbell (1) and Family:Paul Richey and Augie Brownfield (1) could be placed directly on Paul's person page.
Regarding the source boxes, you can use those to site specific details, like a birth date or a census source. If you want to cite text you've typed into the Personal History section of a page, you can use the cite template. An example of it's use can be found here. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:01, 4 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks, I think I figured this out. See John Richey (9) Will redo it. Pam

One other thing, I have quite a bit of information on John Richey's probate that is important to the family. What would be the best way to present this? Should I do an Article page or is there a better way? I have 5-6 images + details on how the probate progressed. There will be links to children's pages . Thanks.

Creating a MySource page would be a good option for this. MySources are used for any source that is specific to a certain person or family. Our MySource portal page provides additional information. You may also want to consider posting this question on our Support page, as other users may have suggestions. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:37, 5 May 2010 (EDT)

Transclusion [1 June 2010]

Thanks so much for your instructions on "Transclusion". this seems to be exatly what I was looking for to meet JRich's concerns of not duplicating information while still having a more narrative Family page. Will other contributors to the page understand the context or do you think a small note o the page might help? I.e. "Select information here has been transcluded from a separate WeRelate page." I guess anyone wanting to update would see the direction to the original info page anyway though.!? Thanks again for your help.--B.holmes 07:28, 6 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks again for your help. I though that I had implemented your suggested change to Hannah Bickerstaff (1) sucessfully, but must have still been a problem?--B.holmes 06:16, 11 May 2010 (EDT)

There was no problem with how you renamed the page - that worked out fine. I was trying to delete the (7) page, and found that the family still pointed to it. It took me a couple of tries to notice that the Hannah (1) page - at the very beginning - still said Hannah Bickerstaff (7), so that was the culprit. Once I changed that I was able to delete the unneeded (7) page. This was essentially just minor admin housekeeping.
Regarding your first note above, I have posted a note to Dallan about transclusion in general. You are right that most users will not know what it's all about. Combine that with the fact that we have no help pages that describe how to do it... I think Dallan will be able to at least set some guidelines/instructions for it's use on WR. It's been interesting to watch your progress on the pages, nice job. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:29, 11 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks, your suggestion of transclusion was just what I was looking for. I think that its use on a family page to bring in some of the two parents, and the important childrens page info adds to a more interesting reading of the family page. All this with out duplicating any information, confusing the citation from the other pages etc. I tried to point back to the individual "person" page within the transcluded text so that anyone on the family page can go directly to the editable page and see the source citations for the transcluded text plus any additional information on the person. I guess this use of the family page is not to the liking of some of the more pureist genealogist here on WR. I will try to go back to my earlier entries of my tree and my children and late wife's tree to eliminate the duplication that I have used to get the format prior to your trasclusion suggestion. Thanks again for your great help. BTW, my children's maternal line, Bourie/Bouret and Meloche, goes back into the French Canadian area. So I may need your help there as well. Cheers, B.Holmes--B.holmes 08:10, 11 May 2010 (EDT)

Ah, so it looks like you'll be linking up to the Person:François Bouré (1) page pretty soon :-) According to Tanguay, Francois married both Suzanne Proteau (my line) and Anne Paradis. Working on the French Canadian area again would be a nice diversion from the Dutch project I've been working on! Plus, my French lines are in dire need of some sources... never enough hours in the day... --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:46, 11 May 2010 (EDT)

Small world! FRANCIS [François] Bouret and Ann Paradis are my children's 6th Great Grandparents. Also, Thanks yet again for the reference to the book. I had copies of the Bourie pages from the Dennison book,Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region. Tanguay, page 419, agrees with their line down to Louis Bouret and Mary Teresa [Marie-Therese] BOILARD, but does not report a son, Louis B. Bouret who m. Mary Francoise Meloche, which is mentioned in Dennison and later Meloche family publications. Would you know of any source of records from St Anne's Church, Detroit, where they were married? I thought it might have their parents listed. I found a records book for St Anne's Church, on line but no online access. I will try to add the couple of generations up to your François Boure (1). Happy to find the connection. PS Obviouly I have not found out how to add the French letter accents on WR yet.--B.holmes 09:15, 12 May 2010 (EDT)

Do you have access to The early Ste-Anne records appear in the Early U.S. French Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1695-1954 they have there. There is a posting here that gives some specifics on searching this part of the collection. Some libraries subscribe to Ancestry (for in-library use only), which might be another option. My Quebec relatives came down directly from Quebec to New England 2-3 generations ago. I don't have lines that went to Detroit, so I'm not familiar with additional resources for that area.
The Tangay source page here is helpful (and I'm not saying that because I created it!) It has links to each of the volumes in one place - something Google Books should do. Note, in Tanguay, b: means baptized, not born. Here is a link to Meloche vol 5 page 589 in Tanguay.
FYI, Family Records Search has the Quebec Catholic Parish Registers online, but not yet searchable, here. You'd need to know the parish and date range to get you in the right vicinity. Then a little knowledge of French to skip ahead in the records to the correct year. Pretty cumbersome, but helpful nonetheless.
Regarding the accented characters, you can cut-and-paste from another page that does have the characters (like this one). You can also enter them by holding down the ALT key on your keyboard, and pressing 4 numbers consecutively. ie: é is created by holding down ALT and pressing 0233. These numbers are listed on the chart in that link. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:25, 12 May 2010 (EDT)

Hello again. I am trying some other uses of transclusion and ran into a question. I made a page to a will so I could use it two places w/o duplication. Problem is I don't know how to call the page. The page type when added was left as "(main)" since all pull down options didn't seem to be applicable. The page where I am calling for transclusion is: Cheers, B.Holmes--B.holmes 07:36, 20 May 2010 (EDT)

To call an article (which is also know as the main namespace) you can include the page title, without any prefix like this: {{:Will of Robert Wade, Sr.}}. However, pages such as wills are best placed in the MySource space, instead of as an article, as it has relatively limited scope. You generally can't rename across namespaces, so you may need to create a new MySource page, add the text from your will, and then put the will article page up for Speedy Delete. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:52, 20 May 2010 (EDT)

Hello again. Back with a problem related to transclusion of an article page. Making articles of US Treaties with the Indians that the Bourie descendents participated in. The form

On September 26, 1833, a US Treaty with the CHIPPEWA, ETC. contain "Articles of a treaty made at Chicago, in the State of Illinois, on the twenty-sixth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, between George B. Porter, Thomas J. V. Owen and William Weatherford, Commissioners on the part of the United States of the one part, and the United Nation of Chippewa, Ottawa and Pottawattamie Indians of the other part, being fully represented by the Chiefs and Head-men whose names are hereunto subscribed--which Treaty is in the following words, to wit: The said United Nation of Chippewa, Ottawa, and Pottawattamie Indians, cede to the United States all their land, along the western shore of Lake Michigan, and between this Lake and the land ceded to the United States by the Winnebago nation, at the treaty of Fort Armstrong made on the September 15, 1832--bounded on the north by the country lately ceded by the Menominee’s, and on the south by the country ceded at the treaty of Prairie du Chien made on July 29, 1829--supposed to contain about five millions of acres. In part consideration of the above cession it is hereby agreed, that the United States shall grant to the said United Nation of Indians to be held as other Indian lands are held which have lately been assigned to emigrating Indians, a tract of country west of the Mississippi river, to be assigned to the____ by the President of the United States--to be not less in quantity than five millions of acres, and to be located as follows: beginning at the mouth of Boyer's river on the east side of the Missouri river, thence down the said river to the mouth of Naudoway River, thence due east to the west line of the State of Missouri, thence along the said State line to the northwest corner of the State, thence east along the said State line to the point where it is intersected by the western boundary line of the Sacs and Foxes -- thence north along the said line of the Sacs and Foxes, so far as that when a straight line shall be run there from to the mouth of Boyer's river (the place of beginning) it shall include five millions of acres. And as it is the wish of the Government of the United States that the said nation of Indians should remove to the country thus assigned to them as soon as conveniently can be done; and it is deemed advisable on the part of their Chiefs and Headmen that a deputation should visit the said country west of the Mississippi and thus be assured that full justice has been done, it is hereby stipulated that the United States will defray the expenses of such deputation, to consist of not more than fifty persons, to be accompanied by not more than five individuals to be nominated by themselves and the whole to be under the general direction of such officer of the United States Government as has been or shall be designated for the purpose.--And it is further agreed that as fast as the said Indians shall be prepared to emigrate, they shall be removed at the expense of the United States, and shall receive subsistence while upon the journey, and for one year after their arrival at their new homes.--It being understood, that the said Indians are to remove from all that part of the land now ceded, which is within the State of Illinois, immediately on the ratification of this treaty, but to be permitted to retain possession of the country north of the boundary line of the said State, for the term of three years, without molestation or interruption and under the protection of the laws of the United States."

Schedule B of the Treaty stipulates the John B. Bourie be paid $2500. By this time his father had died and his mother had remarried. His mother, Frances (Meloche Bourie) Felex is to be paid $1100. John B Bourie and his siblings: David, Caroline Bourie Ferry, Harriet Bourie Ewing, Nancy Bourie Hedges and her husband John P. Hedges, are also mentioned as being paid $500 each for approved claims.

Census [16 May 2010]

I created 1850 Upshur, Texas if you want to check it for me. Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 14:12, 15 May 2010 (EDT)

Hello Pam, I checked Source:Morris, Texas, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule (I didn't see an 1850 Upshur one). You are placing the template correctly there, nice job! I just made the following small edits:

  1. I changed Category:1850 Texas Census to Category:1850 Texas census (with a small c)
  2. I added the year range of 1850-1850
  3. I added the subject as census

Of these 3 items, #1 is really the one to keep in mind. #2-3 are nice to have, but I tend to check census sources anyway - as these little details are often forgotten by users. It sure would be nice if Dallan could create all the census pages automatically!--Jennifer (JBS66) 14:25, 15 May 2010 (EDT)

Did I leave the date out of the 1850 date field or does it go somewhere else? and where does the subject census go? I thought these fields were completed, but maybe they were not. Thanks, Pam

The Year range was empty, so I added 1850 in the first box and 1850 in the second box. Right below that, the subject was empty, so I choose census records from the pull-down box. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:36, 15 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks for fixing mine as well! I'll try to follow the rules from here on. The link to the county info in Wikipedia is great idea and useful when new counties are formed I would suspect.--B.holmes 14:32, 16 May 2010 (EDT)

French Canadian Immigration records [17 May 2010]

I was looking at the site you indicated and found the following for our common interest.

BOURRET dit LÉPINE, Gilles (M). INSEE:50474. Pl: St-Georges-de-Rouelley. Zone: Manche. Dest: Québec

The from and to are fairly clear. I could not find what the INSEE:# refered to. And is Québec used here the City, region or? Last fall we had a week with friends in Brittany. We drove back to Paris making a detour through St-Georges-de-Rouelley. No time, no research, just a drive thru. :(--B.holmes 14:39, 16 May 2010 (EDT)

This is nice, thank you for posting this. The INSEE is a geographical code with the first 2 digits being the département (in this case, Manche) and the last 3 digits the commune. With most of this FrancoGene site, Québec refers to the city, as they say: "If not stated otherwise, a place is in the province of Québec". So when they list a place as Québec or Trois-Rivières, it's assumed to be Québec, Québec, Canada or Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. I think even with the web-site's statement there can be some ambiguity with this. You could always list just the province, and put Québec City in the description field, until there is less ambiguous data to back it up.
That sounds like a marvelous trip, even without the research. I went to Paris about 10 years ago and loved it! No chance to tour the countryside that time, but perhaps in the future. --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:08, 16 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks again. I had hoped it was a reference to a ship voyage that he had sailed over on.--B.holmes 07:02, 17 May 2010 (EDT)

Thanks - Welcome page additions [17 May 2010]


I like the new additions you added to the Welcome page. Thank You, Debbie Freeman --DFree 15:03, 17 May 2010 (EDT)

Debbie, I'm glad you like the changes. I saw there was another welcome message (Template:Welcome2) where Dallan had added the etiquette and community portal information. I thought I should add this to the welcome message you use. I don't know why there are 2 welcome messages, so I left a note about that on the other talk page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:57, 17 May 2010 (EDT)

doesn't seem to work? As applied in Person:John Bourie (1)

OK???? It worked in my message to you??? but not in the page for John Baptiste Bourie??

--B.holmes 08:54, 1 June 2010 (EDT)

OK this is very wierd. I tried once again in Person:John Bourie (1). I removed the duplicate text above the call for transclusion and only left the call template and a little added text ad all of a sudden it works just like you said. Sorry to bother anyway, my problem is solved somehow. Cheers.--B.holmes 09:03, 1 June 2010 (EDT)

No bother at all. The page history shows the differences. At first you put the URL (which appears in the address bar at the top of your browser) - and it looked like this: {{:United_States_Treaty_-Chippewa_September_26%2C_1833}}. The second version (the one that worked) looked like this:{{:United_States_Treaty_-Chippewa_September_26,_1833}}. It's best to use the WeRelate page title rather than the URL because the URL can have additional characters, like the %2C in place of the comma.
It may have worked all of a sudden because you made another edit to the page. Upon saving it - the system likely corrected the URL text for you.--Jennifer (JBS66) 09:14, 1 June 2010 (EDT)

Person: William Gray 110 [27 May 2010]


This page is not showing a preview of my source 1880 census for DeKalb Alabama which I have entered on other pages -William Gray (112) ok. Can you see what is wrong as I can't figure it out. Thanks.--Txbluebell6 14:03, 27 May 2010 (EDT)

Hello Pam, I fixed the page and noted what I did on the William Gray talk page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:36, 27 May 2010 (EDT)

Setting up a Cemetery [29 May 2010]

Jennifer, Will you help me set up a cemetery page for Sarah Gray (52) sister to William Gray you are watching for us? I need to learn how to do this. I searched places and did not find it. Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 12:01, 28 May 2010 (EDT)

I see that User:Jrm03063 made a few edits to this cemetery page (thank you JRM!), but I have a question for you Pam. Is the Pine Forest Cemetery in Picton? Usually we follow Find a Grave, and I see they have it just in Hopkins County. Sometimes cemeteries straddle multiple counties, and in that case we put them underneath the county only, rather than a town. --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:38, 28 May 2010 (EDT)

I don't think so. I was surprised that it came up Pickton. "Pine Forest Cemetery is in Hopkins County. It's 3 miles south of Interstate 30 from Weaver on FM 269 and .7 miles north of Pickton" This is what the cemetery description says, it is north of Pickton. I think we should correct it. If we do, does it fix the pages I have already linked? Thanks, Pam

Hi Jennifer,

When "outside linking" a cemetery to the Place page, is "Find-a-Grave" a required link? If so, should I delete any other? Thanks. Jim

Jim, no it's not a required link, just a nice-to-have one. You needn't delete any others, you're welcome to add any helpful additions.
Regarding the Pine Forest Cemetery. It's been renamed to Place:Pine Forest Cemetery, Hopkins, Texas, United States. Sometimes it can take a few hours for the software to catch up with such renames. So, in the morning, I will fix the red-links that connected to the old place.
Essentially Pam, when creating a cemetery page, it's just like a place page. You would go to the top blue menu bar and Add a new place. Then type in the cemetery name, and the place it's located in. The located-in place is usually a town, but sometimes is a county when it is between multiple towns. --Jennifer (JBS66) 19:00, 28 May 2010 (EDT)

Jennifer, Thanks again! Sorry about the omissions in the Jackson, Alabama Census Source page. I knew to select "Census Records" for the Subject but goofed. The "From-To" dates I though unnecessary for it was in the title. I guess the software is expecting some sort of date in that field for all pages whether for a snapshot of time or over an extended period.

