A four generation pedigree in table format. This is a variation of the Pedigree2 template. It is modified to allow for a link to the subject person's page. For use when the pedigree appears somewhere besides the page of the subject person. (Example a user page or article)

There is now a pop-up Family tree on each Person and Family page. This template differs in the following ways:

  • It can be placed on a non-person page, such as your user page or a family article.
  • It is static in that you must update the template to make changes. The pop-up is generated on the fly and reflects current information.
  • You can specify the displayed name using the RealName fields, whereas the pop-up uses the name from the main database entry on the page.
  • The pop-up can display additional generations by clicking the arrow. This template is confined to four generations.

The form to place in the Person page is:

{{Pedigree3|subjectPage=PageName1 |subjectName=RealName1 |fatherPage=PageName2 |fatherName=RealName2 |motherPage=PageName3 |motherName=RealName3 |ffatherPage=PageName4 |ffatherName=RealName4 |fmotherPage=PageName5 |fmotherName=RealName5 |mfatherPage=PageName6 |mfatherName=RealName6 |mmotherPage=PageName7 |mmotherName=RealName7 |fffatherPage=PageName8 |fffatherName=RealName8 |ffmotherPage=PageName9 |ffmotherName=RealName9 |fmfatherPage=PageName10 |fmfatherName=RealName10 |fmmotherPage=PageName11 |fmmotherName=RealName11 |mffatherPage=PageName12 |mffatherName=RealName12 |mfmotherPage=PageName13 |mfmotherName=RealName13 |mmfatherPage=PageName14 |mmfatherName=RealName14 |mmmotherPage=PageName15 |mmmotherName=RealName15}}

First fill in the subject's WeRelate page such as Gayle Varner (1) in place of PageName1 and the subject's name such as "Gayle G Varner" in place of "RealName1". Then replace "PageName2" with the father's WeRelate page name such as "Clyde Varner (1)", and replace "RealName2" with any real name you want to include such as "Clyde Varner." Continue for all remaining people.


Pedigree of Gayle G. Varner
Gayle G. Varner Clyde Varner Erastus Perry Varner Alexander Varner
Eunice Magnolia Johnson
Margaret Ann Loudermilk Ananias Wesley Loudermilk
Frances Wheeler
Minnie Louise Hadley John William Hadley Uncertain
Georgia Ann Stroub Uncertain

Blanks can be included by typing in:   for the RealName.
Something must be typed. Spaces do not work. Terms such as Unknown or Uncertain can be used also.
To avoid a link to another page for blanks or these terms, replace the corresponding PageName link with that of the current page. Links to the current page are disabled.