Person:Luallin Pollard (1)

Luallin G Pollard
d.Bet 1866 and 1870 Lamar, Alabama, United States
m. 25 Mar 1822
  1. Luallin G Pollard1823 - Bet 1866 & 1870
  2. Mary Jane Pollard1824 - 1860
  3. Casper Parham Pollard1826 - Aft 1890
  4. A Docia Nash Pollard1827 - 1852
  5. Nancy Pollard1829 -
  6. Lattamore M Pollard1831 - 1913
  7. John R Pollard1832 - 1863
  8. Margaret Crofs Pollard1834 - 1873
  9. Barbara M Pollard1836 - 1914
  10. Mariah Harrison Pollard1839 - 1841
  11. Emily Pollard1841 - 1923
  12. Wiley Baxter Pollard1845 - 1922
m. Abt 1856
  1. General Arista Pollard1856 - 1839
  2. Mary Emily Pollard1859 - 1897
  3. Alice A PollardAbt 1866 -
Facts and Events
Name Luallin G Pollard
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Mar 1823 Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Property[3] 1 May 1848 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Census[1] 1850 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Property[4] 2 Sep 1850 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Property[5] 21 Nov 1851 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Marriage Abt 1856 Alabamato Mary Frances Unknown
Census[2] 1860 Cherokee, Alabama, United States
Death? Bet 1866 and 1870 Lamar, Alabama, United States
Burial? Payne Chapel Cemetery, Millport, Lamar, Alabama, United States


Biography of Luallin G Pollard

Luallin was born on 17 Mar 1823 in Greenville, South Carolina and was brought as a child to Cherokee, Alabama. He purchased property containing 51 acres in 1848 in Cherokee County, Alabama however, he is found living with his parents on the 1850 Cherokee, Alabama census, age 26. Two additional pieces of property were purchased in Cherokee County in 1850 and 1851, so they probably could have been used as farmland. It is believed that he married around 1856, as his first child was born in November 1856. Since the courthouses were burned, we do not have marriage records. His birth date is from the John W Pollard Bible transcript. Luallin's age has been verified in his war record, reflecting his birth year is correct at 1823. His wife's name is believed to be 'Mary Frances', maiden name currently unknown.

Civil War Record

Luallin enlisted a few days after his two brothers, Wiley and Lattimore, who enlisted on March 16. His enlistment date is reflected as March 22, 1862. He served in the same unit with his brothers, Company B, 41st Alabama. His record reflects that he fought in the same battles, Stone's River and the Battle of Chickamuga where he became sick. He also probably knew his brother, John, was killed at Chickamauga on 21 Sept 1863. He rejoined his unit sometime after his sickness and went on to Virginia where he was wounded, and then was captured. We can imagine what misery he must have endured during 1864 and early 1865. He had lost a brother, knew another one had been injured in the leg, he had been sick and injured and captured himself, and he probably did not know the whereabouts of his other brother who had been sent out as a teamster. He also had two brother-in-laws who were missing. Following are a few sample cards of part of his military record and movements. His file contains about 39 cards and is indexed under the name of 'Luellen G Pollard'.

Partial Service File

After the War

After the war, Luallin returned home to Alabama. He died between 1866 and 1870, believed to be about 1868 in Lamar County Alabama. He is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Payne Chapel Cemetery, Ballplay, Etowah, Alabama, next to his son Arista Pollard.

Image Gallery
  1. Cherokee, Alabama, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication M432)
    M432_3, P 102B.

    John Pollard, b abt 1801, South Carolina, District 27, Mechanic
    John Pollard, M. age 29, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F., age 47, b. SC; Ludllen Pollard, M, age 26, b SC, Agr; Mary Pollard, F., age 25, b. SC; Nancy Pollard, F., age 20, b. SC; Lattimony Pollard, M. age 19, b. SC, Agr.; John Pollard, M. age 18, b. SC, Agr; Margaret Pollard, F. age 16, b. SC; Barbara Pollard, F. age 14, b. SC; Emily Pollard, F. age 9, b. AL; Wiley Pollard, M. age 5, b. AL.

  2. Pickens, Alabama, United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    M653_20, P930.

    Lewallen G Pollard, b abt 1840, South Carolina, Farmer; lived in Reform, Pickens, Alabama
    Lewallen G Pollard, M, age 37, b SC; Mary F Pollard, F, age 20, b. Al; Ansta Pollard, M, age 3, b. AL; Mary E Pollard, b Al.

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