If you had five others like me at the same time your family/friends would never see you! :-( I have to get it right for Census is one of my primary Source documents. Have a great day.  :-) Jim

Jim, no need to be sorry at all. We have volunteers here that are on the lookout for little omissions like this. Five other users like you would be great actually! Possessing the desire to learn, adding well-sourced material, and being friendly - you can't ask for better than that! We know it's not the easiest site in the world to learn... but once you get the hang of it, it's a great place to be a part of. Enjoy your weekend, --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:32, 29 May 2010 (EDT)

Jennifer, Thanks for you helpful and caring spirit. God bless! Jim

Republic of Texas

Jennifer, Do we have a location for the "Republic of Texas" -- that time when Texas was not part of the United States -- 1836 - 1846?. I have a lot of ancestor activity during this period and selecting Texas as part of the United States is not correct. Am I missing something? Thanks, Pam

Response on user's talk page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:15, 4 June 2010 (EDT)

1860 Hopkins County Census [9 June 2010]

Jenifer, This census still has the location at the beginning and needs to be corrected. I don't seem to be able to correct it. Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 13:02, 9 June 2010 (EDT)

This should be all set now. What happened was that we automatically renamed our sources last year based upon the title and location fields. Since this source had the location also listed in the title field, it appeared twice in page name. There may be a few of these errors lurking around here... thanks for letting me know. --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:09, 9 June 2010 (EDT)

We're about to get all of them. I thought this was still part of my 'first day' mess. Thanks, Pam

1850 Census for Itawamba, MS [15 June 2010]

Jennifer, Could you please check the 1850 U S Census name for Itawamba and see why it is coming up as it is on this page:

John Merryman Clayton

Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 11:36, 14 June 2010 (EDT)

Pam, thank you for bringing this to my attention! This is happening because the user who created the page used the wiki "pipe trick" to display a different name than the place page. This is the same trick I mentioned to you earlier for displaying Republic of Texas. Problem is, I think this may be a bug with the new site redesign. I'm going to keep the page as it is for now, and leave a message for Dallan (with this problem source page as an example). --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:49, 14 June 2010 (EDT)
Pam, Dallan has fixed this bug. The citation is built from the text in the place and title fields on the source page, and is showing up now as Itawamba County, Mississippi. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule. This does differ from the page title. If the place were changed from Itawamba County, Mississippi to Itawamba, Mississippi, United States, then the citation would match the title. A bit confusing... --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:52, 15 June 2010 (EDT)

Thanks -- Have a great day! Pam

Pedigree Map [9 July 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

Two of my person pages show 'China' on my Pedigree Map and I can't figure out why. Can you take a look? They are Person:Thomas Clayton (30) and Person:James Clayton (12). Click on All Places. Thanks. Pam--Txbluebell6 08:29, 18 June 2010 (EDT)

Pam, the coordinates for the Place:Cleburne Memorial Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson, Texas, United States page had an E instead of a W - putting it in China. So since James and Thomas were buried in this cemetery, the map was using those coordinates. I edited the cemetery page to put it back in Texas. I see the pedigree chart still shows China, so the software may take some time to reflect the change. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:38, 18 June 2010 (EDT)

Ok Thanks, it's possible I may have done this on some other cemeteries... I'll watch out for this. Pam

Pickins Alabama census [9 July 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

I am trying to enter the 1860 Census for Pickins, Alabama and it will not bring up the location. All I get is pickinsvile, AL.

I already have it set up on John W Pollard page a few days ago and can't find anything wrong with it. Can you look into this and see why it won't select the Pickins, Alabama location for me?

Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 15:28, 9 July 2010 (EDT)

Pam, I see there is an 1860 census page for Pickins here: Source:Pickens, Alabama, United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule. It appears the location is correct there as Pickens, Alabama, United States. This Person:John Pollard (16) page looks ok too. Can you provide a link to the page where it's not working for you? Thanks! --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:35, 9 July 2010 (EDT)

Person:John Pollard (17)

Sorry, I should have included it. Pam

The census and location are written as Pickens (with an -ens). You (and I made the same mistake above) were writing Pickins (with and -ins at the end). When you type in Pickins, you will get Pickinsville because that is the next closest match. If you type in Pickens, you'll get the county you want. Let me know if this solves the problem for you. --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:07, 9 July 2010 (EDT)

Well that's a dumb mistake, next time, I'll check my spelling, sorry for the trouble... Pam

Pam - it's no trouble at all. I made the same mistake when I looked at it too! --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:52, 9 July 2010 (EDT)

I'm working on my husband's family -- I'll be glad when I get all these people keyed in and the census in so I can work on the fun stuff -- the stories and all the other stuff!

jelle [13 July 2010]

Would your unknown Jelle be from Norway?--Helge76 01:36, 12 July 2010 (EDT)

No, they would have been from Friesland, Netherlands. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:44, 12 July 2010 (EDT)

I don't have any ancestors from the Netherlands. All mine are from Norway.--Helge76 01:47, 13 July 2010 (EDT)

thank you for your welcome [2 August 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

thank you for your warm welcome. In the Beiboer gedcom I made the changes you requested. I also wrote a short profile on my "dashboard" to introduce myself.

However the Beiboer family "contains" (is that correct English?) 1000 people and my complete database contains 10000 relatives. Because I couldn't upload more then 5000 people I selected this family. Is there a possibility to upload more?

At the other hand I can divide my database in 2 parts: my own(father/mother and related familees and my wives family (father/mother,etc.)Is that a possibility?

by the way your Dutch is excellent! (better then my English)


Henk--Smidtman 14:57, 2 August 2010 (EDT)

Hallo Henk, your English is very good! I'm glad to hear that my limited Dutch was correct :-) I cannot yet hold a conversation, but hopefully during my upcoming trip to NL, I will learn a few more words!

I completed one more step on your gedcom - that is "updating" the 11 family matches. This involves clicking a little box next to each item that you would like to upload. When you think about uploading a large gedcom in the future, remember that this updating step could be time-consuming. There were only 11 now, so that was no problem. Your gedcom is now importing.

A few notes on your 11 families that matched the Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel Project:

  1. You had a few people with y in their name, such as Tytje Haga. The project used ij instead of y (as it was in the akte). Since WeRelate only has 1 page per person, Tytje Haga will be found as Tijtje Haga instead.
  2. I removed the RIN and reference numbers for these people. Since WeRelate pages are shared, RIN numbers are unnecessary.

The limit for each gedcom on WeRelate is 5000 people. I would highly suggest that you work with WeRelate for a while before considering such a large upload. This site can often be a challenge to learn. You could begin by working with the Beiboer pages - fix red-links, add sources, add photos, etc. When you do decide to upload the 10,000 file - you could break it into 2 files as you described. You could also break it into 4 by choosing your parents and your wife's parents instead. It will all depend upon how much overlap your families have. If your line and your wife's intersect somewhere, you will have to merge them during the Gedcom upload process.

We have two Dutch pages you may be interested in: WeRelate talk:Forum (Nederlands) and Portal:Netherlands (Nederland). They are not too active yet, but are watched by a couple of Dutch users.

Feel free to post a message here on my talk page, on the Dutch forum or our general support page if you have any questions.

Groetjes, Jennifer--Jennifer (JBS66) 18:16, 2 August 2010 (EDT)

/* Henry Knott and Tena Beiboer */ [5 August 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

thank you for your research, the Ellis Islands records are familiair to me, I found them myself sometime ago. I am very happy with the graveyard records, the gave me details I didn.t know. In the mean I downloaded a new gedcom file about the Knott family. I'm still working on it, so in the near future there will be an update and I'm studying on how "we relate" works.

My own "database" is build on different familees, so it could be an idea to download an gedcom for each family, and I could start with my Frisian "relatives" (Roorda, Bergsma, Plantinga, Smynia, Boelens) I saw the changes you made and I will try to make the same changes in my database. I work with 2 genealogy programs Aldfaer (which is Frisian!) and Legacy and I will try to find out which of them give the best results.

I also want to bring under your attention a website

The maker lives in Seoul, South Korea, but he is Dutch, and born near were I live, you can also find my data in this database and I think his way of research in someway matches the we relate way.

Anyway I will continue reading, thinking and learning about we relate.

GReetings from GRoningen--Smidtman 16:21, 5 August 2010 (EDT)

/* Henry Knott and Tena Beiboer */ [9 August 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

on the website findagrave, which you send me, I found some Knotts and 2 of the these distant cousins I located threw Facebook!! This weekend I mailed 1 of them and I had a ( very positive) response within one day. Thank you very, very much for this tip!!!

Henk--henk 13:45, 9 August 2010 (EDT)

Henk, I'm so glad findagrave helped! Findagrave is a bit like - except the photos are right there instead of via email, which is nice. If I come across any other Knott info, I'll let you know. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:01, 9 August 2010 (EDT)

Unknown places [12 August 2010]

Hi Jennefer I have a few people in my gedcom which were fisherman and died/drowned on the high sea. I can't attache these to any place at all. Any advise? Klaas--Ekjansen 07:59, 12 August 2010 (EDT)

Hello Klaas,

In those types of cases, you would add details to the description field, instead of the place field. The place field links to a page here on WeRelate. Since this would not be a place per se, you would simply write a description into the description field.

If you want to edit these places during gedcom upload, you can right click on the place name, and choose What references this place. That will bring you to the person page that contains the place. Then from the person page, you can click on edit to move the "place" to the description field. --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:17, 12 August 2010 (EDT)

Schregardus gedcom [15 August 2010]

Hi Jennifer

I have corrected the Place-Fields stating also Towns/Counties/States/Provinces and Countries. I do hesitate just to place my Schregardus-gedcom for upload, not wanting to give you once again a huge job to bend all data in the correct form. What do you advise? --Ekjansen 17:00, 15 August 2010 (EDT)

Hello Klaas,

I am so glad that I didn't scare you away with all of those "your page has changed" emails over the last few days! By the way, if you wish to turn those email notifications off, just ask me - there is a way to do that.

I would suggest you upload your gedcom! I can tell that you have some well researched data, and you've been very kind in responding to my questions on talk pages. The changes I've made were only to the pages that connected to the Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel Project. So, that means that your gedcom added some very nice data to that.

I want to add that the project is a work-in-progress. I am currently working to import the last big gedcom, and I've been working on that for a few months now. There are also a significant number of duplicate pages that User:Leo Bijl and I are merging. I know this final gedcom of mine has more people that will connect to your research.

You will find the process of uploading your gedcom a bit easier in regards to places - they should match up well automatically since you've corrected your file. You will have quite a few family matches, however. As I mentioned before, if you see that a family name is in red, with the words "not found" underneath - then stop matching and send me a note. I don't anticipate any problems with this, since you deleted your other tree days ago.

I work full time, so there may be a few hours delay from when you import your gedcom until I can bring it into the system fully. I will leave a note for the other admins though - as I'd like to look it over personally since I'm familiar with Dutch genealogy. Don't hesitate to post if you have any questions. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:04, 15 August 2010 (EDT)

Edit [18 August 2010]

Thanks so Much! Pam--Txbluebell6 21:41, 17 August 2010 (EDT)

de forgotten frisians [22 August 2010]

have you ever seen this website?: 07:19, 22 August 2010 (EDT)

No, I've never seen this site. The map on the Waar komen de Friezen vandaan page offers an interesting perspective. Makes me feel silly to admit, but for some reason, I thought that "Frisian" was restricted to Friesland. Thank you for providing some interesting reading! --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:36, 22 August 2010 (EDT)

Sawyer Family of Elliotsville [27 August 2010]

Hi, I've been working on a project to go through all the Maine-related sources, de-duping and adding repositories. I'll look at the Sawyer family of Elliotsville and resolve the dupes...--Brenda (kennebec1) 11:41, 27 August 2010 (EDT)

Wait, there now appears to be only one source page; I think I already did this... On the other hand, I think that there probably needs to be a second source page created for the 3rd and greatly revised edition. I'll ponder this and add a new (or improve the current) source page when I get to the S's (or maybe sooner...). Was there something else you thought should be done?--Brenda (kennebec1) 11:47, 27 August 2010 (EDT)

Brenda, did you by any chance leave this message on the wrong talk page? I don't recall having any questions about Sawyer's :-) --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:11, 27 August 2010 (EDT)

1870 Census for Lamar County, Alabama [3 September 2010]

Jenifer, I added an 1870 Census for Lamar County this morning. The thing is, this is for 'Steene, Sanford, Alabama'. Sanford County existed from Oct 1868 to 1877, changed to Lamar county in 1877, so it is not in your database. I did not know how to note this. Thought I better mention it. Thanks, Pam--Txbluebell6 13:01, 3 September 2010 (EDT)

Pam, since the census for 1870 would have been in the county when it was named Sanford, I would title the source page as such. I created a new census Source:Sanford, Alabama, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule and redirected the Lamar one to this. There was some talk here about sources being handled differently than place pages. It seems to work ok on your Person:Mary Unknown (4855) page, but let me know if you have any problems. --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:23, 3 September 2010 (EDT)

Houle [6 September 2010]

Have seen your cont. on werelate and was wondering were the connection is to th Houde/Houle line, for me it has been also a bit frustrating that ther has been so little online for French Canadian familes. For myself I am 100% French Canadian. Father was Edouard or Edward Houle and mother was Lillian Courtois. Both deceased now but wonderful people.

