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Alice Howard (1909 - 1951) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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Arthur Battye (1895 - 1980) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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Emma Garlick (1861) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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Ernest Battye (1902-1978) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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Grace beardsell (1868) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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Hirst Garlick (1850 - 1913) Ancestors (view) (launch FTE)
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to see the person in their Home village context.

To get more information or, even better, contribute to this repository of Local and Family history related to

Holme in West Yorkshire, England. (parishes of Holme, Austonley, Cartworth)


My closest ancestor:

G Grandfather Haigh Howard

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