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MySource Roney Family Bible
Year range 1856 - 2013
Surname Roney
Roney Family Bible.

The Roney family bible is a great source of information for the Family:Peter Roney and Sarah Brookman (11). The bible has old family photographs along with hand written recordings of births, deaths and marriages for the Roney family and their descendants.

The bible was published in 1875 so it would have been some time after this that Peter and Sarah started recording family information. It is believed that it is Sarah's writing when the family details were first recorded and then after Sarah's death Peter ended up living with his daughter Catherine and her husband Michael Frawley. After Peter's death the bible stayed with Catherine and after she passed away it ended up with her daughter Person:Mary Frawley (10) and since her passing it is now with her daughter Mary.

Today the bible has a collection of other items along with it. Family members who have used the bible for genealogical research over the years have added information, documents and photographs including rewriting some of the early written records as those original pages are very worn.

Toady the Roney family bible is in the diligent care of Mary McCormack (South) and she has recently (March 2013) shown it to other family members who took photographs and with Mary's kind permission they are being shared with the descendants of Peter and Sarah. Currently (April 2013), those photographs are being cleaned up by Therese Lynch to remove some of the age spots.

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