Ray Houle 23:25, 5 September 2010 (EDT)

Hello Ray, the connection is through my husband's G-G-G Grandmother, her pedigree chart can be seen here. I worked a lot with Source:Genealogy of the French in North America. I found it to be a good source of information. There are also the Quebec Catholic Parish Records 1621-1900 available free online here. They are not indexed, but using the previous source as a guide, one could find the original record.

On another subject... I see that we both have an error on Person:Louis Houde (22). According to Genealogy of the French in North America, there were 2 separate Louis' - one married Marie Lemay and the second married Anne Ursule Buisson. I likely won't have time to fix this for a few weeks. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:44, 6 September 2010 (EDT)

middle names [28 September 2010]

G'day Jennifer,

Thanks for the heads up.

I think I'm starting to get it together. I'll rename to fit the site's conventions, and I'll try [with certian individuals that used their middle names as often as their given names(such as Arthur Middleton MONKHOUSE)] to use the alternate names thingy.

It's a pity in some respects that the second name isn't incorporated into the naming convention. My family on this side used it alot.

Again, thanks...

J. Arthur Monkhouse--Monkhouse 12:31, 28 September 2010 (EDT)

Ahnentafel [2 October 2010]

Jennifer I just copied the source of your Ahnentafel Swart and edited my own Ahnentafel. Is this allowed? Otherwise I just delete this user-page. When ok how do I block editing? --Klaas (Ekjansen) 03:47, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

That is certainly allowed. The original template is from Wikipedia, so I noted that on our template page here (which covers the attribution required). There is another version that is a bit more compact that you may also like: Template:Kwartierstaat or Template:Pedigree3.
User pages can only be edited by the user themselves and administrators. Other users do not have access to edit those pages. That also goes for subpages that you create underneath your Ekjansen user page (ie: User:Ekjansen/Ahnentafel‎). --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:42, 2 October 2010 (EDT)
I just added another version of the compact pedigree with more generations Template:Pedigree4 (example use User:JBS66/Ahnentafel).--Jennifer (JBS66) 06:33, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

Sorry, JB! [4 October 2010]

Sorry for all the mopping up you had to do after me, I'll be careful of what I places I create from now on (I disagree with the hospital part, but I'll play by the rules).

That was really cool what you did with the cemeteries, I really appreciate it! I will ise these as an example, from now on!

Rob (FNG)--Kmrob 09:57, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

No need to be sorry! Wasn't so much mopping up as polishing up a bit - part of being a volunteer here. Glad you found the cemetery page format useful. --Jennifer (JBS66) 10:16, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

Hello [4 October 2010]

I was suprised to see you are interested in Sake Jans Feenstra. If you like i have the merriage acte from Sake Jans Feenstra and a little picture from "Aafke-Sijbrens-van-der-Wal"

Kind Regards Nico de Bock

Om the web "de Bock " genealogy: 12:55, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

Hallo Nico. I am working on a project to input the inhabitants of Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel from 1811-1922. The project page can be found here: Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel Project. So, while I am not related to Sake, he was married in Leeuwarderadeel, so he is connected to this project.
Any information or photos that you would like to add would be most welcome! Groetjes, --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:05, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

Is it possible to give me you'r e-mail adres? Me is 16:28, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

I'll send it you you via email. You can also email any user by clicking on More - Email this user from any user page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:39, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

Interest in Schuffert/Bacco line [6 October 2010]

I just found WERELATE, and found you as a watcher on the Schuffert and Bacco family names. I am interested to know if you have a connection to either of these. They are my great grandparents and i would enjoy any information I can get on either of them.

Michael Schuffert (III)--Schuffert 18:39, 5 October 2010 (EDT)

Welcome to WeRelate! I am not directly connected to this family. I was researching the connection between my Smereczanski family and the Piskozub family. I had noticed a few instances where a Smereczanski and a Piskozub traveled to the U.S. together. This pedigree chart shows that William Piskozub (aka Peeters) married Edelgard Schuffert. I added all that I know about her line. Please consider posting information you may have about your ancestors. That's what is great about this site - even little pieces of information can spark potential collaboration. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:08, 6 October 2010 (EDT)

Lamar County, Al 1880 Census [6 October 2010]


This census Title does not conform to the title form of the other census we have and needs to be fixed. I was not sure how to fix it.

Pam--Txbluebell6 22:02, 5 October 2010 (EDT)

Thanks for letting me know Pam. I renamed it to Source:Lamar, Alabama, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:21, 6 October 2010 (EDT)

1870 Tishomingo Census [11 October 2010]

Hi Jenifer,

Is this another Census that needs to be renamed and edited? I could not tell if this is a book or online one?

Source:Tishomingo, Mississippi, United States. 1870 Federal Census of Tishomingo County, Mississippi


--Txbluebell6 13:53, 11 October 2010 (EDT)

This looks like a book to me. I am not very familiar with how WeRelate handles this type of source. I think User:Amelia.Gerlicher would be a good user to ask that question, as I know she has merged quite a few of the book census sources.
The census pages that I've been renaming and editing were set up as census pages, but renamed incorrectly by an automated bot.--Jennifer (JBS66) 15:34, 11 October 2010 (EDT)

Common roots in Oudwoude/Westergeest [18 October 2010]

Jennifer, your husband and I do have common roots. My de Vries-tree shows quite a few people which are also in the Swart-ancestry. Now you can find pedigree-lines going back to the old Frisian gentry. Lutske Johannes is the first link for the trip in earlier times. You may continue with Anna Baama and so on. --Klaas (Ekjansen) 11:23, 13 October 2010 (EDT)

Klaas, this is wonderful! Anne Jansen and Lutske Johannes were my husband's 8th great-grandparents. In my database, the line stopped there for both of them. It's amazing how much you've found and how far back you've been able to bring the line.
It looks like your lines may intersect with both your de Vries tree and your Hoekstra. Your de Vries comes into the Veenstra side and your Hoekstra looks to connect with the Halbesma side (both of which make up the pedigree of his grandmother Bontje Halbesma). I'm curious how close in both of your lines the relation is. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:18, 13 October 2010 (EDT)
The closest relation is Egbert Jarigs & Antje Berends which is my 7th degree and I think your husbands 8th degree. My aldfaer-program says there are 112 lines connecting me with Bontje Halbesma! --Klaas (Ekjansen) 15:38, 13 October 2010 (EDT)
112 lines! Aldfaer can give you that much detailed information? That is impressive. I'm wondering, would you be willing to send me a gedcom from Lutske Johannes on? It would be nice to add to my personal file. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:02, 18 October 2010 (EDT)
  • Just her ancestry or the complete families (ancestors with all their children and the relations of these). And were do I send this, just for upload and you will take it for you and than cancel it for upload? --Klaas (Ekjansen) 05:13, 18 October 2010 (EDT)
Just her ancestry would be great. I wouldn't be able to get the gedcom from an upload, but I could send you my email address. Rather than posting your address here, I can send you an email via WeRelate's Email this user if that works for you. Thank you, I appreciate this! --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:49, 18 October 2010 (EDT)

Van der Leij Corrections [18 October 2010]

Hi Jennifer. I am so glad somebody is watching these pages. As I am new at this, I know I am likely to make mistakes. The entry I made for Sijbren van der Leij and Thelma Forssman should only have one husband. They were my parents-in-law, married for over 60 years.

My father-in-law, Sijbren Rienk (married to Thelma Forssman) was the grandson of Sijbren Rienk van der Leij married to Tjitske Iest. According to my father-in-law, his father, Rienk Sijbren, had a brother, Piet for whom I have a photo. Piet first married Mary van Schalkwyk and later, Annie du Plessis. They had a sister Sjouk (or Sjouke sp?) who remained in the Netherlands. We were not aware of the other names on the list you sent me. This Rienk van der Leij was doing his doctorate and was selected to play ice hockey for his country +- 1902 and when he went to excuse himself from the university to play a match in Switzwerland, the professor told him that if he did that, he would be failed. Needless to say, he did his duty to country, played the match, was not allowed to graduate and this was the reason he came out to South Africa. He became a teacher, and later headmaster of a school in Vrede in the Free State.

I presume your entry for Rienk and Pieter Sijbren are these two. I am just not sure of the other children as we only ever heard of Tante Sjouk.I will see if anyone else of the cousins have any more information or dates to help.

I am hoping to get the family tree correct - there is another Rienk Sijbren, my husband, and a Sybren Rienk, my son.

Kind regards Jenny van der Leij--Jvdleij 08:35, 17 October 2010 (EDT)

Thank you for your reply Jenny. I have been working on a project to document the inhabitants of Leeuwarderadeel and Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, and your family ties into this. I think I've figured out who everybody is now, and created Person and Family pages for them. One thing to keep in mind, people who are still living are not allowed to be entered into WeRelate. So, if Thelma Forssman is still living, we'll need to remove her name from the database.

I finally found Sjoukje! It certainly made sense that they would have a child by that name, especially a first born girl, as that was Tjitske's mother's name. I also added a link to her birth certificate. There is likely an error in the index of the archive, as they have Tjitske's surname as Test, so I've alerted them to this.

Here is a pedigree chart for Sijbren (your father-in-law).

Let me know if you need any help adding text or photos to any pages, or if I've made any mistakes. In order to be notified of changes to the Person and Family pages I've created, you'll need to choose Watch from the left menu for each of them. Sincerely, --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:39, 17 October 2010 (EDT)

Jenny, I've traced this van der Leij family back a bit further. I had the people already here on WeRelate, it was just a matter of linking them together correctly. It seems that this family chose the surname van der Leij (see Also, his father was Jan Annes who also took the name van der Leij. He was a surgeon in Oude Leije which is right on the border of Het Bildt and Leeuwarderadeel. Now, my Dutch friends who may be watching my page here are free to correct me... :-), but I would gather that the hamlet of Oude Leije is a likely inspiration for their surname. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:51, 17 October 2010 (EDT)

Huwelijken Oostdongeradeel [19 October 2010]

Jennifer, now when the original 'Huwelijksakten' and others from Friesland are available on FamilySearch, I started to enter the marriages of Oostdongeradeel as from 1811. I do have a lot of family thereabout. From your experience with the projekt Ferwerderadeel-Leeuwarderadeel, I would be very thankful to get some advises how to do the job the best way. I do have 1811-1817 already and just will go on. --Klaas (Ekjansen) 04:46, 18 October 2010 (EDT)

Klaas, I'm not sure that I've discovered a best way yet... I went about gathering the data from a site where the indexes were easy to cut-and-paste into Excel. I chose marriages first because they listed both sets of parents. This seemed like a document that would have the most information in one place. Then I programmed Access and Excel to create a gedcom file from that. I used the GenMerge software after to merge the duplicates. Unfortunately, it didn't catch nearly enough (though it did find tens of thousands of duplicates). Then, in order to enter the information into WeRelate, I needed to break the file up into smaller gedcoms. Leo and I have been spending months cleaning up this file and WeRelate concurrently. I often wonder if it would have been easier to enter them in properly, one by one (and thus, not create duplicates).
I would suggest Googling to make sure nobody has done Oostdongeradeel yet. I began with Ferwerderadeel marriages, and then later learned about Erfskip Terpdoarpen :-( If you do enter the data into WeRelate, you'll want to add it into a separate project tree. Do have fun with it as well... it's easy to get mired in the data-entry.--Jennifer (JBS66) 05:43, 18 October 2010 (EDT)
I thought of two more small suggestions. One is to decide what you want to do about y/ij. Leo and I decided to make all y's that appeared in the index ij. The archives chose to standardize ij to y in their indexes, which often goes against what was written on the certificate. The other idea is to keep a list of archive errors (mine is here). I send Tresoar a foutmelding email every time I notice their index does not match the certificate. Some days I flood them with mail :-) The list helps to keep track of what I've sent them, because it takes quite a while for changes to appear online. Small note: the email link from a certificate in Genlias does not work correctly in Firefox, I need to use Internet Explorer for that. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:33, 19 October 2010 (EDT)

Originally IJ is II(double I) like double aa, ee, uu, oo, The Taalunie, dictates that ij is just a combination of 2 letters. But in capitals it should 1 letter, so I think your suggestion is correct (but who am I) so van der Ley should be van der Leij, but IJzenbrandt should Yzenbrandt.

The Dutch alfabet has 26 letters, and the 25th is Y and not IJ--henk 07:46, 19 October 2010 (EDT)

Van der Leij updates [18 October 2010]

Hi Jennifer. You are a star! I have been fishing for information from the cousins but I seem to know more than they do. My father-in-law was a very bright, lucid man up until his death and he made a tree for me. He knew that there was a Jan who started this ball rolling. I have an amazing collection of photos - heaven only knows who they were - some definitely Iest and the rest van der Leij. I traced the info that you have some time ago and also found a record of a lease agreement in 1913 for a piece of land at Oude Leije for Tjitske Iest of Arnhem, widow of Sijbren Rienks van der Leij. Our Great Grandfather, Rienk, came to SA from Arnhem, that the family could tell me.

