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Task List


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Complete article "Land and farming"

  - Tithe map
  - Moorhouse + Earnshaw story
  - catalog of farms

Complete Work and construction

  - History of mills in area
  - Reservoirs (picture of Ramsden res construction) Holme valley flood
  - clearing and demolition of Hamlets, Haigh Howard  and lane village
  - Holme Moss
  - Magnum quarries, Dunford tunnel

Complete article pastimes Include

  - Hunting, Cooks study, Holme chaise, Hunt sings Arthur Howard
  - Pubs Peacock, Fleece, clubs
  - Holmbridge Cricket
  - Holme Band

Complete article 'Education and Church' Include

 - establisment of holme school 1694
 - Photo from c1910
 - Village v smith the schoolmaster

Complete Place pages for Lane village, Rake, Peacock, Ings, Holme Moss, Cliff, Windy Harbour, Upper Close

Complete Place pages for all "Holmewoods" area Wood Hey laithe Mount, Holme woods, Trough Yateholme, Cote, Cooks study,

Create pages for all prominent surnames with descendencies and speculation on origins - 50 surnames listed in "Major surnames"

Process all the links from Local Government page back to persons


Mar 09 Holme Urban District Council article from "The Express" added

Mar 09 HolmeVillageHome page establised with external and internal links

Feb 09 Gedcom uploaded of all People found to be living in, married to people from or descdened from people living in Holme Village or Parish. Obtained from many hours on Ancestry - some 3700+ people in all