I am putting my family tree information on this site because the wiki style of family tree makes good sense to me and I am hopeful that this format will be useful for all my family regardless of how distant they are. I want the information to be available to other family members when they want it, without incurring a cost.

Please feel free to add to and edit the information on any pages I have added which are relevant to yourself and your family.

Regards Jeffrey



The information, stories and photos which I have added to WeRelate pages would not have been possible without the help and sharing from relatives both near and far, in both distance and relationship. I have had contact with many relatives who have shared information for the families and their descendants. There are also others who have shared their family information and photos on genealogical websites. You are welcome to copy and share this information with other members of the family as long as you continue to acknowledge the family members who have contributed and be mindful of individuals privacy. Some deceased people I would like to thank for their contributions to my research are;

Agnes Williams (Henderson) Agnes recorded her children's birth dates in a family bible which was copied and shared with family by her son Alec
Alfred Borrill and Elsie Henderson My great grandparents who kept and passed on family photos
Alec Henderson Alec did some family history research in the late 1930's and early 1940's and his information has been passed throughout the extended family
Alice Borrill (Clayton) Alice created a list of birthdays for her siblings which her daughter Flori saved as her mum's family record
Frank Frawley Frank wrote a family history book which others refer to for information
Frank Neeson Frank did a lot of research which he put into a book and also shared with other researchers
Frank O'Sullivan My grandfather who saved old newspaper clippings and birth, death and marriage certificates
Marcel Lehrer and Gwen Borrill My grandparents who provided information and answered lots of questions
Sarah Brookman (Roney) Recorded family information in the Roney family bible. This was continued by her daughter Catherine and then others.
Florence Hawtrey Florence wrote a large book,History of the Hawtrey Family which was first published in 1903 in 2 volumes. Florence is the great granddaughter of her namesake, Florence Molesworth, one of my daughters, direct maternal ancestors.

Descendants of my Ancestors

My Seventh Generation Project

I decided to produce a book for my family and so I started family articles to go into a book. That project is focused on the families of my ancestors and their descendants. I have used the Onto the Seventh Generation principle as a guide to where I should put my efforts. If we have people that we are both researching then it is possible that we are related and there is a relevant family booklet. Have a look at the families in my Seventh Generation Project and if there is a connection, have a look on my Articles and Booklets page or you can contact me by the messaging system here on WeRelate. If there is not a clear connection then the level of information I have is likely to be limited to what you can find here on WeRelate. If you would also like to write up and share your family history there is a lot of good information on WeRelate that will help you in Writing your family history.

Genealogy wiki for the living

I have descendant trees for many of my ancestors and therefore a lot of information on living people. If you are a descendant of my direct ancestors then it is highly likely that I will have information to share with you in relation to the living descendants which is far beyond what you will find on WeRelate. There is at least one other good genealogy wiki in WikiTree, where I have a basic copy of this tree with privacy controls set for the living. I have learnt a lot about privacy concerns and I want my extended family to feel comfortable with what they share that is why WeRelate, a site that only has the deceased is where I am sharing my family articles and if you find yourself on Wikitree then you can own and manage your own profile and those of your close family members.

For comparisons of WeRelate and Wikitree you should read this article found on Wikitree or my thoughts on the Combined use of WeRelate and Wikitree and there is also a good discussion from Chris Orme saying why he chose Wikitree and there is A Review of WeRelate from Pamela Pollard.

Free Family History

WeRelate has proven so far to be a great free resource that has high standards and looks to remain free.

The free program that I am using to track everyone in my tree, including the living is ScionPCand I highly recommend it even though it doesn't entirely fit into the category of Portable, Open Source, Freeware for Genealogy.

I intended to provide information on the good free resources I have found useful in my research. There are however, research guides compiled by multiple people here on WeRelate and they contain good information. I should start one for Alsace in France, yet current ones which are relevant to my research are;

Old Dabo Families

Following my own Lehrer family line which comes from Dabo, France, there are a number of families which intertwine and some of the couples appear multiple times in my pedigree chart between the tenth and fourteenth generations. I am slowly putting all the intertwined families on WeRelate by using a combination of family trees on and the Dabo historical records.

One Name Studies

Sometimes a useful way to learn more about your family and make the connections which you have been unable to find is to stop looking at the known family and focus instead on all people with that surname during a certain time or from a specific place.

Lehrer Families

In trying to establish an answer for some of the disputed information in my own Lehrer linage I have undertaken a sporadic, Lehrer One-Name-Study, details of which you can find on the Lehrer Families page.

Scherno Families

The Scherno family does not have a lot of people in the available records worldwide, so tracing family lines should be easy. For details of the Scherno one-name-study go to the Scherno surname page.

Hubach Families

While trying to confirm the snippets of information which had been passed down through the generations I considered all early recordings of the Hubach surname and some information can be found on the Hubach Families page.

Borrill Families

Hopefully looking at some of the early families may establish some later connections so I have started reviewing the early Burwell, Burrell, Borrill and variations in Lincolnshire, England.

Collins Families

While the Collins surname is reasonably popular, my one-name study focuses on the Collins families located in New South Wales, Australia from 1788 to 1838. This is the first 50 years of English colonisation in Australia and ends just prior to the birth of the children in 2 separate Collins families in my family tree. It appears that the children of these 2 families are cousins but at the moment I cannot determine if that relationship is via the Collins line and whether their parents were immigrants or born in Australia.

WeRelate pages I searched for many times