My father-in-law also told told me that Sijbren Rienks (1841) had a sister Lolk who remaied a spinster, a sister Bot married to a Fockema (Vockema sp?) - this is on the website tree, a brother Johannes who remained a batchelor, and another brother who was a professor of zoology and who had two children, Rienk and Midge.

My mother-in-law, Thelma nee Forssman died in August 2001. I musts have forgotten to put that date in, or did not make a page for her. I will certaily get round to adding faces to the family names as soon as I sort the photos into a logical sequence. I will also add more children to Rienk and Margaretha van der Leij - they had 4 who have all died.

Thank you so much for your help. Kind regards Jenny--Jvdleij 05:57, 18 October 2010 (EDT)

Jan de Jager & Maaike Rinzes Beer [19 October 2010]

Hello Jennifer , My name is Aafke de Jager ( Raftery) i am in Australia, my side of the tree is de jager , wondering if you had any more information or can i help?--Aafke 01:45, 19 October 2010 (EDT)

Hello Aafke. I was able to add a little bit more information to this family Family:Jan De Jager and Maaike Beers (1). Maaike died 9 months after their marriage (I added links to her death certificates). I also found the marriage certificate for Family:Andries De Jager and Minke Dusselaar (1) and added in their parents.
I am watching these pages because I've been working on a project to document the inhabitants of Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel. Since they were married in Leeuwarderadeel, they are included. Their ancestors, however, go beyond the scope of this project for me. If you have any additional information on this family please feel free to add it. If you are interested in receiving notices when pages that interest you change, just click on Watch in the left menu. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:15, 19 October 2010 (EDT)

Gallery images [22 October 2010]

Thank you Jennifer. I missed the (/) alltogether. I tried brackets([[]]) and frames and everything I could think of. and ofcourse nothing worked. Need better glassed I guess.

Jim--Tarbet 12:04, 22 October 2010 (EDT)

You're welcome. It's such a small thing that /, it's easy to miss! --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:09, 22 October 2010 (EDT)

Unable to communicate with gedcom review program. Please refresh your browser window. [25 okt 2010]

Next step: Review your GEDCOM [25 October 2010] Now that you have uploaded JacobSCHELTEMA Franeker.ged, your next step is to review what your pages will look like, review any potential warnings, and combine (merge) people in your GEDCOM with matching people already on WeRelate. You need to review your GEDCOM before it can finish importing.

--WeRelate agent 10:32, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

Unable to communicate with gedcom review program. Please refresh your browser window. What can I do now, I did all the persons and warnings and matches, but never was mentioned edited yes ! --Fred Bergman 11:33, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

I can view your file in Firefox, and I see where it does say Edited Yes for the warnings. It sounds as though you cannot view it now, correct? Have you tried closing your browser window (which is Firefox, or Internet Explorer, etc), opening it again, and trying to view the file? --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:38, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

I didnot yet, but I will. I saw nothing in the recent changes !--Fred Bergman 11:41, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

My browser Explorer tells me there is no change possible because the gedcom is marked ready to import and looking at it I cann't see any change I did make !--Fred Bergman 11:45, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

I see now. Not all changes that you make during gedcom review will appear in recent edits. When you match families, and Update the information - that change is made to an existing WR page - and will show up in recent edits. Other edits that you make during gedcom review do not show up in recent edits. That is because those pages do not yet exist on WR - they are only in your gedcom. So, those edits only appear on the gedcom review screens. I don't feel like I've explained this too well... let me know if you still have questions. Would you like me to return your file to User Review so you can look at it? --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:54, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

I understand, Yes please, because I have to do 1 match and most of the places !--Fred Bergman 12:00, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

Managing and merging trees [27 okt 2010]

Hi Jennifer ! I want to manage my trees. I made to many trees and want to merge some trees. How do I merge par example Stamboom Vlietman and Pedigree Vlietman-Bakker ? --Fred Bergman 03:16, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

I don't know of an easy way to do this Fred. There is no "merge trees" tool here. The only solution I can think of is to search for all the members of a tree - go to each one - click on trees - and change the checkmark from one tree to the other. If you are doing this for one of your small trees it works, otherwise it's terribly time-consuming. A feature like this is something that others may find useful, you might consider bringing the issue up on WeRelate talk:Support. Perhaps others there may have solutions I didn't think of too.
p.s. to search for all members of a tree, type +Tree:"Bergsmit/Stamboom Bergman Lelystad" (replacing Stamboom Bergma Leylstad with the name of the tree) into the keyword box on the search screen. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:25, 27 October 2010 (EDT)
In regards to the gedcom you now have in review - is that one going to be imported into a tree that you want to save? I don't think you can change that at this point, except to delete this gedcom in the queue and start over.
No, I doubt whether I will do or not because Parentals and Pedigress differ perhaps to much to merge these --Fred Bergman 06:06, 27 October 2010 (EDT)
Does this mean that you would like to continue importing this gedcom? --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:18, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Yes, indeed ! --Fred Bergman 06:41, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

wrong !? [27 okt 2010] schalkwijk [27 okt 2010]

Fred, deze linkt door naar de verkeerde provincie: (Schalkwijk -Utr/-N-Hlnd

--Leo Bijl 10:38, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Neen Leo, Bruinis Lodder leeft in Utrecht, dus het Schalkwijk, dat valt onder de Gemeente Houten in Utrecht. Het andere Schalkwijk in Noord-Holland valt nu onder de gemeente Haarlem --Fred Bergman 10:44, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Ja dat bedoel ik ook: als je klikt op de plaats krijg je NH, ergo: ze hebben hier S. in Utrecht niet.

aha, dan moeten we Jennifer onder vuur nemen !--Fred Bergman 10:51, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Valt mee, je moet deze hebben: has no link to Schalkwijk, Haarlem, NH,NLD but to Schalkwijk,Houten,UT,NLD. There are two places Schalkwijk in the Netherlands !--Fred Bergman 10:55, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Going to onder vuur nemen me for this are you...

You created a place today for Place:Schalkwijk (haarlem), Noord-Holland, Netherlands. This does not follow WR conventions, so I redirected it to Place:Schalkwijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. However, there does exist a redirect (created back in 2007...) that directs Place:Schalkwijk, Netherlands to Place:Schalkwijk, Utrecht, Netherlands. Since there are two towns named Schalkwijk in the Netherlands, and since your gedcom probably did not specify the province... the gedcom upload software chose one for you.

Now, I am nieuwsgierig... the Person:Bruinis Lodder (6) page says Schalkwijk,UT,NL - click on the link and it goes to Place:Schalkwijk, Utrecht, Netherlands. According to Genlias he died in Utrecht. Where is the page with the problem then? --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:10, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Sorry, I did not control Leo but I cannot find now his mentioning ! Schalkwijk near Haarlem is a very old village from abt 1300 Wikipedia:nl:Schalkwijk (Haarlem) --Fred Bergman 11:20, 27 October 2010 (EDT)
It's Person:Bruinis Lodder (7) with the problem. Let me look at it closer. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:31, 27 October 2010 (EDT)
My theory on this is... you created a place for Schalkwijk (haarlem), Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Then during matching your other places, you chose (or accepted) it as a match for Schalkwijk, Houten, UT, NL. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:36, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Now comes the cat out of the sack: my gedcom revieuw for the places was wrong, I choosed the wrong Schalkwijk !!! ai aia ai ........--Fred Bergman 11:38, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Speedy Delete Deletion [27 October 2010]

Beth, oops, I didn't mean to delete the "Speedy Delete" Template, only to delete a specific person.... I've restored it back to its original version...

Thanks and best regards,

Jim:)--Delijim 12:15, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Medieval [30 October 2010]

My actual gedcom upload is marked as medieval; do you know which year starts here for medieval ? what is the difference in review for medieval and normal ? regards --Fred Bergman 12:33, 30 October 2010 (EDT)

That is a very good question Fred, one that I don't know the answer to. I believe it has something to do with identifying gedcoms that may contain unverifiable, unsourced data that needs extra scrutiny. You may want to ask User:Dallan or User:Jlanoux for additional details. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:08, 30 October 2010 (EDT)

problems with we relate [30 October 2010]

Hi Jennifer

You have left me this message this morning. regarding the request, I am unable to get any further then to upload the gedcom, got as far as matching the families and after that there is no connection to the werelate server, my internet is working fine and it is alo no firewall or other PC related issue, I have ruled this out already. I am basicly stuck after the upload.

Annemarie Kalishoek

Hello Annemarie, welcome to WeRelate.

I see that you imported a gedcom yesterday. You have a few sets of duplicate people, in addition to 3 Family matches. The Family Matches screen displays instances when your gedcom matches pages that are already here on WeRelate. Each of these matches requires that you click on each piece of data that you would like to import. Regarding your duplicates, these are displayed on the Warning screen. WeRelate strives to have only 1 page per person. My suggestion is for you to merge these families in your home genealogy software first, then upload this file again. Lastly, I noticed that your places do not contain the country. WeRelate's place matching software works best if you can identify as much information as possible about a place. You can match the places the software missed during gedcom upload.

Please let me know if you have any questions. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:26, 30 October 2010 (EDT)--Kalishoek 09:40, 30 October 2010 (EDT)

Annemarie, I believe this happened because you sent the file to Admin review (this happens when you click on the Ready to Import button). I have returned it to user review so that you can look at the warnings and places. When you are all done, you can click on the Ready to Import button again.
You cannot merge the duplicate families that are on your warnings screen until after the file is imported to WR (or prior to uploading the file to WeRelate). When this file is imported, wait about 24 hours, and then click on MyRelate, Show duplicates to see the duplicate families that will need to be merged. Let me know if you have any further questions. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:58, 30 October 2010 (EDT)

Sorry ! [3 nov 2010]

I made a talk page template for the english users, but I see a bug but cannot solve the problem, see you what wrong is ? --Fred Bergman 10:27, 3 November 2010 (EDT)

What is the bug that you see? --Jennifer (JBS66) 10:56, 3 November 2010 (EDT)

just after edit and save, the problem disappeared !--Fred Bergman 12:34, 3 November 2010 (EDT)

advise needed [4 November 2010]

Hi Jenn,

How can I bring up a persons page quickly to add a photograph, I have searched for Pieter luca but can not find him listed ?


I'm not sure if you meant to delete your previous message, so I'll answer both here :-)

If Pieter Luca is in your current gedcom that is in review, the page has not yet been created for him. It isn't until after I send the file through to import that Person and Family pages are created. During review, some things happen right away, like changes to existing pages. Other times, the changes are stored and processed at import, like creating new pages. So... when this gedcom is imported you'd need to wait a few hours for the page to come up in a search.

Regarding editing pages, it depends if you share a page with an active user. You can check this by going to their user page and clicking on contributions. I see that you left a note for G.h.vandoorn, and from his contribution list, he hasn't been active since 2007. In that case I would just make the corrections without consulting him.

If the user is active, I usually leave a message on the Person/Family talk page in question. If I don't get a response in a few days, I make the edit. For small edits, like a birth date is off by a few days, or if I add a birth location, I will make the edit and write a brief note about what I did in the summary field right above the Save Page button. Adding primary sources whenever possible helps a lot too. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:54, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

married names [4 November 2010]

I can remove all the married names if you like, but in Holland we do use our husbands name, only for genealogical purpose on this site it does not have to be there I remove them

A--Kalishoek 07:54, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

You don't need to remove them. My experience has been that birth/marriage/death records show the wife with her birth surname. They don't need to be removed for this site, but it is helpful to have them in the correct field. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:58, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

Advise please (again lol) [4 November 2010]

Hi Jenn

I have a lot of snippets and bits not to lose them i have created a talk page, but what can I ideally do with them ? They are all about the Kalishoek family but not for one particular person Any advise ?

A--Kalishoek 10:32, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

You can create User pages to house various notes. These are subpages of your main User page. The talk page you created will need to be moved to a user page, since it's now a talk page of an empty family (I left instructions about that here).

I also create a Surname:Kalishoek page. If you have general information relating to this surname, its origin, countries it's found in, etc you can add that here. There are examples of Surname pages here.

If you have text that is specific to a family or person, you can add it to their page. For example, it looks like your Gegevens van Cornelis Lucas Kalishoek is about one person - you could add that text to their Person page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 10:43, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

doing something wrong again :) [4 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

Could you please help me remove 2 user pages that should not be there, I have tried but it does not work the one with snippets needs to be removed and the empty one too Created a profile user page that I would like to keep (it says profile)

Thank you

Annemarie--Kalishoek 17:45, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

I deleted the empty user page and the snippet one. I also reinstated your main user page. This is the page that people see when they click on your name. This needs to remain titled User:Kalishoek. This user page is where most people put the information that you are putting on your profile page. Things like a photo, research interests, etc can go onto this main User:Kalishoek page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:56, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

Perfect [4 November 2010]

Thank you for removing the user-pages, looks better :)--Kalishoek 17:56, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

Problem [5 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer

I am currently reviewing the "De Koning' file Two people can not be reviewed, not in the people tab and not in the family tab I have put them on exclude now but when I select them they do nor show up on the bottom pane in both the person and family section Gabriel Gijzen en Gijzen can not be reviewed or eddited All others work fine, refreshed the page, shut pc down, went back to it later, this all did not help I need to remove the codes and fix the townnames Can you have a look at this please? A--Kalishoek 14:02, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Annemarie, this is strange - thanks for bringing it to my attention. I can't view either of those people using Firefox or Internet Explorer. My guess is that it's a problem with how WR's gedcom software rendered the page. I want to bring this Dallan's attention (he is the creator of this site). That means it might take a bit more time to import this gedcom for you. --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:10, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Hi Jennifer

My thoughts too, checked everything and there are no visible differences between their data and others There is no rush I have excluded them for now

Thanks again

Annemarie--Kalishoek 16:06, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Gijzen files [5 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer

Just checked the original gedcom again and noticed that one of the persons first name was not taken over during the import , Johannes Gijzen en his wife does not appear at all Maria Elisabeth Duchenne Noticed a comma placed instead of his first name Gabriel Gijzen is there not sure if his wife Anna Elisbeth Clement is there as I can not check it now

Could it be the comma or the name Gijzen that is not accepted by the system ? Maybe you can delete them all together and I will add them manually after ?

