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Welcome to my home page which is a reference point for what I hope will be a collaborative effort by all interested in family or local history which relates to the Village of Holme, near Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England.

I welcome any comments or suggestions from WeRelaters. One thing I aim to do is get other people with interests in the area involved. At this stage this is probably people who are not WeRelaters. I have had limited success so far


Merry Christmas 1947 to 2009

Although its a quiet part of the web, Merry Christmas to all those who arrive here. Please leave a message even if you dont leave anything else


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What's it all about ?

This is a (hopefully) collaborative project to collate any information on the Village/ Parish of Holme. The Project has a framework of Family History Census and Parish record information, collated with appropriate links between people. This means that anyone who was born, lived or died in Holme in the days since records began (from 1700's onward in this area)will probably have a page here. Other people are included too. Close relatives of people who moved to Holme or anyone descended from a Holme resident.

The project is hosted by WeRelate, a Wiki with family and local history focus. This means a few things:

  - Living people cannot be named.
  - There is no ownership of data - once in here it is available to all.
  - There are copyright rules
  - It is easy to create linkages which are much more flexible than straight
      genealogical ones as in other programs

As it evolves I hope the Project can:

- Allow people who discover a Holme ancestor to come here and quickly get a feel for the environment they lived in. See events which happened in their lifetime. See their neighbours and what happend to them, See photographs which might show them or events they witnessed. Find out about schools, churches, workplaces they probably attended, or disasters they might have witnessed (such as the holmfirth flood).

- Because all the census related genealogy in the locality has been/will be resolved - be able to determine information such as married women's maiden names and birth family with a better degree of certainty. This is especially so where common first names (Mary, Sarah, Hannah) are combined with family names which are common in the locality (Beardsell, Haigh, Hinchliffe, Howard) and create several 'candidates' to be an ancestor.

- Provide a framework to propose theories about earlier relationships which are not so clear cut as those covered by census and parish records. I propose these can be recorded, but given a rider of probability which may be improved as more information comes to life

Do you want to participate ?

I have almost 4,000 Individuals (March 2009) who have links to Holme Village. These were uploaded with as much Census and PR information as I could gather. There will be some mistakes. If you have ancestors within WeRelate and want to 'adopt' their page(s) please do so. Develop them and correct mistakes as neccesary. Photographs would be most welcome.

If you have facts or articles about Holme which have a more general nature, please create a page with appropriate links. Or send me the information and I will gladly include it.

Please note anything you do include will become "Public Domain" unless you state otherwise. One advantage of this is your work stands a good chance of lasting, or being adopted by others once you are no longer actively involved.

It's Wikipedia for Family history.

To search the HolmVillageHome section use the link below (search Holme Village Inhabitants)

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External links History related

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Honley Cemetary memorial Inscriptions

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  History of Burton Dene. Kirkburton

The Skelmanthorpe Experiment

  district to the east of Holme Valley including Emley, Cumberworth, High Flatts, Denby Dale, Scissett, Birdsedge

History of Penistone

  district to the south of holme valley

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Lane Farm Holiday Cottages

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    - Highly recommended !


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