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Education and Church

Holme council school circa 1910 (we think) Click on image to help solve who the people are

A Fantastic reference to schooling and church in Holme is "The three R's through three centuries" "A record of education in the village of Holme. West Yorkshire, from 1694 to 1994"

Holme School Masters

"Sunday School Building"

1727 James Crosland

1771 Rev Broadhurst (also officiated Woodhead)

1822 James Hinchliffe

1826 Jonas Hinchliff according to google books [1]

1829 George Fawley - Of Thurlstone [2]

1849 John and Ann Bedford - Investigate 1851 census John Bedford 1851

1853 David and Sarah Scott

1857 Edward Hinchliffe

1860 Elihu Denton

"Meal Hill Building"

1880-1884 William Pettitt

1884-1888 Bery Moorhouse

1881-1891 Frederick Pope

1891-1897 Arthur Wilkinson

1897-1897 Nathan Thorpe Follow up in 1891 Census Nathan Thorpe 1891

1897-1898 D Hadfield (speculate that Person:David Hadfield (1) Acted as Schoolmaster - he was a grocer in 1891

1898-1926 Herbert Sydney Warner

1927-1937 Sarah E Clark

1937-1948 Mildred Fawcett

1948-1950 Rita Theobald

1950-1967 Doris Iredale

1967-1973 Kathleen Williams

1973-1976 Theresa Goring

1977-1982 George Swierczynski

1982-1991 Jenny Cooke

1991- Jennifer Lewis

The source of this information is the book Three R's Through Three Centuries and I reccommend obtaining a copy for more complete details