A--Kalishoek 16:21, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

I imported the file. I'll take a look in a bit to see what it did with both Gijzen families. Did you, by any chance, keep a copy of the gedcom you sent? --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:36, 5 November 2010 (EDT)
It did bring through Family:Gabriel Gijzen and Anna Clement (1). Were his parents supposed to be Johannes Gijzen and Maria Duchenne? If so, they came through as Family:Unknown Gijzen and Unknown (1). To fix this, you will have to rename 3 pages, Family:Unknown Gijzen and Unknown (1), Person:Unknown Gijzen (1) and Person:Unknown (24007). --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:45, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Hi, thanks for solving this riddle, I will change the people manually, no problem--Kalishoek 18:14, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Spoeltman tree [9 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

Any problems with the Spoeltman tree?

Annemarie--Kalishoek 16:02, 9 November 2010 (EST)

No, there are no problems with your gedcom. There is a large file that is being processed that causes the others in the queue to stall a bit. Unfortunately it's my file causing the issues :-( As soon as this file finishes, things should be back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience! --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:12, 9 November 2010 (EST)

Hi Jennifer,

haha, not to worry at all, just happy there is no problem with the Spoeltman file. There is no rush

A --Kalishoek 16:14, 9 November 2010 (EST)

23a.ged Imported Successfully [9 November 2010]

The pages from your GEDCOM have been generated successfully. You may now:

For questions or problems, leave a message for Dallan or send an email to

--WeRelate agent 21:09, 9 November 2010 (EST)

How do I do that again [10 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

I think you told me before but i forgot and dont want to create a mess again, how do i create a page for the Kalishoek name in order to put up general information and snippets about that family only ?

Thanks again

Annemarie --Kalishoek 08:12, 10 November 2010 (EST)

The Surname:Kalishoek page is already created - so you won't be making any mess :-) Not that you would anyway, you are doing a great job on your pages. Now, that page is about the Kalishoek surname in general, not a specific family. If you have information about the surname in one particular location, like say Kalishoek in Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, you could use that page to document your findings. Klaas has a few nice examples of these types of articles like Jansen in Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands and Mullender in Dongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:18, 10 November 2010 (EST)

Some starnge data to come [10 November 2010]

hi Jennifer

Before I am going to send in the Senn van Basel tree for import sometime this evening i have to let you know beforehand that there are some odd but true facts Marrages with same last name- they married cousins 2 mariages were the partners were only 12 years old This all took place in Nederlands Indie there are some more odd things that I wont put in the tree haha--Kalishoek 10:58, 10 November 2010 (EST)

12 years old is awfully young! I probably would have seen that and said "Annemarie, are you sure???" :-) I'm finding my own odd facts as I work on my Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel Project. I already have a list of 40 couples who were cousins - and that's without having everything merged or analyzed.--Jennifer (JBS66) 11:05, 10 November 2010 (EST)

There were some strange things going on in the old days, especially in families who had money i believe, they kept it in the family :)The marriage of the 12 year old were arranged marriages and alllowed in Indonesia at the time, so glad there are laws against that now , who knows I would have been married out too at age 12 is the laws were not there now , Help !!!--Kalishoek 11:19, 10 November 2010 (EST)

Friezen uit vroeger eeuwen [13 November 2010]

Jennifer: I added a source, Hessel de Walle, Friezen uit vroeger eeuwen. This book brings a lot on over 100 pages about all kinds of inscriptions. Could you check if I made this source correctly?--Klaas (Ekjansen) 06:24, 13 November 2010 (EST)

The source looks good! I added a link to the KB for reference. The only other item you might want to consider adding is a link to --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:03, 13 November 2010 (EST)

Surnames and alt names [16 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer, there is a bug between my gedcoms and the way these are exposed. The surname of my persons is exposed as the last alt name and the last alt name is exposed as surname, so all my persons with alt names are exposed wrong on WeRelate ! --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 02:44, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Fred, can you please give me a specific example where this is happening - for example, a page here on WR, and how it appears in your gedcom. Thanks, --Jennifer (JBS66) 04:51, 15 November 2010 (EST)

In the actual gedcom Nollet you are reviewing, I allready edited the pages I could see. It is obvious that I can only see that persons who has on one line more alt.names. As soon as you see a person with more alt names than you are sure that that are all altnames and that the last alt name (not direct visable in the gedcom review persons) is the right surname. Has a person a surname and 1 alt surname then I can't see it direct. Sometimes it is a pointer when you see minor letters, because my surnames of relatives all have capitals.--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 05:20, 15 November 2010 (EST)

I am returning your file to user review (I know you can't access the file when it is in Admin review). Can you point me to a specific example of the problem in this Nollet file? --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:24, 15 November 2010 (EST)

okay! --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 05:27, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Person:Nicolas Noulet (I41450 gedcom)
Person:Otte Noulet (I41712 gedcom)
Person:Jacques Noullet (I41728 gedcom)
Person:Joseph Querreboom (I41416 gedcom)
Person:Anna Steeneken (I41433 gedcom)
Person:Maria De Vetter (I82965 gedcom)

I'm sorry, but I don't see the problem yet. One common factor in all your examples is that you matched these pages to existing pages already in WR. When you match a page, you don't have an opportunity to change the existing page title from the review screen. Pages can only be renamed from within the main WR site (not via the gedcom upload process).

When I look on the People Tab in review, I see Joseph Querreboom (for example). The Preferred Name you have for him is: Joseph Querreboom. The alt names are QUERBOOM and KWERREBOOM. The title of the page will come from the Preferred Name, so it will be titled Person:Joseph Querreboom (#). However, you matched him to a page that exists already: Person:Joseph Querreboom (1). I don't see anywhere that the title of the page will include any of the alt names (QUERBOOM or KWERREBOOM). I returned the file to user review. If you can, perhaps, clarify using Joseph as an example that may help. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:22, 15 November 2010 (EST)

The problem is that I allready edited all mistakes I saw. Perhaps we must skip this problem, and after this gedcom is accepted, I will upload a new very small gedcom with the same problem.--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 07:44, 15 November 2010 (EST)
Ok, that sounds like a good idea. I will review this file in a little bit. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:49, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Is there a misunderstanding ? Are you waiting for my small gedcom and am I waiting until 14 nov 2010 11:47 Admin review: 87 warnings; 1445 people; initial launch ‎Parenteel Jacques-NOLLET-all DESC.ged [393.566 bytes] Bergsmit (Overleg | bijdragen) ‎ reviewer: JBS66 (Overleg | bijdragen) is imported succesfully ?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 03:41, 16 November 2010 (EST)

There is no misunderstanding. Yesterday the gedcom uploader was "stuck" and Dallan did not start it again until later last night.

I do want to bring up a few concerns, however. I know that your genealogy site is not very friendly in allowing you to edit your place names. I also know that you work very hard to link them to the correct WR page, and I appreciate that. I would like to talk about another option. You see, WR is a communal working space, and I need to keep that in mind when I look at incoming files. I would also like to talk about some of the dates in your file, like (+/- 1780) and (=01-11-1907). We have a draft Help:Date Conventions page that outlines some ideas. Are you open to a dialog about this? --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:57, 16 November 2010 (EST)

Yes, of course--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 06:03, 16 November 2010 (EST)

Since you upload relatively small files, you have an opportunity to put your data into a more standard format. You do this when you move the alt. names to their own lines. I would also like to see you begin to standardize your places and dates as well. I think there are a few ways to accomplish this. With the dates, it may be easier to edit these while in gedcom review. Here you can look at the Person Tab and see the birth and death dates - and notice quickly which ones might need editing.

Regarding places - such as Roncq, 59 (F) or Houplin, 59263 (F) or (B) - think again that WR is different from GeneaNet or RootsWeb. We have the ability to work on pages together, with people from different countries. You may know what Houplin 59263 is - but others may not. I know that you link to the WR pages, but what appears to people on your page is still Houplin 59263... Is your final goal to import your entire database to WR? Is there a possibility of importing that large file to a software (maybe Aldfaer?) where you can edit all of the places more efficiently? I would not necessarily suggest using PAF, as I've had some problems with how it handles alt names. You could also standardize each page during gedcom upload or upload files less often and standardize them before uploading another. I'm just putting ideas on the table... --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:25, 16 November 2010 (EST)

De Koning tree , gone ? [23 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer

Hope you can help just wanted to search for someone in my De Koning tree, but all the information is gone. Is that tree deleted by someone maybe? it was up and running last week

Annemarie--Kalishoek 06:45, 15 November 2010 (EST)

The tree is still there, but the contents are not appearing in the search generated from the link on your userpage. From your userpage, if you click on View FTE next to De Koning family, you'll be able to see the contents another way (though searches are much easier, so we'll figure this problem out!)

What happens when you go to Family:Anthonius De Koning and Maria De Leeuw (1) and click on trees? Is there a box with a checkmark in it? What is the exact title of the tree that is checked? --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:02, 15 November 2010 (EST)

box is checked and has this title : de koning family--Kalishoek 07:18, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Found out if I do the same search but remove the keywords that are put there automaticly (+Tree:"Kalishoek/De Koning family ") the system works fine and all records are there then--Kalishoek 07:22, 15 November 2010 (EST)

My theory on this is that you have extra spaces at the end of the tree's name "De Koning Family ", and that may be causing the search to not function properly. When you click on "View" for the other trees on your userpage, those searches do work. I'll bring this to Dallan's attention. There is a way to rename a tree, but there used to be a bug with that, so let me check with Dallan first to see if this is the best solution. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:33, 15 November 2010 (EST)

ok thank you, there is no rush as I found a way around it, but about that extra space, it was working fine over the weekend and before that with the same name (???)--Kalishoek 07:41, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Annemarie, Dallan renamed this tree to remove the extra spaces at the end. The View link from your userpage is working now. --Jennifer (JBS66) 04:35, 23 November 2010 (EST)

Renaming pages [15 November 2010]

I am totally lost. I just updated the aunts & uncles that have passed away. I'm not sure what you are asking me to do.--Lilfox 14:45, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Automatic preparing surname pages and activating surname category [16 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer, I made a system for categorizing and opening surname pages for Rodovid and now I am trying to convert that system for the dutch surnames on WeRelate {{CatSurnameStartNL}}

{{SurnameStartNL}} . I have now a problem. If I use {{PAGENAME}} on the page: Category:Sabelis Surname, then I have as result the new page: Sabelis_surname and I want the page Surname Sabelis. Do you know a method to realise this ? --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 14:51, 15 November 2010 (EST)

Hoi Fred, I do know of a way... but you're not going to like my answer :-) WR doesn't have the software to do this, not yet at least. The solution involves the StringFunctions extension.
Surname:{{#sub:{{PAGENAME}}||{{#rpos:{{PAGENAME}}|Surname}}}} --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:11, 15 November 2010 (EST)
If all categories were changed to start with surname, followed bij the surname (Sabelis p.e.), then there was no problem. Isn't here a robot to use to change all categories in one handling ?

By the way, why don't use WeRelate the most actual software, is that a matter of money or of time that is necessary to work under new circumstances?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 15:17, 15 November 2010 (EST)

The only person who would be able to approve and program a bot is Dallan. He had spoken about doing something similar to what you are trying for all of the surname categories, but that hasn't happened yet. Regarding the software, Dallan has spoken about upgrading the software within the next year. It's my understanding that this will require quite a bit of time to accomplish. --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:25, 15 November 2010 (EST)

On Rodovid everybody is allowed to make and use robots and on Familypedia there was another a method, what was easier, but I don't remember me what it exactly was--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 15:31, 15 November 2010 (EST)

What is the usual way to activate the surname categories ? Is that a task of an administrator and so yes, happens that once a month or other frequency ? or are the users supposed to do that on WeRelate and when they don't, an admin will do that ?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 11:25, 16 November 2010 (EST)

We do this by connecting the surname category to its "parent". So, on surname categories that are not activated like Category:Kempes surname, you would put the following code:
It's not the task of administrators only, anybody can do this. Dallan has spoken about changing the way WR uses categories, so I wouldn't spend too much time on them until that is decided. --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:08, 16 November 2010 (EST)

Is your final goal to import your entire database to WR? [16 nov 2010]

I have 2 databases, together now over 600,000 persons. The largest database is to big to download in one time. On this moment I try to download to WeRelate parts of the smallest one. This moment is WeRelate for me the best opportunity, however I miss here an very important tool, which I do have on Geneaweb and the show of ancestors and descendants I have on Rodovid. As soon there is coming a wiki that is better than WeRelate I go there !--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 07:45, 16 November 2010 (EST)

I agree that displaying descendants in a report format would be a useful feature on WR. This is on Dallan's to-do list. WeRelate is a very good site that undergoes continual improvement. I do think you are taking my question a bit out of context, however. I asked this question because I wanted to understand the scope of your work on WR in an effort to find a better solution to standardize your places.
Aldfaer is not my favourite and I cannot work with that. The best way to improve results is to correct my files before uploading !--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 08:43, 16 November 2010 (EST)
Do you want me to return your file to User Review? If you want me to take a look at something while you are editing, let me know. You don't have to return it to Admin Review for that, I can see the file while you are reviewing it. --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:07, 16 November 2010 (EST)

The Nollet gedcom file can in my opinion now uploaded succesfully. Afterwards I can always improve someting --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 09:15, 16 November 2010 (EST)

alt names and nickname bugs [17 nov 2010]

Hi Jennifer
, I uploaded now the bugs gedcom and if you want I can send this gedcom also by email to you. All problems are incorporated. This is the written situation:
Descendants of Jan van LANGEVELD

To the grandchildren.

Jan van LANGEVELD, birth before 1674, died.

Married to Adriana Ariaantje de BLOIJS,

•Maria LANGEVELT, birth in 1690, baptism 27 March 1690, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD, died 15 August 1720, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD (age at death: 30 years old).

Married 28 April 1715, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD, to Crijn van REMMERSWAAL, baptism 19 February 1689, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD, died about 10 November 1770, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD (age at death: possibly 81 years old), ◦Adriana Ariaentje van REMMERSWAAL, birth in 1717, baptism, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD, died.

