Person:John Pollard (16)

m. Abt 1800
  1. John W Pollard1801 - 1865
m. 25 Mar 1822
  1. Luallin G Pollard1823 - Bet 1866 & 1870
  2. Mary Jane Pollard1824 - 1860
  3. Casper Parham Pollard1826 - Aft 1890
  4. A Docia Nash Pollard1827 - 1852
  5. Nancy Pollard1829 -
  6. Lattamore M Pollard1831 - 1913
  7. John R Pollard1832 - 1863
  8. Margaret Crofs Pollard1834 - 1873
  9. Barbara M Pollard1836 - 1914
  10. Mariah Harrison Pollard1839 - 1841
  11. Emily Pollard1841 - 1923
  12. Wiley Baxter Pollard1845 - 1922
m. 25 Nov 1863
Facts and Events
Name John W Pollard
Gender Male
Birth[8][9] 7 Jan 1801 Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Marriage 25 Mar 1822 South Carolinato Barbara Stone
Census[1] 1830 Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Census[2] 1840 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Property[10] 1 May 1845 Pickens, Alabama, United StatesCertificate 7242
Census[3] 1850 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Census[4][5] 1860 Pickens, Alabama, United States
Military[6] 16 Dec 1861 Columbus, Monroe, Mississippi, United StatesCapt. Lumsden's Battery, CSA, 2d Battalion Alabama Light Artillery
Employment? 21 Nov 1862 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United StatesTrade - Carpenter
Physical Description? 21 Nov 1862 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States5'10", Dark Complexion, Gray Eyes, Gray Hair, age 62
Marriage 25 Nov 1863 Pickens, Alabama, United Statesto Nancy Wallis
Death? 23 Jun 1865 Pickens, Alabama, United States


Biography of John W Pollard

John W Pollard, born January 7, 1801 in Greenville County, South Carolina. John married Barbara StoneN1, 25 March 1822, in South Carolina. John and Barbara lived in the Reedy River area of Greenville County, South Carolina in the 1830's where they had ten children. They moved to Cherokee County, Alabama sometime between May 1839, when Mariah was born and 1840 when they are found on the Cherokee Alabama Census. During the 1850's, the family moved west to Picken's County, Alabama.S5 A land certificate for John W Pollard is found in Pickens County for John W Pollard dated 1 May 1845. John's wife Barbara, died Sept 4, 1860, shortly before the war broke out.

John W Pollard's Civil War Service

When the Civil War broke out, John W Pollard was the first in his family to enlist. At age 60, on December 16, 1861, he appears on company muster Rolls for 16 December to 31 December 1861. He enlisted at Columbus, Mississippi for Capt. Lumsdens Co. F. On the 27 Dec 1861, he is shown as absent, sick with leave. His next card in his file is 30 June to 31 Oct 1862. Same enlistment info. Last Paid by Major Henshaw to 30 June 1862. Present. Appears on company muster roll for 31 Octoer 30 31 December 1862. Same enlistment info. Last paid by Major Henshaw to 30 June 1862. Absent, sick in hospital since 1 Nov 1862. Appears on company muster roll for 31 December 1862 to 28 February 1863. Same enlistment info. last paid by Major Henshaw to 30 June 1862. Absent, sick in hospital since 1 November 1862. Appears on company muster roll for 28 February to 30 April 1863. Same enlistment info. Last paid by Major Henshaw to 30 June 1862. Supposed to be discharged.

History of Lumsden's Battery Movements

The following is a summery by Steve Taylor from "A History of Lumsden's Battery", C. S. A. by George Little and James Robert MaxwellS6, of the Company's movements until John W. Pollard's discharge:

(1) Transported by steamboat from Tuscaloosa to Mobile when unit was organized and quartered in Hitchcock's Cotton Warehouse on Water Street. Immediately moved 14.5 miles southwest of Mobile to Hall's Turpentine Still. Remained there until Monday, 3 March 1862 when the unit marched 15 miles to Dog River Factory and boarded the Steamer Dorrance for Ft. Gaines on Dauphin Island.
(2) Monday 14 April 1862 left Mobile for Corinth, MS.
(3) Tuesday 15 April 1862 arrived Corinth, MS.
(4) Wednesday 16 April 1862 unit takes possession of Gage's guns.
(5) Wednesday 23 April 1862 attached to Chalmer's Brigade, marched 12 miles to Monterey.
(6) Friday 9 May 1862 skirmish near Farmington, MS.
(7) Saturday 26 July 1862 left Tupelo after having been there about two months, destination Chattanooga.
(8) Sunday 3 August 1862, Columbus, MS.
(9) Friday 8 August 1862 Tuscaloosa. Remained there until Saturday 16 August 1862.
(10) Saturday 16 August 1862 left for Chattanooga, took one week to get there.
(11) Sunday 31 August 1862 near Dunlap, TN.
(12) Saturday 6 September 1862 near Saprta, TN.
(13) Friday 19 September 1862 at Munfordville, KY having marched 120 miles from Sparta in 12 days by way of Red Boiling Springs, TN, Glasgow, KY and Cave City, KY.
(14) Monday 22 September 1862 at Hodgenville, KY.
(15) Tuesday 23 September 1862 at Bardstown, KY., remaining there until 4 October 1862.
(16) Saturday 4 October 1862 left Bardstown, KY, passed through Springfield, KY at noon on Sunday 5 October 1862.
(17) 6 October passed through Perryville, KY and then on Tuesday 7 October 1862 retraced its steps back to within 2 miles of Perryville.
(18) Wednesday 8 October 1862 from 4:00 P.M. until dark heavily engaged in Battle of Perryville.
(19) Thursday 9 October 1862, noon left Perryville, KY, passed through Harrodsburg, KY.
(20) Sunday 12 October 1862, passed Camp Dick Robinson, KY.
(21) Monday 13 October 1862 passed Lancaster, KY enroute to Crab Orchard, KY to the Cumberland Gap via Wild Cat.
(22) Saturday 25 October 1862 in Knoxville, TN.
(23) Saturday 1 November 1862 John W. Pollard admitted to hospital in Knoxville.
(24) Unit moves on leaving John W. Pollard behind due to his poor health, unit arrives Sunday 9 November 1862 in Dunlap, TN.
(25) Friday 21 November 1862, John W. Pollard receives his discharge at Knoxville, TN.

