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Purpose and References

The Purpose of this page is to list the Sources which HVH has used, and to then link each source record to the appropriate person page. its the source links in reverse so to speak. it halps with disambiguation (within HVH) in that each recored should theoretically refer to only one person. conflicting or ambiguaous sources can be resolved in this way. This makes it an essential resource for someone who is trying to resolve family history for common surnames

HDFHS map of parishes here

My Google map of parish boundaries and places referred to in census: [1]

Huddersfield District Family History Society (HDFHS) has many of these records and also publishes transcriptions.

West Yorkshire Archive services at Wakefield also holds fiche copies of parisn registers (WYAS )

Census links 1841-1901 can be found at this Public Member tree in If you ahve a substription, follow a link to a census image and then go dwowm line by line to see where each record element within the cansus has been resolved to which person in HVH database

HVH (HolmeVillageHome) listed / resolved means the extent to which the source records are listed in HolmeVillageHome, and the extent to which they are resolved to person pages in HolmeVillageHome database.

The aim is to list and resolve all relevant records to person pages within the database.

As of end 2009, the vast amjority of Census entries in holme Parish have been resolved to the database Work is underway to also complete the following:

1. List all Census entries and link to person pages for Holme parish

2. Progrssively do the same for census entries for the various districts of Cartworth and Austonley, because they are both adjacent to Holme and served by Holmbridge Church

3. List and Resolve the appropriate Parish Registers to the Database

4. List and resolve other sources e.g. BMD, WW1, WW2 etc to the Database

5. Progress to other areas of the Holme Valley - Hepworth, Wooldale and Fulstone. Upperthong and Netherthong

Parish registers

The area if interest (Holme, Cartworth, Austonley) has been served by St David's church, Holmbridge since 1840. Prior to that, Parish entries were in Kirkburton Parish registers for Cartworth and Almondbury Parish registers for Holme and Austonley. Holmfirth Church is also significant because it was a chapel of ease for both Kirkburton and Almondbury Churches at times. Upperthong may also have served for Austonley residents

Church Parish WYAS ref WYAS (Fiche) HDFHS other HVH Resolved
Holmbridge St David Holme
Baptisms 1840-1901
Marriages 1843-1970
Burials 1840-1901
Banns 1843-1901

Bu 1840-1901
Bish Trans 1840-1875
FHL:1849339 Item 1
PRs 1840-1940
FHL ref:1542208 Items 1-3
NBI 1840-1901 [2]
Almondbury, All Hallows Holme
Baptisms 1557-1963
Marriages 1557-1987
Burials 1557-1979
Banns 1958-1984
Bi 1703-1930
Ma 1678-1837
Bu 1557-1658
Mar 1837-1870[3]
BMD 1557-1652 [4]
Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc
Kirkburton, all Hallows Cartworth
Baptisms 1540-1990
Marriages 1540-1989
Burials 1540-1959
Banns 1793-1992
Bi 1686-1963
NBI 1581-1617,
1627-30, 1633-1899 [5]

PRs 1541 - 1654 in Open library [6]
Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc
Holmfirth, Holy Trinity Holme
Baptisms 1736-1955
Marriages 1832-1988
Burials 1736-1877
Banns 1845-1969

Bu 1759-1877
NBI 1759-1877 [7]
Hinchliffe Mill Weslyan Austonley C73
Baptisms 1839-1900
Burials 1839-1907
Holmfirth Weslyan Almondbury Burials 1814-1852 NBI 1814-37,

* Almondbury Parish Church historically served Lingards, Meltham, Linthwaite, South Crossland, Honley, Netherthong, Upperthong, Farnley Tyas as well As Holme and Austonley (and of course, Almondbury) In practice refer to here before local church came into operation (e.g Holmbridge in 1840)

* Kirkburton Parish Church historically served Hepworth, Fulstone, Thurstonland, Shepley, Shelley, Denby, Cumberworth and Cumberworth Half as well as Cartworth (and of course, Kirkburton).

* Holmfirth, Holy Trinity Church often held 'chapel of ease' status for both Almondbury and Kirkburton so would have registered events for both churches, particularly for the residents of Holme Valley

Other Churches in locality

Upperthong, St John WDP34 Baptisms 1846-1974 Marriages 1848-1983 Burials 1848-1933 Banns 1848-1991 held at Wakefield WYAS

Hepworth, Holy Trinity WDP92 Baptisms 1860-1939 Marriages 1864 Burials 1863-1985 Banns 1935-1958 held at Wakefield WYAS

New Mill, Christchurch WDP162 Baptisms 1830-1963 Marriages 1839-1998 Burials 1931-1987 Banns 1900-1969 held at Wakefield WYAS

Holmfirth Burnlee Mission KC58 Baptisms 1911-1944 held in Kirklees WYAS

Holmfirth Huddersfield rd C73,C111 Baptisms 1837-1939 Marriages 1923-1970 Burials 1849-1912 held in Kirklees WYAS

Holmfirth, Lane Baptisms 1779-1916 held in Kirklees WYAS

Holmfirth Zion C73 Baptisms 1871-1939


Parish District Year Ref HVH Listed / Resolved link
Holme 1911 All / Most Holme 1911 Census
1901 None / Most
1891 None \ Most except Magnum / Mount Pleasant
1881 None / Most except Magnum / Mount Pleasant
1871 None / Most except Magnum / Mount Pleasant Sample page
1861 None / Most except Magnum / Mount Pleasant
1851 None / Most except Magnum / Mount Pleasant
1841 HO 107/1274/1 None / Most
Austonley 1911 ad Hoc Sample Page
1901 ad Hoc
1891 ad Hoc
1881 ad Hoc
1871 ad Hoc
1861 ad Hoc
1851 ad Hoc
1841 ad Hoc
cartworth 1911
1901 ad Hoc
1891 ad Hoc
1881 ad Hoc
1871 ad Hoc
1861 ad Hoc
1851 ad Hoc
1841 ad Hoc