◦Bartholomeus van REMMERSWAAL, birth in 1718, baptism 18 March 1718, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD, died before 24 May 1719.

◦Bart van REMMERSWAAL, baptism 24 May 1719, Wassenaar,ZH,NLD.

Descendants of Jan van LANGEVELD To the grandchildren.

Jan van LANGEVELD /1674 & Adriana Ariaantje de BLOIJS

1. Maria LANGEVELT 1690-1720 &1715 Crijn van REMMERSWAAL 1689-ca 1770

1.1. Adriana Ariaentje van REMMERSWAAL 1717

1.2. Bartholomeus van REMMERSWAAL 1718-/1719

1.3. Bart van REMMERSWAAL 1719

--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 04:09, 17 November 2010 (EST)

GENEANET [17 nov 2010]

This is exported from Geneanet, correct?
YES ! When you are in GeneaNet edit mode - what does it say in each of the following boxes for Anna (Keijser),Zandvliet:

  • Familienaam (Surname):van SANTVLIET
  • Voornamen (First names): Anna
  • Publieke naam (Nickname):
  • Bijnaam (Title):
  • Alias (Pseudonym):
  • Alias voor voornaam (Alternate First Name):
  • Alias voor familienaam (Alternate Surname):(Keijser)
  • Alias voor familienaam (Alternate Surname):Zandvliet

--Jennifer (JBS66) 04:46, 17 November 2010 (EST) --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 05:22, 17 November 2010 (EST)

Fred, this appears to be a problem with GeneaNet's export and not with WeRelate's importing. I made a test gedcom and instead of importing to WR, I imported to my RootsMagic - the same problem happened.

To use the above example person, the gedcom should look something like this:

1 NAME Anna/van Santvliet
2 GIVN Anna
2 SURN van Santvliet
1 NAME /(Keijser)/
2 SURN (Keijser)
1 NAME /Zandvliet/
2 SURN Zandvliet

Instead, the gedcom produced by Geneanet looks like this:

1 NAME Anna/van Santvliet
2 SURN (Keijser),Zandvliet

Essentially, the GeneaNet gedcom is saying her full name (NAME) is Anna van Santvliet, but her surname (SURN) is (Keijser),Zandvliet. This is wrong - but since your gedcom states this, WeRelate imports it this way.

The gedcom should be saying: Her full name (NAME) is Anna van Santvliet, her given name (GIVN) is Anna, her surname (SURN) is van Santvliet, her alternate surname is (Keijser) and her other alternate surname is Zandvliet.

This is a problem you'll need to bring up to GeneaNet tech support. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:21, 17 November 2010 (EST)

okay, thanks --Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 07:54, 17 November 2010 (EST)

New category structure [19 December 2010]

Dallan has spoken about changing the way WR uses categories, so I wouldn't spend too much time on them until that is decided. --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:08, 16 November 2010 (EST)

If Dallan wants to change the category-structure, then is that an important reason to do all Categorizations only with templates. Indeed in that case it is simple to change the template and all pages have at the same time the new category !--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 07:02, 17 November 2010 (EST)

Jennifer, is there a discussion about changing the way categories are used somewhere? Major changes or minor? If changes are in the future, I'd like to be able to comment. --Janiejac 20:55, 18 December 2010 (EST)

Hm? oh?--Leo Bijl 22:59, 18 December 2010 (EST)

This was in reference to WeRelate talk:Categories project. The discussion there about categories is almost a year old with no resolution to date. I thought it would be ill advised for Fred to spend too much time categorizing pages, if we still don't know how they will be organized in the future. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:06, 19 December 2010 (EST)

something wrong on gedcom upload/review ? [5 December 2010]

Now that you have uploaded Grietje- BREED -all ASC.ged, your next step is to review what your pages will look like, review any potential warnings, and combine (merge) people in your GEDCOM with matching people already on WeRelate. You need to review your GEDCOM before it can finish importing.

Many persons are excluded and I cannot edit warnings, is there a new bug working ?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 08:35, 18 November 2010 (EST)

Nou nee, dat niet. Ze zijn aan het experimenteren met een nieuwe structuur. Je weet wel, net een Haags departement.

Dallan has put in place a new gedcom uploading process. Its intention is to have users see their errors, correct them on their home database, and reupload a new file. There is a new Warning % that is calculated. If that number is greater than 2%, you cannot make family matches, if the number is greater than 4%, you cannot import your file. Also, if the file has any duplicate families, the file cannot be imported.
The other new features that will affect your files are: no edits can now be made within the upload process, and people born before 1750 are excluded from import.
With your file, there is one true error that I see - Arij Jansz MOSK was born in 1777 and baptised in 1977. If that 1977 date were corrected, and your file reuploaded, your warning % would still be 5% because your gedcom file is so small. I see this as a potential problem and will bring this up with Dallan. With this new process, there will be issues that need to be "ironed out". You'll need some patience :-) and your comments are most welcome. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:45, 18 November 2010 (EST)

I started to try to change the baptism from 19 tot 17 and discovered that moment that editing was impossible. I hoped that in future I was allowed tot upload small gedcoms with only duplicates to easy improve existing families and persons while merging, but I see that I can forget that ! Why does Dallan want this changes, the old system was pretty good !--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 09:10, 18 November 2010 (EST)

Let me clarify - by duplicates I mean "internal" duplicates - not families that match to other people already on WR. Internal duplicates are where in your own home file you have the same family twice. Dallan is working to make the old system even better. Keep in mind, your are a diligent user, not everyone is like that. We have people who have never used WR uploading gedcoms they gathered from places like Ancestry that are filled with errors. Many times people don't look at the errors - they just upload it to another site... --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:18, 18 November 2010 (EST)

--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 09:27, 18 November 2010 (EST):::: I know that behaviour of some American people. I saw it on SharedTree, that now is a ShitTree with thousands of duplicate copies from a popular American Rootsite

That's right, and we don't want WR to become another ShitTree (funny term Fred :-)... It's a fine balance, however, between weeding out the "junk" and weeding out valuable material. That is where, I think, the Dutch users will need to dialog about this. 1750 may be early for U.S. standards.... but just yesterday for Europe! --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:31, 18 November 2010 (EST)
In the Netherlands the church records start abt 1500-1600. but in France these start abt 1400 (see Surname Nollet)!--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 09:37, 18 November 2010 (EST)

How was a decision made for a 1750 cutoff without any discussion on Watercooler? There was lots of discussion about protecting quality of data, and various suggestions, but I could find no proposal to implement a 1750 cutoff date. Was the discussion there and then removed? Did I blink (ok, I wasn't watching carefully for a couple of months) and miss it?

I'm all for data quality, and I understand why there have been many suggestions about limiting uploads, but if we're going to have a limit like this, then we need a process to get people onto the trusted users list. As somewhat of an expert in data quality, I will argue strenuously against forcing manual data entry for new records - manual data entry is the best way to introduce errors - both small ones like typos on dates and larger ones like skipping generations. All you have to do is compare the trees of many compilers to the sources they say they were using to see how true this is.

I'm sure I'm not alone in having invested significant effort in my tree in a software package on my own computer, and not being prepared to spend an equivalent number of hours manually entering and rechecking data anywhere else. Not to mention that the software I use makes some tasks easier than WeRelate does. Frankly, when I hit the 1750 limit today, I was prepared to "take my toys and go home". Then I assumed it was an error, since the "to do" list mentions a 1450 cutoff date - one I could live with. So now I guess I just need to figure out how to get on the trusted list.

I've also seen the comment that many pre-1750 people have been entered with nice bios and we don't want the data messed up. Fair enough - I agree in cases where the data is good quality, and we also obviously don't want yet more duplicates of those records. But any suggestion that WeRelate has even scratched the surface with pre-1750 people is laughable. There were approx 600,000,000 alive in the world in 1700 (not to mention the millions who died before then) and WeRelate has fewer than 2,000,000 individuals. WeRelate is supposedly still in beta (as per the home page), and is nowhere near close to a saturation point. If we want to protect "good quality" records - whether they are pre- or post-1750, we need a way to explicitly protect them from being updated during a merge (like the semi-protect already in place). That is very different from preventing the upload of brand new records. How to prevent duplicates will be an ongoing problem. Unfortunately, I don't think WeRelate is well-protected from manual entry of duplicates, either - the search needs some tuning before it is reliable in finding existing records (sorry, Dallan, I don't mean to criticize, but I have noticed some deficiencies in the search that I assumed would be addressed over time).

I know that saying I might "take my toys and go home" seems very petty and I don't like being petty, but in reality, if I can't upload my GEDCOM of pre-1750 people, I won't be contributing - just like I decided about a different genealogy Wiki that did not plan to support GEDCOM at all. Over half of my (approx 6500) records are pre-1750, and from my experience so far, at least 2/3 of those are not yet in WeRelate. Not only am I not willing to put in the hours required, but I expect that forcing manual data entry will actually lower the data quality, so I see no incentive in investing in WeRelate under these terms.

That said, I can easily see (and have spent hours fixing) the garbage in WeRelate resulting from indiscriminate uploading of GEDCOMS - so, back to the idea of a trusted user list. Let's figure out how to "certify" trusted users, and get that going. I was hoping to get my relatively high quality data into WeRelate early (as I assume it would be much less effort than if I am a late-comer to a mix of good and bad data). Can we "certify" a bunch of trusted users so that we can get as much good quality data in soon? --DataAnalyst 17:26, 4 December 2010 (EST)

DataAnalyst, I'm copying your comments to User talk:Solveig/gedcom review. I found out about this cutoff date when everybody else did - when the new gedcom uploader was introduced. I think you will have more of an audience on the page I moved this discussion to. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:19, 4 December 2010 (EST)
Thanks, Jennifer. --DataAnalyst 23:06, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Trust importer [23 November 2010]

Jennifer, I found on Solveigh's page a list of Trust importers (you are on this list) what do I have to do to become this qualification?--Klaas (Ekjansen) 05:49, 23 November 2010 (EST)

That list is a reminder for admins that indicates the people on the list do not need emails such as these sent to them. When I've spoken about trusted importers, it is a bit different. There may be a way to have a list in the software that checks your name against a list and if you are "trusted" could allow privileges (like importing "early" people). Is this what you are thinking of? This built-in software list has not been created yet. The admins are still talking to Dallan about various ideas. If you want to be listed on the informal list, I can look into this for you. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:06, 23 November 2010 (EST)
I am not looking for more privilages or insider infos, but I would like to become the allowance to import earlier data.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 08:05, 23 November 2010 (EST)

I recall it was one of the things Fred and I agreed upon as to Rodovid, if ever that should be opportune, which it probably never will. Problem then is, naturally: who decides what about whom? Further: it would preferebly need to be public, so you would need some criterium of any kind, like someone having made for example a thousand edits on hand; anything of the sort. Leo.

Anyway: I vote in favour. --Leo Bijl 06:24, 23 November 2010 (EST)

In the meantime I am convinced that it takes quite some time getting used to the WeRelate-philosophy and become a more professional user. I made quite a few uploads and also edits, but I won't say that I have already all full under control. So to become a trustable or professional user it will take time. Useful for those interested to come closer to the 'wits' instead of staying nonwits will be a catalogue of qualifications or a documentation how to work with WeRelate (for the advanced). It's now learning by doing.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 08:05, 23 November 2010 (EST)

Ferdeel [23 November 2010]

Jennifer, are you still adopting my orphan's? With the next gedcom dedicated to one gemeente or region or town I will select all parents and children to the selected persons in the group. That will diminish the orphan-question.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 07:50, 23 November 2010 (EST)

I am :-) I'm working from this list Ferwerderadeel and Leeuwarderadeel Project/Orphan pages. Some are exact duplicates of pages you already have here, others are duplicates but not exact matches, some are unique with no matches yet. Those will probably be of more concern. WeRelate doesn't have a report or system to find orphaned pages (yet). The gedcom uploader and My Duplicates page will find duplicate families, but not people.
I think your idea for the next gedcom is a good one. That should help a lot. Then, matches will be found based upon the family they belong to (spouse or parents). --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:59, 23 November 2010 (EST)

Emigration - Immigration [26 November 2010]

Jennifer: I just walk through the Landverhuizers (=emigrants) topic of Tresoar. I think it one of the good things to find in WeRelate the lines between the continents. To start with Ferwerderadeel makes it easier because you placed all marriages in WeRelate. I do hope it is not disturbing you that I add data to 'your' Ferwerderadeel folks.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 08:05, 26 November 2010 (EST)

Disturbing me? Oh my goodness, no! I think these additions are wonderful. On just one family, it lead me to their burial information on Find A Grave, a photo, and their Ellis Island manifest. Thank you for going through that resource for Ferwerderadeel people! --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:32, 26 November 2010 (EST)

Lay-out problem [26 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer, do you know why the layout of the same kind of pages is different ?

  1. 6 Generations Bergman-Vlietman
  2. 6 Generations Sturkenboom-Koeleman

--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 13:06, 26 November 2010 (EST)

Which part of the layout is different between the two? --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:08, 26 November 2010 (EST)

Bergman-Vlietman is okay, the Compact Pedigree starts direct together with the row surnames, but Sturkenboom-Koeleman the chart starts under the surnames--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 13:12, 26 November 2010 (EST)
That is happening because your chart on the Sturkenboom-Koeleman page is wider. You could use the <br> tag to move part of each box onto a new line. --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:21, 26 November 2010 (EST)

Anu chances with uplaoding a new gedcom? [27 nov 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

Hope you are well, have not spoken for a while. I am almost ready to upload a new Gedcom, has anything changed since the last time I did this? For example you mentioned Dallan was working on the Gedom ID's to have them removed so that I do not have to this anymore and you mentioned the error messages and that we need to change this in our own files first, is there anything else i should no about?