Based on his service records, John W Pollard participated in the Kentucky campaign and the Battle of Perryville. It is likely that he participated in the Corinth-Tupelo campaign as well, since he was present on 30 June 1862 according to his muster rolls and the unit did not leave Mississippi until well after that time.

John W Pollard's Confederate Service Record

Disability Discharge

John Pollard's DischargeI5

Army of the Confederate States Certificate of Disability for Discharge. John W Pollard, of Captain Lumsden's Artillery of the Jones Legion, Regiment of Confederate States, was enlisted by Lt. Vaughn of the Regiment at Columbus, Mississippi on the sixteenth day of December, 1861 to serve three years; he was born in Greenville Dist. of the State of South Carolina, is Sixty-two years of age, five feet, ten inches high, Dark complexion, gray eyes, Gray hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Carpenter. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty Sixty days. Station Knoxville Date: 21 November 1862. I certify that I have carefully examined the said John W Pollard of Captain Lumsden's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of general disability and old age. Frank K Ramsey, Post Surgeon. M. C. Young, Acting Surgeon. Medical Board Examination. Discharged this 21 day of November 1862 at Knoxville, Tennessee.

John was sent home to finish out the war with his family.

After the War

Life must have been really hard after the war for the Pollards. John remarried to Nancy C Wallis, b. 19 Feb 1841, on 25 November 1863. There is not any further information on her. According to the John W Pollard Bible transcript, John W Pollard died on 23 June 1865. It is unlikely he lived long enough to see all of his sons home. John R Pollard died at Chickamauga. Wiley Pollard and Lattamore Pollard took the Oath at Point Lookout, MD on 16 June 1865 and had to walk home. A story by Lattamore's descendant's relate that it took him six months for him to make it home. -- see his story for details. Luallin G Pollard took his Oath on July 8, 1865, having been in the hospital in Washington DC for treatment for a gunshot wound to the hand in May, 1865.

It is not known where John W Pollard or his wife, Barbara are buried. Lattimore and Luallin Pollard and their families remained in Alabama. Wiley, his three sisters, Margaret, Emily, Barbara and their children all moved to Tishomingo County, Mississippi and were there about 1866 and before 1870. Wiley married in Tishomingo by 1866. If you have information on where John and Barbara are buried, please contact this writer by leaving a message at Txbluebell6 and click on edit and leave me a message.

Image Gallery
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    John W Pollard, Free White Males under 5 -- 1; Free White Males 5-9 -- 1; Free White Males 15-19 -- 1; Free White Males 20-29 -- 1; Free White females under 5 -- 2; Free White females 5-9 -- 1; Free White 20-29; 1.

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    John W Pollard, Free White males Under 5 --1; Free White males 5-9 --1; Free White Males 10-14 --1; Free White males 15-19 --1; Free White males 30-39 --1; Free White females under 5-3; Free White Females 5-9 --1; Free White females 10-14 --1; Free White females 15-19 --1; Free White Females 30-39--1.

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    John Pollard, b abt 1801, South Carolina, District 27, Mechanic
    John Pollard, M. age 29, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F., age 47, b. SC; Ludllen Pollard, M, age 26, b SC, Agr; Mary Pollard, F., age 25, b. SC; Nancy Pollard, F., age 20, b. SC; Lattimony Pollard, M. age 19, b. SC, Agr.; John Pollard, M. age 18, b. SC, Agr; Margaret Pollard, F. age 16, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F. age 14, b. SC; Emily Pollard, F. age 9, b. AL; Wiley Pollard, M. age 5, b. AL.

  4. Jno W Polard, in Pickens, Alabama, United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    M653_20, P933.

    Jno W Polard, b. abt 1801, South Carolina, 1860 Pickens, Alabama, Farmer
    Jno W Polard, M., age 59, b. SC, $250, personal estate; Barbary Polard, F., age 57, b. SC; Emly Polard, F. age, 26, b. AL; Wely B Polard, age 14, b. AL.
    John W Polard on Census as Jno W Polard.

  5. Pollard, in Prentiss County Historical Association. History of Prentiss County, Mississippi. (Dallas [Texas]: Curtis Media Corporation, c1984)

    ...John W. Pollard, born January 7, 1801 in Greenville County, South Carolina and Barbara Pollard, born December 1, 1802 in South Carolina.

  6. Little, George. A history of Lumsden's Battery, C.S.A. (Tuskaloosa, Ala.: R.E. Rhodes Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1905)
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    J. W. Pollard is listed as a Private No. 129 on p. 46

  7.   Barbara's last name has not been proven. In August 1918, Volume 26, on p 375 of the Confederate Veteran Magazine an ad was found which reads as follows: 'John B. Stone, 2647 Victor Street, Kansas City, Mo, would be glad to hear of or from Wiley Pollard, son of John (Jack) Pollard or any of his relatives. He says Wiley Pollard and his father both enlisted in an Alabama regiment during the war between the States. John Pollard married my father's sister. My Father was John M. Stone, and we lived at Selma, Al during the war;" Information came from Steve Taylor's research.
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