Have a nice day

Annemarie --Kalishoek 16:44, 27 November 2010 (EST)

Hello Annemarie, I am doing well - thank you! You are correct, you will no longer need to remove the UID's or RIN's, they are now automatically removed - Yeah! In fact, one of the changes is that users can no longer edit pages from within gedcom review. If there are minor edits, I can make those changes for you. There will be a warnings percentage on the first page now. If that is greater than 2%, you will not be able to match pages. If it's over 4%, you cannot import the gedcom. You can print out the items on the warning tab, fix them in your database, and reupload the gedcom.

The way warnings are assigned is a work-in-progress. If we see that you receive a high percentage with items that are not really errors (like a 12 year old mother), then we can bring this to Dallan's attention.

People born before 1750 are now excluded. Dallan has just recently developed a "trusted importers" list that moves this cut-off date to 1550. This list has not been fully implemented yet. Before you match too many pages - I can take a look at the file after you've uploaded it to make sure there are no obvious issues. Well, I think that is it... the screen layout hasn't changed so that's good! --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:04, 27 November 2010 (EST)

"trusted importers" list [27 nov 2010]

Is that list to be seen anywhere or is the list hidden ?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 17:16, 27 November 2010 (EST)

MediaWiki:Trustedgedcomuploaders.--Jennifer (JBS66) 17:24, 27 November 2010 (EST)
Does this mean that not all the administrators are trusted, only you and one other ? Do we have to send gedcoms with pre 1750 persons first to you before upload ?--Fred Bergman (User:Bergsmit) 17:36, 27 November 2010 (EST)

Hi Jen,

Thanks, you just gave me a fright with the 1750 cut-off point as the Dutch but also the Irish trees can go back as far as 1600 or further, thankfully it is end 1500, i can live with that :) I am trying to get my data as solid as possible so hopefully 0% errors, but I might just let you have a look at it first just in case, it will take a few more days before I am happy enough with it for upload

Annemarie --Kalishoek 17:25, 27 November 2010 (EST)

Source Citations [28 November 2010]

Hi Jenny,

You probably noticed that I have a source citation for the marriage of Valentin Klontz to Barbara Brand. I would like to use the same source citation for their birth information as well, without having to create a new source citation. Is this possible? How do do this?

t.--Tiger 15:46, 28 November 2010 (EST)

Sorry, you can't link the source on the marriage page to the events on other pages. You would need to add the same source to each page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 17:36, 28 November 2010 (EST)
If the certificate that is on the Family:Valentin Klontz and Barbara Brand (1) page is the same that you want on the Person:Valentin Klontz (1) and the Person:Barbara Brand (2) page - then you could create a MySource page for it. MySources are for items limited to one person or family (such as birth certificates, personal letters, etc). That MySource page could contain the pertinent details. Then on the person/family page, you can link to the MySource from the source citation field. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:13, 28 November 2010 (EST)

palma [29 November 2010]

Jennifer, just by accident I found a connection (in Grand Rapids) between the Palma family and the Ludema family. I think there are too many steps to add, so I will complete the data as far as I can and than send the gedcom for upload. I've got the impression that the half of Friesland met again somewhere in the States.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 08:07, 29 November 2010 (EST)

Klaas, I have to say, your emigration additions are leading to some great discoveries! Thank you so much for adding all of this data. I agree with you - in certain pockets of the U.S., the number of Frisians is significant. Looking at some of the towns in these areas... Michigan has Holland & Vriesland, there is Friesland, Wisconsin. Walking through the cemetery in Whitinsville, MA is interesting :-) There are rows and rows of familiar Dutch names. --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:21, 29 November 2010 (EST)

poyntz tree [29 November 2010]

Hi Jenn

I have just send just a part of my new tree, as I have not tried the new system yet I thought it would be easier to start with just 20 people, it should be all right, I will be adding the others manually

Annemarie--Kalishoek 08:36, 29 November 2010 (EST)

Wont import [29 November 2010]

Hi Jennifer,

My file is ready to import but I recieved the message below, I only had one waring that Mary Anne Poyntz was over 50 years old when her son was born, which is a true fact she was 51 when James was born It will not let me inport, i have followed the normal routines, it has no duplicates either

Your GEDCOM cannot be imported to WeRelate in its current form, either because it has too many warnings or it contains duplicates. Click on the Warnings tab, print the warnings, correct or remove the incorrect information in your desktop genealogy program, remove this GEDCOM, and upload a revised GEDCOM.

--Kalishoek 08:57, 29 November 2010 (EST)

Hi Annemarie, this is exactly the type of "bug" that I want to bring to Dallan's attention. Because the warning % is calculated above 2%, it won't let you perform the Family merges either. I'll send him a note to ask how I should proceed with this. --Jennifer (JBS66) 09:06, 29 November 2010 (EST)

Hi Jennifer, thanks I will wait and see what Dallan says, so one none error is above 2% ? That is not fair haha

--Kalishoek 09:09, 29 November 2010 (EST)

Kramer Family [2 December 2010]

Hello Jennifer, I have looked at the marriage certificates of both Carl Friedrich Kramer and also Theodor Friedrich Kramer. They are very faint so I am having trouble reading them. The one of Theodor I think has his parents noted on it. I am anxious to try to read that information. Is there any way I can get a more readable copy of this paperwork? I am not able to get any info on Theodors parents. As I told you, Frank had a stroke in March this year and his sight has been greatly affected. A better copy would be good foor him also as he may be able to translate it for me. Regards Pat Kramer--Fkramer 02:33, 2 December 2010 (EST)

Hello Pat,

On the pages with the marriage and birth certificates there is a source underneath in the References section on each page. You will see a link that says "browse images". Make note first of the text that says "Images X of Y". That link will bring you to FamilySearch where you can enter that number (X) into the box towards the top of the screen. Press enter, and you will be directed to the page with the certificate. You can then press the + key to zoom in.

I do have more details on this family, including Theodor's parents. I can add them to WeRelate. If you press the Watch link that is on the left side of each Person and Family page that relates to Frank, you will receive notification when data is added. If you need some help with translations, this is a handy site: Trace Your Dutch Roots, as well as this page. If you are still stuck, perhaps one of the Dutch friends watching my talk page could lend a hand. Feel free to post if you have any questions at all! Sincerely, --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:09, 2 December 2010 (EST)

p.s. do you have any clues on the parents of Aplonia Theodora Hilgers? --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:11, 2 December 2010 (EST)

Hello Jennifer, I do have details of Aplonia Theodora Hilgers DOB 29/9/1912, parents Willem Jan Pieter Hilgers DOB 3/1/1889 and Alida Verheul 22/1/1884. The family of Aplonia is not a problem (sa far) I have lots of ancestors for her. Regards Pat--Fkramer 16:37, 2 December 2010 (EST)

Removing RIN [3 December 2010]

Jennifer, I see you are removing the RIN's. That's what I do to in case I find one. I do also remove the Y in the deathfield is this OK too?--Klaas (Ekjansen) 05:21, 3 December 2010 (EST)

Yes, removing the Y in the death field is ok. For some reason my software put that in for every person that didn't have a death date (which in the case of this project was most of the people...). I remove them as well when I come across them. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:26, 3 December 2010 (EST)

Kramer siblings [4 December 2010]

Hi Jennifer, I seem to have come up against a brick wall with regards to Frank's father and his fathers siblings. He was Franciscus Kramer DOB 24/1/1917 in Amsterdam. He married 13/9/1939 and emigrated to Australia in 1955. Apparently Aplonia told a family member that her husband was from a large family!!!. Can you assist with this please. Regards Pat--Fkramer 01:03, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Pat, are either Franciscus or Aplonia still living? I ask because WeRelate does not allow pages for living people. If you can provide death dates, then I can add pages for them. I found one sibling in a quick search, I'll add her and see what else I can find... --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:00, 4 December 2010 (EST)
Generally, records in the Netherlands are more easily obtained for births before 1902, marriages before 1922, and deaths before 1942. My suggestion for finding the siblings of Franciscus would be for you to look through this site: One place to start would be the Family Cards. In the search boxes, if you type in familyname:Kramer forename:C.F., you will find 3 pages of documents for the family of Carl Friedrich Kramer born 24-01-1888. If you click on that line, you will be brought to another screen that will ask you to create an account. These documents do require payment. I would suggest purchasing scancredits, which you can then use to also purchase Franciscus' passport, which looks to be available. If you do purchase the Family Cards, I can help you add that data here to WR. There are also Record Cards at the archive, but those will require that you provide proof of death in order to obtain. Let me know what you discover at the archives - I'm most curious!
If you watch this page: Family:Carl Kramer and Catharina Van Delden (1), you will be notified if I find/add more siblings. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:49, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Hello, can this be the right one:?

Kramer, F. heeft de reis gemaakt met het schip Fairsea, aangekomen in Australië op 10 oktober 1952, emigratiekaart in kaartenbak Sydney

The National Archive has a database for emigrés, we cannot access the cards themselves however; that requires written consent from the individual, or proof of death (but anything will do, like a newspaper clipping etc.). There are over 40 Kramers, this is the only one with initial F.

Good luck! Leo

ps these forums may be of help: ;

--Leo Bijl 07:37, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Bedankt Leo! Do you have a link for the emigration database? --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:49, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Its easy, either direct, otherwise, if you forget, just main screen, search and that gets you to thematic databases.

I do advise though: try both stamboomforum and benelux group. The chance that something comes out of it there, really is far greater. Leo

Jennifer, Frank's parents are both deceased. Franciscus died 26/10/1971 and Aplonia died 1/10/1986 Once again. thank you for your assistance Regards Pat--Fkramer 15:53, 4 December 2010 (EST)

Kramers family [5 December 2010]

Jennifer, thank you so much for starting a page for Frank's parents. I have that his mum had 10 brothers and sisters, how do we get these other siblings added to the page. Also, Frank tells me that both of his grandfathers on mothers and fathers side were married twice. How do I find this information? Regards Pat--Fkramer 04:52, 5 December 2010 (EST)

Jennifer I also tried the sites as suggested by Leo, they are both in Dutch and I couldn't find am English version--Fkramer 04:56, 5 December 2010 (EST)

To add Aplonia's siblings, you can go here: Family:Willem Hilgers and Alida Verheul (1) and click on Edit. Underneath the Children section, you can click on Find/Add. There you can enter the name and date of birth for a person and press the Find/Add page button. Any of the pages I've created are able to be edited. You can add photos or text about the families/people.

Unfortunately, the site that I found most of the information for Frank's family is being updated. I'll see what I can find out on additional spouses, but it may be limited until that site is back up. Regarding the sites recommended by Leo - they are excellent resources, but are only available in Dutch. You can put the link to the site into Google Translate - that will help you get the gist of a conversation. You can also leave queries in English - and you will most likely receive responses back in English as well.

How did you make out with obtaining the Family Cards? --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:56, 5 December 2010 (EST)

Pat, when you go to the stamboomforum, to the right you see this:

Wanneer u zich (eenmalig) registreert kunt u een persoonlijk profiel maken met familienamen die u (onder)zoekt, kunt u zelf berichten plaatsen in (sub)fora en reageren op berichten van anderen. Registreren is gratis, 33.490 genealogen gingen u voor!

Klick the bold and from there you can make an account. The forum has over 30.000 members from all over the Western world. Under the subforum Hulp you can post your requests and questions. Somebody will look into it or go to the archive personally. It always goes that way. They are very active people most of them. Should something come back in Dutch, just link it back here.

Good luck. Leo

Delete [6 December 2010]

Hi Jenn

Can't find the delete button, need to upload the peppard tree again but delete the one with the 2 errors. looked in the review section too but can not find it anywhere

--Kalishoek 07:37, 6 December 2010 (EST)

There is a button on the Overview tab that says Remove this gedcom. If you feel comfortable, you may want to post a message on User talk:Solveig/gedcom review about some of the new gedcom features that are making you :-( --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:41, 6 December 2010 (EST)

Found it, in this case it was my own fault I was ment to put born before, before the date and I forgot. About the children born 9 months apart I do not know as they were born that way, maybe born too early or so I do not know. But if I come acros something that should not be errorred , yes I will speak up --Kalishoek 07:56, 6 December 2010 (EST)

Dongeradeel records [7 December 2010]

Jennifer, I did the 4-years-upload 1825-1828 and had over 1000 families to be matched. The 1829 upload there were 'only' 600 matching families, with a total of 60 marriage records because I do include parents, siblings and children. This is not just a simple job to enter all these data, but I will go on.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 15:20, 7 December 2010 (EST)

This process has been a lot of work for you. I cannot say that my approach was any easier. It took me months to import a larger gedcom. I find that I need to break it up a bit. I enter some Familienamen 1811 records, some of the Volkstelling 1829, go back to merging. The Familienamen and Volkstelling are fun to add because they help bring pieces together and tell a bit of a story.
It is interesting to see how much overlap there is between Fdeel, Ldeel, and Dongeradeel.--Jennifer (JBS66) 15:27, 7 December 2010 (EST)

Userboxes [9 December 2010]

I like the idea of the admin userbox you've included at the top of your user page, Jennifer (and which I promptly stole . . .). I played around with those over at Wikipedia a couple of years ago, just for fun -- mine are at my userbox display page -- but it never occurred to me to incorporate them here. --MikeTalk 11:10, 9 December 2010 (EST)

Mike! I just reviewed your userbox display page! We're of like minds! Nice to find one here, not that there's anything wrong with the unlike minds that are here. ;-) Jillaine 12:51, 9 December 2010 (EST)

Hi jennifer; thanks for the reminderabout the admin box. Why do we need the user box around it, though? Jillaine 11:29, 9 December 2010 (EST)
Mike and Jillaine: I'm glad you found the box useful. You have quite an assortment of them at WP don't you Mike... The Userboxtop and Userboxbottom templates allow you to stack multiple user boxes and aligns them on the right side of the page. Unfortunately, I needed to use some archaic code to make userboxes work on WR (due to our old version of MediaWiki). That is why I didn't use WP's more streamlined Userbox code. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:38, 9 December 2010 (EST)

Thanks:) [10 December 2010]

I noticed the change you made to the Admin box on my user page, looks much better, thanks:) I'm not very knowledgeable in the "code" area, so the assistance is appreciated...

Best regards,

Jim:)--Delijim 08:23, 10 December 2010 (EST)

Terpstra Family Name [12 December 2010]

Good morning.

Searching "We Relate" this morning across your entry for the Terpstra family name. Klaas Klazes Terpstra and Iemkjen Uiltjes Plantinga are my 2nd great grandparents. Wonder if you can tell me how you fit into the family? This is me:

Olav H. den Ouden Nicolaas den Ouden = Thecla Helena Kleinherenbrink Gerardus Johannes Kleinherenbrink = Ymkje van der Geest Kornelis Johannes van der Geest = Tjitske Klazes Terpsta Klaas Klazes Terpstra = Iemkjen Uiltjes Plantinga

You may contact me directly at 2ulips at rogers dot com

Olav in very snowy Kitchener, 09:00, 12 December 2010 (EST)

Douwe van der Meer & Sjuwke Kuiper(s) [14 December 2010]

Jennifer, I think these 5 are all the same:
Family:Douwe Van Der Meer and Sjieuwke Kuipers (1)
Family:Douwe Van Der Meer and Sjoukje Alberts (1)
Family:Douwe Van Der Meer and Sjoukje Kuiper (1)
Family:Douwe Van Der Meer and Sjuwke Kuiper (1)
Family:Douwe Van Der Meer and Sjuwke Kuipers (1) --Klaas (Ekjansen) 04:32, 14 December 2010 (EST) I am just searching for my duplicates and found this one (not controlling your data)--Klaas (Ekjansen) 05:18, 14 December 2010 (EST)

I don't think you're trying to control my data - you are being helpful! I have a long duplicates list still (working my way down though)... These families didn't show up on the list, so thank you for letting me know. --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:43, 14 December 2010 (EST)

Moi [14 dec 2010]

Jennifer, Burgerlijke Stand is not a church records it is only Government.

Do you want to check out my contributions from individuals and categories, they are my first here. Groet, Lidewij 15:57, 14 December 2010 (EST)
Lidewij, are you referring to Source:Adorp, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand where it says Type: Government/Church records? Government/Church records is one option in the pull-down box on that page. That is not a field where you can type in information - there are only 8 items to choose from. If you click on edit, and look at the box next to Type, you will see better what I mean.
Regarding your contributions, you have been doing a nice job! You are doing the right thing with the categories (assigning the correct "parent category"). For the sources that you are adding to Person pages, you may want to ask User:Ekjansen for suggestions. He'll be able to explain in Dutch how you can assign the Genlias text to a Source. --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:10, 14 December 2010 (EST)
Dank,--Lidewij 16:15, 14 December 2010 (EST)
Moi, it looks like that means Hi, and Doi is Bye right? --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:30, 14 December 2010 (EST)
It fits the work what you are doing now.--Lidewij 16:37, 14 December 2010 (EST) Grunning dialect

Source Frysk Kertiersteateboek [17 December 2010]

Jennifer, I added a new source:,_Melle._Frysk_Kertiersteateboek maybe you have a look, because in sources I am still not really professional.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 06:07, 17 December 2010 (EST)

It looks great Klaas!

Gedcom Errors [19 December 2010]

Jennifer, with the last gedcom I had over 2 % errors due to 2 real errors (died 867 instead of 1867 gives 6 errors for 1 person) and another wrong year just 1798 instead of 1789. But the rest of the errors were anabaptists, so they were christened at the age of 18 or later. That gives quite a few errors of parents having children before the age of 12 and so on. I have put fictive birthyears, which I don't like at all. But for the import it drops the error quote. In Friesland you find a lot of anabaptists/mennonites. So I did my job of today and stop this moment. --Klaas (Ekjansen) 16:52, 18 December 2010 (EST)

Klaas, having to enter fictitious data is certainly not the optimal solution. I didn't get a chance to see your gedcom warnings before your reuploaded. It sounds to me that you have two issues with warnings:

  1. One error causing multiple warnings. I've brought this up to Dallan myself. Since these were real errors, my guess is that he would suggest fixing and reuploading. Though I can't speak for Dallan, that seems to be the suggestion I've been hearing a lot.
  2. Christening dates causing errors. You may want to bring this one up at User talk:Solveig/gedcom review. Dallan did tweak the system for some of these (see this topic), but that may not have covered it all.

Does this mean that you had to edit all the christening dates for people causing warnings, and then go back and edit again once it's uploaded? --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:43, 19 December 2010 (EST)

Yes this is the case. I enter approximate birthdates in my local database, make the new gedcom and then I have to remove those dates local and also in WeRelate, not really my favorit job. After all corrections I only have the alerts for the identical surnames of married couples (not really important) and the warnings for the illigitime births before marriage, where one out of about 10 turns up to be an error. But overall I come clear with the inconvenient sides, there are a lot more convenient sides left over.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 06:17, 19 December 2010 (EST)

still more questions [21 December 2010]

1. What is wrong and good? --Lidewij 14:16, 19 December 2010 (EST)

Wrong:Any _UID or RIN numbers, those can be deleted. By the way, new gedcoms now exclude both UID and RIN numbers, so these will not be a problem in the future.
Good: the occupation, when the UID number is removed --Jennifer (JBS66) 14:19, 19 December 2010 (EST)

2. This also is done one-by-one? Mvg, Lidewij 04:46, 20 December 2010 (EST)

Yes. The gedcom uploader tries to match a place to the correct WR place page. So, Ferwerd, Netherlands will match to Place:Ferwerd, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands. However, it is common for Dutch gedcom to come in without a country specified. That means Ferwerd (or in this case Driel) will remain a red-link. Is there a way that you are able to automate these types of things on Rodovid? --Jennifer (JBS66) 05:02, 20 December 2010 (EST)
We only use In Rodovid Driel and line gives more the timing. A child now in Driel is born in that sense; Driel, Overbetuwe, Gelderland. They grandfather bv. Driel, Gelderland. That was a choice. There's only one place Driel, there is the possibility of redirect. I have not much knowledge in the wiki. I use the genealogy program Aldfaer there I can customize in a time and then they are all customizable. --Lidewij 05:55, 20 December 2010 (EST) (With maintenance I try to get to know WR)
That is a nice feature of home software, the ability to edit places "globally" which means change it in one place and it changes it everywhere in your database. Technically, you could redirect 'Driel' to 'Driel, Gelderland, Netherlands', however, the problem arises if there is another Driel anywhere else in the world. WR does take time to learn, it isn't necessarily the easiest site to use... From what I have seen of your work, you do a very nice job working in wiki environments!
There is one other thing to note. WR has an old version of the MediaWiki software. Some of the things that you may be able to do on Rodovid or WP (such as templates with certain code) may not work here until the site is upgraded. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:17, 20 December 2010 (EST)

3. Jennifer how do I make the small googlemap's in Rodovid? --Lidewij 07:20, 21 December 2010 (EST)

Dallan has programed the Google Maps separately. When you enter the Coordinates, a map appears. For Rodovid, I think you would need to ask Baya to install the Google Maps Extension. If Rodovid allows the <img> tag (WR doesn't), you can use this. The instructions there are not so good, but the code is this:
<img border="0" src=",New+York,NY&zoom=14&size=512x512&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:blue|label:S|40.702147,-74.015794&markers=color:green|label:G|40.711614,-74.012318&markers=color:red|label:C|40.718217,-73.998284&sensor=false" alt="Points of Interest in Lower Manhattan" />

--Jennifer (JBS66) 07:36, 21 December 2010 (EST)

It appears that the code above, <img.... does not work on R either. --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:37, 21 December 2010 (EST)

Migration Netherlands - United States [22 December 2010]

Jennifer, I would like to make a list of all surnames which I watch, of Dutch people that immigrated to the United States. Or in general all familynames of Dutch persons in WeRealte who settled in the US. That could be helpful to find connections on both sides of the big pond. But how can I make this list, not only by copy paste I hope.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 05:08, 22 December 2010 (EST)

responded via email --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:34, 22 December 2010 (EST)
United+States+Netherlands&submit=Search ?--Lidewij 06:47, 22 December 2010 (EST)
Why is it that I make things more complicated then they need to be?? :-) Thank you Lidewij, my answer to Klaas in an email was, well, not as elegant as this! Let me just edit your text so that only "exact matches" will be returned:
Born in NL Died in US
Actually Klaas, as I reread your question, did you want only the surnames, not the individual people? --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:55, 22 December 2010 (EST)

Rotterdam Civil Registry [24 December 2010]

Hi Jenny,

Sorry, but I've encountered another problem. I'm trying to source my great-great-grandmother, Adriana Uiterlinden's birth in 1885. She was born in Rotterdam and therefore her birth was recorded in the civil registry. I thought that Dutch for civil registry was something like: "Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Registers van de Burgerlijke Stand." I can't seem find any source for Rotterdam that's similar. The closest I can find are the Notariële Akten.

Anyways, could you check to see if I'm just missing the Rotterdam Civil Registry please? If not, then I can create a source for it.

Merry Christmas! T.--Tiger 03:12, 24 December 2010 (EST)

Dutch users of WeRelate often commented that 'Registers van de Burgerlijke Stand' was not what they call their civil registry. The only place that terminology appears is the FHLC. Since the Dutch archives call it just Burgerlijke Stand, I'm slowly going though and renaming them. So, I renamed Rotterdam already, and it can be found here Source:Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand.
Also, I'm not sure if you've come across our WeRelate talk:Forum (Nederlands) and Portal:Netherlands (Nederland). They may of interest to you... Merry Christmas to you as well! --Jennifer (JBS66) 04:25, 24 December 2010 (EST)

New WeRelate problem? [26 December 2010]

Hello again.

I returned to some pages done in the old version to find some strange new results. The old way of citeing sources does strange things in adding carriage returns and changing fonts even.

I see Sources are now references, and tried changing Sx to Rx without impact.

Can you please help? Buddy (B.holmes)


Hi Buddy. I believe this has something to do with the cite template since the new site redesign. There is a discussion currently underway on this page. They may be able to help you out more there. --Jennifer (JBS66) 20:53, 26 December 2010 (EST)

Joseph Hedger and Sarah Stevenson Marriage

Joseph was nearly 24 when he married Sarah Stevenson at the Burlington Monthly Meeting of FriendsS3. Their first declaration of marriage was given on 4 Jun 1742 S3. Their second declaration of intention to marry was given on 7 Jun 1742S3.

JOSEPH HEDGER and SARAH STEPHENSONS1,S3 were married 10 JUN 1741/1742 at Burlington Meeting House in Woodbridge, Colonial New Jersey. SARAH STEPHENSONR3, daughter of ELNATHAN STEPHENSON and SARAH CORNELL, was born on 20 November 1721 in Burlington, Colonial New Jersey, AmericaS1. She died about 1772 at the age of 51 in Culpepper County, Virginia ColonyS3.--B.holmes 14:57, 26 December 2010 (EST)

parent categories [27 December 2010]

Hi, Would you please tell me what these Parent Category pages are supposed to contain which probably will explain why you are adding them? Also why do they appear before "F" for family on the Category:xxx surname page. Thanks. --Susan Irish 23:14, 26 December 2010 (EST)

Hi Susan. Pardon me if I'm too detailed in my explanation, but I don't know how much you know about categories. Well, there was a long, drawn out discussion about WeRelate's category structure that came to no resolution. We have categories that are automatically created that appear on the bottom of nearly every page. The ones that I am concerned about are surnames and surnames in some place. The approach for surname cats (like Category:Smith surname) is pretty easy, they get put into the Category:Surnames. The approach for categories like Category:Brown in New York is what I am experimenting with. Currently, pages like this are placed into 3 "buckets" Category:Surname in place, Category:Brown surname, and Category:New York, United States. My concern with this is that it makes a mess in each of these categories because places, sources, surnames, etc are all thrown together. It may look relatively minor now, but add in all of the various surnames in a place, and we won't be able to find anything.
So, I am experimenting with putting the surnames into containing categories like this instead. To answer your other question, they appear before the "F" for family because they are Subcategories. Subcats always appear at the top, Pages appear below. Categories can be told to sort differently at the top of the page, with the use of sort keys. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:28, 27 December 2010 (EST)

ganzediek [27 December 2010]


I saw that you use Ganzediek as an alternate name for Ganzedijk, but that is just regional lanquage, and I'm not sure if you want to "pollute" werelate with these. The frisian language is an official language, Gronings is not. The dialect we originally speak is a combination of Dutch, Ost-Frisian (German) and Frisian (close to the border of Friesland)

My wife and I we speak common dutch, (she isn'"t a groninger, she can uderstand it however, my children can't even understand gronings anymore.

Anyway I myself find it a sweet gesture to use dialect names :)--henk 07:47, 27 December 2010 (EST)

Ah, so Gronings is not an official language... thank you for letting me know :-) So it sounds like I should continue to add the alternate spellings for Friesland (because that is an official language), but not for the rest of the country. Are Dutch and Frisian the only two "official" languages in the Netherlands?
Do you think other users from Groningen would have the Gronings spelling for a town in their gedcom? If you think that could happen, then keeping the Gronings spelling as an alternate name would help the places match correctly. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:57, 27 December 2010 (EST)
according to my ancestry I am 37.5% Fries and 12.5% Gronings, but grown up in Amstelveen I am not speaking Fries (language) or Gronings (dialect). But several gemeenten (not all!) in Fryslan introduced the Frisian placenames as the primary ones and the Dutch form as secondary. This is not the case in Groningen. So I agree with Henk not to pollute the Database with accidental dialect-forms.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 08:03, 27 December 2010 (EST)
Thank you both! I'll go through and remove the alternate spellings I added for Zeeland as well :-) --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:31, 27 December 2010 (EST)

[29 December 2010]

do you know this website?: 10:11, 29 December 2010 (EST)

No, I've not seen this before. Thank you for letting me know about it! So... you have a collection of nice Friesland links - maybe you'll consider joining!/home.php?sk=group_127312317330183 and post some of your knowledge there too :-) --Jennifer (JBS66) 10:19, 29 December 2010 (EST)